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Bud finally decided to go for another checkUP!!!
So glad he xiang tong le.. 🙂
I was so worried for him man..

Wait..I show u all something..
Is Bud’s long lost brother!!!

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He is a taiwanese star starring in “Jian Gui 10”..
Look like WQ???


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Yixin’s birthday

YiXin’s Big Day

Well, I will give a little details about Yixin’s birthday – 23th October 2005

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Yeah..We have our little celebration at Fish & Co..It’s our little
wish of our birthday girl!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh yes..we had a great feast..Me and Yixin shared a seafood platter
It was damn nice and filling..Too filling..All my training wasted man!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
HeHeHe..It was Cuppocino Chzcake..Me and Junsheng
sneaked out to Plaza Singapura to buy one!!!And secretly gave it
to the staff in FnCo..

It was a surprise!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
O..She making a wish..Wonder what wish she make?
Have a bf? To win in marathon? Or for world peace?LAme, Regina..
Well, I hope that she wished that she would have more confidence in

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh well..She cut the cake..A beautiful cake was destroyed by her!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is what u get for destroying the beautiful cake!!!
Cake Smashing Attack!!!HaHaHa!!!Look who was the culprit???
It was the evil little blackie — JIAYING

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
HoHoHo!!!A punishment from the cake!!!
Beautiful face sia!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Enough of Yixin!!!A really small group foto..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nicest Group pic i guess..Fish n Co too dark le…Some more our ppl
so black..

Hope Yixin really enjoyed her birthday!!!

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home-Elva!!!

Yipeee!!!ELva is finally back from indonesia!!!

Yeah..she brought back tons of “made in indonesia” chilli prepared by her mama!
She claimed that she bought something for us..
Mmm..wondering wat she get for me..hehehe!

Well, for her, desspite of our tight pocket..we still went for a tim sum treat!!!
It was really a treat man..
I dunno but i guess i was sitting with a bunch of greedy pigs!!!
They made me ordered everything from dish no.1 to no.32…
And when the food came, they chiong the food like they never eat for years..

Those piggies at my table were quite playful too..
They played with tea, elva’s chilli and pepper..and let LEX drank it..
See..Lex must have been evil for a long time..That y everyone want to sabo him!

So glad that Elva is back..Now, Jiaying meimei dun want me and Yixin le..
But oso good, bu you fan wo men le!!!
Well..the rest of the sprinting girls..dun worry..all of u r my jiemeis..
There is no friend in sprinting only jiemeis!!!

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Fighting with God of Death

Fighting with God Of Death

The sky was darkened with huge heavy dark clouds..
Must be Junsheng..always bringing the rain..
It’s not jiaming..I swear..is not him..

It started to drizzle at the moment I started to paddle..
I was like shit..but still continue to paddle..
There was only “Dun let ppl overtake me” in my mind..

The sky suddenly turned damn black..n it started to pour..
I dunno but just continued..
Thunders were heard everywhr..
Suddenly i saw a flash of light infront of me..
I was like shit..tink i should just stop at suspension bridge..
I looked behind for junsheng..and he signalled me to go back..

Before I could move..it poured even heavier..
Flashes of lights were everywhere..!!!
The sky kept roaring as if the sky will crack into half..

Bernard and Dennis chiong all the way to Merdeka bridge..
I got some difficulties..the wind was super strong..my paddle almost
flew away i think..

I was trying hard to be fast but at the same time, i scared i will capsize..
Glad Junsheng paddled with me..if not, i think i will just kana demoralize and just let the lighting strike me..
I was super scared!!!Flashes of lights keep flashed onto my face..
Along the way, i was chanting my buddhist prayer all the way..
At that point of time, I thought I could not just die..
I kept pia n pia..Bernard and Dennis were at the bridge cheering and hurrying us on..

*sigh*Felt so relieved when reached Merdeka bridge..
We looked out and we only saw white fog..we could not even see any building or wat..
Lightings were striking everywhere..
Sometime..the sky just turned purple..So scary..
We think it striked onto indoor stadium and police coast guard..

Heng arh..All of us were safe..imagine we r abit later..
what happened???

After the rain stopped, we turn down the idea of continuing to train and beach up..
It was a close fight with the god of death..
You will only know it when u experience it..

Thanx Junsheng..Muack!

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ICY Day!!!


“Weez……!”I skated agressively with my both arm swinging left and right..
Thanx to Lex for giving me a “hand” if not, I wun b able to skate throughout the ring..

Jiaying was attached to Jiahui(XiaoHei)..whereas Lex was attached to Dennis..
Me and Weiqiang were the “loners”..we were not attach alone..skating our own most of the time..Lastly, Junsheng, due to his injury, he could only sit at the spectator stand with his two blackie “friends”..Haha!!!His skin colour realli almost the same as his 2 friends lah!!!

Dennis damn cute lah..
It was his first time to skate..and he was super scared till he sweat damn lot eventhough the place is freezing cold lah!!! Not only that, he tried skating and he looked as if he was walking on ice..Damn cool lah!!HaHaHa!He fell down once becoz of one of the staff and think he got blue black le..

Jiaying..hahaha!That silly girl fell down 4 times!!!Her jeans got a huge patch of wet stain on her butt!!!Hahaha!She was even attacked by many many icy balls by two of her juniors she saw there..

Lex and Weiqiang, of course were the more ZHAI one..skate so fast…
Jiahui..Mmm..skate not bad too..

Wah..today so many experts skating around loh..We saw kids as small as 4yrs old skating around with beautiful stunts..There was this girl damn zhai lah..keep spinning around with all patterns and spin in the air..so cool man!!!But one of them nearly made me fall loh..Luckily, i managed to get back my balance with my hands flying all around the places after some distance..
Yeah..i saw Dennis and Lex were laughing at my stupid movements loh..baka!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
WHO say canoeist dun skate?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
KAWAII hoh???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feeling Cold???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After those ZHAI action, we continued to watch the Canadian Association Ice Hockey Team in their training..I thought they were damn cute and cool loh, especially the goal keepers..Dennis and gang said they looked like ninja turtle but I thought they looked more like transformers loh..so cute..overly protected by sponge and big board..

*Sigh* How i wish Jasonz was part of the ice hockey team..
But I just heard from Jasonz that he used to skate every week before dislocationg his shoulder..
He also nearly entered the national team and be one of the transformers!!!
Aiyah..wat a pity!!!I thought I could have a bf that is like Takuya Kimura..Aiyah…!!!

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Sentosa Outing

Sentosa Outing!!!

“Wah lau!Why so many Kong Long here one?”Weiqiang exclaimed.

I gave him that kind of bu shuai de look and said,”Mean loh!U call me baby dino!”
Well, it’s true that there were some Mama dinos at the beach..But he shouldn’t be so mean also mah…

After putting our bags, all of us chiong to the volleyball area..
Urm..we quite sucky lah..hahahaha..
Always kana teased about how i played..baka-nei!
I not that lousy mah..hmpf!

Guess we got abit bored in playing ball so we went to suntan!!!
Denise, Fiona, Blackie and Me shared 2 shawls for suntanning..
Sad to say there wasn’t much sun lo..so irritating..
But!I still kana burnt at the chest area..Hahaha!Must be i too fair le..

Stupid Jiaying forced me to take off my short..
Trust me, it was my first time in my life that i revealed my sexy lumpy leg n heavy butt!
I was so shy about it lah..Damn!

Better than Edmund and Weiqiang..They spent so much to get a drink from the bar in order to get a gd lying seat to suntan..
Too bad..No sun!!!Haha!!!stupid guys!!!

Before I went off to work, we played another 2 rounds of volleyball..
All the girls were in the same team with weiqiang and junsheng..whereas the guys were in the other side..
Eventhough most of us did not know how to play but we still won!!!hehehe!

Oh yah..Dennis so cute..was not feeling well that day but still make the effort to come..!!!
N he got to pay off by keep running to the toilet for the sake of having fun!!!

Glad I had joined the outing..it was fun!!Just that they abit Tiko Pei..keep looking at bikini babes..*sigh*Guys…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Why Edmund so ANTI-SOCIAL?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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My Hamster

My hamster

Remember about my hamster who is a pai kia???

She so poor thing!!!
Her feet came off and now, she has no feet..
I was so heartbroken when i saw her feetless leg..
There was still blood oozing out..

Before it came off, I already saw her feet turning black..
I thought she stepped on her own shit…

Well, now Jasonz said that is better if i bring her to the vet and put her to sleep…
It’s much better to let her suffer..
She can’t even walk and sit up straight..
But i can’t bear to see her die like this..
I love my hamster..

So what should I do???

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