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You learn all kind of subjects in school..




(Viewing requirement: See thing is an artistic way. A post purely for FUN. Take it easy. Apology if any offence is made. Please stop reading here if you are a CONSERVATIVE person)



How a Blowjob is done.

How missionary is like.

How a standing missionary is like.

How to do the DOGGY style & make girls feel “bitch”. -_-

How to ROCK his world.


Certainly not taught in school.


Demo proudly presented by Mr K.

(He was bored in office and started to play with my colleague’s figurines)


P.S: I am impressed by his educational values. -_-


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Busy like a Bumble Bee

So busy~~~!!!

No time to blog.

Email, Print submissions, Check CD & prototype is all have been doing these few days.

And also busy bickering with Mr K.

He sat beside me in office. Working part time there

My manager had both good and hard time. She kept laughing at our lame argument.

But it’s great to have his company!

Next week, Jiansen and Laiquin will be joining my company for a part time job too!

So excited! ^_^

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Stupid Argument

Anonymous W: Tell you already. Now you still young, go ahead and have many boyfriends then choose the best one. 


Anonymous W: Don’t always find those still studying one.  Find someone who got his own business so when you need help, he can help you.


Me: Rubbish lo. Might as well ask me find some dying rich old man who has no children or spouse. 


Anonymous W: See. You have not grown up. This world is very practical one. No $, it is nothing. Dun just ask for “bread”, ask for more. 

Anonymous W: Aiya, you just want to play lah.


Me: (pissed off)Your thinking then immature lo.


Anonymous W: See. I don’t want to tell you these so much cause you never listen. Aiya, you haven’t grow up la.


Me: Hey! Don’t force people to have the same views as you.  Just because I have my own set of perception, that does not mean I am immature. Your thinking disgust me. So immature!


Really pissed off.

WTF, I cannot believe she will say such thing. 

So practical and materialistic.

Made me feel that she don’t know what is “LOVE” even though I know her good intention.

But still, it just disgusted me.

Maybe I should teach Anonymous W how to spell L-O-V-E out.


Who’s this Anonymous W.

She’s my mother.

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Bottomless shit hole

I am trapped.

Yes, trapped in this bottomless hole.

I have no idea when I can see daylight..


I have been stressed up by $ matter since donkey years.

I thought thing might change once I stepped into the working society.

But I am so f**king wrong.


Instead, I got much more $ problem.

And it is endless


Sometime I just hate my life and watch others in envy.

I don’t have the luxury to study full-time, study in school I want. 

I don’t have the luxury to get school fees paid by my parent/brother.

I don’t have the luxury to buy thing I need and want or learn what I want.

In fact, whatever I am doing now is not what I want at all.

I am just doing all these shit just hoping I can make more $.


I hate this.

Why always like that?

I hate the feeling of needing to count my $ even for my meals.




BUT I have calculated.

I will be in this shit till “gods know when”…

Especially everything going up and it made me bloody hell feel poorer. 


P.S: Get me a new elder brother pls.


2nd P.S: Seem like my new laptop got to be delayed till..i married i guess? Unless I found a way.


3rd P.S: I want to become a baby. At least they just to need to eat, cry and sleep.


Last P.S: Dun tell me got other worse than me or wat. Yes got. I not comparing with them. I am just sick with my own life.

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Laptop Shopping~

Went vivo to check out some laptops.

Among so many choices, I prefer this.

Acer  Travel mate 6292.

It is within my budget and fairly good.

12.1 inch wide and relatively light.

But I aren’t sure if this is a good choice.

Help Help Help.



Plus now got good offer.

Damn. I feel so bimbotic. yes. but minus the boobs part.

Beside Acer one, I like this too.

MSI Wind – Got White, Black & Pink!!!

Any recommendation?

Basically, i want something within 2k, light and around 12″.

Fujitsu got what model that meet my requirement?

Best if got colour one.

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Had 2 little meet-ups yesterday.


Met up with Kai xiong for lunch.

He just got back from Australia and all his holidays.

And finally, got the “heart” to contact his dearest “sister” out for a quick meal. =/

Oh well, at least still got “heart” lahz.

Went to Coffee bean for a healthy lunch. I had caesar salad and he had chinese chicken salad.

Surprisely, the salad are good lahz! 


A short lunch with quick updates about each other’s life and of coz his dramatic love life.

But certainly, not as dramatic as mine. lol..but good to see him a happier man! =)


He made some quick remark about Singaporean gurls..

KX: I come back from Australia, realise that alot of singaporean gurls look similar.


Well, I was atonished to hear that coz I think all my female friends certainly look very much different…!!!

So I asked…

“Then me leh?”


KS: U different..u look like HEBE..




Got meh? I thought I look like Ryoko or Stella Huang (i dun wan!)???


Then, during evening time..

Went to meet up with Jeannie (my niece) & Paul.

They are always visiting Singapore -_-..

ya..annually. -_-


Still, it’s nice to meet my loved one once a while =)

And everytime they came, I will bring my bf along to meet them..

Apparently, every year they came, for the whole 3 years..

I brought 3 different guys…-_-



Nothing to be proud of! =/


Had dinner@ Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza@cinelesiure.

Nice place and I am very much spoilt by the choices in the menu..

Too many to choose from lo..!!!


Finally decided on what to eat after some time..

Jeannie’s salmon carbonara

Paul’s unagi and prawn wafu sauce pasta (cannot rem exact name)


Not sure if it is nice, but according to Paul’s & Jeannie’s verdict..

These food are good SHIT!

Mr K’s 406..

Comment: Got Bacon & sotong. Taste like aglio olio.

Mine! Grilled chix, tomato with wafu sauce pasta

Price: $16.80

Rating: 6.5/10

Comment: Fresh unique pleasant creamy taste! It certainly a dish that linger your tastebud and send surprises to your sight. The pasta is slightly greenish in colour. It taste really good. yum~~ The grilled chix was alright.

Teriyaki Chix Pizza

Rating: 5.5/10

Comment: ok lo. Slightly at the oily and salty side.

Green tea ice cream+waffle

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Got to try this! The waffle is warm yet soft in a spongy way. It creates a beautiful sensation in the mouth when it is eaten together with the ice cream. Delicacy.


I din get to enjoy my good food as we were in the rush to watch “Hell boy”..

There isn’t any chance to take down the food name and price and so on n on..

But I will go again! =)


Anyway, July is the birthday month for both Paul & Jeannie..

Hence, bought brownie for the both of them..

Sweet couple, Jeannie + paul with bdae brownie.

They just turned 22. Welcome! =) 

Rowdy couple, Mr K + Me.


After a bdae song & cam whoring session..

We quickly finished up our food and chiong to the cinema to catch our movie..

The show was good but I still abit turned off by Hell boy’s appearance! Well, there’s the main reason why I was abit reluctant to watch the movie..

But it’s a great show that I can pretend I am charmed by Hell boy..^_^

Me & Jeannie..^_^


Happy to see them but abit upset that there aren’t lot of interaction due to our tight schedule.

I do hope the next time they come, can be more relaxing and have more gossip sessions…

Just don’t like the idea of rushing..prefer to spend quality time. =)

And of coz,  I hope I will be bringing the same guy along to meet them the next time they visit..


Something random.

Both Jeannie & Paul were saying that I grew prettier and slimmer…

^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  





Now , you get it why “Great meals and praises?” lol~~


P.S: Thanx Paul & KX for the treat. Thanx Mr K for buying the brownie.

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Maxwell Fc, #01-22 (3rd row)

$2 Mee Siam!

Rating: 6/10

Comment: Generous serving of anchovies, taupo, eggs on the big portion of mee hoom. The sauce is sweet; nice to drink. Like the huge salty anchovies too! Put more chilli and will be good! Good service from the stall owner too. She will squeeze the lime for you and no seed will be seen on your mee siam. Well…$2 buck..what else can you ask for?

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