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Who will be my MAN?

Who will be my MAN?

Me still in Penang..
Coming back soon…

Dunno why..
Feel my whole heart sinking downward..
Maybe coz I experience many changes from some of my relatives..

Feel so down.

But what made me more down is when all my relatives asked me about relationship stuff..

I cannot say much.
I can only think who is my future MAN…

Feel like crying when listened to this song..
Thinking if will any man dun sleep for me, just to protect me…


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Will update when I am back from Penang!!!!

Got many things to say..hehehehee..

1. red dot design concept award show 2006
2. Penang trip

Stay Tune!!!!


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9am sharp.

Suppose to be lying on my comfy Mr Bean printed bed..
Instead, I found myself at the busy wet market..

How should i start..is the first thing in my mind.

I was holding on to my shopping list.
I headed to the vegetable stall..
picked potato, mushroom etc etc….but could not find the vege i want..
Called “Ma Li Cai” or “Yan Jing Cai”..a vege that is good for eyesight..
Luckily, the auntie helped me and she even taught me how to wash n cook it..
So Nice!!!!!!!!!

I even asked her the method to cook steamed fish..
She taught me but weird method though..she say steam fish no need any sauce..
Weird..but nice auntie..

Then, went to pork stall and buy minced meat..
Dunno but maybe I asked stupid question, “Uncle, minced meat muz wash?”
The uncles LOL-ing at me and teach me tis n dat..
Then, went to buy prawn n fish..uncles also teach me tis n dat..
Then, also got help from provision shop auntie on how to cook meat ball..

U guys muz be wondering why suddenly buy fish, buy meat n buy vege..

Yes, I cooked!
Yes, for my special visitor to my place today! =D

I cooked b3fore but the dishes I cooked for my special guest are all new dishes to me..was abit nervous somehow but I got confidence!

Wah..si bei tired lo..

Wash. Marinate. Fry. Steam. Taste. Washing. Mop.

So many procedure to cooking..
Why go thru such a long and tedious procedure?
Juz to whip up nice dishes for someone special..=D

My First Dish – MeatBall w Potato

Trust me..this is fantastic!My guest finished up almost everything n i din eat much of it!!!hehehee..secret receipe..is not a normal meatball..=P

Hipcup 1: the meatball dispered once it went to the hot oil..

Arggggh!!!!so pissed then lo..

Solution: Add more cornflour to make the meat more sticky n it turned out good!

My Second Dish – Steamed Fish

Well, this one okayokay nia..need more practice and explore more on it!
But..my guest still finish it..

My Third dish – Ma Li Cai Soup w Fuzhou fishball

Sigh..this one not as good but the soup nice..
Dunno leh..e vege doesnt taste the same as my mama ck one..
mine still crisp but my mama ck one is super soft n green..
Disappointed..my guest drink but din eat much of it..=(

Beside that, got other hipcup too..
My rice cooker spoilt..but lucky I quickly cook it over fire..
But din turn out good..sigh..too mushy..yuck..

Guest: wah..ur rice like for grandfather eat one..so soft..


But i am quite happy w my result..need to buckup more still.
I want to be a good wife a good mother next time..
Well, at least that is how my mama keep my papa..
Also w meatball(but boiled one) n loh bah n curry chicken!


To special Guest:

Hope u like my cooking! But next time dun be like my dad..eat finish sit down watch tv..Then me do tis n dat in n out of the hse n kitchen..But thanx for throwing the rubbish though..:D (kana forced)

So can i be a wife/mother?
Or try my cooking next time?

Theme: Cooking Expresses the Unexpressive thoughts and actions..

Biggest hipcup: Burnt my mama’s bowl while cooking the rice..got to throw away.Damn.

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Messy Brain

Messy Brain

So confused!!!!!!!!!!
RSVP Guest list is so confusing especially when 4 to 5 sources are giving me info!!!
And stupid me got so many excel sheets..so dumb!!!

Now i cant get the right number..confusion..


So many things so little time!!!!

All these rsvp thingie making me short of memory..
I can like “finding nemo” the “Dolly”..suddenly 4get the thing..
and screw up alot of thing sia..
I can say i want to fax thing then if my boss ask me email first..
I will 4get about the fax after i emailed n do other stuff till my boss screamed at me..

Countdown to red dot design concept award show: 7days
Countdown to penang trip: 8days!!!

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My First ACt

My First Act – A journey to be a STAR!

This is so exciting yet frustrating at the same time!!!

I had actually decided to blog this at later date to give u guys a surprise but..
Sighz..wateva la..*pissed*
Suppose an entry of Oct but..sigh..

Cheryl, my jiemei had a project featuring on “Singapore Film” whereby they have to come out with a storyline that merely represent Singapore identity. They were required to run in like a short video clip and…

Cheryl jio me a.k.a a born actress to be their lead actress..
I was given the script to read and familarize with the scenes..
Well, my given name was “Rui Ling”..So Ci-na sia..hahahhaa!

That’s not the main point..
“Rui Ling” was suppose to be a sickly and depressed JC student..
And when i told my colleagues about my role..they were like LOL-ing lo!
They just could not bring themselves that the always-happy-go-lucky siao gi na was going to act sick n depress for “Rui Ling” sake..
Truthfully, I also find it hard to believe la but I have the confidence to act well!

That’s the basic requirement of a STAR – Professionalism!

The story is quite typical but it lacks of singapore identity..
To me, singapore identity is “Kiasu”, “Comparison”, “Timid to standup for any wrongdoings” and etc..
The scenes also quite typical..school, home and singapore river..

Cheryl was saying that I could act!
Most of the scenes, I have no NG..(‘o’,)v
Most of the time, I got to be super sad and one scene required me to drop a tear..
Wah Ai-sey…!Golden tear ok!

It was pretty easy to drop a tear then..
Coz I was in a midst of a problematic life..n jz by humming a song can made me wept..
Beside that, I was required to stone too..
As I said i had a problematic life then, I had been stone-ing for days before the filmming..So it was pretty convenient for me la..hehehhee!

The rest of the casts are fun and have made the whole activity a fun one..
But from this, I understand how hard and tiring is to be in an entertainment line..
Time is flexible but can really drag down one’s life if there is flimming..
Have to withstand all sort of situation and weather conditions..
Even u have tons of problems or not well, still have to do it..

So xinku!!!
I do understand that!I was made to run n run n run n run n run for the film..
Super tired lo!Legs were aching the next day lo..

But, it was a pretty enjoyable experience..
and I thought i deserve “Best Actress Award”..haahhahaha!=P

ACtually got video one lo….
But it was in DVD format..cannot upload to youtube!!!
FRUSTRATED arhzzzzzzz!!!!!

Did show to my parent and my dad thought I should go into acting..
He think i acted very naturally…(I dun tink so leh)
hahahhaa..well, that’s encouraging..=)

I am glad I accept and help Cheryl..
Wonderful experience..At least my life will not feel unfulfil in a way as I get to go through all kind of experiences..
Yup, I like to do thing that ppl usually will not do..

Hence, do it before you can’t..
You will not know what will happen in the next min..
So, do or say wateva before it is too late..


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Anyone know how to rip DVD?

I need to rip it to show you guys something!
My first short clip that I act for Cheryl’s project!!!

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Funny Ad

Funny Ad..

Sorry, din update for some time..
Nothing to update la..got also not time or cannot say..

Well, I bought a new bikini from Surfer Gurl!!!
Damn nice!Pretty cute green bikini at 50buck!
Wah liew..i first time wear non-padded bikini..
Abit shy but still okay la..
Breast so tiny..actually no need wear also can..
it is just to protect the nipples..
Wah liew..regina damn gross sia but who cares..=P

Anyway, I think i looked pretty okay in bikini..woohooo!!!
So bhb rite..=P

But my dieting has not gone to waste..
Last week i only like eat 1 meal a day..
And i lost 1kg i think..now 50kg!yeah!!!
But yesterday got a bad tummy ache..think din eat dat y..
But someone take care of me so it doesnt hurt that much after awhile but sweet..=D

Just for information, the bikini in habourfront cannot buy one..
F**king expensive sia!one bikini can cost up to 100buck and more!

Oh ya..my title is “Funny Ad”..
Why am i telling about bikini..
stupid regina..slap u then u noe, regina..

Well, this ad is damn funny lo!
Watch and you know..si bei funny sia..tah boleh tahan sia!

Nice condom ad..

Nice drink can ad..

Nice Window XP ad..

Wahz..interesting huh?
I cant help it but LOL when watch it..

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