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Why Junyang out?

Why The Good Ones Are Out?

“The contestant who is going to indoor stadium is….Weilian!” Quan Yi Feng announced.

The fans of JunYang, including me were shocked by the result…
No doubt Weilian has a good voice but I thought between the both of them..
JunYang was much better!!! I had set my eye on him to be the winner before he entered the Top24…

JunYang sings better and able to interact with the crowd..
I felt sad about it and thought that I wouldn’t watch the final..

I thought I was only the one that felt wasted about Junyang..
When i reached school, I heard many people talking about the result…

As for the girls, I thought that Xinhui should have gone in..
She was cuter and have more “power” in singing..
As for Kelly, I thought that I get bored with her look after a long time..so i thought she would last if she become a superstar..

Anyway, I hope JunYang and XinHui would be able to cut an album..
I thought the both of them have much higher potential than any other contestants..


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Day Out with Jasonz’s Colleagues

I was out this evening with Jasonz to meet up with a few enthusiastic younger generation from his company to go for some bowling selection..

These people will be representing the headquarter of Woh Hup Company(Nt the 1 dat sell mlight soya sauce) for a bowling competition..
His colleagues were quite competitive..getting Strikes and Spares..

I was not too bad too..kept throwing the ball straight and in the middle to hit around at least 7pins..But Jasonz suck..for people like him who quite pro in bowling..

We went for a few games of poking ball-POOL after 2 rounds of bowling and a few games at the drum in the arcade..Before heading home!!!

FOOD Stuff

Before meeting up with his colleagues, me and Jasonz were bothering on what to eat for dinner..We walked around Marina Sq for a few rounds before settling at CARL.JR..

Haha..Let me tell u..The burger there was much bigger than BK one!
I ate Carlboiled Fe Santa Chicken..It got melted cheese on top of the grilled chicken..It taste marvellous..It got lot of vege..

Carl Jr. was known to be a healthy fast food restaurant..everything is grilled and less salt and so on..But it pays to be healthy..One combo meal cost $10.30 for a burger and fries and drink(Free flow!)
I saw people eating some spicy beef fries..I swear..It’s look freaking nice!!!

Guys..it may be expensive but it’s defintely worth it to eat!!!
It’s damn nice..cannot be compare to other fast food restaurant!

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Out to Gay beach

Out To Gay Beach

I was out to kallang to self train with Yixin..Eventhough I was damn tired from last nite pubbing..But still go..dun wish to Gu fu Yixin..

Some of us decided to canoe out to Gay beach and to clock our timing..
From the start, me and yixin swiftly paddled away from the rest, hoping we could come back in time..

We were getting further and further away from them..hardly can see them..
They were many construction works working on the sea and there were many ships passing thru the narrow path between the construction works..

As we were nearer to the work sites,we were abit scared but we still dashed our way thru..
All the ships were like trying to ship away from us..
By then, the water was super choppy and the waves were like about to eat us up..
The wave was so high that Dennis thought we capsized..

We managed to pass through the massive crowd and guess what i saw???
Woah!!!My whole sight are filled up with all the big big navy ships infront of me..
We managed to reach Gay beach but Dennis was shouting at us to ask her to go back..

We were puzzeled but we just followed..Dennis told us about the forbidden out to sea thing by the SAF people..We were too far to be informed…

Thus, we headed back to our homeground..We met jiaying and junsheng on the way back..
And once again, we got to pass through that massive crowd..by then, alot of water had entered our boat..Erm…as much as rch my seat..

Then unexpectedly, got 3 ships passed the narrow path at the same time, with us at the side..
We tried to rush away the great impact but we failed..
Yeah..we capsized..Tried to tap up but failed..*sigh*

Me and yixin was like “oh my god”..capsized at such a busy path..
junsheng and Jiaying came back to save us..
Both of us get into our boat in a speedy speed..but we get back to kallang without a seat back..

Haha..silly girl yixin had forgotten to put a nut to lock the seat..So the seat had fallen into the sea and into the seabed…
Hence..we got to pay for the seat..haha..But anyway, it was an enjoyable out sea trip..

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*Sigh* I was forced to go pubbing with the Triumver Gls after work..
Mei you ban fan lah..MunMun so fierce..Said that they accomodate with my work time..

Oh yah..Triumver is my group name for the sportcamp’04..
Triumver also known as “Horny and Pai Kia” Group..
We got the most BENG, most LIAN and most HORNY GLS in the group..

Yeah, that beautiful night, get to meet up with Chun An, Mun and Tony..
Mun dragged Bryan along while me dragged Jasonz..
*So that I got cab to go home!!*

As usual, they were late..Poly students like to be late..dunno why..
We went to Wala Wala to grab some drinks and tok cock..
They ordered a jug of volka lime, and a calamari fritti for me!!!
Crazy jasonz actually wanted milk!!!Siao..But of coz, he din get wat he want..

Maybe it was fated..the whole group except jiansen and wendy to meet up..
We met Jeremy, the super horny and active sex drive guy(Also from our grp)at Wala wala!
He was at the 2nd floor, holding some b**** while us chatting at the 1st floor..

He was abit drunk..he said that he had 2 waterfalls and alot of burbon coke(He bought a whiskey at 220buck there..rich?) Yeah..he was damn drunk till he lost his senses..kept touching the b****, forgeting the gf at home..

The b**** was purposely dressed in super low-cut top and rolled up her skirt..
The two guys who were with them, were drunk and were busy vomitting at the roadside..
How ungrace!

We saw Taufik, the Singapore Idol outside Wala Wala..Mun was telling Tony when I dunno y Tony just shouted,”Taufik eh!”
And Taufik turned to look to see who was calling him and he gave a wide smile to Tony..
Tony was like,”Argh..so paiseh!I was sating “taufik?”and not calling him!”
Stupid Tony..make a big fool of himself..

We had another round of volka canberry(e drink Sux! Only Bryan was drinking carrot juice) before going down to Ala-zahar for some supper..It was already 1plus in the morning then..

Yeah..Jeremy brought that b**** along…Guess what jeremy had in the middle of the nite?
…Tongka Ali and Some OxTail soup..yuck!All for the strengthen of his dickie..

We chatted awhile more before we said Sayonara at around 3am…

It was a pretty good meet-up as we had not meet up and tok cock for like a year after Tony went to army and Jeremy go and fulfil his *dream*..
Really hope we will get to meet up and go pubbing more often!!!

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Wilber Wilber Wilber Pan!

Wilber Wilber Wilber Pan!

“Pan shuai Pan Shuai Pan Shuai!”The fans yelled at their top of their voice when they saw the DJ walked onto the stage..

All of the fans were waiting patiently for Pan Wei Bo to arrive at the 3rd floor of IMM shopping centre..

The whole autograph session would only begun at 11.30pm but there were already many people queuing up for his signature since 9plus..

How I know?
Of coz, I was there since 9plus but I wasn’t queuing..
Instead, I was standing at the front of the sideline, hoping I could get a good view to film a few videoclips..

I am not really a fan..just that I like to see how he danced and he is quite cute mah!!!

He flew people kite..made us waited till 12plus b4 appearing..
The crowd there was smaller than any signature session I went to..

I was du lan when he appeared..Why?
I dislikes his new look..got goatee and wear sunglasses and act punk..
And he did not dance much..Not really happy eventhough I gt a really close look at him and he smiled at me..
I really pitied those who waited since 6plus..

Hate Him Hate Him Hate Him!
I prefer his old look..cute with big eyes!
And!!!He din throw his poster to me..Jasonz nearly snatched it but the cam nearly fell so did not managed to grab…*Sigh*

WASTED!!!If not can sell for $$$!

*Will upload pic soon..dunno how to copy pic from videoclips*

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Bad News!!!


“Regina, tell you a bad new,”Kim Hui said.

“What bad news?”I replied with a grin.

“Me and Dennis think that you have grown fatter..”He announced.

“Really meh???ARGH………!!!”I shouted that in a panicky way.

“But my stomach not fat leh..so whr the fat go to?”I asked him with a curious look.

“I dunno..But we think your backside and thighs become bigger,”Kim Hui replied.

Gosh..i was traumatised by the word “FAT” throughout the training..
I kept pestering all the sprinters whether I did put on weight..
And I did all sort of weird actions in order to try to lose that little fat on the thigh and backside..

Adrain said he was turned off by the sight of me trying to thrust that little fat away on the floor..hehe!
I really dunno how to lose those fat..blame it on my mama for giving me small breast and big buttock!!!

Dennis gave me some advice on my running, thinking that my style of running had caused that fat thigh problem..

Sometimes I really hate these bunch of guys man..I announced that their criticism will add as an encouragment to me to lose weight..

But they stated i always that crappy..And they started to list…
“Gambate also no use..”Kim hui listed out.
“Obstacles are always in my way,”Dennis said.
“I sux!”Stupid Lex shouted out.”What trained le..will legs n arms big..”He c0ntinued.

Baka..I dunno I placed such an importance part in their life..They rem all the display names i have put..But they quite pervertive..look at my backside!!!

But these guys are nice and honest to me..at least I noe they cared.. 😉
That day..I only ate half a bowl of mee hoon..coz i think i need to lose weight..

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1st Dream In The 7th Month

“Auntie, the tv is showing some traditional chinese fighting show!”I told my auntie.
“Wah..nice nice!”My auntie said.
As she watched, I was flipping thru a magazine whr one of the page showed a comic strip of me and another guy..I cannot rem the content but i tink is smth gt to do with bad stuff..

We went downstair right after the show with my uncle and his friend.
The whole area was quite dimmed with only orange light..and the stairs were all dust and dark..

I dunno why but I wanted to go up and I went into the old lift..
I tried to persuade my uncle’s friend to go up with me..but he kept insisted “NO”..
Suddenly, the lift door just shut closed quickly..so fast dat can killed a person..I was stunned and I looked at the window panel of the lift..

I saw my image and a shadow behind me..i cannot see his face..I could only see his legs in striped pants and shoe..like those wking suit in the 60s..

I was freaked out and told my uncle’s friend..I abandoned the idea of going up when i sae the cold and eerie stairs..

Without hesitation, i dashed to find my auntie..and told her everthing..
“I saw a pair of legs behind me!!!”I cried out.
Upon hearing this, my auntie stood up and calmed me down and brought me home..

When we were crossing the roads, a weird looking car approached and knocked dwn my auntie..It killed her instantly..

I was horrified and kept running till i saw my boyfriend, Jasonz…
He held my hand and calmed me down..We walked passed a carpark..
We saw many weird looking motorcycles dat are 3 times smaller than a normal motorbike..

The motorcycles stopped infrt of me and suddenly my good friend in a weird outfit and make up appeared..
She kept asking me question and I told her about what had happened as I hugged her..
There was this question “Who you will look for when u r in need?”
I got a bad feeling abt it so i put a different answer..i cancel the original ans and put “teacher”..

My good friend and jasonz followed me home..
Then, i remembered dat some fortune teller told me dat u need to find the person who escaped death to help u..So i thought of my uncle’s friend!!!

I abandoned my good friend and jasonz to find him..Before I can find him..i heard screams!
It came from my good friend!!!
So i dashed back to where i had abandoned them..

I dunno how..but they were locked up in a room dat looked like a chem lab..
Many poisonous gases and acid r kept in the room..
I was super panicked, freaked out at the fact that they might die..

I kept yelling for help and tried to open the door..
Suddenly, one of my teacher appeared..i begged him to help..
He was damn calmed and he sprayed fire extinguisher on the door..
He was doing all things slowly and warned me nt to open..

“Fuck lah..my friends are inside dying..n u doing things so slowly!”I thought.
Ignoring his warning, I opened the door with sm axe..

And guess wat i saw???
My boyfriend and my good friend are without clothes..and their appearances changed..
Jasonz become skinny and my good friend become fat and black!
And my boyfriend is holding on to my friend’s breast..both of them looking at me blankly.

“I told u not to open..”My teacher said.
Buai song, I pointed middle finger at my boyfriend and 2 middle fingers at my friend..

i dunno what happened after dat..Why?
My mama woke me up with her irritating voice..but it was scary..

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