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Just realised I have not finished posting up the food places i ventured while in Hong Kong.
Yes, it has been a long time but good food still deserve to be recommended.
And certainly, good food will not run!

This is my favorite food place during my trip.
I would vote this place as BEST DIM SUM..
I wouldnt say it’s the best to all but best to me..at least as compared to those I have eaten.

160-164 Wellington Street, Lan Kwai Fong (Central)
Opening time: 6am to 11pm

This dim sum place is famous among the locals.
However, be prepared for quirky service and treatment by the wait staffs.
They are known to be abit more not so friendly. They don’t care about customer service.
But, their dim sum is good & cheap~

And be prepared to share table with others.
But not to worry, the locals are friendly. They were nice to me and Mr K then.
Helped us to order tea & brief us the culture of the dim sum plc.

Practically. To get good food, you will have to keep up your Singaporean Spirit at that place.
Once the trolley is pushed out, RUN!Run to it!

We took turn to dash and these are my favorite…

Shrimp Chee Cheong Fan

I swear. Really. This is fabulously GOOD! Never eaten this in Singapore! Gosh..Just looking at the picture, it reminds me of the fragrance of the generously placed shrimps, together with the chee cheong fan and veggies in it. Every bite every shrimp…goosh. “Heaven”. Almost go for 2nd plate.

If I need to give a rating..
It will be 6Stars out of 5!lol~

Quail Egg Siew Mai

Quail egg? I am absolutely so in love with this quail egg siew mai! So nice that I only had one. Mr K quickly grabbed the last piece! It’s really that good! It is very different from the siew mai we have in Singapore. Those super “solid” and hard skinned siew mai. yikes.
But in there, quail egg and prawn/meat are separated. Soft & Yummy.

Another 6Stars out of 5!

Ma Lai Kueh

Soft Soft Fluffy Fluffy Sweet Sweet~Nice~!^_^

They have many weird weird dim sum that I have not seen or tasted it before. They are famous for their intestine stuff I think.

Must Try if you are going Hong Kong!!!!


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382 Lockhart Road (Wan Chai)

Glutinous Rice

Soft yet chewy and delicately delicious. Favour the marinated dry shrimp. So Yummy!

Pan Fried Cheong Fan

The difference is this is pan fried. There wasn’t any filling. Just a simple cheong fan with their sauces and it is heavenly already!
Well, sometime the most simple dish is the toughest dish to prepare. Indeed! Feel so local! 

I missing it already. Especially the cheong fan. =( 

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Well, this is something that I wanted to try- Tomato soup base Mac and pork chop.


It’s just opposite of the beef noodle stall I blogged previously.
It’s more of a street style hawker which serve many local delicacy.
Sad to say, I have only one stomach. Thus, did not try all that were recommended in the site.
Just this..


Tomato Soup Base Mac+Pork Chop+Hot dog
I am not a lover of tomato soup at all. And seriously, I was quite curious of how this not appealing dish made an impact in many local hearts. I was eager to try. And I did. Tomato-ly. Homely Comfort Food – the description I have on this dish. The feeling it gave me is like I am eating a bowl of maggi mee+egg+pork chop comfortably on the sofa with my television on. The difference is that this is tomato soup base and it was tasty. Comfy food. Not too heavy on its tomato taste.

I like the pork chop too. It wasn’t too tough and its saltiness was just right. 
Overall, I shall give a thumb up for this dish.
As mentioned, there were other dishes like 牛油檸蜜脆脆, 心形豬仔包. (Butter Lemon Toast and Pork chop Bun).
The toast looked tasty and delicious in both picture and in reality. Wanted to try but too bad my partner called it a day for his stomach then. =(

Oh well….
Hope there will be a next time!

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Back then, Mr K wanted to eat something beefy and thus, this was added even though I nt a beef person.
We get to know it from a food show some time back. 

21 Gough Street, (Central)
Tel: +852 2815 0123
Opening time: 1230pm to 1130pm
Nearest MTR: Upper Central (Shang Huan)

清湯腩 (Beef Noodle)

It looks good! I tried the soup and it was superb good! I don’t mind just having the soup itself. The soup is a delicacy!
This particular shop is particularly famous among the locals. A queue will be seen outside the shop during peak hours. 
And the flow of customers to the shop is non-stop even at 3pm. Well, certainly explain its reputation. However, they have some policy to dine in. Every customer has to meet the requirement of spending HKD26 at least in the shop. I am not sure what they will do to you if you don’t but why I feel the rule is abit….=_=
A stop that should not be missed if you are a beefy person.

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Trying out the food is probably the most memorable for my Hong Kong Trip.
At least, I was happy when I was dining. 
Before my trip, I did a detailed research on food in Hong Kong (openricetable site).
And, I was so dying to try their wanton, especially this stall- 麥文記麵家.
According to the foodie people from the site, the wanton is wrapped with only PRAWN.
Prawn, my favorite seafood. 

No. 51 Parkes St., (Jordan)

Tel: +852 2736-5561

Opening time: Noon to 1230am

Nearest MTR: Jordan

And there are 2 PRAWNS in each wanton!!!!!!!!!!!

I lovvvvve it~~~!!!!!The prawns are fresh, crunchy and lightly salted. My trip partner(Mr K) and I were practically snatching for more!!!! I was craving for it even on the day of my departure from Hong Kong. Gosh, I am missing it right now.

蝦子撈麵 (Shrimp Noodle)

I know it doesn’t look a bit like shrimp at all. It’s name and appearance caught my attention so I gave it a try. However, hongkie people have a slightly different eating style from us. They like to serve plain noodle with the “main” and allow the consumer to use their creativity to flavour their meal. Thus, lot of sauces were placed at the same. I had no idea which to put and just try. 
It tasted unique. Goes well with chilli. =p

Another  focus of this meal is their oyster sauce. Sad to say, I did not get a shot of it. The oyster sauce is probably the best sauce I have tasted so far. Seem like it is home made and even in the menu, they specifically assigned pricing to the oyster sauce itself.
Goes well with veggie. yum~~~!

Well, this is probably a stall to visit if you are heading to Hong Kong.

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I blogged it but it was gone!

Abit reluctant to blog it.
Much to say, nothing much on the 2nd day~
1st Stop: Wat Chayamankalaram

Address: Lorong Burmah, 10250 Penang

As mentioned before, Penang is famous for “temples”.

In Wat Chayamankalaram, you will get to see the 3rd largest sleeping buddha.
I feel it’s quite an interesting place to visit. The whole design of the temple is fascinating enough.


Me with sleeping buddha. 

Situated opposite of this temple, there is another temple.
As for that, a visit to that temple will enrich your knowledge about buddhism.

The story of buddhism is painted on the wall ceiling itself.

Quite a sight.


Hmmm.. everyone like to take photo with these 2 dragons. =/

After a visit to the sleeping buddha, we went to Penang Toy Museum.

Address: Jalan Tanjung Bungah in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel

(Open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm)

Admission: Adult : RM10 ; Children : RM6


A museum whereby you get to see all sorts of your favorite characters/toys of different generation.

Few examples are Doraemon, Garfield, Shrek, Star War, Spiderman, Carebears and etc.
There are a wide range of collections in there.


Its major weakness is…

It needs a total revamp of the place and to be more organised in their arrangement.

And change the exhibit box to non-reflective one t0 ensure good photo taken.

Well, quite disappointing.

But still enjoy a little. Why? Coz can see some of my favorite characters!!!!!!



My hero~~~~~


Hehehehee~Kungfu panda~


Cutie Jovan loves it too! ^_^


Gosh~The show that 7years old me never failed to watch on Saturday morning!


Seem like that green 1-eyed monster love to take foto w me!


Found another look alike after elmo and smurf!!!!!!!!!


No one played with me in the museum. So can tell that I entertained myself alot. =p

P.S: The male’s toilet stinked like hell.


Some of the collection.


Amazingly, exhibits for “hentai” section~~~

^_^ a place to enjoy if you have a childlike personality like me.

But they seriously need to revamp the whole place….

Third Stop: Kek Loh Si Temple (Ayer Itam)

Kek Loh Si Temple is situated at the top of the hill. Getting there will require a certain mode of transportation.


The pagoda- climb up to get a good shot of  Penang


The inside of Kek Loh Si..just 1 part of it.

From my several visits, my conclusion is that it is best to visit during CNY when there are lightings all over the temple.
Trust me, the sight is magnificent!!!!! 

We did stay for long and headed for our final stop – Tram ride @ Penang Hill


An interesting 30mins tram ride up to the peak.


The tram is old and stuffy.
But the weather got cooler as we went higher. Cooler due to the altitude.


Nothing much up there. Just a nice place to look for sightseeing.
But me and Celine was attracted to……..



Celine got herself a butterfly~~~~look not bad!


And guess what i got?






A lizard!!! I thought it suits me totally!!!!!!! ^_^

Aiya..as long it is associated with “weird”, it suits me. -_-”

That’s what everyone said. roar~~~~~


See. told u nothing much in Penang right? =p
Just go there for food and relax lah.

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I know it has beeeeeen loooooooong since i blogged. =p
Sorry lo..was busy doing my research for my next upcoming trip!
Yipeeeee! Really excited~Just tink of the food…*droooool*


Quick Quick! Let’s go on with penang food first b4 continuing my search for the nxt trip food.


Let me test u all.
What food do you think of when u mentioned Penang? 

I am sure most of you will say “Penang Laksa“!


And yes, like everyone else..
The rest would want to try or eat the best Penang Laksa.
Well, it’s a different kind of laksa that you see in Singapore.
It has prawn paste, assam fish, mostly vege & really thick yet soft white noodle.
Daniel brought us to eat Farlim Penang Laksa.

Celine’s Favorite.


I am not too sure about the address. Hmm..guess more reachable with a local bringing u there.


A nice bowl of Penang Laksa.


Wow!I love it! I am not the usual hot lover for penang laksa. But i think this bowl of laksa is great!
It was salty, a little bit spicy & soury – sound funny but a perfect combination. Daniel stated that he usually came down just for this bowl of laksa. He loves it as it does not have a fishy taste & the taste is pleasant; not too overwhelming.


But..the Singaporeans don’t have the liking to it.
They think it tasted weird.
But I love it!!!!! 8.5/10 for me!!!!!!


Well, the rest prefer the other dish – Bak Kwa Roti


Bak kwa roti is a simple dish whereby the bak kwa is put in between the roti + special sauce.


I think i tasted better one. But the rest love it. The one I like has more sauce & really really really is sold along the roadside on the bike. =p Well, a simple dish but the sauce can just make u go for more without thinking of weight gain threat. =p


Next Stop.


Goodall Coffeeshop

(Opposite of Ping Hua Nu Zi School)

Finally, somewhere that is not for tourist but locals. And of coz, better food.


Penang Hokkien Mee, So much better the one I had previously.


Finally, an authentic Char Koay Teow which I don’t mind a 2nd place!


Tom Yam Fried Rice, quite nice.


Lok Bak, a similar dish to our Wu Xiang. But of coz, I feel it is nicer.


Well. Sumimasen for the bad pix. The camera me n my niece are holding are certainly not the best.
Therefore, such quality.


But good thing is..
At least you you you who are interested to visit Penang will have a better idea of what & where to eat.
Well..i will update the tourist attraction that we visited on the 2nd day….


Buzz me to stop searching on my next trip!hahahhahaha~

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