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I Love my Family!

The reason that I love and miss going back to Penang is my family at the other side.
I like the fact that we are very close eventhough there are differences in our age and status. I am  the youngest among my cousins but still have fun with my cousin who are in their late 40s.Yes even my aunties and uncles who should be in their 60s to 70s. Tok crap with them. And at the same time, have fun with my nieces who are of my age. =)

I like the feeling of being doted by the older one and myself doting my nieces & nephew.
I remembered I used to cry whenever I need to leave Penang and come back to Singapore.
Yeah, literally sobs while looking at the pix we took together.

But now..
I don’t sob. Thanks to technology. lol~
But I still miss them. Because there is fun and laughters whenever with them.



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My Brother MARRIED liao!

(Quick post)

30th March 2010~

The newly wed stepped into their next phase of life – Married life.


My brother & my Da Sao.

LoL~Dunno why but I do think my brother looked good that day!
Yes, I usually think he looks like a…..erm….hmm…
Some words best to be left it unsaid. lol~ =p
I was involved in the wedding. Multi tasked.
Coordinator for buffet & relatives’ accommodation & flight time & as a trendy receptionist. =p
Angbao collector at tea ceremony. And last but not least, “Fashion stylist”  for my parent for the wedding dinner.

Not my wedding but I was super busy.

Family portrait. (after tea ceremony)

Oh yes, the buffet during the tea ceremony was good! Made my order from Rasel Food Fusion.
It was delicious but there was hiccup and am not really happy about it.

Before I go on…
I bet some of you will be curious about how did the gatecrash @ the bride’s place go right?
One word – Boring! The tasks given to my brother were so easy!
Make it 2- Terribly easy! My brother should be so glad I wasn’t involved in the gatecrash tasks!
If not, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Everything went smoothly & they had their solemnization at Keppel Club.

The place was beautifully decorated under the sunset and a great sea view.

Lah-ji Lah-ji~~~ (Hope I won’t be killed by my bro.lol~)

We proceeded on to Peony Jade for the wedding dinner after the soleminzation.
As mentioned, I was the receptionist of the day.

Hit Hip Me!

My 4th Aunt & My Mother (And me at the back!)

Apparently my mother look “HOT” that night too.
Thanks to all the spending on her haircut, haircolour and hairstyling.
No wonder they said there aren’t any ugly woman but only lazy woman.
My mother damn chio that night and I kept calling her “Lao Chio” (Old Beauty)
Yes I was mean but she was smiley when she heard that term!

Me & my brother

Me with my 2 beloved nieces- Jeannie & Sherry

My table -Cousins & Nieces & distant relatives~

The wedding was quiet. It’s all about eating and eating and eating.
There wasn’t any yum-senging~
And how could anyone just missed that out?
Yum Seng is like part & parcel fo a wedding!

Our table started the ball rolling~


No one continued the ball rolling.
Only my dad. I guessed he also cannot tahan & made the VIP table yum seng.
But the rest of the tables were peaceful.
Really just eat and go home lah. =/
But I got to admit. The dinner was good. Yum~
But still..can yum seng wad. =_=

Family photo + My 2nd Aunt

And it’s ended. And everyone go home happily except my dad and my uncle.
Went home in drunkard state. =/

Is wedding suppose to be this way?
Personally I feel it’s kinda traditional and seem to be following a routine.
Why can’t wedding be a little special beside the tea ceremony, solemnization and wedding dinner.
I guess I will crack my brain for my own wedding. I want it to be special. =)
So special till it will make it to youtube. lol~Well, I will try.

And last but no least, congratulations to the newly wed once again! ^_^

Photo Credit: Aryan Masih, Egoistic Lucas + 1 more girl

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A-Lin – 現在我很幸福


被你傷的那些 崩潰眼淚
哪天要是和你真的再 見面
有些事不面對 反而安心安全
現在我有了幸福 有人照顧 應該知足
你 不像他 從不讓我哭
可是我越想投入 越是生疏 抱的再緊
現在我不停忙碌 不斷讓步 想看清楚
你不 像他 把我當成全部
可是愛有時善良 有時殘酷 我要如何
面對不愛的人 我終於諒解了

P.S: Locked in the heart.

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I will be in “NINJA” mode for this period.

Got to deal with my final examination in my university.

Tentatively, back on 27th May. =)

But I will still try to blog when I am free to do so.

See ya!

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