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13HRS More To 2009!!!!

Grrrrrrr…2009 2009 2009 coming!!!!!!!!!

Which mean I gonna turn 23 soon? ARGH~~~!!!!!!!

1 step nearer to the mid twenties crisis. LOL~!


So how is 2008 for me.

1 word.




The first quarter of 2008 was busy emo-ing.

2nd quarter of 2008 busy dating, getting used to school life, go nuh and go NEW YORK!

3rd quarter of 2008 busy with work, school and many many other things.

Last quarter of 2008 busy to have FUN!


A great 2008 that made me grow up mentally and tougher.

A great 2008 that made me realised how lucky I am to have so many good friends.

A great 2008 that fulfil my wish to receive 简单幸福. ^_^


Things in 2008 is so great so what will be resolution for  2009?

Apart of losing some weight…..-__-

(yearly resolution for that. LOL. Food is too hard to say “NO”. =p)


“I want to stop all the traumatizing emotional effect of the past and be fair to him”.

It’s a big resolution for me.


“I want to study more and get good grades!”

Yaya..boring~ a resolution of many panicky students.


“I want to go Japan/Korea/Taiwan!!!!!!”

Hope my pocket can tahan.


“I shall clean up my room and be neat.”

OMG..another tough one. Have this resolution since 7. hahahaha!

I stll cannot see my table. A room just right for cockroach, ants and wasp.


“Go more double o?”

Lousy resolution i know. LOL.

Just kidding. but have to make use of my girl’s card.


So what happen to my 2008 resolution.

To be honest, I don’t remember what are they! 

Guess soon I will 4get 2009 ones too. =p


So have u come out with your 2009 resolutions yet?

Haven nvm..still got 13hours. =p




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I shall and I will do it

When I look into the mirror, I see myself as a average joe with a lumpy huge junk of fatty meat.

Rolling up my top, I see a protruding 3-layered fatty meat.

Plus balding hair, lot of scars and bad face conditions.


I am so not perfect.

Yes nobody is perfect. So?

I just want to look fabulous  and receive praises too.


Still very much doted by him but all guys are the same.

Who will not take a second look  and be tempted when met pretty sexy girls?

Which guy will not hope their gf/wife is what they “wanted” in term of figure and pretty face?


Oh crap. So depressing.

I shall set small goals and do something about it.

Hopefully I can achieve the ideal.

Wish me luck!

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It’s a norm that we girls got lotsa of outings during the festive season..

Can be good and bad. 

Good is that we can meet our jiemeis/friends and have fun..

Bad is the time we will go empty in the pocket!!!!


^_^ Loves the get-together moments but Hate the $ part. =p


“Fun” factor always exist with my TB17 girls..

For the first time, we were expecting full attendance of 10 but..

in the end, 8 turned up  due to external unbearable situations..


But still good to gather 80% of the group of 10! ^_^


From Top left: Wenqi, Py, Rud.

From Bottom Left: Me, Cher, Adel, Rain and Grace.

(Absentee: Neeky + Hui Min)


The FUN factor and NOISE factor coming from this group is certainly a high 10/10!

We faked our identity as TAITAis with low disposable income  and created a havoc session over our hi-tea buffet at ZHOU KITCHEN@Anchorpoint.

The word “TAITAI” do make me feel good. =)


With 8 Taitai-to-be, the whole ZHOU KITCHEN seems like a marketplace, especially with our noisy gift exchange activity…

But we quite lousy in buffet~

We din really eat much and all of us “waved our white flag” after the 2nd round..

But the food was very good!


The Carrot Cake, Siew Mai, Har Gao and many more are very good!!!!!!! ^_^


As we have more than 6 diners, we were served a complimentary Crab Glutionous Rice.


It was good! The crab is sweet and tender~~ =)

Hahahah..I was happy when most of them forgoing the crabs..yum~~~!!!


We had our gift exchanging after our meal, go ikea and play/camwhore and bought 4D to try our luck..

We were hoping we can win some $ and can go oversea to play!

But luck was not with us, we did not even get the consolation prize..

Guess must be me =( I was forbid to gamble  and got no luck according to a palm reader.

Well, better luck next time~~~!!!!


So when will be the next outing?

That will be…my 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! (oh boy..getting older -_-)

Birthday Wish: Hope to get 100% of this group on 23rd.


After the noisy group, I met up with the gluttons on the eve of eve of christmas at Suntec…

They are really gluttons okay..

They were already gobbling up their food when I reached…-_-”



MOF’s Cold Soba+ Tempura set ($17.80) 

Rating: 6/10


Not the best. Quite Average and it only manage to excite my tastebud by abit. I personally go for “heavier” taste. The food I had is “lighter” in taste. But the good thing is that the tempura is not a  least greasy. Thus, overall as compared to the rest in the menu, I will still choose this.


Guess wad.

The gluttons were moving on to dessert when I am just starting on my soba lo -_-

So not loved~~


The gluttons are more interested in food and not a cam whore like my TB17 group..

But still, managed to “force” them into the limelight~~


Me & Kunnie the biggest glutton~


Me & Mini glutton Peisan


It’s amazing that we are still going out..

We know each other for like hmmmm…more than a decade?

Well, hope our friendship for 2009 will still be as strong and crappy as we are now!



Please wait for me to eat next time leh……


Same goes for Kunnie + Peisan..

Meet me for my birthday okay~~ ^_^

(quite irritating right? But I am getting old. celebrate my old age.)



The Actual Eve of Christmas!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

“All I want for xmas is my 2 front teeth…my 2 front teeth and my 2 front teeth! yeah!”

So cool~~~


Mr K burnt a CD of xmas songs so that I can have my sing-along-session in the car…

I was practically behaving like a siao charbo: singing,clapping and dancing along the music…

I bet Mr K was utterly amused by it..well, I am a good entertainer right?


Went for a quiet simple dinner at Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill


21 Science Park Road #01-01

The Aquarius (Science Park II)



(bad pix.)


I like the ambience of the whole place. Quiet yet cosy. Way away from urbanization.

Certainly a good place to hang out & chill~

But the food is so-so only..

The burger are not that bad but the rest the food we had..wasn’t that fantastic..

The nacho and the black pepper  cajun chix olio was not that good.


Blooie’s Portobello Mushroom Cheese Burger ($19.80 I think)

Rating: 6.5/10


“Wow” is the word that oozed out when I put that cajun fries into my mouth. Filled with spices, it tastes good. Now the burger. The sauces flow out as I cut my burger. Had a bite. It tasted good but the beef is abit at its tough side. A little bit dry but the sauce compensated a little to it. Will be fantastic if the beef is abit juicer and more tender. But overall, it is not too bad.


I got a not-too-bad burger while Mr K got a bad one.

I unintentionally conned him into the black pepper olio by saying it is his favourie aglio olio to stop him from ordering the same thing as me. =p

For more variety mahz. =p so mean right? But i shared my burger with him..hahahaa.

Well, I will make up for it okay? Next burger on me. *wink*


We went for a few round of pool games before heading up to Mount Faber.

To see the biggest man-made christmas tree!


Attempted to take many fotos but I like this best. Got the tree and I look slimmer. =p



It’s a great simple Christmas to end it off~~~ 

Be it is with friends or with Mr K, all are good. =)


To you too.

My birthday. My birthday. My birthday. =p


What’s up next?

——> Saturday BBQ with the canoiests~! ^_^



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Teochew Fishball @ People’s Park Food Centre

Cannot remember the unit. =p


Price: $4

Rating: 7/10

Comment: My eyes shimmered and my face was filled with grins when this bowl of fishball mee lay on my hand. Mr K was saying that I looked as if I just strike lottery. But, I just can’t control the excitement in me. The fishballs are huge! The fishcakes are even bigger! The fishballs are hand-made; it was very chewy, bouncy and fresh. OMG~~~I want those fishballs! The fishcakes are alright though but damn big piece lahz! At $4, 5 jumbo-sized fishballs +4 huge fishcakes is certainlymore worth it than our normal $2.50/$3 fishball noodle which gave us pathetic serving.

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In Vietnam, I learnz..

…..how cables can be that “organised”..


hmm. Will I get shock if I touch those?


….how bikes make a wonderful transportation


Air-con delivery…


A man with great balancing skill…


Father riding SLEEPING Son on the bike..

Yes, many kids who were chauffered by the parent, sleep like this or sleep while standing on the seat (for 4-seaters)


….How scary it is to be a pedestrian/motorist..


Basically, there aren’t many traffic law…

“Beep Beep” is everywhere, danger is everywhere too..

In vietnam, pedestrain especially scary cat like me, have to hold my breath and walk briskly & pray..


Anywhere you walk, even the pavement, even the shop..

There are motorcycles riding through..cannot shop in peace, eat in peace..

A video to show…-_-

You will be shocked how Regina, the really dunno how to cross road bimbo survive there…haha!


…how the locals live…


sell balloons..


Family preparing for business at night..


Business at night along the alley..


…about the history of Vietnam War..


War Remnants Museum


Photographs to show “stories” of the vietnam war..


Every picture pierces into my heart. Felt depressing.

Now then I know how much the people had suffered through the war and the chemical warfare itself. 

I cannot imagine if I am the one in there with them.


During my trip in Vietnam, I saw this guy who was badly disfigured.

Most part of his face reveal his face bones. Was abit horrified. He might be the victim who suffered from the chemical warfare that melt his skin. =( Because of the chemical warfare, many newborns then was badly affected. Some born limbless, down syndrome, spinal problem and etc. And the effect is still going on and these chemical will induce to health problem such as cancer.


Damn sad lo. =(

How can anyone do these to human beings?


Continue my war lesson at the Tiger Cages..


This model of political prisoner scared the hell out of me lah! And out of many people too!

He just sat quietly there in the dark! I thought it was a real human being in it lo~


Make me angry and I will chop off ur head with the Guilotine!


Beside all these, there were exhibits of huge missile, bullets, fighter planes.

But after viewing the museum, I gave my respect to the photographers. Many of them did not come home alive.

Because of their life risking spirit, the after-war generation will have the chance to understand the story behind the war.


Walk abit further.


See the Independence Palace. Din manage to go in as they were closed for lunch. -_-

But from History Channel on the SCV, I know this is the place whereby the South Vietnamese then secret function of the war.


Had a superduper long walk and finally….


Time to learn about their FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah~My favorite part of the trip!!!! ^_^


We went to all the so called BEST place as recommended by Carrie, my colleague. hhahahaha!



Best PHO~~~~~~~~~


Pho Hoa Pasteur

260C Pasteur P8 Q3 TP HCM (Near the War Remnants Museum)


Rating: 8.5/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pricing: 38,000 dong

comment: ARRRRRRRRGH~~~! GOOD Lah! At 38,000dong, get to eat a bowl of taste-just-damn-good soupy pho with alot of beef. I almost vomit cause of too much beef ok! The soup is perfect with a little squeeze from the lime to enhance it + chilli..wah sey..HEAVEN~!Go well with YOU TIAO! Even the pho is good. Soft Soft Smooth Smooth de. Just glide thru the taste bud into my gullet. Woah~!


Well..The super big walk to this place is certainly worth it. Walked like 40mins because we were given the wrong address. -_-


Next Stop: Best Vietnamese Food


Quan An Ngon

138 Nam Ky Kho Nghia (Near Independence PAlace)


A place with great ambience. And the place is huge!

And certainly great food!!!!!!

Rating: 8/10


Grilled Meat + vege+ vermicilli+ mirror-like paper skin


Roll up..dipped into the special sauce..


and EAT…..! (Syafiq asked me to take one. )


Beef Salad!  Yummy!


HEAVEN FOOD! Dunno the name though. My colleague order one.

But it’s a beefy dish that everyone busy grabbing~


My virgin tasting of Escargots!

Hmmm..slimy and chewy. The chilli make it taste good. Without it, might be too slimy to be swallowed.


And myself, enjoying the authetic Iced Vietnamese Kopi~~~


Afterwhich, we went a little shopping at Ben Thah Market. I went both Day and Night Market.

I din see any good stuff for myself and it’s super ex! The place is filled up with imitations for bags, clothes and shoes.

Certainly a place to “CHOP” tourists’ heads. Imagine a small bag cost 1million dong! (SGD100). They must be kidding. =/

Honestly, for shopping, just head to Hong Kong, Taiwan or Bangkok. So much better.


Since the girls are not really the shopping type..

We went for the next BEST.


BEST ice cream in town.


4 street down from Ben Thah Market.

This is an incredible happening ice cream shop. It has around 4 to 5 floors to house dessert-hungry people. Even got elevator and a lift attendant to bring u to the respective floor.


Their infamous “4 flavours” -_- wat a…a….creative name. -_-

I am not sure but think Bach Dang mean coconut ice cream? But it taste alright. =)

I preferred those whipped cream to be cold. it’s at room temperatuve when served.

Rating: 6/10


The next one is not the best but it was good and very localized. (Only see locals there)

On top of Temple Club. hmmmm…Near Rex Hotel. hahahahaha!

The best closed down. *puzzeled*

Oh well, we accomplished our mission to eat vietnamese bbq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Us “battling”…


See. Even when i taking foto, no one can stop the chopsticks.

The beef, deer, sotong are very yummy. Like the one which rolled up with cheese.



Great bbq. =) I bbq vege too. LOL. nice k. =p


But the most memorable part of the trip is still…


My iced vietnamese kopi. (Drank 6 in 3days)

Rating: 9/10!

Comment: Drink this and guarantee u will found our coffee in Spore has no standard. no fight lah! oh dear.. having withdrawal syndrome…


From this trip, I learn that I dun really snap people or take self foto.

As I was looking through my camera then, all scenery, food, lifestyles foto..

Dun have much of me or my colleagues! =/




Finally 1.


And another.


And with the busy streeeeeeeeeet!

Not all my colleagues here though. All camera shy. We went in a big group of 10.

LOL and disturb HCMC. Everywhere we go, we made alot of noise and laugh damn loud!


Oh ya..did I mentioned about the good hot stone therapy massage at the resort i staying?

No? I did it in Hotram Resort on my 1st day and shiiiiiooooook! Finally a real massage after the one in Batam! hahahahaha!

I slept thru. =p and keep farting after that. hahahahahhaha!


Basically, a relaxing food trip.

With many people falling apart. Sick. Bitten by sandfiles due to beach.Toothache. LOL. -_-

But quite sad din manage to eat lotsa stuff I have noted it down in my little handbook.

=( I want roadside food! =( =( =(


As I mentioned I went to a beach resort and in love of taking scenic photos..

I got my favorite 3.


Dun say never show u my “talent”. =p


Wah..nice sunset hoh? =p Those fishing boats made a perfect accessories.

Feel like sing song of amei sia,, “Ting…….hai ku de sheng yi~~~~”


hahaha..i also gt abit of skill in photo editing. =p

Jumped zillion time with Gladys and this is the only one I jumped the highest! Wheeeeeeeeeeezz!


And the last one…


Paddy field with Mr Bull as my calefare.


=) To end it off.

Good food trip and lotsa of fotos as u can see from my entry. opps. paiseh, it take years to load! =p

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1SGD = 7750Rupiah.

Brought a grand total of 775,000 Rupiah there!

Wah~Never had so much “value” in my hand lah!

I felt like “almost a millionaire” girl!!!!! hahaha!


A Chance to feel like a princess, a queen or a Taitai.


To be that, got to wake up early to catch the boat ride to Batam!


With my prince K.


The whole boat journey took around 40mins.

And the resort bus came to pick us up and within 10mins, we reached PT.KTM Resort.


PT.KTM Resort

Do not be deceived by the picture. The whole ambience of the place is nice but it looks rather break down at a closer look. Especially the pool. It looks horribly disgusting! Brought my bikini but have no gut to step into it. The ponds were dirty too. Badly polluted by decaying leaves. Koi fish also turn muddy fish in it. The room is small but still comfortable, just that the rooms are not sound proof.


But the spa are still alright. 

Felt like a taitai and treated like Queen & King.

Were made to change into funny outfit before the session get started.


Finally a bathtub big enough for us! Yes, got a big backside!hahaha~


Overall, the services are very good and Tika, my massager is very friendly eventhough she was damn strong. I felt the whole massage is quite painful. At least as compared to the rest I did in Thailand + Chiangmai.

Mr K felt quite shiok. Beside been in pain, both of us came out as Mr Oily and Ms Oily~~

Our whole bodies are covered with the massage oil~~Worst part is that cannot shower straight away to get the max effect.


So, leaving with no choice..

We went for our FREE set lunch.


Hmmm..to be honest, I was quite disappointed to have these dishes. We opted out from the tour and expected something nice to compensate for the tour. Instead, we are served with these few simples dishes. But the fried fish is delicious though. The vege..hmmm..not up to my standard.


We only headed out in the afternoon.

Get to know a friendly cabbie who speaks English who sent us here and there.

Of coz with a fee, 3 trips = SGD37. I only managed to slash the price down by 8buck. =(


Went downtown to Nagoya. 

From what I had seen, Batam felt like Malaysia. There are shophouses everywhere, tall grasses, bikes and holely roads. In Batam, unlike in Singapore, the motorists are more superior than the pedestrains. They will not stop even there is a washed out zebra crossing. We have to risk our lives to dash through the busy road.


Well, due to security purposes, we went for an early dinner.

We were warned by our cabbie that alot of crimes happened along the alley which we will be walking as there aren’t any streetlamps.


Rushed our foot steps to reach the seafood place we had found it in the net.


A1 Sin Hai San Seafood

Pujasera A1. Bukit Mas Batu Selicin.

Behind Lucky Plaza Mall.


Stir Fried Baby Kailan


Cereal Prawn


Battered Sotong


Chilli Crabs! (Real Spicy!)


Yummy~~~! I think it’s not bad!!!

Especially it comes at a cheap price. All these dishes totaled up to SGD20 only!!!!! WOW~!


After our hearty meal, we quickly brisked to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall as it was turning dark.

Nothing much to shop. But was very amazed by the pricing.

Especially for a motorbike that cost $2,000,000Rupiah which is equivalent to SGD200 like that!!!!!!!!


Eventhough I just had a hearty meal but still..

Can’t resist a weird looking dish…


Pisang thingie.



Adding cheese, choco chips and some thing weird onto the panfried banana..


Pisang Complete (5000 Rupiah)

I think it’s quite nice (abit salty, sweet + bbq feeling) though abit quirky.

I give it 6.5/10 rating. LOL~


Oh well..that’s the first day.


On the second day, we went to Megamall after checking out of the resort.

Very much one of my itinerary of the trip. Am so glad to achieve it.


Achieve what?








See that sign? Familar?


OMG~ The ALL-TIME-FAVORITE Curly Fries + Root Beer Float!!!!!! ^_^ 

The feeling of getting to eat my favorite fast food is FANTASTIC~~~

I dun mind to stay in Batam just to eat my A&W and of coz, seafood. LOL~


We went for a movie in Megamall too!

It was dirt cheap lah! At 25,000 Rupiah (Around $3.20) u get to watch a movie. 

Watched “Bolt”. It was cut off halfway though. Guess that’s what we get for the price. But the theatre is not bad, like Singapore one.


Went for groceries shopping (dirt cheap!) till not enough $ to buy our J.C Donut.

Was quite disappointed and feel damn broke.

Luckily I got fast brain that give me a bright idea!


It was a super “amazing race” method lo~~

Went up to these Singaporean guys and asked them if I can change some rupiah with them to buy donuts~

Happy that they agreed!!! ^_^

Mr K was very embarrassed by it I think.. =p


But I am sure he is thankful..


With 60,000 rupiah..we get to 1/2 dozen for each of us!!! ^_^

30,000 rupiah for each 1/2 dozen  = SGD3.90!

It’s damn good!!! Very soft~~ Much nicer than the one in Singapore!!!! ^_^



Certainly a happy trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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1DAY to Batam!!!


Tml going batam with that bitchy boyfie!!


But abit paranoid especially after seeing the Mumbai Attack.

Scared Scared.


“No attack.” (Recalled M.Selamat)

“No sinking of ship.”

“No theft, robbery, kidnap, rape & murder.”

But still, am excited!!!

1st trip~~

More to come!!! ^_^

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