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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

It’s an astonishing experience for me in this christmas. 
I played with pans, oil and fire to whip out 2 dishes with Mr K.
And the most OMG thing is..
His family EAT too!

Yes! His father, mother and brothers. *SWEAT*
I was prepared to serve their dinner but there aren’t much confirmation from Mr K.
Thus, not really prepared for it & only know when I finished cooking.
The feeling is really…..*SWEAT* 

Well, immediately..
I did a little presentation on my dinner to have a a little little “western” feel~~~

Seafood Crepe


Slightly disappointed in myself. The seafood filling was yummy! But it was “spoilt” by the crepe. I am really bad with crepe skin making. I can’t do a beautiful round shape for nuts! Well, I left that job for Mr K and he accomplished it beautifully. But his sauteed broccoli is bad  not so perfect. (Haha!) It was overcooked and definitely SALTY. As for my mash potato, it wasn’t smooth enough. Sobs.

But the feedbacks from Mr K and family was not bad. I was so delighted when his youngest brother commented it is nice and asked me to cook more of the seafood filling.

But still..
I feel there is still alot alot alot alot alot of room for improvement.

The following photo revealed how not artistic i am~

I am just bad with shape.

The Chef At Work! ^_^

Feeling a little step backed by the crepe.
It was a 2nd blow to me when my dessert come out sad too!

Banana Flamb without Flame


Read the recipe and straight away minus away the alcoholic stuff in it. Minus-ing away the good stuff and so, serve me right for the quirky taste of the banana. Caramelized brown sugar, butter, orange juice and lemon juice contributed to the soury sweet taste in the sauce for the banana. I think it tastes fine as I am into eating slightly sour stuff. It tasted sweet in the beginning with a light touch of sourness at the end. Maybe with alcohol, this dessert will be perfect! But oh well…

Anyway, I dare not serve this to his family as it might not suit everyone’s taste buds. Nvm, I have 2 serving on the banana with ice cream. =) Mr K made his own since he is not into sour food.  

It can be quite tiring to cook. It took me around 3 hours to prepare and cook everything!
Dun laugh at me! I was an inexperienced cook! But there was an improvement! Last time took 4hrs! =p

Apart of cooking, the washing of the greasy pans, plates and cutlery just made me go ga-ga~ 
I left the difficult chores aka washing caramelized pan to Mr K  and I did the rest. hahahaha~

Had a hearty nap. Missed the Xmas countdown. And catch Avatar 3D at midnight. 

P.S: Simple yet Great Xmas. ^_^


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The Gurls plus Myself went for a great feast at Chili’s@ Tanglin Mall….

Chili’s Restaurant

#02-23 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933 
We took a long time to decide on our food. We were so spolit by choices!
Eventually, we decided to go for “sharing” since we like to try so many!





Mix & Match Baby Backs (Original & Honey-Chipotle)- $32.90

Country Fried Chicken- $14.90



 The food are GOOD GOOD GOOD!
If you think the meat, the fish or the main is the “star of the day”..u r so WRONG!!!
Instead, it’s the side dishes that MAKE our day!
My favourite is their mashed potato..creamy soft and tasted like campbell soup!
Their fries are fat and salty and so..YUMMY!

Their baby ribs, especially  the Honey-Chipotle one was good!
It was perfectly grilled, leaving some part charred that nicely flavoured by the honey-chipotle.
The tacos are good. The fajitas are good.

GOSH!Everything is good lah! I want to go back and try other dishes.
Of course, not forgetting a nice bowl of mashed potato that cost $3.90 each!

Certainly a good place for group outing as their food portion are huge!
Even greedy me can’t finish it all. 

I like the experience in there and hope to go back soon~
I bet the rest thought so too. The food are just too fabulous~!
I would say 8.5/10 for overall! 

Actress Me & Rud – Gaping on the food menu~

After our hearty meal, we headed off to Canelle to proceed with our gift exchange.
Neeky joined us for the fun by then. 

Every year, we would meet up for xmas for this exchange.
This year, we had a different xmas exchange whereby we can force the other party to CHANGE the gift with us!!!! 
Of cos, there are rules.
The forcing part was so fun~
In the end, i got myself an 2010 organiser. Thanks god that Rudith comes out with this game.
If not, the milk moisturizer might just ended up in my room somewhere to collect dust!

I took a few candid shots of them and i like one best…

“Shocked” Rainus

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Precious Moments of Children…

“Snowing” at Tanglin Mall.

Children enjoying their FOAM party~

(Cute..foam on the head)

Haha! I love this pix most.  She really enjoyed. =)

Baby boy can only munch and blow the foam in papa’s arm~

This boy is cute. He was stoning. hahaha~

Children are one of my favorite snapshots. They are REAL, all their feelings are shown on their faces.
No lies in them. Every innocent pix of them made me smile.  
But as u grow older, all these innocence start to diminish. Therefore, these moments are precious.

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a big fat “F”…


It’s a FAILED again. -_-

Dumb Dumb me!!!!!
Dumb Dumb me!!!!!
Dumb Dumb me!!!!!
The P-plate was so near yet so far.
It’s my 2nd try but I shall comfort myself and say it’s my 1st since the very 1st one was taken 2years back!
Not counted anymore!!!!!
The next one will be in March le.

Meaning no pole for parking!!!!!!!!!!
Die le la..4th one will come then…

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Yong Peng La Mian Jiao Zi Guan

Beauty World Shopping Centra,
Bt Timah Road,
Go up all the way to the last floor for their opened air food centre


Xiao Long Bao

Rating: 7/10


The thickness of the xiao long bao’s skin is just right. The soup warmly wrapped in it absorbed the essence of the meaty ingredient and deserve a good rating for its sweet and salty teamwork. Go perfect with a dip of black vinegar and ginger. 
Pay at a hawker’s price yet receive much higher taste thumb-up to other prominent La Mian restaurant.

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Most Unique Date?

I think and think and think and think and think…
 I keep thinking ever since Cheryl popped that question about unique date &..
“Do you want to be featured in magazine?”

Seriously speaking, I don’t mind!
But Mr K is reluctant, thinking that it is quite a “silly” activity. 
Plus, there isn’t seem to have any goodies for our participation~ 
But thinking about unique date..
Did me and Mr K had one?

I would say we had strange encounter for our dates in the earlier part or on special occasion.
Every part is memorable but..
there is this particular one that is most “touching”…

I thought of it while I was on my way home!
And that is Trekking@Labrador park organised by Safra! But that was before we were together..
(https://fatkuraprincess.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/safra-trekking-day/ )

It was a voluntary work with Safra to go trekking with the people from MINDS.
It’ unique to me as I always like to be involved in voluntary work.
Very silly of me but I do want to understand how people that have disabilities think..
And from them, I do learn alot about how beautiful is being simple.

Yet same time, from the trekking activity..
I  see something that I don’t see tisdays.
And that is the charm that was glowing out from Mr K..
That was a touching moment, especially how he glowed as he helped them. =) 
Really impactful of my impression on him… 

Definitely, an unique date to me. 

P.S: Thought of any of your unique dates?

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A newly opened japanese restaurant in ION.
Strongly recommended by Mr K who was on his 3rd visit.
I tried it. Affordable and delicious.

ION Orchard #B3-23
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Tel: (65) 6509 9366

Do make reservation before you head down.

Mango Kiwi Splash ($5.80)

Hotate Butter Yaki ($5.80)

The scallops were fresh and juicy & the mushrooms were delicious after much absorption of the “nutrient” of the lemon, scallop juices and butter. It was quite savoury but a little too oily.

P.S: Apologies for the yellowish foto. Still figuring out how to take a proper picture in this lighting.

Chciken Katsu Tamago Toji ($7.80, rice not included)

Hmm..finally the shot was less yellowish!

Tasty plate of chicken katsu with its taste enhanced by the hot boiling sauce and egg.

Irodori Sushi Grandeur ($10.80)

Brilliant sushi combination of hotate, salmon seafood and my favorite unagi!!!!!!!
Beautifully presented  and great taste. A little weakness -the rice is too loose and keep falling apart.
Though unagi is my favorite but I feel salmon seafood is the nicest!
A perfect dish to make me smiley after a long day at work+school~ 
Hmm. Overall a good dining experience. But i  feel the menu has too few choices to select from.
But certainly, a place to venture with good ambience, good food and good service.

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