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Outing: Sakae Sushi & Sonic Studio Pte Ltd

Hmmm..Eversince I joined musicforest vocal lessons, this is the first time I joined the class for an outing..
Normally, I dun talk much in class one..Surprise right?

Bo bian..one thing i go there after work..so..tired lo..
And another thing is i am sort of “chomp-in” from another class one..
So i find it harder to join in ba..

But over the weeks, it got better and we even went out..=)

Went PArkmall Sakae..
and have…

Teriyaki chix +onden set meal

Not bad la..i like the soup..hehehehee!

Afterwhich, we went over to Sonic Studio Pte Ltd to tour and get the feel of the recording studio and facilities..

Yoyo..wanna cut album???
Mah siao siao k..GiGi leung, Andy Lau n Sun yanzi got come here n do their recording one lo..=P

Ting~~Hai Ku De Sheng Yin~~
Shiok!!!!Finally get to stand inside of the recording studio..
How i wish i can cut an album too..

Indeed, inside the recording studio..it is freezing..

During the tour, the guy told us the magic about music arrangement..
U know all the instruments we heard in our songs are actually mostly faked out one..
it is done by computer one..so cool rite?
I always thought everything is done by real instruments played by people one lo..

Technology do wonders in music~~~~


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Pirates of Carribean 3

Movie Outing~~

Out with the sprinters!!!!!!!!!!
hehehehheheeee..so long never see them le..
Miss them so much..

Went for pirate 3 with them..
I thought we should watch part 3 together since we watched part 2 together..
But the response was not as overwhelming as part 2..
that time i tink got 14 to 16 ppl..but this time less than 10..
But still happy to see them..


My eye candy, Weiqiang and me wear QING LI Zhuang..
Hao en ai wor..

Xian mu mah???

Of coz…

Got my xiao mei, Elva la..

Erm…What they doing?
Act girl?

I hate mac..
They cant seem to turn my foto to upright lo..
Bear w it~~

The next outing…
Cant wait!!!

Anyway, all these fotos are taken by my new hp, K810i

Luv my fone~~~

Can tell i blog for the sake of blogging..
Sian liao..
nth much to write..
so jz post pix..hehehhee!

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Edwin Xiaodi, Bao Zhong!!!

By the time I blogged this..
Edwin wun get to see this lo..
He now serving the nation in tekong..
Poor boy~~~

Have been long since last saw him..
Now go army..ma chiam worse..
Dunno when will see him again..

We went to Cafe cartel to dine..
Greedy us..ate alot alot…

We even share smth sinful..

2 scoops ice cream + brownie..

2 only..whr got enuff?

Me eating w the tan chi de face…


Happy botak day Edwin!!!

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Jing Bao Yue Tuan Gig

Jing Bao Yue Tuan Gig (03 June 2007)

I only know is some event..think for cosplay, jrock that sort ba..
Not sure la..

I only know I go down to wei Vince da qi one..
Go there with pong-pong..hahahhaha!

The winners for the jrock competition really sound not that fantastic..
As compared to Jing Bao Yue Tuan..they still got alot to learn la..

Vince Shuang Shuai 1.

Vince Shuang Shuai 2.

I have filmed down 2 of his songs..

Cina song..

Jap song..

Not bad~~~

Me & Vince..
Idiotz..never smile..I lk f**king fat inside la..

Me & Zhiwei..
BooHoo..he say i become fat again!so bad!!!!!!
Eeeek..he lk awful in tis pix..lk at his nostril..*bleahz*

Luv Rock music!!!!!!!!
Rock Rox!

P.S: Jing Bao Yue Tuan might be having a mini concert soon…=)

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Star Search 2007 Audition

After 4years of “no show”..
And 21years of long patient waiting…

I finally got the DAREDEVIL spirit to go try out STAR SEARCH!!!!
Try out nevermind..still drag Tony along…hehehheee..xp

Aiya..i see the potential in him..
So why not?
U will never know he can be in entertainment line and the next moment, i will be his MANAGER!

Expecting a superduper long queue from my experience with Superstar…
Hence, met Tony at 730 outside mediacorp..

Who knows…
There wasnt any queue at ALL!
So Me & Tony just queue lo..
And we turned out to be the 1st and 2nd in line..WTH!

Till 9plus 10..the queue was still pathetic..
Think only 50/60ppl lo..
Standing there for 2hours plus is totally no joke k..
No seat also..n so hot lo..heng under shelter though..

Me & Tony..

We were like “Instant stars” for that day..
The reporters n tv crews keep taking our pix and interview us..
So Song k!I mean how many people will have such chance???
Feel like a star..
But Tony more la..he shuai n tall mah..compare to him..
I am nothing..sob sob..

Alien Me~~~
Damn it lo..i look so oriental..
Dun believe..there is more…

See my number?
Can buy 4D…hehehehe!

I really look alien rite?
Damn the insect who bit my eyes…&%^$#@!

Well…the auditon was pretty tough i guess..
They expected you to be able to act..
They just passed u one script and asked u to memorise on the spot lo!
My role is to be Ivy lee in particular show..she bankrupt and wan 2 die ar..that kind la..
Being 2nd in line..i no time to memorise lo..plus got 1 contestant kept pestering me coz she dunno how to read chinese!
My god lo!

But, I am still satisfied with my performance!
At least, I wasnt nervous and remember all my lines..
Just that I was abit handicapped with my action for the script..
But for my own personal talent performance, I did hosting and I thought I wasnt that bad~~
Din get to sing though..
The judges actually want me to show my wushu skill but sad to say, I reject as I was in skirt..

My mama was saying I should show and sure can go in..
But, I find it quite unreasonable..even if i am in, i dun wan 2 b barked like a dog and do wateva they asked me to..
So not individualistic lo…
Ma chiam like lose own personality..

Think I no chance to go in liao la..

But..mayb will b on tv ba..

The host for SS07 n me..

Anyway..I saw Marc..he doing internship in mediacorp and was assigned to do the filming for SS07..
Cool shit rite?

Anyway, dun ask me the result..
I also dunno the result lo..
Eventhough the response wasnt as good..but I think I no chance la..

P.S: they really know how to play with the mind lo..dun tell u their sentence n make u ka chiong..irritating!


It was a good experience though.
Tony thought so too. =)

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