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Turn Back Time To 70’s-80’s

Turn Back Time To 70’s-80’s

I have no idea but sometime, I just prefer oldies than the pop music..
I though oldies has nicer flow of rhythm and more comfy to the ears..
You can just go on humming and swaying with the songs non-stop..
It’s very unlike of the normal pop music..

My Favorite Oldies..

Just to share w u guys some really beautiful songs..

Carpenter – Yesterday Once More

I remember this song very well..
It brought back the fondest memories I got with my maid..
When I was still a fat huge gurl, my maid -Lina would always sing this song..
She luv the Carpenter alot I guess..
She sang “Yesterday Once More” and “Top of the world” all the time..
She was my favorite maid..
She told me that she will not 4get me and would come back to visit me..
But she never did..

It was so sadz..

Carpenter – Close To You

Richard Marx – Now & Forever

I thought this song is beautiful..
If any guy can play n sing this song to me on any occasion, I sure will melt..
hahahha..Maybe might propose to him!

So u guys like it???


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How to PAMPER urself?

How to PAMPER urself?

It’s as simple as ABC..

Step 1:

Buy this cheesy thing from BKK- MBK shopping centre..
Erm..I bought this like in Marchz?
YEa..still edible lah!

Well if anyone of u going to BKK..
Please get this for me..
My colleagues luv itz..

Step 2:

Grab a cracker (those ah ma ah ma eat one will do)
Squeeze the tip till strip of cheese oozed out..
(My president doing the squeezing job..) –> Sound gross n dirty?

Step 3:

Decorate your own cracker and it is READY to be eaten!

(You can choose flavour..gt 4 diff types)

Trust me, this is awesome..
Imagine my whole office can gather and jz started squeezing the cheese thingie and started munching on the crackers….

Go try hoh!!!

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Pan Wei Bo

Pan Shuai Autograph Session(19/08)

At West Mall..

Sorry about it..Kelvin took one..my hand too short!
Abit shaky but still look fine!
Pan Wei Bo still look cute!
So in love with Pan Shuai..can i have a tongue fight with him?
And he look huggable too!

The video look ok right?
We stood right infront of the stage..
We smart mahz..i Dun want to queue for the autograph first but stay at the side to do flimming! 😀

Heng, this time round he did not wear sunglass for the whole session..
If not, it will be the 2nd time in the row he did it..
And i will be super du lan lohz..

But was du lan about another thing!!!

See the autograph???
Scribble like that might as well i sign myself!


Yea..Kelvin was nice to company me go..
He know nutz about Pan Wei Bo and he was tired after a day of work..
But he still go with me..
So sweeet! 😀 *muack*
(P.S: Dun say i din mention u…)

Oh ya..Got this gurl that made me super du lan..
keep pushing n squeezing me n grab my best spot! KN*!
ANd ya..Kelvin suppose to gimme the pics..he purposely took the pic of me w her inside!
(WIll upload once i get it!)

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Further Downfall

Further Downfall

My mama admitted to hospital.

She can’t swallow any food or water..*sigh*
Her right side of the face felt numb, affecting her facial movement..
Her mouth become crooked…
It’s all affected by the fall on last tuesday…

And this might lead to her illness to reoccur..
She got this rare disease in the muscle which affect the function of muscle in the body..
She will b unable to eat, speak properly and so on n on..
This affect her whole body and her life must be supported by medicine..
She has been taking medicine for more than 10years..
And this time round, i guess she will need another round of blood tranfusion -dialysis i guess..
To change her blood..

Money matter again.

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I believe you guys know who is Jonathon right?
He is my big fan and my buddy..haahahhaa!

So just yesterday, we were chatting on msn..
I mentioned to him about what is happening to my ex..

Jonathon: Is he born like around XXX?

Me: Ya..

Jonathon: ic..guys that born around that month is like that one..

Jonathon: I got a fren that i noe in my poly times sounded like him..abit only wan to die liaoz..

Jonathon: But his name is chinese one..no english name..

Me: What is his chinese name?

Jonathon: Jinhui

Me(stunned):My ex’s chinese name is jinhui..

Me: Is his surname teoh?

Jonathon: omg..i cannot rem his surname..

Jonathon: We played soccer one..

Me(More stunned): He luv soccer..

Me: And he got a soccer team called Bombers..

Jonathon: Bmbers

(We type together)

Both of us super stunned liao.

Jonathon: The captain is kris right?

Me: Yaa..

Jonathon: OMG!

This is so coincidence lo!!!!
Hard to believe it..my buddy actually know my ex n team!

See..Singapore so small sia…

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A dream that will never come true..

“Jia Ge You Qian Ren” who dun wan???
Wahz..if married a rich man, i can be taitai liao..
Everyday shopping, play manjong, go facial & manicure & pedicure and go spa!!!
Wahz..such a good life!!!!!

But which rich guy will take a 2nd look of me???
Fat, ugly and not gentle at all..
I am Sassy gurl..
All tis only appear in dream..

YupYup..i dreamt it that y blog it mah…!

The dream goes like this…

I was with my parent, looking for a place to dine in..
Then i saw a group of children playing – got angmo, chinese n indian..

Then suddenly, the angmo kid exclaimed, “I dun like black thing..n i can’t see them!”
The indian boy around 4yrs old looked at her and looked very sad..
I was quite pissed and shouted, “Racist!” and went over to nag at the angmo gurl..

Then, got this tall bespectacled guy came over and chat with me..
he was giving out his namecard to one of the guy but he din gimme..(WTF!)
He asked me alot of question and insulted me in a way..
He said i am slacker who stop at diploma..(WTF!)

I dunno how but he said i opened an account in OCBC..
And welcome me to use their service..
He told me that he is the son or son-in-law of the owner of OCBC..
(Suppose to be OCBC but i open in OUB)

He requested to drive me home..

Nice dream hoh?Envy rite?
Too badz..i woke up!!!

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One Fall After Another

One Fall After Another

So many things happened tisdays..
Firstly, i got a terrible stomachache for 2 weeks..
Now..i am sick again..down with sore throat, pre-fever & pre-flu..
I can tell u that it is super torturing lo..
Sore throat is my worst enemy!
It made me difficult to talk, swallow & sing!

Mine is not that badz..
My mama worse..
She kept slipping and falling tisdays..
Few months back, she was hit by the picket ball in a game..
Then she fell in another occasion and caused her eyes to become bloodshot red..

The jz last week..
Her body and face was covered with huge patches of rashes..
I felt so heartbroken when i applied the cream for her..
But she is fine now..the rashes are caused by medicinal allergy..

Then today..
She fell down againz..
And she hurt her eyes..Blood shot red againz..
My dad brought her to the hospital..

As for me..want to go but sick..
So my dad asked me to stay at home & rest..

Sighz..hope everything is fine..
It’s looked like some curse or maybe is the month..
So scary!!!

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