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Singing Crabby Affair@Johor Bahru

To be honest.
It’s my 1st time to travel to JB for seafood. =p
I know it’s super sua ku but glad to have this seafood encounter at JB before 2012…  
But, I must warn…
Never ever go in on a public holiday if you do not want to be caught in a massive jam..
Be it is Woodlands or Second causeway, it still jam especially if you are taking the bus.
Well, as mentioned..
I was stuck in the jam for 2hours, together with Randy, Shuwen and Steven.
As a brief introduction, they are my colleagues. =)
Life in Accounts department will be different without my talk-cock-sing-song pals, Shu Wen & Randy.


Randy, Kuraprincess & Shu Wen

We planned ktv session and seafood treat into our itinerary.
However, due to the unexpected long jam, we were delayed and everything seem to be rushy~ 
Before we go on for our SCREAM OUT Loud session, we grabbed a bite at El Migos

Sutera Mall, No.1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama,
81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 
cafe location: L2-031/032

I need to say this before I show the pix.
I am super satisfied and delighted about the food & service at El Migos.
And most importantly, very affordable at RM15 to RM25per person on average. 

Our drinks – I got myself a glass of green apple+celery juice.

 Do not go EEEEWWK~

Steven’s chicken burger.


My spicy basil chix hmmm…tapas?I 4get the name =(


Shu Wen & Randy’s.


Ah Seng’s japanese pizza with egg+ham

 Firstly, my apologies. As we were rushing, I din get to record down all the names of the orders.
But the food served at El Migos were good. I tried the pizza and it was incredibly thin. It was so thin that it seems to me that I was eating egg and ham  which were lightly flavored by the sweet taste from the crust. But still, I like my order best. I like the fact that it is cheesy, filling with ingredients and pleasantly flavored just nice to my tastebud. Its sides-Chip & tomato was superb too!

I will come back for this again.
In addition, the service at El Migos was good. The wait staff by accident missed out Randy’s order. Not only do they apologised but gave Randy a El Migos membership card for free. A perfect compensation for membership collector- Randy.haahaha!

Afterwhich, we hurriedly dashed to Kbox plus for SCREAM OUT LOUD session.
I was amazed. I bet Shu Wen, Steven and Ah Seng were amazed too.
Randy got an incredibly “powerful” voice which is opposite to mine.
I am relatively a soft spoken singer. =p

Since we are few days away to Steven’s birthday, we did a mini surprise for him.
Bought a cake, sing a song for him.
There were videos on it. You can catch them on my facebook! 


We went for dinner after the KTV session.
YEs!Seafood FEast!!!!!! ^_^

The place we had our seafood feast is rather inaccessible.
Even with car, you might not get there easily.
In order to get there, you got to travel without streetlights which is quite eerie with all the tall grasses around.
I was so frightened that I kept my head low most of the times in the car.
Certainly, I do not want to see anything that I do not wish to see.
Even when we reached there, I kept close with the rest and kept quiet as we made our way to the restaurant.
It was Scary ok! Everywhere we walked, there were enormous group of kids asking for money from the visitors.
So scary!!!!

In chinese, the place is called JIA LI HAI FAN ZHUN HAI XIAN.
An opened restaurant made of wood planks and situated along the sea.

Enjoy the breeze and scenery while you dine in.

The food there was soso except for the Chill Crab and Drunken Prawns.
I strongly recommend  on their Drunken Prawns. Power!

Chilli crab

Cereal Crab. The worst crab dish I ever tried.

Freshly Fried Bun. Perfect combination with the chilli crab gravy.

A nice plate of Stirred fried Brocoli

Home-made tofu

Looks good but awful plate of fried baby squid. It tasted like chips more than squid.


Drunken Prawns. The best among all. I wished I can have that pot of soup all for myself.

A dish that made me kept nodding my head and go “Yummy”. The sweetness of the prawns and the fragrance of alcohol and other herbal ingredient made this dish unbearable. Wow, indeed a mind blowing dish.

Hm. It is an enjoyable noisy trip.

And all thanks to Steven’s friend, Ah Seng aka my shifu.
He drove us around for the day and taught me how to use my camera too!
Yeah!It was a happy day for me! Food & sing song!
Heheeeehehehee..Hope to go down JB for cheap and good food again!


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Read about “Eighteen Chefs” from ieatishootipost blog some time back.
I was keen to try out. Therefore, I was excited and eager to dine in when I know they recently opened an outlet at Tiong Bahru plaza! It’s like so convenient for me since it is near Mr K’s place. 


Eighteen Chefs, a cafe famous for its baked rice/baked pasta. Its ordering procedures are somehow similar to the one in Pasta Mania. The food are served at a reasonable price, especially for students and nurses. Till now, I still don’t understand why there is special discount for nurses. Oh well.
But most importantly, kudos to the owner of Eighteen Chefs who was an ex offender  for turning over a new leaf and work his way through to success. You can read about his story in http://www.eighteenchefs.com.

Eighteen Chefs

302 Tiong Bahru Road,
Tiong Bahru Plaza,
Singapore 168732

Both Mr K and myself give it a shot on its baked items. Mr K got himself a baked pasta with spicy garlic sauce, served with beef slices and mushroom. And for myself, I got a baked rice with the combination of tangy tomato+creamy white sauce, served with mushrooms and prawns. Both of us make in a combo set.

Soup of the day: Tomato soup; Homemade Iced Tea

My baked rice.

Still my baked rice.

Rating: 6.5/10


Hmm..I should have ordered baked pasta. Thanx to my dumb dumb dumbness. I am not sure but I actually thought that the baked pasta will be served with plain pasta, with sauces topped up on the top and complete it with baked cheese. Dunno why I so silly. It was till I tried Mr K’s baked pasta and I regret on getting a rice one. Not that the baked rice is awful, just that baked pasta was much better. It was cooked with the sauce! (Yes I am dumb) I like Mr K’s spicy garlic sauce. It is really spicy but good! I almost licked Mr K’s bowl! =p

As for myself, I go for the safer route and pick the red and white sauce. It tasted so-so. However, its generous serving of sauces do flavoured my rice. It even tasted better with parmeasan cheese sprinkled on its top. (Yes I prefer saltier food) Well,  the next time I visit here, I shall try on their more exciting sauces. For example, the creamy mango. I guess it will taste good with baked pasta, mushrooms and chicken slices. One thing I must say is that they are generally generous in their cheese servings, sauce and ingredients. My baked rice was served with an incredibly thick layer of baked cheese. Yummy~! That’s good news for cheeese lovers!

A little feedback on its combo sides. The homemade iced tea was good but otherwise for the soup. Maybe it is because they serve tomato soup. 

Well, do not worry about the price. It is reasonably priced and for 2 diners, it costs around $28. =)

The baked rice/pasta was okay but I still prefer the one I had at V8. So far, it is still my favorite! ^_^

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Ah Kun

If you are wondering who is Ah Kun.
He is actually my beloved pencil case. He’s my new member of my weirdos collection.
He often stood out in the crowd and hence, explained his presence as a “landmark” for my friends to identify the seats i reserved for them.


Grateful for his contribution.
I brought him out to Mcdonald to dine in.
As he can’t chew, he can only see me and Mr K feast on our Mcdonald breakfast. 




Ah Kun made a new friend! He likes Mr Coffee alot!


Since he can’t eat, we let him do some work on the monopoly coupons.
He peeled one by one.


And finally!!!!!!!!!!


Got a packet of freeeee fries. How’s boring. -_-”


Mr K and myself got busy with our snapping and..
Ah Kun was left to entertain himself.


But he likes one particular pix.
He told me this is one of  his favorite.


Ah Kun praised that my eyes are gorgeous apart from those potential fine lines.
Ah Kun likes this picture becoz he can see Mr K snapping pix in my big black pupil.
“Wow~u got your eyes lay on Mr K only!” Ah Kun exclaimed.


Ah Kun mentioned that his all time favorite is still..


Family foto.

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Yes. And the hope might not come true. 
And so what can i do?

LLST lo! 
I always find it sweet when I saw the presence of the boyfriends of my gal friends in school.
To the fact that they came down all the way just to company them to eat dinner or waited to pick them up after class.  
The effort the boyfriends made for them are totally sweet.

Well, it don’t have to be “ALWAYS” but occasionally will be good too.
It will made any girl smile till their jaws dropped! 


But the world is unfair.
Sweeet thing don’t happen to everyone. 


Likewise I can always hope that..
Mr K, my boyfriend will have shower after his training at maju camp (next to SIM)..
Go down to King Albert’s Park Mcdonald and have Extra Value Meal..
So that he can get his Monopoly coupon and stand a chance to win Sentosa Cove(or smth.)
Then, can make his way down to SIM and pick me up after my class.


But I know that is so not going to happen.
But can I envy? No. Guys will just say girls always complain and compare.
So, I can only HOPE lo.


P.S: I am not complaining. I am just  hoping.

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Xing Ji Rou Chou Mian


$3 Bah Chor Mee


I prefer the one in Tai Hwa. Okay, no doubt one is dry and this is served in soup. But I still prefer the one in Tai Hwa. 
The soup for this bah chor mee was tasty but it seems like there is a little too much of msg in it. I was quite thirsty and feel my lips was a little crumpled after drinking it.
I am not a fan of mee kia so shall not comment on it. But I don’t really fancy the texture. The meatball was okay. My favorite part is the generous serving of minced meat. The minced meat was actually mixed with pork lard and fried garlic. Its texture was quite soft unlike many stalls which served harder minced meat. Practically, you don’t have to chew much on the minced meat of Xing Ji. I don’t eat pork lard but I think this was actually quite tasty~
Overall it was not too bad. =)


BBQ Chicken Wing

hahahaha~the chicken wings were okok. Nothing special. Just put up to display my upgraded quality version of food photography. =p *wink*

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Finally Hear Jam Sing…


Jam Xiao Jing Teng’s Autograph Session@IMM on 7th November 09


Mr K’s idol. He thinks he is an amazing singer. Knowing that he idolizes Jam, I suggested to go down for his autograph session.
As I had class on Saturday, I was only able to make it after 630pm. Lucky enough, there was a 7pm session at IMM.
Soo….we chionged down.
Both of us were expecting a big crowd at the autograph session. The carpark was almost fully occupied.
Apparently, we had made the wrong assumption. Seemed like most people were there more for grocery shopping than there for Jam. The crowd wasn’t as big as we expected.
Jam was quite punctual. The crowd was screaming as he made his appearance and sang 2 songs.
It was rather a short singing session. Very quickly, they moved on to their autograph session.

Why only 2 songs…? 
He rushing to catch a plane? I heard from Randy that he sang 3 songs at the session held in Lot’s 1. 

I was busy taking video and pictures in that short singing session.


I still prefer Aska Yang Cong Wei’s singing.
Jam got the talent in singing but ASka’s singing touched me more.
Hmm..maybe better in relating to my real sad love stories of the past!lol~! 
But, I feel lah.
Jam was cuter last time when he just stepped into the showbiz.
His trademark for to speak “not more than 3 words” was cute.
Yes, he do speak more now. But I feel the shyness, innocence in him is gradually disappearing. 

Oh well. I can’t comment much.
Finally, congratz to Jam to win the Most Popular Male Singer  award(& etc.) at Singapore Hits Award!

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It all started here. 




The Semi Big Eyed Gothic Girl~


The Witches~


The “Horny” Devils~


And the Humans Beings….




We Conquered the Horrifying Creatures..


But with many many many many many many many many many many many other human beings.
Okay. not all human beings. Some are not.



Such an adorable vampire~

Good shot & Good radar system of Rud the witch to spot such a cutie!
The fun is to spot these interesting characters and getting scared off by the “ghosts”..
But the “Not fun” part is the long waiting queue to take the tram & the drizzle.
It was super packed and everyone is pushing & cutting queue.
What to do. That’s the way Singaporeans have been living.
But we being Singaporeans, don’t allow ourselves to be bullied & squeezed our way back!
Yea..in the Aunties style~hahahahaa! 
You can say we so aunties but you got to admit.
We do have “aunties” luck. The terror tram was closed due to the rain initially.
However, when it was about our turn, the terror tram was opened and we chiong to that queue.
And very quickly, we got to take the terror tram & scared the “ghosts”.
The good thing about going in with a whole group of gurls are “ghosts” will notice us and scared us.
But alot of time, I scared them back & lol. hahahhaa~
There were some ghosts everywhere to scare the public who was waiting in the queue.



His/Her eyes are HUGE!!!!!

So we have an eye glaring competition!





What kind of face is that? -_-” Hmmm..I think the wandering ghost think I killed her.
If not, why glared at me. Roar~!

There were screams everywhere when these 2 appeared. But the 7 of us weren’t scared & in fact,
they entertained us very well.


The ride was okay. Since we were sitting at the last section of the tram, we got ourselves alot of
entertainment. The decorations for the terror part was quite artificial and most of the ghosts 
seen during the ride were fairy tales characters like snow white. I remembered her clearly coz
I asked her to sit beside me in the tram and she did. hahahaha~

The other one is Beauty and the Beast de Beast. Really look beasty.
He roared at me. I ROARED back at him. so fun! Enjoy roaring.
Oh yes. The animals are fat & cute. hahahaha!
I really pitied the animals for that whole month. Practically, they heard screams every weekend.
If they can talk in our lanaguage, they will sure say we all siao one. Scream & scream so noisy.


But they are really so cute that I wished to steal one home to keep as pet.
After the tram ride, we went for the walk trail and continued our scary tales.
It wasn’t that scary as the trail was packed. There was alot of anticipation since
we kept hearing screams at the front. Thus, very auto, we will assume there’s got
to be some ghosty character at the front.


But this particular character gave me a fright.
He was in full mask costume and not moving any inch at all.
It looked fake till I asked loudly,”hey, is this real?”
As I walked next to it, it moved his head.
It made my heart jumped. hahhahaha~
Apart of that, the trail was alright.

I feel there were more interesting ghosty characters at the entrance.

Wow~nice fingers.


Poor tin man. He looked so sad, grumpy & in pain. Must be Rainus! She pressed his heart!


I don’t think she look scary.


The Aladdin man that I roared at and he got stunned by me. LOL~


Hmm..some in-prison ghost?


Besides these few, there were others “ghosts”.
The scary tales of the 7 gurls ended off early.
 Want to get scared like us in the scary tales adventure?


Next year pay $35 to go lo! But do not go on the actual Halloween day itself!
It’s a fun encounter! =) Especially with my girls~
They power. In the midst of planning for Nov outing & Dec outing.

Cya~~!!! muackS! 

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