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To Go Or Not To Go?

I have been bothering about this question for the longest time.

I have done alot of planning. alot of calculations. alot of enquiries.alot of saving up.


Just when I about to make that critical decision, bad economy fall in.

Many commented that it’s a bad time to change job now, since market is really bad.

But there are some, who feel it’s a better choice. A choice that I can focus on my studies and gain experience in my field of study.


I, myself is more prone to leaving the job as there isn’t any growing factor & i felt demoralized in a way.

What I am doing now, doesn’t fall within my field of study.

I am taking Banking & Finance and will be graduating in 1year odd time. (hopefully!)

Of coz I want good result yet same time, grow in that particular field – Accounting.


But as I am thinking about school result & my future prospect, I have other troublesome factors.

They are my parents and school fees.

I can get a loan from bank but I am afraid of hiccups.

I have no doubt that I could find a short term job, but in accounting, of coz I need to be extra hardworking in search.

Found many short term job in jobsdb and jobstreet but aren’t sure if I will be the lucky one.

I can teach tuition too but not sure if can sustain my spending & other expenses.


I am quite confused & scared.

Of coz, to be safe, best is to stay in the job but inside me, like to fly free.


I need a reason to convince myself.

How can I find alternative if no $ to pay school fees?


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I miss home

True enough that I tagged along Mr K to bai nian.

Gel up with his family very well, eat very well but badly for gambling~

Everything was good.


But the great interaction with his family reminded me of my kins in Penang. =(


Eventhough I am few hundred kilometres away from them..

I can hear their voices and laughters at the reunion table..

I can hear their cheering while playing the firework and all other stuff that is banned in Singapore..

I can sense their unity at the gambling den..


All every small thing happening over there I can sense it.


I felt so excited when I webcam-ed with my nieces and nephews on cny to send our greeting to each other.


=( Sobs..

I miss home.


Mr K, when u want to go Penang with me?

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After dinner@ Tampopo, we went over to Double O to meet the gals & boys!

Went there since I got the complimentary birthday treat from Double O for being the girl member!

Good treat!



So happy to have cake! ^_^

Happy Happy Happy~

Thank you girls for buying a cake for me =)


Me & Mr K with cake~


Thank you guys for being there to see me blow candles~ ^_^

They are Mr K’s good friends! hehehee..I might not treat u guys the best & always bully u all~

But really appreciate u guys to come down & even gimme gift~So sweeet!


But aren’t u guys glad u all finally get to see Mr K after he has being abducted by me? =p


And of coz, I love my wonderful girls!!!!!!!!!! 


I love them so much that I gave each of them a kiss~

A really wet one.

But my favorite kiss is……



My kiss with PY~

She tio-ed the piggy mouth kiss from me!hahahaha!



And gave them JAGER BOMB treat! ^_^

Look at me~ look tipsy le hoh. Dunno why I was a weak soldier then. 

Drank almost the whole bottle of champagne and at least half a bottle of some alcoholic drink from DBL O + 1 or 2 more drinks and with the combination of the heavy thumping music, I gradually went crazy~


This is like the last few shots before I go crazy~

We made a new friend in the toilet and took a pix with her!

See we are a friendly bunch!


And a nice surprise came along on my birthday!


Met Qingli, Tommy & Weilong at Dbl O! And it was Weilong’s bdae too! Hao Qiao wor~

Tommy & Weilong were my amazing race khakis back in poly days!

Awwwww~those were the days..too bad Wan Boon wasn’t there if not the whole team will be there!


But from the look of the pic…

I was almost there liaoz..


Not long..

It started………………………………….


My Crazy engine has started~


It came with a Huge BLAST!


It never stopped till I drank Bak Kuh Teh soup~


Mr K commented that for so long he knew me, that day I looked the ugliest! =(

He din really get to enjoy I think. He was busy taking care of me and the bags. opps.

I am famous for shouting or go “boo-ing” & LOL at people when I get tipsy..opps, he must be embarrassed~

And he sort of scolded me. At least to a drunk gal, is scolding.


Well, at least I never puked & still can show you the way home! But I look really ugly with all my hair lumped together  + puffy eye and face.Ewwwwww~


But aren’t birthday suppose to be a drunk affair whereby everyone want and try to make u drunk? =p

But no doubt I have my wonderful fun galfriends and a goody wonderful boyfie~


Thank you for giving me such a lovely 23rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So what is 2323?


It means……

I turned 23 on 23rd of Jan.


This is not 4D number and will never be..

Coz I am famous to have no luck..So dun even try to buy this number with Singapore Pool hoh~


Might not be lucky with $$$ but..

I am thankful that at least my life is lucky. 


First to go is of coz I got Mr K who tried his very best to gimme the best, especially on my birthday.

Secondly, I have great friends & colleagues who celebrated with me.

And lastly, received many birthday wishes from my good friends. What really touched me is that people I am not too close with, actually remember my birthday too. *sobs*


As very much of what I wanted..

Mr K brought me to have dinner@ Tampopo, bought me G705 handphone (thrilled!) & a slice of cake!

He even sang me a birthday song which is an act that is as good as straggling him!



Sony Ericsson G705

Heheheheee I wanted this! And we chiong for the promotion at a good price!

But he inside should be %$@#! while paying. =p

But I did treated him to a good acceptable meal after that! hehehhee!


Then he bought a White chocolate blackforest cake for me.



I think he did it as a revenge!

I don’t really fancy sweet stuff one & you know white chocolate super sweet right..

I ate a mouth or two and the rest went into his stomach -_-

Roar~ I shall buy him cheesecake for his birthday. He “loves” them.



As for dinner, we went to Tampopo@Liang Court.

Initially I was suggesting to go Si Bon!hhahaha!Of coz I was joking lah~

If really go, think bdae girl have to help Si Bon to wash plates pay bill.


Heard about Tampopo from Kris & am glad to visit there! ^_^


177 River Valley Road


Liang Court Shopping Centre

Tel: 63383186 (Reserve to be not disappointed)


Before visiting there, I had already researched about them and was dying to try there black pig dish!


Me with my Tokusen Loin Set


The Tokusen loin cutlet ($21.60)

Rating: 7.5/10

Comment: This is the one I was talking about. The black pig meal.  I did not get the top grade one. It was sold out. But the normal grade one is not bad! It turned out to be a little bit greasy but the juicy fresh salad, pickles and sour plum sauce compromise the greasiness.  I must say that the texture of the cutlet is good! I always have the impression that pork are usually tougher & hard to bite but this loin cutlet is tender & chewy. It felt like i am eating chicken meat! I don’t really fancy pork but I must say this is to my liking! =)


Shabu Ramen ($13.80) – Rated Top 10 Ramen in Spore

Rich & thick soup base with black pig slices.


Look at that Ba Chi orgasming face.

It shows everything about his love for this Shabu Ramen.


We had 2 side dishes too.


Saba Shio Yaki ($7.50)

Comment: It grilled to perfection. I think the presentation of it is good. I not a fan of saba but it’s not bad.


Ika Geso Karaage ($6.80)

Rating: 8/10

Comment: Oh I love this lahz! It’s deep fried japanese octopus tentacles. Very Very nice. It’s not hard at all and it tasted just as good even after leaving it for some time. *Droolz*


The overall ambience is cosy and the service is good.

Wanted to go for the dessert- short cake I think but finish liao. =(

Look delicious lo =(


Verdict: I will come back again!



I am not those mushy kind but..

Glad to have Mr K for my 23rd birthday.

Thank you very much!hhehehehe! *Hugz*


Still, you gonna have cheesecake for your birthday. =p

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Lose your $ fast at…

the chinese new year gambling den!!!!!


The sprinters had a super early cny reunion dinner over at Dennis’s place.


It was quite a successful one. It gathered quite a number of old and young birds.

Seem like the “pass the msg-via- sms tactic” still working..


It has been a year since I last met most of them.

REally go “waaaaah..”, “ehhhhhhhh!” when see them, especially my 2 da ge.

So glad to be present and catch up with them ^_^


Zillon years since last meet them, except Junsheng. (Always see him in school)

In fact quite a number of them in SIM.hahahah.



The old birds. The one who do farnie face one is Junsheng.


Jiaying, Elva, Me, Lex, Chinchong and Dennis..


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Ans: Me lo.

Me: Sian. When we gonna have the full sprinter girls’ pix.


P.S: Yixin, organise organise~



WEihong, Lianne, Alvin, Yiwei & Kim Hui the rare guests~


Li Hai the young birds~


Dennis and those who help to prepare the food are great. They bought ton of food.

So much that we cannot finish it and the leftover seem to be able to keep the family eating steamboat for a week,

His fridge almost exploded!


On the day we gathered was actually 2 days away from Dennis’s 22nd.

I wonder did he did it on purpose so that we can celebrate his bdae? Or purely coincidental? 



Hmmm..why I find this familar?


Seem like I have seen it last year.


Similar occasion.


And of coz..



DEnnis the dripping whipped cream man~

He looked like he just out from a milk bath!

Well, at least a happy milk bath! =)


As I have started the entry about the gambling den.

And with my entry title.

Very clear cut it showed that I lost a hell lot of $.

I lost 15buck in just 1 round of being a banker.

I was winning actually. Damn. Why I got to be banker.

Certainly have lousy luck in gambling. -_-

Maybe due to the fact that I offend the Tai Sui? Ought to go bai bai liao.

Hope that can help me to lose lesser and win more. ^_^


P.S: NEver gonna be a banker again! But I do hope to win during cny~ ^_^

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So what is an egg benedict?

It is a dish that consists of half a muffin, topped with ham/bacon + poached egg+ hollandaise sauce.

Overall, it’s a meant to fatten human being since the hollandaise sauce uses a large amount of butter to make.


Me made 80% of it and the remaining 20% goes to Mr K.

It wasn’t difficult to make. But impatient me still made mistake with the sauce. It did not turn out saucey but watery.

Luckily, Mr K saved the day and got that 20% credit.


To be honest, it wasn’t that bad.

Just that I was kiasu and add a little too much of lemon juice and it turned out to be a little too sour.

The lemon was suppose to reduce greasiness. =(

But subconsciously, we still feel fat as we know that sauce is made up of butter and 2 egg yolk too.


We finished off this lovely egg benedicts with a hashbrown each.


Just a meal and can cause my blood pressure to rise with all the cholesterol and fats intake!



P.S: Get the receipe from me if you want to try and risk yourself with a heart attack. LOL!

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Yes. After several failed attempts to meet up, we finally get to meet up on last thurs!

Me, Syaima + Aisyah had arranged to meet up but there are always hiccups.

Finally, we succeed to meet up.

Together with Clarice who just came back from Australia + get to celebrate Aisyah & my bdae, it certainly a meet up that “kill 3 birds with 1 stone”!!!!!!!!!


Of coz, there are a few absentees.

But I am sure there will be another one to meet up with Melanie and Laiquin too. =)


Syaima did a good job in the food part. 

She planned the dining place to be Amirah’s situated along arab street.


No.14 Bussorah Street

Spore 199435

Tel: 6296 8577

Website: http://www.amirahsgrill.com

(call to reserve)


The ambience of the restaurant is very middle eastern.

A good place to chill out with friends, especially for long chit chat session.

And of coz, they serve good authentic middle eastern food. 


From left: Aisyah, Syaima, Clarice & Me


With little knowledge about middle eastern food, I just share with Aisyah to go with the set meal@25buck.

Clarice+Syaima took the set meal too. 

Becoz I had little knowledge about the food+nonsenstical bunch of us..

We created alot of “jokes” in the restaurant  and luff like nobody’s business and leave no peace to the other diners.


At 25buck, you get drink, soup, appetizer, main course and dessert.

Very worth it.


I had the hibiscus drink. 

Hmmm..taste like Ribena.


Then, we had the “homely feeling” chicken soup and some dip & garlic bread.


Hmmm…shit. I cannot rem the name. Hummus?

Very authentic appetizer. The Hammus taste abit soury. Maybe got olive oil?

I ate this because Syaima mentioned its good for hair growth!!! hahahaha..


Wah sey! If it is true, i shall gobble 1 bottle of olive oil everyday lah!


Soon, our main courses were served…


Turkish Mixed Kebabs (Chix, Beef & Mutton)


Mixed Seafood Grill


I would say both of the main courses are good! =)

I was hesitating to choose the Turkish Mixed kebab as I was scared of the lambie taste of mutton.

But to my surprise, the mutton kebab was very tender and no lambie taste! However, the beef was abit tough but the chicken is juicy and nice. As for the mixed seafood grill, it was good since GIGANTIC CRUNCHY prawns were served! I was practically drooling just by looking at it. There were 2 fish fillets in it too, and its texture was soft. I would say I was surprised to see mashed potato. I would never relate mashed potato to middle eastern food lo! But, their mashed potato was alright. What score the points are those huge prawns and fish!


Practically the main courses were quite “Heavy” for us already.

But, we did not stop and move on to the dessert.


Basbousa- pure samolina with rosewater+honey

Sour plum feeling. However, it is nice just that the taste quite “new” to me.


French cream Caramel – home-baked egg pudding+caramel

I don’t really fancy this.


Well, I would say these set meal@ 25buck each deserve..

Rating: 7.5/10


As both me and Aisyah’s birthdays fall on the Jan, we combined the celebration…

To be honest, I was surprised to get a cake! I mean it’s so early yet…

So LOVED!!!! ^_^


I am sure Aisyah felt the same too!


Aisyah with her mango cake. With Clarice as calefare. hahaha!



Me and my chocolate mousse cake! ^_^

( =/ my nose look huge.)


So happy! My 1st birthday cake of 2009!

Oh dear, it mean 23 year old is drawing near~~~ sobs.


After enough of disturbance to the diners, we went into an interesting retro shop.


You will get to see many different kind of “retro” stuff in the shop.

Like old camera, telephone, jackpot, sunglasses and so on.

There was even a working retro fridge la. Damn cute.

Not only that, i found many childhood games in that shop too!


Can’t resist the temptation, me and Syaima bought these cute gun-like torchlight.

We pull the trigger and…


It shows this cute cartoon with shits all over on the wall where we shined the gun at!!!!!!!!!

So amazing right!!!!! ^_^

We were so excited and keep giggling as we shone it all over the place, including on a lady’s white skirt.


See. Nonsense right. Yup, especially with Syaima.

Both of us always do funny things together. We used to act like lizard and tried to climb on the wall in sec sch times.

Spastic. But it’s good. Hope this never change.


P.S: I want the next outing to be fixed soon!!!!!!!!!!

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