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Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin

=) It’s my first attempt in Muffin baking and it’s SUCCESSFUL!!!!!

It’s so simple! I got the recipe from http://www.catcancook.com/awesome-banana-muffin-recipe/

I added chocolate chips, 5 bananas and less generous in my sugar content.


I did not have any muffin shaping tray so I thought the cups will do wonders.
And guess what?
They look “wonderful” too. Those in the pictures are awesome but some really look like hum chim peng!
It looked tiny and squashed for my 1st batch so I decided to add more. I was hoping it will rise vertically but it did not.
It grew horizontally instead.


Well, it looks ugly but overall, still taste good. I ❤ it.
I shared these muffins with my beloved colleagues, family and dee & family.
The feedbacks I received are not bad. Well, remove the comment on its appearance.
“Moist & consistent” , “Tasty! Everything are just right in content” are generally the feedbacks.


Gosh, I am absolutely in love with baking now.
I gonna bake more and distribute to my beloved ex colleagues and friends.
Well, a way to show my appreciation on my birthday week ^_^


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