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KuraEatNonStop@Café Hacienda

Finally! Our monthly brunch outing is back for action!
Have been months since we 3 girls hopped into a cafe for brunch~
Back to our taitai’s lifestyle..
This time round, we had it in Café Hacienda.

Café Hacienda
13A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674
T: 6476 2922


It’s a pretty nice & cosy place to dine in. Very much like a cosy homely dining experience in a foreigner’s  house. Magazines are everywhere. You can just snatched a book when things get bored. lol~
Indeed, very cosy. We spents like hours in there.


We went for our usual.

Egg Ben

Goodness~Perfecto. Very tasty. Well made at its own perfection and best part of it is that it is not greasy. Neither it has any overwhelming vinegary taste. Very light touch on the hollanise sauce and more emphasis is made on the thick ham, bacon,muffin and egg. The combination is already appetising but the handling on its taste beautify the overall experience.
No wonder Cheryl credit this as the “Best Egg Bens”. She is credible on that since she is a fan of Egg Bens and had patronized lotsa cafe for that.


Egg Royale

Instead of the normal meaty selection, Cheryl went for a little fishy feel. Salmon. Look good right?


In addition to our brunch set, we had caesar salad too. It wasn’t that bad. But certanly it is the egg bens that blow our mind away!


LOL~We still proceed on to dessert after all those. All my gym effort in the morning then went down to the drain! LOL~
Each of us made our own selection on the dessert.


And I choose..

Blackforest Cupcake (W Alcohol)

Hmm..they are better off with real food.
After our brunch, we the 3 taitais went off shopping for our mook (Mag +book? ) and catch a movie. Loving the saturday with them~!


Well, Cafe Hacienda is certainly a great place to hang out. Yes, I would love to go back again. Hmm..with someone special perhaps? ^_^


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As we entered to the second half of 2010, more and more of my fellow friends joined me to be “24”
And in July, we have Cheryl my hao jiemei~~!!!!!
Finally catch up with me in age hoh~~~~
As usual, a dinner is a must.
And a trip down to double o is definitely a MUST.
Well sad to say..double o is a disappointment.
We visited Zouk. Also not that fantastic anymore. At least for me.
Maybe old le. Alot of songs like not my era~~~and hard to dance when every1 is basically just “Rubbing” and not dancing…=_=

We had a fab dinner at~

#01-02, TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

tel: +65 6736 4211

Happy Birthday~~~~~!!!! ^_^

Four of us at dinner. The rest cant make it or meet us at club.

The pix is blurred I know. The waitress cant even take a simple photo. =_=
Gosh..we are so small in the pix even after I helped her to adjust the position and the zoom.

But the dinner is good.

Sicillian Chicken Salad

Very fruity and healthy~And good!
I had 2 serving..^_^

Napoli Bianco Pizza

~signature meatballs, pepperoni and diced chicken on Alfredo saucewith melted mozzarella cheese.
Sound damn good and its taste damn good too. The pizza dough is fluffy and the ingredients are fresh and tasty. Very nice. I have no idea how to describe but it’s nice!!!

Grilled Chicken Milanese

Sinful and Healthy meal. Sinful part is the sauce. I like the sauce. Creamy and salty. And healthy part is that they used chicken breast and it is grilled.  For the chicken wise, it is a little bit too dry. There is a division between the sauce and the chicken. They cant blend in together. Guess it’s the dryness of the meat. But the sauce is nice that I can just scoop and drink it without any main to go with it.

It’s definitely a restaurant that i will pay a visit again.
Will be looking forward for my delicious food from them! =)

After which, we headed off to Zouk and Double O for our late night celebration.

Of coz not forgetting about Neeky who joined us at Zouk~

Well, Double O is not as good as before. I miss the old place =(
Our favorite couch is gone. The whole place is very FLAT.
Don’t feel the “happening ” anymore…=(

Time to find a new place to club~~~

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Wheeeeez! Kuraprincess Enjoying her life!
Travelling in to JB to did my ear wax candle and have a big big feast with Randy! ^_^

Randy insisted on a taitai meal together.
And we went to Taste Bug’s…

Taste Bug’s
Level 2-001/002, Sutera Mall, No.1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4,
Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

For 2 people, we really had alot of food.

Cheese Fondue

The melted cheese wasn’t too heavy and together with the vegetables, it is not bad.

Dory Fish Aglio Olio

My favorite among all!

Dessert- Cannot rem the name.

We had cheesy potato skins too.  I know..so cheesy. We got a fat taitai day!
The food was not bad. I like the aglio olio! With the awesome taste, it got an awesome dirt cheap price.
All these plus 2 drinks it only cost us around RM100!!!!

Well, you can give it a try if you happen to visit Sutera Mall~ ^_^

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It was a Monday. It was Kim Song’s off day.
And I am so so so FREE, plus I need more office wear for interview..
So being nice of him, he was my “social escort” on that day~ (Thanks!)

The shopping wasn’t satisfying at all.
Seem more like a “Window” shopping one.
Well, either I was too picky or the choices are bad.

With the unsatisfying shopping experience, we deserved a satisfying meal to reward our tired legs.
I can’t walk long for shopping for nutz case!

I wonder how people can walk for hours and hours & not feeling tired.
 Wide range of food choices in Raffles City. Really spoilt by the choices.
In the end, we decided to choose Double Bay- Australian Casual Dining & Bar.

Double Bay- Australian Casual Dining & Bar



252 North Bridge Road
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6334 6530

The whole menu is so “Fishy”.
Everything about fish, fish and fish. I like fish though.
But these fishes are expensive.
For any pasta to main course, it ranges from $18.90 to their $20-ish.
With that kind of price, I was expecting better service and of course, better food.
Well, not up to my expectation for both.

Signature Fish & Chip – Australian Barramundi served in Sumac and corander batter ($21.90)

7 different types of fish. 3 different types of batter. 
Kim Song chose to take the wait staff’s recommendation & certainly, he regretted it.
I had a small bite and..hmmmm…kinda oily?

No doubt the fish is fresh and soft but the batter was a little too oily for me.
To me, fresh seabass shouldn’t serve “fried”. The juiciness and sweetness of seabass are very much enhanced & retained through pan grilling or steaming. 

The fries was a total disappointment. No “Wow” factor. 

Capellini with Rare Pacific Tuna ($18.90)

Not very knowledgeable term but the first thing that come to my mind is “Mee Kia” 
It taste reasonably tasty with big chunks of tuna served. I felt it was slightly overcooked for the tuna & explained the chunkiness.
But it still retains the sweetness and was further enhanced by the pasta sauce. Well, it is savory.

(Apologies for the blurred photo. Wobbly hand =/)

Molten Lava Cake ($11.90)

Very different outlook from the other molten Lava Cake. Texture wise, it was soft and fluffy. And taste wise, it tastes familiar, like some sort of better quality of sponge cake. It tastes okay. Not something that I will come back for. The vanilla bean ice cream doesn’t taste like one. It got a bad texture. Nah. not my cup of tea.

Oh well. I had better dessert elsewhere. 
Well, I may or may not come back for their other fish main courses. 
It’s depend.

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Fate really like to play people out.
I have watched Mayday concert thrice.
And these 3 times..he watched with me.

The first time was in 2008. We went as date.
The second time was in 2009. We went as a couple.
And finally the third time, on 17th April 2010, we went as friends. (yes. super backdated entry)

They are my most beautiful memories. It’s not easy to find some one that adore the same band as you.
Whatever the status is, it’s still good and memorable. =)

It wasn’t a good day to start with. It was a rainy day.
Yes! Pouring like crazy and guess what?
The venue of the concert was held in National Stadium.
Due to the rain, the whole place was muddy and wet. GRoss.
By the end of the day, our feet were filled up by mud. =_=


Lol..the smart thing to do is to wear flat black shoe. Look at the white one. lol lol lol~!

Apart of the mud, the view dampened my mood too. Yes blame it on my parent!
Why am I born short? I couldn’t see anything most of the time! Grrrrrr…

Fortunately, there was this 2nd stage whereby I could take a really close look at them! ^_^

Thanks to the closeness! The lights really…wah sey…Can’t see their features!


Monster, my favorite~~ ^_^

Ah Xin!!!!

I was practically screaming like mad! Playing my part as a fan to push my way through and stepped on others’ feet and waving.
They were just so close to me… Ehhhh…maybe around 2metre length away from me?
So how on earth I will not be excited?
Gosh. 24 le still doing such thing. So embarassing~~~~! =p

The concert dragged till midnight.
It was an OKay concert for that night. Probably disturbed by the mud and view.
But, I am happy that Mayday fulfilled their wish to have a concert in the Stadium!!!! ^_^
Still, I prefer the indoor better. Much more cooling…..hehe!

After which..
We went for supper after hours of jumping and sweating! ^_^
He brought me to Swee Choon Dim Sum…
Swee Choon Dim Sum
187/191 Jalan Besar 
Tel: +65 6294 5292 

 Opening hours

6pm – 10am 
Sun & PH
6pm – Noon
The dim sum was nice but of coz, I still feel the one we had in Hong Kong is still the best. =) (Haven blog that!)
But for dim sum in Singapore, it is good and consider as cheaper range. 
He was a regular so he handled most of the ordering.. 
Spare ribs, Siew Mai and Hai Gao
Mee Sua Kueh
I think it is nice! Well, maybe cause I like mee sua? Yum~
Fried Prawn with Banana Roll
This is his favorite among all. I think it kinda oily. I let him have my share. 
(Don’t really rem the taste liao. 2mths ago….paiseh~)
Fried Prawn tofu skin roll

Chee Cheong Fan
Xiao Long Bao~~~
I love xiao long bao to the core!!!!!! ^_^
 Let’s take a look in the inside….
Well, I do remember the soup in it was savoury. It was better those I had in restaurant. =)
Feel this is one of the “ought to order” dish… 
Overall. The supper was good. 
Hmm..ought to thank him for introducing some a good dim sum place.
One of the best dim sum in my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!     It was my happiest day in these few months. =)  

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Not knowing why but brunch seem to be an “IN” thing now.
If you are a regular to food blog, you would have realised this trend too.

Brunch is an enjoyment to food, to life. 
How many people could actually slow down the pace and enjoy a plate of good breakfast?

Not many. But some still do..
Like me, Cheryl and py..
To us, brunch is like an act to taitai life. Yes a form of enjoyment. A form of pampering.
Single lady need a lot of this kind of self pampering. =)

In April, we went to District 10.

District 10
10 Winstedt Road 
#01-17 Singapore 227977
Tel: +65 6738 4788 

A relaxing place. A place without noise associated with busy stressful life.
Baking yourself under the sun with breeze, just make you feel so relax. Of course, if you need air-con, there is. =_=

Imagine 3 potential taitai (me hdb taitai) baking under the sun, eating our brunches and chit chat…
It’s a WOW~~~

Poached egg on muffins ($14)

Honestly speaking, it happened in April when I was preparing for examination and I don’t really remember how it taste like.
But I do know it tasted not too bad nor it is greasy.

White Chocolate & Strawberry Cheesecake ($10)

Hmmm..I have some recollection on this. Personally I do like it. But still best that I keep my comment to myself in case I remember wrongly! LOL~

But there is one thing I did not forget.
We actually ordered that cheesecake for py to celebrate her birthday.

The wait noticed the celebration and actually initiated to give us a cake for FREE!
What’s a good service!!!
Well, it took some time and they gave us a ice cream cake! Gosh!!!
The good service do made a lasting impact in my memory box. I will come back for another visit!!!!

Next! In May….

Epicurious at the Quayside
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay
Tel: 6734-7720

The setting in Epicurious is different from District 10. In Epicurious, it’s a blend in between modern and oldies concept. Modern setting with lot of oldies stuff at the side as deco. 3 of us were of course fascinated by it and could take our hand off for pictures~ =)

But what’s is important in my blog is still food. =p


Pancake ($6)

Looks pretty right? Simple dish though.

Baked Egg with Toast Soldier ($12)

Hmm..Cheesy baked egg with ham…it’ssss good. =) But I felt it will be alittle better if it has a stronger taste. So a little tuck of black pepper and salt will be fabulous. Put the main aside. I like their baked potato. It was pleasantly flavoured. In short, it’s great!!!!

I do love brunch meetup. =)
Well, breakfast is the most important right?
Won’t kill if I feast on them once in a month. Sound good! ^_^
Where’s next?

Presenting to you, the brunch out taitais..


Will be looking forward for more!!! ^_^ huggies~


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Remember the voting competition that I kept harassing people to click “like” for my group picture?
And guess what?

And what is the prize?

Party of 20 Free!

And entitled to spend up to 1000!!!!!

We missed it by 75 cents though. =_=

But we were quite disappointed by the choices we had from the menu.
Many of the items were not available due to the shortage of supplies during cny~
(Opps.now u all know. this entry shld have been posted like a mth ago!lol!) 

So all we had were..

Fajitas &….


No doubt the food is savoury but quite overwhelmed with fajitas,chicken & burger.
We wanted ribs! Sad to say, even root beer was out of stock! So frustrating! Cant even have root beer =(
And we don’t have much left(the prize limit & stomach content) for dessert as we ordered too much!
We just order non stop and turned out to have alot of additional same order~! 
In the end, Neeky doggy-bag it.

Well, we do have our ultimate eater – Kenny the bottomless hole.
The world is so unfair. Look at his size. Got it? 

Apart of that, we had lot of fun!
Some of us came alone while some brought along their siblings, bfs and friends.

The big Group- Neeky+sibling & friend, Rudith+friends, Rainus+bf & Huimin & Cheryl

Me, Py, Hui Min & Boon Kee+friend

Py & Darren & Huimin



And myself? A loner.


Together with Adel, another loner.

I continued to be a loner. Sobs. Big bullies~I wasn’t allow to sit. =(
So I posed.

And Another!!!!
(I kept thinking the hand showing the “v” sign is my hand. LOL!)

You just have to praise me right?
24 le still doing all these funny poses right? =p


Nice shot with Cheryl! (haha!Mine bigger =p)

I feel the whole “liking” competition is quite extreme.
Extremely fun and funny. You should see how we pull our votes.
Everyday we battled with the rest of the competitors and even came up with strategy.
Groaned when the others are catching up and gossiped about the other competitors.
Say we are silly but sometime, being silly makes our world more meaningful & memorable. 
I bet 20years down the road, we will still remember this event.

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