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I have not stopped blogging…
But…was too busy to blog then..
Work has been piling up since Nov for Year End closing..
Work nonstop till 10plus 11plus daily.
Weekend is for me to catch up my sleep & have some R&R sessions.

Hmm..doubt still got people check out my blog..
Nvm la..blogging is for my own collection & for food recommendations..=)

Well hope this is not too late yet.
2010 has been a great year for me..=)
My ICookUEat sessions have been successful so far. Since June, I have done 7 sessions.
And in 2010, I whipped up a few dishes for xmas..

It was my first time doing xmas party..=)
I have invited a whole load of friends over and am glad it was successful!!!!
Since it was a potluck, every each of us brought some share of food.
As for myself, I have prepared 3 dishes and another contributed by my mum..

These are the people that have made their way to my place for my xmas party! ^^

Pretty wide spread hoh~

But do take a closer look. All of the dishes so got “xmas feel”..except the rojak on the left..
Fusion? ehehhehe~

Ya contributed by our lovely Jiansen. The fried angelhair contributed by Syaima.
Yeah..first time get to have angelhair that have more “LIAO” than angelhair..
But it was fantastic!real spicy!!!!

Roast Chix Wing – Done by my mother!!!!

It was great!!!! ^_^ Like mother Like daughter mah!!!

Cocktail Prawn – My creation!

Turkey Ham Cheesy Rosti + Sunny Side up (Me again!)

I am proud to know that all my friends are loving it!!! I was so afraid that I couldnt do this well & ruin the whole xmas. But, seeing it slowly form up to what I want it to be, I felt so satisfied. My face was filled with grins when my friends praised and finished it all in minutes. ^_^

Contributed by Kaixiong, Tony & Daren

Logcake by Magdeline & Natalie

Marshmallow Tower by my dee, Gavin

There were other contributions too.
Nuggerts by Cheryl, Mixed fruit dessert by Laiquin, Ice cream by YiXian, Many Many boozie by all of them!!!!So much alcohol that they are leaving behind and coming back on cny to finish it!lol~

It was rather a quick meal. Yup, the alcoholics can’t wait to get drunk.

Indian Poker

Load of fun!

I do like the part that we keep drinking!!! Happy leh~
Even Gavin, my new beau was sort of stunned by our rowdiness..
But I must say my friends are a great bunch to mix with!!!!!!

He is one reason that made me too busy to blog!

Me & my lovely cute mama

She is a hot stuff among my friends. All my friends find her so cute. She never fail to make everyone stunned and laugh. Indeed, like mother like daughter~

Everyone seem to be in love with the tower~

Me & my 2 sisters and my mother!!!

The marshmallow just so adorable!!!!! It just buy us all over!Yeah! Regardless of age!

Me & another 2 of my sisters..hmmm..one claimed to be coz he got boobs. yeah firm one…

We also have our handsome Kaixiong and pretty girlfriend~ ^^

Mun, Daren & Natalie..Mag dun like to be in any photo..so ya lo~

And of coz, Daren & my goody friend, Tony!!!

My first xmas party is a big SUCCESS! Everyone enjoy their food, alcohol and games.
Most importantly, I am glad that all my friends are such a good host to one another.
They come from all different group but well..alcohol bring people together.
I absolutely have no doubt in that.


We headed for more fun @ Mount Faber Safra K-Box after that. We sang and danced with the songs. Load of fun together!! ^_^
Probably my best xmas!!!!!!! =)


As I am going into my quarter century old stage, I am thinking…
“Will we still be able to have this kind of party when we have kids and family?”
My answer is no i guess…unless the kids are with the grandparents. lol~


Well, this fact made me more appreciative  of the fun I am having now.
A good feeling that I will cherish.


Love u guys~
Well hope not too late yet..
Have a great 2011~


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KuraEatNonStop@Café Hacienda

Finally! Our monthly brunch outing is back for action!
Have been months since we 3 girls hopped into a cafe for brunch~
Back to our taitai’s lifestyle..
This time round, we had it in Café Hacienda.

Café Hacienda
13A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674
T: 6476 2922


It’s a pretty nice & cosy place to dine in. Very much like a cosy homely dining experience in a foreigner’s  house. Magazines are everywhere. You can just snatched a book when things get bored. lol~
Indeed, very cosy. We spents like hours in there.


We went for our usual.

Egg Ben

Goodness~Perfecto. Very tasty. Well made at its own perfection and best part of it is that it is not greasy. Neither it has any overwhelming vinegary taste. Very light touch on the hollanise sauce and more emphasis is made on the thick ham, bacon,muffin and egg. The combination is already appetising but the handling on its taste beautify the overall experience.
No wonder Cheryl credit this as the “Best Egg Bens”. She is credible on that since she is a fan of Egg Bens and had patronized lotsa cafe for that.


Egg Royale

Instead of the normal meaty selection, Cheryl went for a little fishy feel. Salmon. Look good right?


In addition to our brunch set, we had caesar salad too. It wasn’t that bad. But certanly it is the egg bens that blow our mind away!


LOL~We still proceed on to dessert after all those. All my gym effort in the morning then went down to the drain! LOL~
Each of us made our own selection on the dessert.


And I choose..

Blackforest Cupcake (W Alcohol)

Hmm..they are better off with real food.
After our brunch, we the 3 taitais went off shopping for our mook (Mag +book? ) and catch a movie. Loving the saturday with them~!


Well, Cafe Hacienda is certainly a great place to hang out. Yes, I would love to go back again. Hmm..with someone special perhaps? ^_^

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100 Beach Road #02-42/43/44
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

Tel: (65) 6291 1433

I have seen this restaurant some time back in….hmmm..years?
Always wanted to visit it but no chance. And I never thought this is one of the better turkish restaurant in Singapore. Just viewing their pix..i thought they look fab and thus, the curosity to try out.
And indeed..the taste is as good as it looks. =)

I got Aisyah and Laiquin to join me in the turkish food challenge.

And guess what?
WE ARE ALL HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkish food is very “pro-carbo”. Everything it comes with bread or rice. But, this does not stop us from eating them! It’s so good!!!!!

Yes, even it made us fat!

*drum rolling….*

Hummus & Turkish Sesame bun

This is the 2nd time i tried hummus. I did not exactly like it when I first tried it in another restaurant. It was a bit soury then. But Sofra’s one is good! I dipped it with the sesame bun again n again. Unstoppable. Very tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the bun is fluffy, soft, “bouncey” and warm. *droooool*..

We were actually overwhelmed by the vast choices.
So we just anyhow picked for the mains….lol~~~

Beyti Kebab

Hmmm…the beef+mutton is tasty but the bread is far too thick. Too bad for the thickness, otherwise it will be tasty. Especially the meat are spiced.

Chef Plate

These are just too GORGEOUS~~~If u eat other thing but their grilled meat, then dun u dare to say u tried turkish food! Grilled meat is a MUST in turkish cuisine. It’s SUPERB. i dont having it everything on my own even the fats will be overwhelming.  I just keep munching. They were grilled to perfection. Taste wise, is perfect too. Not too salty or bland. Absolutely perfectly done. Even the done-ness of the meat is fantastic too. Not too dry.

After the hearty meal, all 3 of us agreed that this will not be the last time we will be visiting Sofra. It’s just too good to be true~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And it’s affordable~~~GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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KuraEatNonStop@Vanila Bar & Cafe

To begin..
This post is gonna be overwhelming with lots of inner feeling and thoughts.
Yes, alot of self reflection done just on that day.
Firstly, I took cab for every trip of the day.

1. Tuition (Bukit Batok) –> Esplanade
I was there for a play – Nanta Cooking~
It’s a korean group that uses kitchen utensils to create fab music/rhythm.

The crews from Nanta Cooking

I enjoyed the show. It’s great. There’s a lot of audience involvement in the show. And that’s triggered off my funny bones, especially the audience are really spontaneous and just joined in the fun..The language does not affect the fun factor at all. Really tickles me and made me Laugh Out Loud!

It made me forget all the sadness in the heart then. I am glad I have my good sisters with me then.

Me & Cheryl & Rudith. We are the Heros~! LOL~

After the show, we went separate way. Sigh~Honestly speaking, I hate that.

I was all alone. And yes, disappointed. Feeling so down in the heart.
Nothing shown on the face but the heart was deeply hurt.

Anyway, I travelled from Town —> Boon Tat Street..
To fulfil my long time wish: Visit some cafe and enjoy the food alone.

Vanila Bar & Cafe

3 Boon Tat Street #01-01
Singapore 049612
Tel: 6423 0366

It kinda weird when I said, “table for one.” Ya, I am too used to have someone with me.
I think the wait staff felt weird too. She got this atonished look on her face when she knew I was alone.

I looked through the menu and chose those recommended by the wait staff. She is friendly and always smiling. =)

As much as I wanted to be alone and left undisturbed, my handphone went dead. Yes, officially in my very very very own world.

While waiting for my food to be served, I started scribbling on the cards that I have prepared to give it to him. Yes, the goodbye cards. I never knew it ended before it got started. Isn’t that the saddest part? It just days for me to say “Yes” and I wasn’t that lucky enough. Things just change.

As I was deep in thought, my food was served….

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich ($9.90)

Not very much of a pork person, but this is great. The pork are tender and does not stick in between the teeth like many pork do. I am not sure what’s the ingredient for the pork but it tastes rather bbq-ish. I like it. Sweet and bbq-ish feel. The bun that came with the pork was soft and fluffy too. And nope, not greasy at all. It’s great. Quite a female choice for meal. =)

I ordered a cup of earl grey tea to wash away the greasiness in my stomach. Yes, the folks said that tea kill fats. Well, I doubt it is working much on me~

Ya, I continued to scribble on the cards as I wait for my digestion to take place. Just an excuse. I don’t want to go on with dessert and leave the place so quickly. I was waiting for the sky to turn darker. Yes, letting time pass..

I asked for my dessert to be served.

Vanila Dirt Cake ($8.50)

What a cute dessert! ^_^ Just melt my heart~Ya! Flower for me with some gummy worms~lol! Mind you, the “soil” is made of oreo cookies! Beneath the “soil” are creamy cheesy vanila cake. It’s good to see and nice to eat too. Wouldnt say it is the best dessert but certainly the most pretty one.

I finished up everything before proceeding on with my cards. Yes, I got 3 cards – Combo set.

I put on my earphone and listened on to this song…

I almost tear as I wrote my last card. It’s filled with remorse and self blame. Not to sound pathetic but alot of time, we will ask ourselves, “IF ONLY…” But when we got ourselves asking this question, we already could not turn back the time to change the story. Then, we can only let go.

Done with my cards and dinner. I left the cafe and took a stroll along the shophouses. I discovered alot more other cafes. Okie that’s it, gonna visit all of them! ^^ It’s great to talk a stroll at time alone. I could freely walked into any shop and look look see see and act like some artisitc gal~ Yup, alot of quirky artistic shop along the street. Yes, I am into all these. Just that, not many of my friends or other halfs love it, I seldom do it.

But since I was alone, I walked into them. =) Felt really contented. In the end, I bought a 2nd hand vintage boyfriend’s shirt without much hesitation. It’s from france and made in the 50’s. It’s brown base and imprinted with little red roses and I thought it was really cool.

Next, I walked into “WOODS IN THE BOOK”..
It is a shop of my friend, Mike. =) It was my first visit and I did not notice till I purchased a picturebook and asked the cashier. And he happened to be Mike’s brother. haha~

58 Club Street,

Singapore City, Singapore, 069433

The shop sells alot of picture books that are both suitable for children and adults. Quite a great experience for me. I got a book for him. It’s a taiwanese picture book filled with lot of encouraging philosophy. I read through and indeed, he needs it. Well, treat it as a goodbye gift.

After all the walking and spending, I finally headed home. Yes by cab.
Well, it’s quite an experience for me. Imagine a talkative girl like me, was in my very own world for more than 4hours. No disturbance at all. True enough I mentioned before that to dine in alone in a quiet cafe is a form of enjoyment, bring happiness and made ones feel much more refreshing & relax. But, on a flip side, it comprises alot of loneliness.

I am sure I gonna do this more often. Well, at least food will atmost hurt my body shape and stomach but not my heart. =)
After all the encounters, I feel living on to fulfil my dream is much more meaningful than anything else.

Yes, I moved on. =)

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KuraEatNonStop@Penang Place

Being an Penangite, I am extremely particular on Penang food serving in Spore.
To me, Penang food served in Singapore is never as good as those serving in Penang.
Yes, even just a normal hawker stall in Penang.

Well, I guess everything is different – ingredient, wok, method of cooking and blah.
All these count.

Well, it was my first time visiting Penang Place. They served authentic penang food. But to compare with the Penang buffet in York Hotel, Penang Place seems to lose out a little. Well, we pay according to quality. In Penang Place, the food are really in buffet style with 2 special compartment for the noodles. However, in York Hotel, most of their stuff are served fresh from the wok and the last time i went, the buffet was displayed in a hawker style. Well, that’s the big difference.

But nonetheless, Penang Place is still recommendable if you are missing Penang food. =)

Penang Place
6 International Business Park
(off Boon Lay Way)
#01-05 Atrium
Singapore 609918

(Shifting soon.)

It was a little treat to my date. But, eventually the treat was off. Yes, ego of a man. =/
The food was alright. I feel there arent alot of choices. But still, I got to eat the few “wanted” dishes of mine.

Penang Char Koay Teow and Chicken Satay

I hate it when they try to fuse Spore taste into Penang food. In Penang char koay teow, we do not have clams and fish cake. We usually just have huge prawns, tau kay, egg and koay teow. Taste wise, it’s quite average.

Penang Lok Bak

Well, it is similar to our Spore Nyong Hiang. Still, there is a difference. I was quite pek chek when I don’t see the usual chili and sweet sauce for Penang Lok Bak. Unhappy girl. But the lok bak was not bad.

Penang Assam Laksa

Finally! Something that is nice and similar to the one! Yes, it’s fab~! ^_^ Sour enough Spicy enough! I like this alot! But, for diet purpose, one bowl is good. Yumm~~~ I am surprise my date was able to take the taste. Great to see he really eat anything. Hmm..like a cow or a goat. lol~

Penang Hokkien Mee

It has been always my all time favorite since I was a kid. Never go bored with it and best to go with Teh Peng. LOL~i requested to self service myself and have actually overtaken the noodle. In the end, the staff have to change my bowl to a bigger bowl! Hmmm..I think my mama cooked better. Yes, for your info, she just cooked last sunday!

The one I had in Penang Place was so-so. The soup base is the main culprit that result in a big cut off in this hokkien mee. It can be better if it has cooked longer. Yes, not fragrant and diluted.

Note: Penang Hokkien mee tastes better with chilli and chilli oil. And of course, top it with alot of fried shallots. It’s good.

Pulut Tai Tai a.k.a Kaya kueh

Being an auntie-to-be, I took all of the leftover before I even finish my mains. lol~ Ya man! I was so afraid it will be gone but the time I am ready for dessert!hahaha~Good that I took it first or else i will be super cranky……

If you are wondering why this kueh kueh is in blue and not green, yellow or wateva colour, the reason is the food colouring. The colouring is extracted from a bluish flower called Clitoria ternatea.

It serves best with kaya. This is my favorite kueh kueh and a traditional kueh kueh for wedding tea ceremony in Penang. I have no idea wad so fascinating about this but just simply good! =)


In Penang, we are famous for our Ice Kacang and Chendol. We used “solid” red bean for our dessert. As for ice kacang, we add sarsi to it to enhance its taste. Well, that’s why I don’t take Spore ice kacang. Penang Sarsi Ice Kacang is still my favorite.

The chendol in Penang Place was so-so. Hmm..partly is my own lack of experience in making chendol.

Overall, the eating experience was not bad. I do have high expectation for Penang food. Thus, it mights suit your liking. If you have not tried Penang food before, you ought to try it. Of coz, the best place is still to try in Penang. Otherwise, Penang place might be a good alternative for value-for-money eating experience.

I will go for York Hotel and snap some pictures  if I got the chance. =)

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I believe most of you have tried Bak Kuh Teh and have their preferred favorite stall to dine in.
Bak Kuh Teh, a meaty herbally dish, has not only attracted the old aunties and uncles but our younger generations.

Bak Kut Teh, one of the top choice for supper. If you usually club at the former Double O place, you will always see a crowd dining in after hours of dancing and liquor. And that includes my girls. lol~
For myself, I not really a meat person. But yes, I do love Bak Kut Teh. I like their soup with you tiao dipped in. Or soup with rice and dark soya sauce chili padi. Simple yet heavenly.

So far, I like Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh which is like so away from me. But, finally, I found delicious Bak Kut Teh that is..
Ya..near my house. lol~

Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh
Blk 19 Marsiling Lane
Singapore 730019
(Blk 19 is a super long stretch of block. Find the crowd to eat the real one.)

BaK Kut Teh ($4.50)
“Herbally” Bak Kuh Teh. It’s kinda different from the one I usually have. “Peppery” is not appropriate on it. Yes, “Herbally” is still the most appropriate word to use on Hong Ji’s Bak Kut Teh. In Hong Ji’s, the Bak Kut Teh is authentic since they used claypot to serve and am so sure they are not stingy over their herbs. Felt so “Po” (Hokkien) after sipping the soup down. Kinda rejuvanated and felt “stronger”. lol~

The meat is tender and goes really well and tasty with their superduper hot chili padi with dark soya sauce. Yes, damn spicy. I had 2 drinks. Rare for chili eater like me.
Their other side dishes like Tau Ki, Salted veggie, peanuts are good too. Well, if you are an “internal organ” person, you may want to go for mixed claypot or whatever.

Oh yes, certainly deserve a try.
And for that, I would want to thank YX for introducing such good food~!!!!!!


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Zillion years of waiting & continous seeking interested party to go with..
And finally, got to dine in RELISH!

Well, a wrong month to dine in though =_=
7th month. And I got this quirky habit of not touching beef in this month.
Other than that, I am into beefy burger.

Din get to eat Relish’s beefy burger. *Droolzzzzz*


#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760

Tel: 67631547

To be truthful, I was extremely excited.
I still can’t get over the deconstructed cheesecake I had in Wildrocket last year!
So anything for that!

Relish is famous for their burgers, especially beefy burger. And sobs..
I wished I have gone before the 7th mth. =/
Well, for that reason and dieting reason, I went for Portobello Tofu Burger.
Oh dear, it’s so vegetarian!!!

Portobello Mushroom Tofu Burger($17.90)

So healthy~~! I am not loving this. The tofu is more to its bland side. Like Tau Gua. Recently, I am quite into mushroom related dishes. It’s not to my liking. I still adore the cheese n shroom sandwich in TCC. Yes, I should have pick something more meaty. I am so glad I have additional topping of bacon but still look vegetarian to me.

But if you are much of a mushroom lover, especially portobello, then you might like it. For the mushroom wise, it tastes fresh and simply authentic.

The Wildrocket Beef Burger ($17)

Aye~~It looks so yummy! Okay, I had a small small bit of it. And oooooh no~~why it is the 7th month! =( Just that small bite already buy me over! It’s chewy and have great texture with pleasant juicness in it. Well, my date commented this is one of the best beef burger he has tasted so far.

*Sigh* Shall hold back my urge for Relish’s chewy beefy burger for a month.


Finally, the deconstructed cheesecake I have been yearning for….

Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake (Below $10)

This is so AWESOME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would kill anyone who dares to snatch this away. Why known as deconstructed?
Well, as you can see, their presentation is unique. They just throw the biscuit crust, the cheese, the strawberry, ice cream into that glass. But it tastes so good! My date tried and he loves it. And of coz, I did not share much.

I want more of the cheese. Creamy yummy cheese. Perfectly baked biscuit curst. Soury yet fresh strawberry. Argh. I just love every part of it.

I demanded for more of this.

P.S: I want to go back to eat their beefy burger.

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