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This my 2nd time visiting Everything With Fries.
My first time to Joo Chiat branch. My 2nd time to Holland Village branch. 
Like the 1st time, Everything With Fries did not disappoint me. =) 

Ham & Cheese

Similar to the one I have eaten in Joo Chiat. Tasty.

Tandoori Chicken

Me. Not a fan of tandoori chicken. Among a list of food, tandoori chicken will always be my last few choices. But this tandoori chicken simply just blow my mind away. Sweet & Spicy chicken. Yum. Well, at least in my own perspective, this is the best dish in Everything with fries.

Pork Chop

A manly dish.

Nutella tart

Just the name will make u go WIIIIIILD~~~~~nutella leh!Who can resist it? The whole thing is so chocolatey!!!!!!!!
When it comes to tart, I put alot of attention on the crust itself. The crust is fab with its yummy  nutella sauce~! Goes pretty well with ice cream.

Well, the name explained alot of its emphasis on the fries. Personally have tried all flavour. Still like Salt & Vinegar the best. Second goes to Sour cream. =)


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 Good food reviews from my ex colleagues that made me wonder..
“Is the food really that good?”

And so, I decided to give it a try.
Together with my colleagues ex colleagues, we went down there for a dinner.
Due to its great demand, my ex colleague had actually made a call to order their claypot rice.
It’s always better to call and order unless your hungry tummy can tahan the waiting. lol~

And here it is..

Blk 202 Jurong East St 21

Tel: +65 6425 6003

(Drum roll……)

Traditonal Claypot Chicken Rice

It’s nice but the best Claypot rice I have eaten. (my fav is the one in ABC market) As compared, Bao Fa’s claypot rice is more moist. I was quite disappointed that there aren’t much chautah crust I can feast on. Most of them are tightly stick on the pot itself. Even those I could scrap out, it was not crispy too. But in terms in serving, Bao Fa is generous with their chicken and preserved sausage. =) The chilli is good, did alot of work to enhance the yumminess of the claypot rice.

We ordered other dishes too.

Half fried Half stir fried Vegetables (I could bearly rem the name)

It’s kailan. The fried part is the leaves and the remaining are being stirred fried with garlic. Unique but I don’t like the fried kailan leaves. It tasted abit weird and bitterish. Some of my ex colleagues like it. I am more of a “leaves” person so the stalks did not much to appeal me either. But overall, the stir fried part is nice.

Fried Pork? (I did not get hold of the menu and thus, name unknown)

But this is probably my favorite among the other dishes. Crispy with a bit layer of fatty meat. Yummy.
Pork with some fatty meat is always good. Collagen. Good for skin. LOL~


Turnip Pork Ribs Soup

I like their soups! Very homely comfort soups. =)

Overall, Bao Fa’s food are nice especially the pork and soups. However, it’s kinda inaccessible unless you got a car or don’t mind to wave and hop into 280. lol~ Otherwise, walking will take some time.

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Honestly speaking, 313 Somerset is a WOW to me.
I am fascinated by the wide selection of dining places and stores to shop.
I have made 313 as one of my hangout choice now!

Being a noob in 313 Somerset, it’s tough to make a choice on the place to dine in.
Eventually, with my friends’ recommendations, I chose “The Handburger”

The Handburger
313 somerset



Chicken Caesar Burger ($12.80)

Tried a few mouth. Tasty but seem like this can be eaten in other burger shops. The chicken was nicely marinated and grilled. It somehow reminded me of Chicken whopper in BK. The sauce topped on it did well to enhance the taste of the chicken. However, quite an average meal.

Tea Smoked Duck Burger($15.80)

Awesome! I thought it is creative to fuse oriental dish into western dishes. The whole feel of the dish is quite oriental especially of its sauce. The sauce got its sweetness from tangerine/orange and its crunchy feeling from the sesame bits. It’s a great dish and I love it.

I tried other dishes such like their asparagus soup. It’s creamy and very veggie. Overall, it’s a great soup. =)

Well, I felt this shop allow myself to know there  are so many ways to make a burger yummy beside beef. 
(Salmon Confit, Stuffed Portobello burger, Jumbo Prawn burger and etc.) 
Deserve a TRY!

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382 Lockhart Road (Wan Chai)

Glutinous Rice

Soft yet chewy and delicately delicious. Favour the marinated dry shrimp. So Yummy!

Pan Fried Cheong Fan

The difference is this is pan fried. There wasn’t any filling. Just a simple cheong fan with their sauces and it is heavenly already!
Well, sometime the most simple dish is the toughest dish to prepare. Indeed! Feel so local! 

I missing it already. Especially the cheong fan. =( 

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Remember the voting competition that I kept harassing people to click “like” for my group picture?
And guess what?

And what is the prize?

Party of 20 Free!

And entitled to spend up to 1000!!!!!

We missed it by 75 cents though. =_=

But we were quite disappointed by the choices we had from the menu.
Many of the items were not available due to the shortage of supplies during cny~
(Opps.now u all know. this entry shld have been posted like a mth ago!lol!) 

So all we had were..

Fajitas &….


No doubt the food is savoury but quite overwhelmed with fajitas,chicken & burger.
We wanted ribs! Sad to say, even root beer was out of stock! So frustrating! Cant even have root beer =(
And we don’t have much left(the prize limit & stomach content) for dessert as we ordered too much!
We just order non stop and turned out to have alot of additional same order~! 
In the end, Neeky doggy-bag it.

Well, we do have our ultimate eater – Kenny the bottomless hole.
The world is so unfair. Look at his size. Got it? 

Apart of that, we had lot of fun!
Some of us came alone while some brought along their siblings, bfs and friends.

The big Group- Neeky+sibling & friend, Rudith+friends, Rainus+bf & Huimin & Cheryl

Me, Py, Hui Min & Boon Kee+friend

Py & Darren & Huimin



And myself? A loner.


Together with Adel, another loner.

I continued to be a loner. Sobs. Big bullies~I wasn’t allow to sit. =(
So I posed.

And Another!!!!
(I kept thinking the hand showing the “v” sign is my hand. LOL!)

You just have to praise me right?
24 le still doing all these funny poses right? =p


Nice shot with Cheryl! (haha!Mine bigger =p)

I feel the whole “liking” competition is quite extreme.
Extremely fun and funny. You should see how we pull our votes.
Everyday we battled with the rest of the competitors and even came up with strategy.
Groaned when the others are catching up and gossiped about the other competitors.
Say we are silly but sometime, being silly makes our world more meaningful & memorable. 
I bet 20years down the road, we will still remember this event.

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Well, this is something that I wanted to try- Tomato soup base Mac and pork chop.


It’s just opposite of the beef noodle stall I blogged previously.
It’s more of a street style hawker which serve many local delicacy.
Sad to say, I have only one stomach. Thus, did not try all that were recommended in the site.
Just this..


Tomato Soup Base Mac+Pork Chop+Hot dog
I am not a lover of tomato soup at all. And seriously, I was quite curious of how this not appealing dish made an impact in many local hearts. I was eager to try. And I did. Tomato-ly. Homely Comfort Food – the description I have on this dish. The feeling it gave me is like I am eating a bowl of maggi mee+egg+pork chop comfortably on the sofa with my television on. The difference is that this is tomato soup base and it was tasty. Comfy food. Not too heavy on its tomato taste.

I like the pork chop too. It wasn’t too tough and its saltiness was just right. 
Overall, I shall give a thumb up for this dish.
As mentioned, there were other dishes like 牛油檸蜜脆脆, 心形豬仔包. (Butter Lemon Toast and Pork chop Bun).
The toast looked tasty and delicious in both picture and in reality. Wanted to try but too bad my partner called it a day for his stomach then. =(

Oh well….
Hope there will be a next time!

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