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Do we need to be taught to cook maggi mee?

Feeling bored.
Surf the youtube website and found this.

My god~~
Come on..it is maggi mee lo..
Or..instant noodle..-_-“

I can cook better than that lo..
Well anyone can wat!!!
He made it sound as if it is so rare..-_-“


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Can you eat that much?

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TasteBuzz: Noodle House Ken

Went for xmas dinner@orchard plaza.

Char Siew Ramen+ an additional egg ($12+$2= $14)

Miso Ramen ($12)


1) Ambience
I think the ambience was not bad. A very quiet place. Definitely a good getaway from a the busy noisy orchard road.

2) Price

3) Taste
Not that fantastic. The broth for miso ramen was too thick. Dun really like it. But for the char siew broth still not bad.

The char siew is good. The egg..hmm..not that fantastic leh. Taste artificial. Weird Weird one. The ramen..hmm..dun really fancy it. But it has no msg. So still consider healthy. The portion was huge too. Almost explode!hahahaa!


Nothing to wow about.
Damn healthy. No oil one.


Orchard Plaza #01-17/18
150 Orchard Road (S)238841

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Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year

Sorry guys for missing out the fun on sat!!!!
I really want to go but I was stuck in the kitchen..
But heard it was fun..envy!

As for the rest,

Happy holiday!!!

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X’Mas Baking

X’Mas Baking

Thanx to our Ms. Poying for being so nice to lend me her oven!!!
She was nice to agree to lend me & bake Chocolate Nut Bar together..
So hard to find a oven tisdays..


We created a big mess in it!!!
5 kudos to PY’s mama for helping us man..
Xie Xie Mdm Wong~~
Xie Xie PY’s sis & bf for the dinner too!hahahaha!

Oh well..PY blogged on this too..
Gonna be some similarities lo..

PY stayed in Bishan..
And i got to travel all the way up there..
It has been quite some time since I last went to Bishan..
As usual, the long train ride made me a little biz sleepyz..

Reached at Bishan @ 1.30pm..
Went to buy ingredients and bought card-making materials too..
Both of us are quite a “NOOB” to baking bahz..
Even got problem with buying ingredients sia..

But anyway, we managed to buy everything!!!
And get started like around 4..

Everything is here.

Alright! let’s tied our hair back and get started!!!!

We were so excited lo..
Both of us suppose to be very ROUGH charbo yet we are doing such thing for our guys..

Gosh…Major transformation.

I see my future.
Darn it. I dun wan to be a “Yellow-faced woman”..

Whisp the butter, sugar & flour…
Spread onto the tray…
PY more pro in that..i sux in that..

Put them into the hot oven..
Continue with our chocolate stirring..
& it went chautah!!!!ARGHZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Sian abit.
Went nearby to buy more chocolate.

Thought things will be perfect le..
Who knows..

It’s just the beginning…

The bottom layer of the cooKies din turn ouT well..
Crushed easily..=(
In the end got to throw away 2 trays..
Chocolate also not enough..=(

So sad..make ourselves damn ugly for the guys..

Chocolate NUt bar in the receipe book..


We just abandoned the chocolate nut bar and make normal chocolate chip cooKies with it..


We continued with our 2nd and only hope.
The gingerbread men….

Failed 1st attempt..But heng, it went well in the end..

A lot of hard work decorating it lo..
Till my hand trembled..
Till my back & neck aching.,
Need a 10-hands massage manz…



Tis is mine!!!
Macho bf with pointy nipplies & big balls + Pretty Hawallian babe (me)
Actually want to add a super long penis..but Py stopped me from being such a horny bitch..

PY’s one..
Hmmm..”Superman” bf + San-Mao chiobu


It was fun but really tiring lo..
By the time we finished with everything..
it was already like 11plus at night!!!

Kudos to my daddy for fetching me home! =)
So loved.

Sian-ed Sian-ed..
Go home still draw xmas card..
Heng..i got abit of talent in copying comic book drawing..
If not..i will be more frustrated and sian-ed lo!
Regina so bhb!

For the guys..
Worth it mahz..

He better say nice lo..
If not..i will pull out the “balls” of the macho bf gingerbread man!!!!

Hope our effort pay off man!

And hope..he will bring me somewhere after the mcdonald thingie..-_-“

A jar filled with love & xmas blessing..+ a card..

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Xmas Eve Plan

Xmas Eve Plan

What will you be doing on this xmas?

Well..I seldom celebrate xmas one..
Normally at this time of the year, I will be working..
For the previous few xmas eve, I was working..
No celebration at all..

I rem 2 years ago..
I was doing some illegal party spray can selling with the canoiests..
Damn fun..hahahaa!!!

Last year..
I was having a xmas feast with my ex bf & received a headphone..
And I gave him a shaver..
-_- -_- -_- -_-
He threw the shaver le..
He said got ah nei’s smell…(WTH!)
Got such thing one meh..true that I bought from Mustafa but…-_-
Dun wan can gimme back & I gv to my dad lo..

Ok..then this year leh???
James din ask me out at all..
Well..i did asked him how xmas eve will be..
He just told me that he will stay home & watch vcdz..
He din even ask me over to watch with him..

I asked around..see any available gurlz to go party mahz..
All got plans liaoz..
Bf bringing them to feast..
If not, going party with bf/gf..

Sighz..so envy…

Of coz being a sensitive new age gurl..i dropped James a sms and asked if he will bring me out on xmas eve..
I was happy when he said yes..!!!

I am contented as long he willing to spend it with me & not abandon me..
Yea..sound sticky but it is our 1st xmas..
I more of a imaginative gurl who wan to have romantic moment w my loved one..
No need big feast..just a stroll and enjoy seabreeze can le..
Not asking much right?

Getting excited, I went to ask him..

Me: Dear..where you going to bring me on xmas eve?

He: Hmm..I feel like eating mcdonald..we go bukit batok mcdonald lo..

Me: Oh ok..after that leh?

He: Stay in mcdonald & read magazine or surf net lo..u bring ur laptop lo..

Me: (heart dropped) huh..can we do something romantic on this full of romance ambience xmas eve?

He: I think read magazine in mcd quite romantic and sweeet ar..

Me: (abit sian 1/2) eh..if u not keen to go out then juz tell me straight lo..

He: Wah liew! I think very long one leh..i even place reservation with mcd lo! then u say such thing..damn sad lahz..

Me: U think i dumb? mcd where got need reservation one..

He: U nvr go mcd on xmas eve b4 right? Got alot of programme one!

Me: ok..think u tired le..u go have some sleep bahz..

And then we hanged up le.

Feel so sianz..
I dun mind eating mcdonald but after that???
Sian lahz..

Inside not satisfied and could not accept it yet..
I called him.

Me: We really reading mag & surfing net in mcd after that?

He: yahz..u funny leh..call to confirm..

Me: =(

Me: ok..if you got other program on the day itself, let me know lo..

He: U got program issit. If got, juz go lo..nvm me one..i can go mcd and eat alone one..

Super sianz lo!
I dunno what he is thinking..

Of coz I did prepared something for him eventhough he told me he din buy me gift..

I just hope we have a memorable xmas..
Hope he is joking only..He always do stunning thing one..

But still..


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SHOW’s concert@ 1st DEc




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