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HEYHEY~~!!! Mr K jio me to go to Aska Yang’s mini music showcase..

Mr K so heng to get the free ticketz by playing some contest.. B

ut it was pretty nice of him to ask me along.. A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO U!!! =p


Not a big fan of Aska Yang..

But being a born PAPARAZZI & an appreciator for good music..

Went there to look look see see…^_^ Indeed. Am so glad to come la!


So smart of me to “ATTACK” the..the..the..erm..whatever that thing i called that house the speaker to create thumping in club.. Being usually BO CHUP, I just hopped up and got myself a good spot for video caming~~~ yipeeee!!! hehehehe..^_^


As usual.. PaParazzi Teh got videos to show…





-_- Mr K..why u so chatty when I taking videos..jk! Both videos got the presence of ur sexy voice la & of coz, my kawaii voice! LOL~~~!

背叛(清唱版) – This one not I take one. 
ska Yang is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
He got a very impactful voice.. He sang with his hears.. It seems like every words is filled with emo of how 心碎ACHE his heart is.. Totally send shiver to my spine & made my hair at the edge.. It’s just make me go “WAAH~杨宗伟好棒啊!“!
Absolutely make me feel damn emo la.. He sang my feelings out.. Once again, remind me of “him” and made my hardened heart feel weak againz..
I believe anyone who is present at the showcase.. Will have the quizzzy feeling in the heart…
Ya Man.. Me & Mr. K felt so emo after that!!!!
But there’s one thing about Aska I dun like.. Neither me nor Mr. K could figure out what he talking la.. He just go “…… …… ….. …..” then the fans screamed..-_-
Oh well.. Do hope sentimental Aska Yang will go far in his singing career.. Very talented singer..should support.. But do bring tissue paper to wipe ur tears..lol~ ^_^
 P.S: Sushi Tei got Quality food but my taste bud still yearn for Sakae Sushi’s Hana Maki, Kiakage & Cold Somen..

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Monster Mash Cafe:
26A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277685
Tel: 6463 4610

Me, Rudith & Cheryl

Got to meet my sisters again~~~
Yea..but somebody flies us kite lo..

If u r reading this..yes is u, Adel..

Anyway, we went to give Monster Mash a try after reading good reviews on it…

The place is quite small..
The deco quite UK..

Want some tomato?

The food..

Pork Cheese-Chive Sausage + Monster Mash + Onion gravy ($15)
No rating. Rudith’s one.
Comment: Taste alright.

Hamburger + Mash + Monster gravy ($19)
No rating. Cheryl’s one.
Comment: The beef patty quite mushyz. Not my type bah.

Beef-Guiness Pie + Mash + Onion gravy ($19)
Rating: 6/10
Comment: Gigantic portion!!! Like the pie while it is hot. The beef is tender and I like the sauce in it. I dun mind to dip bread in it and just eat is plainly! However, maybe the portion is too much and greasy. Or maybe it dun taste dat great after it turn cold. As for the mash, I think it is too “hard”. Got to flatten it and add sauce to optimize the taste. But not a WOW thing.

I still prefer the mash at New Habour Cafe..
It’c cheaper yet nicer =)

After which, we headed for some dessert..
Just 2 doors away from Monster Mash, there’s this ice cream shop called Cold Rock.

We struggled quite a long time for the flavour..
Finally we chose Honeycomb +……..erm…..cannot remember…hahaha!
And chose our filling for the ice cream =)

They got this really interesting way of mixing the ice cream with the fillings..

The way they mixed ma chiam frying carrot cake lo!!!
But I was quite traumatized by the “GENEROSITY” on the amount of fillings they gave..
Imagine $1 for 1 Ferraro Rocher..-_-
Quite pissed off la..

Guess how much is this?
Very not worth it $14…!!!
Still traumatized..think next time i bring my own gummy bear/ferraro rocher n mix myself..

Not only that..
Their service is really BAD.
All of them are as cold as ice cream lo. Expression-less. Or I should say “Icy black face”..
When we wanted to try the ice cream flavour, one of the girl scooped so little that one teeth of Cheryl can taste the flavour only (According to Cheryl)..LOL~~~!!!


We kept cam whoring everywhere la..

Though there’s only 3 of us..
We still had lot of fun together..cam whoring especially..

See ya gurls next saturday~~~!!!! ^_^

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I am so irritated lahz!

Some of my jiemeis were saying, “You wun be single till July one. Sure will be attached one.”
They even placed bet on it lahz!

Hey! Can have more faith in me?

What’s wrong?
Why can’t I be single till July..?
I know I am not ugly & super playful but I really want to focus on my studies..
Be A Big Fat Nerd!!!!!

I know I am like continous in a relationship..
My longest singlehood period is approximately 4months..
I got 4 non-serious bfs & 3 serious bfs since 14years old..
So what?

That’s unfair to assume I will not be single in July..

I also need a break mahz..-_-“

I need you guys to vote if I will be single/attached in July..
Show some faith in me okay?
Pleaseeeeeeee…. ^_^

surveysTake Our Poll

Don’t disappoint me okay? =P

Thank you very much!

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# 傻女留言。。

站在MRT的门前,抱着包包, 我望着窗外,听着。。。







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#03-29 PARCO Bugis Junction,
200 Victoria Street, Singapore
Tel: (+65) 6333 4434

Met up with Sweet Cindy for a dinner + gossip session.
She will be happy to see the word “SWEET” bahz..

We quite troublesome.
Well, what to do?
2 PRETTY aunties together..nothing but trouble & spoil image!

We such a lovely dovey couple lo..
We ate the same food.
Pretty gurlz think alike..

Dunno why..
Cindy chose this..

Apple Salad ($5.80)
Rating: 5/10
Comment: Healthy lo. -_- Super Healthy lo.

Chicken Baked Rice ($8.80)
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Loves it! Yummy Creamy Cheese + Roast Chix. 1 word- “Song!” Never fail to choose this as main course when i visit V8.

Beside the chix baked rice, their mushroom chix chop, salmon, cheesy wedges are nice too! Just rem to ask for my cheese! Of coz got additional cost…*drool*

After our dinner, we went to neoprint to have our personalized photoshoot!!!!!!!

Pose Pose Pose



I like my top!hahaha!

So fun!!!!!!!!!!
See u for gym session galz..
Muackz luv ya!

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钱钱钱 不够用!!!

I am officially a SIM student..
So excited..finally can go back to school & study..
But exams spolit my whole excitement..

Who knows..
There’s another thing that made me SIAN 1/2 1/2 lo..
Got to pay a lump sum in Apr..
And I just realised that I not enough!!!!!
How sia~~~!

Short like 1.2k?
Shit lo…

I was broadcasting in msn if anyone want social escort..
I even tell 2 of my guy friends this, “1 blow 50buck..ai mai?”

I went DING-DONG liao..
Heng those 2 are very nice friends of mine..
Yup..they sort of scolded me..-_-

But bo bian mah…=(
Desperate for $.

BRidging exams in 3rd & 4th june.
Gonna mug onto exams soon..
Nerdy 2 months…

Dun jio me out in April + May.
I am poor + nerdy.
Lousy combination!

Perfect way of making $ enuff!


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# Baby Aloysius


A 5-months old gem of my cousin & cousin-in-law..
He is such an adorable kid..
So young yet have a deadly smile that will “kill” any gurls..
Really run in the family bloodz to be “killer” of opposite sex..

But certainly, he will be a good man with looks since it runs in the blood..

Such a poser like his Auntie Regina

Cant wait to see the cutie pie..
Dunno if he will like Thomas the Train?

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