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Goodbye Blackhead!!!

I might have kawaii look but there are many flaws on my face..

What I hated most is blackhead/whitehead..

They make my nose, my forehead and lower chin damn ugly especially on bad face day..

I tried using many products but to no avail till…………..

hmm…I look scary!ARGH~~~!

Eeeeek yer~~~The yellowish thingie are all my blackhead..young one stubborn one all got!

But I am so glad this “horrifying” thing is on the peel off mask and no more on my skin..

So are you amazed?

I am already addicted to this St. Clare’s mp3 sebum treatment set.

(1) Deep Sebum Softerner (20g)- to open up ur pores and reveal and soften ur ghosty blackhead!

(2) Sebum Purifying Mask (40g)- the peel-off mask that remove all the impurities

(3) Pore Treatment Essence (20g)- To close up your pores

(Able to last for months depending on your usage. )

Currently, it is selling in Taiwan only@ NT899(SGD40-SGD45). No distributing/international shipping.

Was featured in “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da”.

Want your blackhead to be removed?

Leave a comment/msn/email me/leave a msg at my fbook/friendster if you are interested ok?

Selling @ SGD35. (Self collection from me.)

Worth it or not?

Do your own calculation okay.

P.S: MY god~~now everyone know i got so many blackhead!-_-


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See that’s watch?


IT’s a Kenneth Cole Reaction KC1307 watch.

Cool shit rite?




Actually not I selling.

Is Chin Chong selling it.

It’s a free gift from his safra membership subscription.


it’s totally unworn and brand NEW. it comes in the kenneth cole box, with instruction manual inside and has a 2 years warranty since 31 July 2008.


He is willing to let go if there’s a reasonable price. around $110 at least?

interested parties, please leave him a comment here with your contact so that he will be able to get back to you…

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