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Anyone can cook

Anyone can cook!

Gusteau said so.

Caught the sneak preview of “Ratatouille” yesterday!

It was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!
It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!
It was I-N-S-P-I-R-I-N-G!

So cute so cute!

It a “MUST WATCH” movie!!!
I thought it is much much better than Shrek 3!!!

I wan to cook like Remy!

YEA! I really want to go into foodie business!!! =)

From now on, I got to buy 1 receipe book & try to cook more often..
Hmm..maybe once a month at least?

And I shall assign James to be my guinea pig!!!

Talking about that..
Actually I had tried cooking some time back..

At James’s house kitchen…

Me whipping out 2 dish to serve my spolit prince..
Unfamilar with the cooking area…
I need him to be my assistant to pass the sauces, pound the prawns and sharpen the knife for me..

And of coz..
Taste food!

This is bad lo..so black!!!
Not as good as the other time I cookedz…

Tink I was too generous w my pork+prawns..i made alot of balls lo..
In the pix..u see that much only..
But actually most of it was eaten by my assistant..

I was disgusted by colour of the ball..
Yuck!So black..Grrrrrr..

It became more disastrous when I making the sauce..
James made hot the oil for me first as i chopped the garlic..

I poured in the garlic and…
And it turned charcoal black immediately!!!

I screamed!!!!
Turned off the fire..
white Smoke still oozing out from the wok..

“Did you feel that this place is getting more smoky?”james asked.
“Yaa leh..y ar?”I replied..still in panic mode.

I started to feel choked and before I know, we were both coughing hard and gushing for oxygen..

Then he realised white smoke still continue to ooz out cause I did not turn off the fire completely!

(aiya..already say no familar w the cooking ground…)

He went to turn off while I dashed into the toilet n hide..
He ran in and hid with me after seconds..
We were both crying…thnx to the smoke effect on our eyes..

We went out of the toilet through another door and go back to the salvage the situation w a fan..
His father who was out in the living room was stunned, even the dog was stunned and dun dare to go into the kitchen..

When everything calm down..
I went back to cooking..this time round we were careful..
We certainly do not want the neighbour to call the fire engine lo..

Well..the food still turn out bad..

Being a temperamental chef, I actually just dump the cooking ground n dun feel like cooking the 2nd dish..
But James persuaded me..
So I cook lo..

Ta-Da! Sweet & Sour Prawns!!!
Not too bad..just abit salty..


The cooking session was quite bad but was really fun!!!
And James was encouraging and appreciated my effort..=)
but he thought using 4hours to cook is far too long..(KNS!)


I am willing to work hard for my foodie business!
With my passion, flexibility in cooking and sensitivity to taste..
I believe I can do it….!!!

But need alot of hard work..


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Into the hollow and deep hole..

It explained the emotion within me.
It something that words cannot be used to describe the pain and the confusion I am going through..
It certainly not easy for anyone..

Not Even the Always Strong Regina..

Things just happened unexpectedly..
And how it is to be might not always go according to your wish…

Guess this is life..
No such thing you will get everything that you want in life..

If not…
No one will fall into hollow an deep hole like me…

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A Day to Remember

A Bad & Good Day to Remember…

Took my driving test at BBDC..
And I..

Sob..with 34pts..

Circuit was good..
Nothing went wrong, everything perfect eventhough my legs were shaking then..

On the road was bloody hell lo..
Kana the toughest route..
Yeah..the teck whye one..
Car stalked at the slope where all the pedestrians moving in n out at the market..
Look left & right at the zebra crossing infront of my old house..
No one crossing at the zebra crossing..
Then see ppl at the passageway last min..
Braked last min..
But b4 stop line..
But still, the tester gimme 8pts..
Then after that..he kp ticking liao..

So careless of me..
I always that reckless lo..

So sweet of my dad and my colleagues to console and encourage me by sms…

James was sweeet too..
He told lie to his boss and took half day off to company me..=)
Went swimming with me eventhough he got abrasion after his 18-km training for the army half marathon..
He just soaked in water while I went for a few laps..

As he was soaking, some fair looking weird guy with a skyblue swimming cap stared at him.
Okay, let’s take him as GUY X.

Guy X approached James and asked,”You know Huang Yi Long???”

“No,” James replied.

“Did you study in cck pri sch last time ar?” Guy X still persistent with it.

“No ar. why? you looking for friend ar?” James being friendly, answered him.

“You from china issit?” Guy X asked.
I thought it was funny and so no link lo…
I let out a big laugh..

But James was quite offended but he still reply with a smile, “No leh, I look like your friend ar?”
Then he turned and gimme that “WTF” look..

Guy X don’t even seem to know my existence..
Ma chiam I eat glass zhang da one lo…

I thought he was very well-entertained so I just continue with my laps..
But swim abit faSter as I was afraid he might be molested by Guy X.

They were still chit-chatting when I came back after a lap.
By then, James replying him with false information by using my detail..

James told me to go for another lap then he will come find me..
Obviously, he was find an excuse to escape but ask me to escape b4 Guy X pounced on me..

Too bad for James, Guy X followed him.
hahahaha..and he asked his mobile no.

“Erm..my mobile no is for army usage one..cannot anyhow give,” James replied.

I was like “oh come on, which pig will believe lo..”

But Guy X was kinda persistent so I told James to give my old mobile no.
James rejected my suggestion and just smile smile to Guy X and keep rejecting him.

“You will be here every sun at 11am right?” Guy X asked, looking damn desperate lo.

“Yaya..sun 11am!” James replied.

“Okay, see you on sun then,” Guy X said, with saddness written all over his face.

Irritating lo..
Sun 11am..James will not even at the pool lo..
He will be kicking ball with his friends at NSEW lo..
That kind of timing is more likely I will be going down lo..-_-“

We thought we managed to escape and enjoy our swim.
Who knows..

James met him at the shower room. (I knew it will happen)
Being a slowmoving turtle, I showered quite long and James was nagging for taking such a long time..
I thought I was nice to give them some sweet moment together mah..
James almost kill me!

James told me that Guy X even asked if he can go to his place..

For what sia? hahahahaha!

But luckily, we finally escape..
James must be very thankful..hahahhaa!

We went for a movie-881 after that..
And finished off the huge popcorn and nacho..
Yes, we finished every bit of it..
We were such a junk food couple!!!

So fun to be able to get leave on weekday and do all sort of thing while others are slogging at work..
Si bei “Enjoy life” lo…

Still abit sad over the “FAILED”..
I sad not becoz that i failed..
I sad coz of the money i lost and I can foresee more $ lost!!!


Hope I pass the next round.
Nono..cannot HOPE, is a MUST!!!!!


Well, is memorable still..
With driving test experience and GUY X weird encounter..hahahaha! =D

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TasteBuzz: New Harbour Cafe & Bar Restaurant

I did covered on this cafe before..
It is located in Tanjong Pagar, along the shophouses..
pretty near those gay pubs..
To be exact..it is surrounded by many bridal shops..

The last time I covered on this cafe..is was like last year and I only feature 2 dish..
Banger & Mash & Omelette..

After a year, the food is still damn good & affordable!!!

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

**Monster Burger!!! (with melted cheese, mushroom, huge pound of beef patty & sunshine egg)

Sausages…sufficient texture & fragrant..

Crackling Pork *smth*
hahahahaa..i cannot rem..well, it is the only porky dish in the main menu..

**My All-Time-Favorite, Banger & Mash

**Must TRY!

Drooling already?


The you will need this…

114 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Tel: 6226 2657

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Interns’ Farewell Party

Interns’ Farewell Party

Time flies…
So fast 3mths liao and the interns are leaving le..

In these 3mths, we work together, eat together, have fun together..
So many events happened till we din noe the 3mths are up..
Well, I am glad to have them around..eventhough abit noisy..hahaha!
They done alot to help in our important events…=)
And of coz, bring “LIVEliness” & “Lame-ness” to red dot la..

But finally, Su Ming can have her peace..hahahaha!
And get back all the space they all occupied! #$^&%@!
hahahaha..jk la…

It was great to know them..
I swear man..=)

To give them tender loving care and show our gratitude toward them, we threw a little party for them at artery..

Xinghui, Alicia & Farah

B4 I 4get..the most outstanding intern will be Alicia..
U know why?
Coz she damn Sua Ku..
She din eat Nasi bryani b4..nv hear & eat goreng pisang b4..
*Peng san lo*

That one still quite mild..
The most stunning thing she ever ask, “How to seal the letter…”
And her address on the letter hoh…Wah kao..
Is like that one…:

Mr xxx
xxx sec sch

Win liao hoh???

We played some game like “I never have…”, “bam bam”, “Big fish Small fish”, “I have..” & “Fist-guessing”..
The most intense game would be “Fist guessing..”

Look at Alicia & Syafik..
They taking the game hard like a life-death issue lo..
when it Is just a chix wing & beer issue lo…

I think I not bad in playing Fist guessing..
I won 3 rounds lo!!! =D
This helps the red dot team to be the ultimate winner against the interns&the newcomer team…

Gladys, Xinghui, Alicia, Farah, Grace & Me!!!

US!The guy who is lying down is my president k..hahahha..

This is what u get when u r the ONLY guy…

We went crazy till midnight..
There was not much of alcohol..but the gals like Gladys & Alicia got HIGH..
Syafik got HIGH over chix wings i guess..he had to subsitute alcohol with chix wing since he cant drink as he is riding..
Think he ate like 9 to 10wings?

After much fooling around..
We headed home..
I edited some foto whereby some of them were waiting for a cab..
I thought it looked pretty like a scene in Geylang so i added some dialogues..


Hope we can still go out after the internship..
Hmmm..All the best o Alicia & Farah who will b going for exchange..
As for Xinghui, happy designing!!!


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