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Terrible Blocked Ear

Terrible Blocked Right Ear

This is the reply whenever I started talking..
My ear had been blocked for 3days!!!And it getting worse every each day!

I told my mama & papa..and they told me to press my nose & blow!
I find it ridiculous..what if my ear drum burst?
I was so du lan with my ear..i can only hear the sound made by the vaccum in my ear..

They told me to go see doctor..

SO today I went to see the doctor under my block..

Doctor Soh: Yes?What wrong with u???

Me: My right ear is blocked..

Doctor Soh: Got dig ear?

Me:Yah regularly..n i even use try using water..also cannot..

Doctor Soh:Got nose blocked recently?

Me: No..erm..but recently I got a slight flu..

Doctor scribbling on the paper as usual..

Me: So what’s wrong with my ear?
I was abit worried that i will go deaf or contracted some illness..

Doctor Soh: Ur nasal vein connectin to the ear is blocked..That why causing ur ear to be blocked too
I find his prescription abit lame lah..wth..my nose connected to my ear!
That mean my muscus can come out from my ear?Yuck!

Doctor Soh: I will give u medicine to eat..and blow ur nose twice to clear the blockage..
Drink warm water and no aircon..

Me: huh?
I could not hear him..remember i got blocked ear..

And he gave me that kind of face that show “KNN..u mean i need to repeat?”
But he repeated lah..hahaha..

Oh yah!!!Jasonz coming back tonight!!!Yipeeee!Heard that he put on weight during reservist!
That’s so bad!!!


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Boring Day 2

Boring Day 2

Another day had passed..So what exactly I did when jasonz was not around???
I got a bad start I guess..
My right ear sort of get blocked..I could hear echo of my voice when I spoke..
It’s sux man!!!

1000hr– Woke up
1045hr– Went down to Macdonald to eat Big breakfast
1130hr– Study Mode
1400hr-Could not concentrate anymore!!!Went home!
1415hr– Chat with my Mother-in-law on the fone
1430hr– Slacking;Msn-ing;Maple
1700hr– Download Mirc & go #Sex to play ppl!
1900hr– Eat dinner:Vege & Dark Soya pork,egg&tofu!Yummy!
Watch Tv: Wu Lu Shou, Yuan Lai Jiu Shi Ni, Ming Xing Ou Xiang,
Ai de Zhang Meng Ren
2200hr– Study Mode
2230hr– Tok Fone with Jasonz
1145hr– Feed My 7 “children”& clear up crippled’s mess!
0015hr– Update blog

See!Jasonz so notti!Din call his mama!!!His mama was complaining to me & I complained to her about his son too..Then she seeked for my opinion about Ah bee’s scholarship..Btw, Ah bee is Jasonz’s younger bro..

Dunno what time..my dad called home..
Daddy: Girl, Mummy at home?
Me: No..oh yah, jia li you shi wu(food)..Eh, you Cai(Vege)
(it sound abit weird to me..)
Daddy:(laughed)Shi wu is for animals..
Me: …
Then after that, we hung up the fone..kns..

Jasonz called..
And we chatted about what i done on irc..oh yah, I downloaded irc..See how bored am I!
So fun!I played some guys!!!
Got this guy asked me,”Want to help me suck cock till I cum n pay u $300?”
And I replied,”Mmm..I will think about it”and closed the window..
Oh yah..Back to Jasonz..
We just chatted about everything lo..U noe how talkative I can be!!!
We discussed with my niece of where to go on friday..
And we decided!!!
Go settlers & go clarke quay after dat!!!

Hope my tomorrow will be a better one!!!

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Borring Day

Boring Day..

Jasonz went for his reservist from tuesday till friday night..
Sian..Will be all alone without him man..
So what i did today???

1000hr-Wake up & go school
1130hr-Meet Rud they all for project submission and discussion
1230hr-Eat lunch with them
1330hr-Went to the bus stop with Adeline and it started to pour
1415hr– Play Maple story, Check out KL trip with PeiPei, “flirt” with my cousin’s buddy
1800hr– Tried to study but failed; Eat dinner:Fried Rice
1845hr– Took a nap;got mense cramp
2000hr– Woke up and watch tv:Dai ni qu Shopping
2045hr-Went for kickboxing class
2215hr-Go home and do hula hoop
2300hr-Bath and watch TV:Zhang wei jian show
2330hr-Chat with Jasonz on the fone
0000hr-Put down fone and update blog

So bored..Called Jasonz and he sound so reluctant to talk..
I did the talking most of the time and got a little pissed..
Kept quiet awhile and a long silence filled in..
So i told him to go n sleep since his bunkmates are slping le..

Was jio by Cheryl to go JB with her..
Was jio by Wenhui, my niece to go Clarke Quay..
But rejected both as i got kickboxing lesson..

Kickboxing class was good;almost brk my knees..
So tired..Sleepy..with menses cramp..

Life is so boring..

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X’mas Eve

Job on X’mas Eve

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way!!!Yipeee!
Finally is Xmas!!!
Merry Xmas Everyone!!!

I was extremely excited for this festive season..
Coz I could earn extra cash by selling party cans and heard it was illegal!!!
Yah, got this lobang from “Tian Le”..

I met Bernard and Jeremy to go to the meeting point to get further instruction..
We were instructed to meet at the carpark behind Orchard Emerald..
We got some hard time finding the carpark anyway..
It was super ulu..The whole street was getting dimmer as we walked further in..
It gave me the feeling that we were some illegal traders getting “Bai Fen”frm the supplier!!!

There were 9 of us in total..
Each of us were distributed some cans and lightsticks to sell b4 moving on to the allocated area to sell..
The supplier made an agreement with us that he would took $3 for each can sold n $0.60 for each lightstick sold..

Me, Bernard, Jeremy, Alfred n Junsheng were together where as Dennis, Lex, Edmund n mystery girl were grouped up..
Dennis they all stopped at the junction opposite heeren and started selling in boxes..

As for us, we decided to try our luck at the side of Mandarin Hotel..
We got disheartened as we walked..
The whole street was filled up with sellers and they were selling as low as 5 for $10 for foam can!
And us..we were suppose to sell more than $3 for a can of string!!!
We were like “Sure cannot sell one”and felt so much to return the goods..

We tried 2 for $10 for the cans and 5 for $6 for the lightsticks..
However, the things were so out of fashion that no1 bother abt us, especially with the steep price!

We sold nothing whereas Dennis they all earned $10..
However, they were not that lucky after all..
They were caught by police and name was recorded down and a fine of $150 was issued..
When our side heard it, we stopped selling and thought that it doesn’t worth the risk..

Luckily, the supplier decided to mark down his profit to $1.50 per can to adapt to the market price..
So we sold 5 for $10..Sometime we would give a free can..
We tried to play dirty tricks on the goods by using half the can and sell it at a normal price..
But this trick was uncovered by many buyers and they inspected every each of can!
So irritating sia!!!

Business started to come..
I was in charge of collecting the cash since i got a pouch with me..
For the first time in my life..my pouch could not zipped due to the notes!!!
Imagine hw much cash inside man!!!

Being a youngster, of coz we do want to play and enjoy the festive season..
Tell u arh, we were so tempted to play when we see people spraying at each other..
So in the end, we opened some and played..
But String was never an opponent of Foam..
We lost miserably..Especially Lex..he was like some foamy man!!!

At some point of time, we needed to stop the business as the spy gave information of police coming in..so we got to pretend like we were playing..
Since we were not selling, stupid me went to volunnteer to buy drinks..
Oh yah, forget to mention..Jasonz was a”bag” to carry the cans for me!haha!
We went together to taka to get drinks from 7-eleven..
We bought some foam can to get ready for battle..

I was quite mean..
I sprayed agressively at the person’s face if they sprayed me..
I was quite du lan at one point..
It was super crowded at Taka..u could almost could not move an inch..
And there was this grp frm the opposing direction kp pushing me n no sign of stopping..
I almost fell back and shouted,”Oi F*** you arh!Dun push Chim B**!”
Imagine if i fell back..i would be dead by now..
Everyone would be stepping on me..
When I am angry, I can b super lian and would fight till u die..
I sprayed 1 guy damn jialat..he covered his face but i forced it in..
Hmpf!Who asks him to spray me when i was fuming mad!!!

Business went on and get better..
We sold many many many cans..
But when it struck 12..people were partying on the street..Some ass spray into my mouth!!!
So foamy n soapy man!!!
The whole place were so foamy that i could not breathe..nostril stuck with foam and toxic smell from the string can!!!I kept ah-chooing the whole nite!!!
I dunno what wrong with the mystery girl..but she kept spraying on own ppl..
Argh..if i got the foam can..I would spray at her till she become Ms Foamy!!!HaHa!!!

I think it has become the sterotype within singaporean…
All the youngsters attacked the Blangla people..till some of them damn du lan n yelled in funny languages..hahaha!Who ask them always take this chance to molest girls!!!

The whole thing ended around 2am..
We went back to the ulu carpark and returned the unsold goods..
We sold a total of 13boxes of string can and 0 for lightstick..
Each of us got $34..quite miserable but it was exciting and sometime, frustrating..
Never did any thing so illegal b4..

But I think we got to do something different and risky at least once in our life!!!
Well, it’s good to have such experience..
I could tell lot of story to my grandchildren next time!!!

(Will upload pics soon!)

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Gotham Penthouse

Gotham Penthouse

I dunno issit coincidence or wat..but it just happened that the 2 birthday celebrations I went all occured in Gotham Penthouse in Clarke Quay..

Well, the place had a really tight security..(Is that the word?Wo bu zhi dao!)
The bouncers checked every identity card with close examination on it..
They somehw in another, dun really believe that I am 19..They were like giving me
that suspicious look..

Nan Dao You Ge Xiao Hai Zi De Nian Kong..You Zui Mah???

The place was cosy and friendly as compared to Zouk or Phuture..
There were many seatings, got great DJ, nice music, nice toilet n so on!!!
I like the crowd too..very friendly type of people in the twenties and so on..
U wun get to see the bengs n lians in that place!!!

Lex’s Bdae

We went on 21st of Dec to countdown his 21st bdae on the 22nd!!!

We bought a cake for him..and as promised, i gave lex 3 kisses on his cheek!!!
Erm..abit oily lo!!!haha!

The guys get a shot each..and i think Lex drank 3 to 4 shots..
And he was tipsy after that..he started walking sideway and tok nonsense..
Cheng oso..got superhigh!!!He kept laughing..(Does all drunkers act tis way?)

The guys even tried to shrink him dwn on his pant..(i shall not elaborate!)

We danced and as usual, we were the noisy bunch..
And caught the attention of the photographer of nightlife.sg..
We took a few snaps..(I will post when my acct is ready!)

Went to the toilet b4 I went off..
And JS and the rest were telling me that a couple went into the toilet..
Hmm..dunno do wat..must be having sex..
But funny things is that no noise is made!!!Power!!!

Thru this, i think jiaying got lot of this kind of lobang..
I dunno how but jiaying managed to get 50tickets to the place..
But the girls abit bo hua..paid $15 even though is ladies’ nite!!!
But we still managed to bluff our way thru to free flow of drinks!!!

Luv ya sprinters!!!happy 21st to LEx!

Kris’s and De Xiang’s Bdae

Ok, he celebrated on the 23rd of Dec..(Argh..)

I was quite shocked when this happened..
Bouncer: Did you come here yesterday or the day b4???

Me: Yah..i came on wednesday nite..

Jasonz: I also came on wed!!!

Bouncer: I only remember woman..u see..

Jasonz: Yah(Grinned)..But she not a woman..

Me and bouncer ignored him..hahaha!

Kris and the rest were already inside, drinking and enjoying the music le..
I was abit bored as I did not know any1 of them..
The gals were slightly older than me..So u see it’s hard to interact..especially when i dunno them at all..

I dunno y..
But at around 12.30am, it was announced that someone treat all the ladies present to a free flow of drinks..(I just finished my volka lime then)
Then, the 4 ladies from the group went over to grab some drinks..
Jasonz handed me over to one of them..I was abit uncomfortable lah..

They ordered volka cranberry and we cheered..and they drank the whole glass..
I was forced to drink everything up too..
Before I could catch a breath, they ordered volka orange and down with it again..
I thought it was the end..but they told me that we shall drink till 1am..
I was stunned..really stunned..
“Am I going to get drunk and vomit?”I thought..

Luckily, Jasonz came over..not to save me..
But to see the xmas girls doing hot table dance..
I told Jasonz and we sneaked away when the other guys tried to stop them frm drinking so much..

I felt giddy oledi..So i quickly eat some ice and went to pee..
I felt much better after that..
But the gals drank so much (3 to 7glass) that they really get high..and some even vomited..

Kris and DeXiang, the birthday boys were toasted to drink..(Damn lot loh!)
The group abit siao one..they said smth like they wld not start dancing unless they vomit!
So in the end, they vomited too..

Mmm..the crowd was very different as compared to wednesday..
Got many Junsheng’s “frens”..n they played many indian-type of music..
Think friday is “Indian nite”..hahaha

Happy 24th Bdae to Kris and DeXiang!!!

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Yes Yes..Sorry to keep all my great jiemeis from TB52 waiting..
Just for the information to others..
The tourism student went for a 1-week long domestic trip..
It was boring..truthfully..i mean the trip..
But not my dearest TB52!!!They were super fun..Yeah, took tons of pics!!!

7th of Dec- The Oriental Hotel Visit(Bring forward)

We went to Carl Jr. for lunch in Cheryl’s Car!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Why everyone comparing the burgers with their faces???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Chiobus!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What They doing???Dreaming again…
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
S.H.E!!!(Pat= Sai-la, Me= Hay-Be, Neeky= Eh-La)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
S.H.E with her fans!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
S.H.E with 3B52..Eh!Finally gt a male classmate!intruder!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dun u tink we looks beautiful and graceful???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hay-Be with her died-hard fan- Huimin and Wenqi!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Lesbians!!!
The Queens!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
From left: Act cute, Noisy, Cool, Manly, Drama, HipHop & Fashion!

Well, I enjoyed this trip as I learnt smth about life working in the hotel industry..
WE get to see the operation of a hotel and took ton of fotos!
From the visit, then i noe Singapore hotel so high tech!
They used a super high tech remote control and a sensory aircon..
The business facilities oso very nice and well-equipped!
12th of Dec- Opening of DEST Trip

Seminar for 2hrs..Boring…
13th of Dec- Singapore Expo Visit

Boring!!!Like we never go Expo b4!!! Tell us about convention rm and so on!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
3B52 at Expo!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rudith tried to entertain the whole train with her pull-up!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A feast at Popeye’s at Changi Airport!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and the girls!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and Pat trying to grab Ana’s inner beauty!
14th of Dec- Malacca Trip

It took around 3hrs to reach malacca..Since we had so much free time, we
took many many pictures in the coach!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3B52 ready to chiong to Malacca!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Our sleeping beauties and charming..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What so nice about shades???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Does I look like “Li Qi”?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nice pixs huh???Outside the Pernankan Restuarant we had lunch at.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Left: Nice Otak, Right: Suckiest Chendol(Super sweet!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We visited First Christ Church..
And I thought this scenery lk as if i were in garden!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nice pix?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The globe is formed by bees!(From bee Museum)
The smallest shoes from Malacca Chinatown!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Girls and Mr.Andy Oh-Our advisor!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dun u think Neeky look cute???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Very delicious fried fish!!!Yummy!So nice dat i want to kiss it!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3B52 at night..On our way home!

Oh yah!Scandal of the trip!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Finally updating

Many Many Sad News..

Finally, I am updating my blog..
Sorry sprinters for not joining u guys for the sentosa trip..
U see I need to work le..
Coz recently I heard that the top management sort of hinting me to quit the job if I could not handle it..
They must b bothered about me taking 3 weeks off for the marathon..
Well..if they want me to quit..i am ok..
I will quit my job during mid Jan even they dun fire me..

See!i sacrifice so much for canoeing..Got to gimme some noble award man..

Ok..What else that is so sad???

I found out my hair stylist had returned to JB and started his own salon!!!
Boohoo!!!Noone to cut my hair nicely le!!!
It’s hard to find a hairstylist that I can get along well with..
I am quite choosy in hairstylist..I preferred GUY to Girl..

Coz I think GUY will be able to portray how the girl will look like with that particular haircut..

Next News is that i might not want to participate in IVP..
I dunno but I dun haf that urge..
Maybe is becoz of my previous experience..
I am scared to compete in IVP..is very stressful to the mind..
But I will still work hard in any case..

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