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Sinseh says…

I have to stop canoeing training for some time…

My kneecap injury had worsened and my arm was injured…

But, I think I will still go for training but do light stuff to keep myself in tiptop condition!


Not only that, Jasonz will be out of job for some time since he had terminated his job st CHASS.

Worse or good thing, he is going for 4exams to take a professional certs that might cost $1000plus. He told me he will be withdrawing from our joint account…


Guess we got to eat breads and restrained myself from buying things for these few months!


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I am a weakling Girl

I am such a weakling!!!

Since young, my body was weak and I was always down with illness and I got fragile joints.
My joints will keep producing cracking sound that sound disgusting!

Even till now, I have many problems in my health.

Whenever I stopped exercising and ate too much those kind of “poisonous” content food, I will have rashes all over my body. Those rashes are super itchy and ugly!

Since I was an adventurous girl, I was involved in many sports…

Due to my excessive involvment, I damaged my left kneecap permanently..

It had been haunting me whenever I exert too much in sport like jogging and so on.

I feel such a weakling whenever I went training with my fellow team mates. My knee cap will hurt whenever I tried to run too fast. Worst of all, I got fragile joints that made my body easily prone to injury.

I always get injuries here n there. Recently, I hurt my left arm. Now i cannot do gym training…

I feel that I am a good-for-nothing sometime. All my team mates must be thinking that I am a slacker since I was absence several times due to injuries.

Everytime..cannot do this n that..*sigh*
I want to make myself a stronger person but my body does not allow me to…
Maybe I am suitable for sports…

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On 27th of May, 2005…

Sprinters held their very own training camp that lasted for 2days 1 nite..

We meet to put our belongings in the room near our clubhouse. Then, we proceed on to our camp activities..

No ice breaker no games..*Sigh*

So what we did???

Sad to say, we went gym…*Groan*
Me, the always injured girl, was unable to carry heavy weights. I was quite ashamed of myself when i c the rest putting their efforts n sweat to go beyond their limit. All i can do is carry 1 pathetic bar…sad right?

Stupid Lex..bluff me..he took us for running when he told me there will not b any running on the 1st day..*Liar go to h*** man!*haha!!!

After the gyming session, we went for shower before we went Alamin for dinner..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Told them le…I want to go Alahzar as the food is nicer but they wun listen!!!
We were made to behind the alley, on a slope with 3 tables joined together and a lorry that seemed to b moving toward us anytime..

Me and Dennis ordered Goreng Ayam Sambal..n it suck loh! Its sambal tasted more like sweet sauce!!!yuck!!!The 1st time i ate there, they served me rotten egg pattaya..now this..I swear i will never eat there again loh!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Captain(Monkey God) v.s Vice Captain(Mr.Serious)

After dinner, we went back to the room and have meeting..
We were supposed to have some movie session but the meeting lasted for 3hrs!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and the Weirdo Twins!!!

We went to bed at around 3a.m…
The floor is hard and the air con was freezing…Sad to say, No one hug me to sleep..boohoo!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Who is the Sleeping Beast???
Battle between Ah Bu neinei and Mr. Conservative!

On 28th May 2005, 7a.m,

Argh!!!!!!Got to wake up so early!!! Did not sleep well and got funny ghostly dreams!!!
Baka!!! We prepared ourselves before we set off to our destination—Bt Timah Hill Top!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Read carefully..
We ran to the top not take bus or walk…
I ran till my leg almost collasped sia! All of us were in sweat(yeah,super smelly!)
when we reached the top!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Girl Power!!!MY dearest sister!!!

I wanted to throw my shoes at Junsheng when he led us to another trail to run!
Wah…We rushed to the cooler as if we see some super idol to drink water!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nice Shadows…Guess whose shadows r these?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
SPRINTERS Group Foto!!!

We did some other exercises before we ran back to school..Baka!
The 100push-ups caused my injury to worsen..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The long-lost 5 African Buddha!

We had a hearty meal (gobbled up food like we nvr eat for 3yrs!)before we said, “Jah-Nei!”

It was a good camp since it trained us phsically and bring sprinters closer to each other…
I really love this bunch of people..They make my life in NP so meaningful!!!
Without them, I wouldn’t commit myself in canoeing for so long!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The RED team!!!


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Shop Shop Shop!!!

Singapore Sale had just started this week!!! (Will update fotos)

Being the Kiasu Auntie group, we(Cindy,Siew teng and Grace n myself)met up today to grab all the cheap cheap stuff!!!

Too bad..Siew Teng, our chairman of the Auntie club, did not manage to come due to her part time job!So baka sia!

Hence, the 3 younger aunties went on shopping without her, carrying out the SPENDING competition…

We went to HMV and Far East Plaza to shop around!!! Me and Cindy like some calculative aunties, keep counting the cost of each piece we wanted to buy…

Being the impulsive shopper, Grace start the ball rolling by buying a tshirt from 77th street!
Then, I continued to roll the ball by buying a special skirt from TOSS! Quite short arh..Think can c my backside..haha!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The new Skirt i bought!!!Nice?

*sigh* it’s only left Cindy that went on empty handed…AS Cindy did not want to lose in the SPENDING competition, she started buying wateva she c in Far east!!!

She bought a semi-cardigan and held it on her hand but she seemed to keep forgeting what is inside the plastic bag…According to my health knowledge, I can say that she had Really Short Term Memory!!!

I find out that cindy got a very different taste in clothing from me..she got a sarong-denmin skirt…I think very weird leh..but she find it very pretty…

Then, Grace got a super shiny silver slipper!!!Super glaring loh..like some ah go-go singer’s dressing liddat! Wah, I din noe Grace gt such beautiful fair leg until she tried on a 3/4 pants..Her leg so fair loh..haha!!!So funny!

Then, we went into some accessories shop and started trying out hair bands..hoho, I thought looked pretty SWEET in those hair band!!!Unlike Grace, who got her hair band covered by her thick bushy hair totally!

In the end, Cindy spent the most!!! As for me, sad to say, I got last place in the SPENDING competition!!!

*SobSob*…eh, think about it, the stuff we buy like most are not in sale leh…

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Girls = Trouble

Argh……..!!!! (Almost pull out all my hair!)

Save me somebody!!!

After 4years of being trapped in a all girls’ school, once again I am in the same situation again!!!

My class has no boy but all girls!!! Save me!!! I sibei scared of facing all girls one lohz..

Why leh???Normally, girls tend to be more sensative..then somemore, I so not tactful and straightforward one…so scared I will offend them..

Shen arh..jiu jiu wo ba…

Today, I went for the 1st lecture…n the lecturers oledi give us so much pressure le…

We met all our advisors and each clas is assigned to a business partner to carry out the REAL programme…

What issit? Is a kind of a project of combination of all modules..Stress right???

My class is assigned to Amore..I believe we will get some kind of FREE spa session or some kicboxing lesson..yah???

Hopefully, I can cling with them and enjoy my whole 3rd year..hopefully lah…

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So wat’s up???

These past few months, I was superduper engrossed in watching VCD and anime(that explain my lagging in updating my blog!)..I watched so many vcds but I am so in love in only one vcd—Waterboys Series.

Gosh!!!My heart throb Takayuki Yamada is so cute!!! Damn!He definitely fulfil all the qualities i want in order to be my prince charming!!!*Sigh* Not like Jasonz, he barely meet any qualities!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

To be my prince Charming…
You got to be :

1. Tall (Jasonz- 1.68m; Takayuki- 1.69m) 1point for Taka!
2. Thich Eyebrows 1 point for Taka again!
3. Nice Hair Another 1 point for Taka!
4. Tanned (SunnyBoy look!) Taka look more like 1!1 point!
5. Sharp nose Taka’s nose sharper!!!
6. Eyes n Smile that will melt my hrt Jasonz can’t melt mine!1 pt for Taka!

That’s all for physical qualities ba…haha!!!Final Result…

The Winner is Takayuki Yamada!!!

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Farewell Coca Cola


Seven Weeks so fast passed liao!I was doing filming and busy taking
photos yesterday..

I hope these videos n pictures could keep all my special moments in
coca cola…
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

-Quite surprised as the department looked quite messy and old, not comparing to Marketing Dept…

For the past 7 weeks, I had been entertaining Chen Yian and Cindy
by doing all kinds of foolish actions in our department. Eventhough it is
stupid but I and the both of them enjoy it!!!haha..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

-Folding letters most of the time (6000 at least)
-Calling suppliers regarding sponsorship
-Did Telesales to take down orders and complaint

We met great and siao people like Tommy, Kin, Jed and Patrick.
Initially, I thought that they are a bunch of unfriendly people. However,
we get to know each other better as weeks passed…

We too met troublesome people like the General Manager who was always spot-checking us,
and never like us…Stupid people who like to make use of us and dunno how to use the printer!

For 7weeks, this is how much fun we have..
I fought with Kin and squeezed his nipple..
They kept calling me “Big-sized”…
Did arm wrestling with Jed…
Almost kana beaten by tommy for asking too many Qns..
Make fun of Patrick as if he is not our boss..
We keep demanding for free meal (Last day, PAtrick brought us out to eat at Jack’s

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
From top left (Clockwise): Jed, Tommy, Kin and Patrick!

The people…

PAtrick, my supervisor, a great father and a good boss with cheeky personality!
Tommy is so nice to us, treat us like his children…always bring us out to eat!
Kin is a playful guy who looked so unfriendly and gt AP intially..
Jed that act likea “Big Bro” to us and help us all the time!

Of coz, not forgeting Chen Yian, Cindy and the rest of the NP interns and NTU interns..
They are all special people who brought fun and colours to my life in coca cola…oh yah, the security guards and the canteen people too!

Believe me…This is the 7weeks that are so precious to me..It’s sad to say goodbye but I believe
we will meet again if we are fated to be….

Hope everyone live well, eat well and work/study well…
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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