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JJ Lin Concert – 24th June 2006

I was lucky to be asked by Rong Da Ge to watch JJ Lin’s concert for FREE!
Do u guys see the word= F-R-E-E?
hahahahaa..I am such an ass…hahahahaa!

I was so excited the past few days..
Everyday I will go..”yea!I am gg jj lin’s concert!”

The concert was held in Singapore Indoor Stadium..
With thousand of people occupying every seat..
It’s was so much grand as compared to the last one I went – David Tao.

I was like “Woah..hao dou ren wor..”as I glanced thru the place..
I look at all the equipment n so on..trying to take note wat is needed for concert..
So that I can apply it in my DREAM job…

We waited for awhile..yea..we abit late that y..hahhaa
before the dancing teachers came out to teach us some tutu moves to b involved w JJ..
It made me feel abit tutu lah..but it was FUN!
Even Ron the normally dun get involved guy was “forced”to do the action..
But he got a bit problem with “Left” & “Right”…hahahaaa!

After waiting for so long….

Finally..JJ Lin appeared with the song “Mu Nai Yi”…woah!

JJ Lin dancing..

One of his costume

JJ Lin and Ah Du singing “I do”n they clarify they are not GAY!hahaha!

I tried to ZOOM in and take picture..but abit difficult..mostly faceless creature..
hahaha..This is the best i can get..from the SCREEN…difficult to take too k..I did tried to video it down but no batt…Argh!This is so torturing!

JJ sang quite a number of songs from all his 3cds..
He got Ah Du and Jin Shan as his special guests..
He was quite emotional..he cried when he sing “Zhi Dui Ni Shuo”..
I felt it and feel like crying too…
I can understand how it feel to go thru such tough route and finally a concert..

His costumes very hilarious lo..
Got one look like cockroach, then one look like kana rape..
He LU DIAN!!!hhahahaah!But he abit not muscular so u noe..
Abit unglam to see his almost naked body..

His performance quite entertaining..
He hit the chinese huge drum and did jukebox..
I was so amazed lo..his jukebox skill damn good sia..
But i think the dancers who pei he his jukebox is even BETTER!

He thanked many many ppl…
including JunYang!!!hehehee..oh ya, the superstars and campus superstars were there!
Kelly Poon sitting behind me..Sugianto and his behind me too..Campus superstars near me…

Wah..u know arh..sugianto’s gf gt a powerful shrieking voice!She screamed like nobody business liddat..A pain to the ear indeed.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the concert…

An evidence to prove that I was there!hahahha!

Me and Rong da ge went for superduper late dinner after the concert before sending me home…

Few Reasons that made me feel like kicking Rong Da Ge..

He din tell me he got car..n I thought we will b late coz of my wushu lesson..so i ran like crazy girl to draw $, wanting to use for cabby fees..n he called me and asked me to go to the carpark near his hse..n guess what..he drove a car out…

Inside me..was burning..like “WTH..never tell me got car..made me run like siao charbo!”


Rong da Ge exclaimed,” wah..how come so many ppl come see JJ Lin..”
He thought JJ Lin not very popular..

We walked passed the superstars and showed him kelly poon n campus superstars..
He asked, “who are they?” I told him and even said that kelly n junyang got album..
And his reply was,” Realli?Din know that..”

He din let me buy LIGHT STICK!!!So I can only swayed left and right like the light stick..

But..really thank you for asking me along..
I know u abit regret lah..hahahhaha!
U din expect i so enthu right?

And guess what peeps?

He said I looked very SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

It brightened up my day.


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Screwed up my Audition at OCean Butterfiles MusicForest

I think i screwed up my audition..
I wasn’t nervous but I felt a lump in my throat..
And i can’t reach my high notes suddenly..

The comment given by the judge dunno is good or bad…
I sang Zhang Hui Mei’s ji de..
it’s a very sad song…
The long haired judge commented,”u sing very gentle..”

Is that good or bad?

But anyway..
I hit it quite well with the judge..
We talk more than I sing..
I was quite attitude in my answer..
But he keep bursting out in laughter..


Judge: Please do a self introduction..

Me: Ok..My name is Zheng Hui Lin, english name is Regina..

Judge: Wat?Ribena? (he jumped n look at my form)

Me: Ya lo Ya lo..alot of people call me Ribena also!

Beside that..he also ask about example of me taking up diff challenge, piano lesson and singing learning experience and my workplace..

I told them we are neighbour..working next door at red dot nia..
He was like “ohhhh..red dot arh…”

Before I leave the room..
he asked,”Finish work already arh?”
Me replied,”no lah..i sneaked out one..haha”
He laughed again..

Muz wait for 2 weeks for result..
WTF…so long…

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New HairCut = New Look

New HairCut = New Look

The views may be awesome or gruesome to some of you..
I will not be responsible for any induced puking or swearing..

Gross Rating- 150%

Dun u think I look like Elmo???

More to come at below..

Want to puke oledi???haahhhaa!I also cannot tahan lo…hahaaha!
Si Bei er Xin sia!

So where do I get my haircut from???

I got my haircut from Cross Hair Salon situated at Far East Plaza 5th Floor…

And who cut for me???

Used to be Alex..but now is Sophia i think…dunno hw to spell her name..she is the colleague of Alex and the supervisor of the shop..i seldom let girl cut my hair..

Nice haircut?

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KTV with ShanShan

KTV with SanSan..

Yea..went with SanSan to Lot 1 kbox to practice singing..
hahhaa..Very funny lo..we have be friends for like around 10years and this is our first time going ktv together…

We met up for dinner at long john silver..
Abit stupid right?want to sing song still eat fried food…

Me n SanSan..

Surprisely, SanSan’s voice damn nice..i seldom say ppl sing nice one lo…she can sing Rainie Yang’s songs, Zhang hui mei’s Wo yao kuai le n so on…power man! Unlike me..can only sing low tone song..

It’s a pity that she dun want to go Musicforest with me..
She should go for the selection but b4 that..got to slim down hoh!hahhaa!
But her voice is really nice!!!

Well..Jasonz tried to sing..but quite a big turn off..hahahaa!he spoilt most of the songs..

Let me introduce..this is Jasonz’s younger bro..14 nia..Well..he is pretty shy when it comes to singing..is his virgin ktv..hahhaha!
He can sing superwoman..so of coz nt too bad his voice..
Definitely much better than Jasonz!!!!

As promised…Kunnie was quite jealous when i said i gg ktv with SanSan…
hahahaa..so i tried to do sm editing..i noe my skills sux..no photoshop..
Kunnie..quickly come back from Aus!!!

After all..it’s a good ktv session..
N i have decided what song to sing for my audition…

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Graduation Ceremony

NP Graduation Ceremony

Wah..after mths of waiting, i finally get my diploma cert!!!!!
Woah..it looks more like a time to meet up with ur old classmates than to get those cert!!!!!

Haahhahaa..Saw alot of botak heads!!!!
So cute…hahahaa!!!!!!!
And I see many ppl with different looks..
Some went to cut hair some no hair sm slim down n so on!!!!!

I feel so weird to go up the stage to take the cert..
U got see gangster walk like a graceful lady b4 meh?
But confirm one thing, will not b so sexy n gangster like Rudith!
She wear super short skirt n walked like ppl own her money!!!hahhaha!

On the stage, I was more worried abt my pant dropping than feeling nervous..
Yes, i lost weight so need to use a rusty safety pin to hold the pant!

Some pic to shares…

Me n my parent…

Me, JingYun n Sandy..
Friends since Secondary 1!!!!!!!!
That’s 7years…!!!!so long!!!

Grace, Me, HuiMin & Adel!!!!!!!

Grace, Me, Siew Teng & Mr. Pon!!!!!

Show u all some botak heads!!!

Yes..that’s Jason!!!!he look funny in dat spec!!!!!hahhahaha!!!!

Me n Weiqi…He is a bald chicken little now!

Me n Weibin…

So sad..Dun have much foto coz alot of my friends not there..
Some oversleep some dun feel like coming..baka-nei..
Yes, i am referring to Cher, PY, Neeky n blah..

Aiya..lazy to put all the pic..some abit blur like the pic i took w rudith!!!

Well, graduation ceremony like nothing one..
Abit boring..
Feel e cert n award worthless when the top 4 outstanding scholars of the whole np were shown on the stage with a super long list of award they got..
They not human sia…

But whatever lah, i graduated!!!!!

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Vocal Lesson At OCean MusicForest(Hai Die Yin Yue)

I feel so silly!!!
I actually took the wrong form..
I took the form for “singer selection” instead of the right form..
Aiya..all the receptionist’s fault..she was on the fone then so no chance to ask..
So i jz snatch one n go…
So paiseh!!!!!

Luckily i went to ask again..
and finally get the right form for vocal lesson…
If not, it will b super embarassing man!!!
Imagine i am nt trained n sing infrt of judges n facing competitors who got super vocal…sure kana criticise like hell sia…
So paisehz…
Made me go sing to everyone…
But never mind, i will b having audition to see which class i fix in..
Hope i can into Class A..

I heard from the receptionist that the Singer selection is held once in 2yrs..
Wahz..juz nice..after 2yrs of vocal lesson..i shall go for the singer selection!
Sound so fun!!!!!!!hahhahaaha!!!!

Who noes i will become the next JJ Lin or Stefanie Sun!!!!!!hahahaa!
Dreaming again i noe…

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Food PAradise – Pepper Lunch

YEah!!!it’s time for food paradise again!!!!!
I have heard things about pepper lunch..most people complimented on it..

Pepper lunch is actually a dish from Japan!!!!
It serves as a meal, at the same time, gives us a sense of enjoyment…
It allows you to be in control of ur food..

It is actually similar to HOT Stone in Clarke Quay..
I tried hot stone food b4 when i was young..at a pub called Europa at Changi Village there!!!!!But now, they are gone!So sad!

Well, back to pepper lunch..
Taste Rating: 8/10 (Put more XO sauce to cook)
Quantity Rating: 6/10 (The beef too little)
Fun: 7/10 (If the sizzling feeling stay for a longer time will b better)
Service: 7/10

Overall rating: 7/10

I find the beansprout is the nicest!!!!!Is crunchy n taste great!(Fat & Juicy)

Pepper Lunch Set : beef steak..cannot rem full name..

I poured in the rice to mix with beef n vege n ton of pepper n XO sauce!

Go & HAve a try if u have not!!!
Recommended!!!!But please bring at least 12buck for each set!!!!!!!
Available at Dhoby Gaut Xchange, Isetan & Shaw..Dunno taka gt anot..

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