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KuraEatNonStop@Penang Place

Being an Penangite, I am extremely particular on Penang food serving in Spore.
To me, Penang food served in Singapore is never as good as those serving in Penang.
Yes, even just a normal hawker stall in Penang.

Well, I guess everything is different – ingredient, wok, method of cooking and blah.
All these count.

Well, it was my first time visiting Penang Place. They served authentic penang food. But to compare with the Penang buffet in York Hotel, Penang Place seems to lose out a little. Well, we pay according to quality. In Penang Place, the food are really in buffet style with 2 special compartment for the noodles. However, in York Hotel, most of their stuff are served fresh from the wok and the last time i went, the buffet was displayed in a hawker style. Well, that’s the big difference.

But nonetheless, Penang Place is still recommendable if you are missing Penang food. =)

Penang Place
6 International Business Park
(off Boon Lay Way)
#01-05 Atrium
Singapore 609918

(Shifting soon.)

It was a little treat to my date. But, eventually the treat was off. Yes, ego of a man. =/
The food was alright. I feel there arent alot of choices. But still, I got to eat the few “wanted” dishes of mine.

Penang Char Koay Teow and Chicken Satay

I hate it when they try to fuse Spore taste into Penang food. In Penang char koay teow, we do not have clams and fish cake. We usually just have huge prawns, tau kay, egg and koay teow. Taste wise, it’s quite average.

Penang Lok Bak

Well, it is similar to our Spore Nyong Hiang. Still, there is a difference. I was quite pek chek when I don’t see the usual chili and sweet sauce for Penang Lok Bak. Unhappy girl. But the lok bak was not bad.

Penang Assam Laksa

Finally! Something that is nice and similar to the one! Yes, it’s fab~! ^_^ Sour enough Spicy enough! I like this alot! But, for diet purpose, one bowl is good. Yumm~~~ I am surprise my date was able to take the taste. Great to see he really eat anything. Hmm..like a cow or a goat. lol~

Penang Hokkien Mee

It has been always my all time favorite since I was a kid. Never go bored with it and best to go with Teh Peng. LOL~i requested to self service myself and have actually overtaken the noodle. In the end, the staff have to change my bowl to a bigger bowl! Hmmm..I think my mama cooked better. Yes, for your info, she just cooked last sunday!

The one I had in Penang Place was so-so. The soup base is the main culprit that result in a big cut off in this hokkien mee. It can be better if it has cooked longer. Yes, not fragrant and diluted.

Note: Penang Hokkien mee tastes better with chilli and chilli oil. And of course, top it with alot of fried shallots. It’s good.

Pulut Tai Tai a.k.a Kaya kueh

Being an auntie-to-be, I took all of the leftover before I even finish my mains. lol~ Ya man! I was so afraid it will be gone but the time I am ready for dessert!hahaha~Good that I took it first or else i will be super cranky……

If you are wondering why this kueh kueh is in blue and not green, yellow or wateva colour, the reason is the food colouring. The colouring is extracted from a bluish flower called Clitoria ternatea.

It serves best with kaya. This is my favorite kueh kueh and a traditional kueh kueh for wedding tea ceremony in Penang. I have no idea wad so fascinating about this but just simply good! =)


In Penang, we are famous for our Ice Kacang and Chendol. We used “solid” red bean for our dessert. As for ice kacang, we add sarsi to it to enhance its taste. Well, that’s why I don’t take Spore ice kacang. Penang Sarsi Ice Kacang is still my favorite.

The chendol in Penang Place was so-so. Hmm..partly is my own lack of experience in making chendol.

Overall, the eating experience was not bad. I do have high expectation for Penang food. Thus, it mights suit your liking. If you have not tried Penang food before, you ought to try it. Of coz, the best place is still to try in Penang. Otherwise, Penang place might be a good alternative for value-for-money eating experience.

I will go for York Hotel and snap some pictures  if I got the chance. =)


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ICookUEat@Thai Food

Once again, kuraprincess took up the culinary challenge.
And this time round, she has chosen THAI food.
Thai food really gave her a real good time. You bet.

It wasn’t as successful as the previous 2 sessions.
Well, i underestimated the preparation time and has little confidence in it.
I can easily screw up the dishes by adding the wrong amount of seasonings and blah.

And the chilli padi, gave me a real PAINFUL experience.
I scooped out the seeds with my bare fingers…
And guess what?

My whole hands were on “Fire” and swollen…
My mum told me to rub salt onto my hand to get rid of it.
I almost do my swearing at her! It was like rubbing salt onto bare wound la!
The pain totally spolit my cooking mood.
But fortunately, everything are still served at its edible state..lol~
This time round, I have invited my canoiest over.
A time to catch up and taste my cooking. =)

Thai Minced Pork With Basil

I thought this dish turned out pretty not bad. Adequate spiciness and seasoning. The basil made the whole dish got the very “THAI” feel. I have added long beans to make it “healthier”. lol~ Personally, I fancy this dish. The egg goes damn perfect with the fish sauce. Yes, they are so much better than dipping it with light soya sauce. Yes better. Especially when the yolk was still creamy, the taste was perfect.

My friends think it was not bad too. =)

Ingredient u need:

– 500gram of minced pork
– Basil leaves (holy basil)
– Oyster sauce
– long beans
– Chilli padi & garlic
– Fish sauce (To add “saltiness” to the dish)
– Pinch of salt

Tom Yum Soup

Oh.The tom yum soup certainly need alot of improvement. It didn’t turn out bad but I am unsatisfied with it. Not soury enough. Spiciness was “up”. Abit too watery. =(
Ingredient you need:

– Seafood
– Straw Mushroom
– Onion
– Lemongrass, blue ginger, lime, lime leaves, chilli padi
– Fish sauce

Besides the basil pork and tom yum, I made lemongrass drink too. Pretty easy drink to make. Refreshing. =)

Well, a good experience after all. =) Do leave me a msg if you need the steps.
*Gosh I am so addicted to cooking. =)

Session 4 : Own creation.

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