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Was getting advice from my mama of how to make BLACK BEAN SOUP..

Who knows in the end..

She bought all the ingredient and taught me..

Yeayea, she is one superduper traditional woman who think all women ought to cook, clean the house, wash the laundry and serve their husbands..


-_- yes, my mama still living in her 70s but she is pretty cute..especially her naiveness at time.



Anyway, Mummy taught me a few dishes..

I am fine with it since I love cooking..

She’s a pretty good cook too..



The ingredients.

Yes “BLACK” Bean soup..

It’s not bitter, in fact, it’s pretty sweeet..

I like it. =)


Well, girls ought to learn how to make a few soups to catch their men’s stomach..

Like for the ingredients for black bean soup, it can “Pu” eyes, back, blood and etc…

Living in such a stressful society, we need to “pu-yi-pu”..



Look yummy? *Drool*




Mummy said got discount so decided to have a little crab feast..


Obviously she bought LIVE crabs & got to kill it..


She was brave.

“I kill u!”

“Sob Sob..Feel so bad~~ =( ”

“But Mr Crab, my family need to eat & u cost 6buck..i just have to..GRRRRRR…”

Poor crab. Strong Mummy.


TB17 girls..know where I impart my crab killing skill from? HAHAHA..




Learnt it.

P.S: Guinea pig anyone?


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Curious about cosplay..

Went to STCC to check it out..

I thought it will be interesting since it is an exhibition about comic, anime & toys..


So excited to see cosplay when i reached..


Dunno who.

Still dunno who..



It’s obvious my anime knowledge is damn low la..

Only know the famous Naruto & Bleach..

Was surprise that not many people wore as Naruto..

But quite a few dressed up bleach & ninjas in Naruto anime..


I went specially for the cosplay competition but was quite disappointed..

Felt quite sianz lo..

Walked off after looking at all the semi-finalists..



Continue to explore the whole exhibitionz & saw some toys i like!


Blythe Doll!!! I find them so CUTE!



Well I treat STCC like my playground too~~~

Fight Fight Fight!


With Darth Vadar


Was at the Wii booth when I saw something damn hilarious..

Mr K decided to take a video of it..

LOL at it man!!!! Look so stupid!



I din stay for a long time..

Was abit disappointed somehow especially with the cosplay..

Is nothing as compared to those seen in Japan and so on..

Guess the cosplay culture is not that strong in Singapore yet..

But I am sure those who dressed up have done their best..

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My New Full Length Mirror!


Broke my small mirror 1 month back while blowing my hair..

Well, I always wanted a full length mirror in my room so that I can do my little fashion show in my room..

Since donkey years, I have been using the mirror in my mother’s room to dress up..

Somehow very inconvenient..=/


Finally my dream come true when go jalan jalan at IKEA..

Saw this full length mirror selling at $9.90!!!!!!!! 



Yes. Bought without much hesitation. hehehe!

However I could not put it up as my house is not equipped with the electric dill..

And another thing is that I am not that mechanical..



ManMan Mr K borrowed an electric drill so that he can help me to put up my new mirror..

YEAH!!!! Mr K 万岁!

Mr K @ work~~万岁!

Mr K still @ work~~万岁!


Eager to know turnout of the chinese drama acted by Zoe Tay at 9pm, I went to the living room to catch it..

The next time i returned to my room was during the commercial break..



It was DONE~~~!!!!!!!

Ta-DA..presenting you my new mirror!!!

*ExcitedExcited* ^_^


P.S: Thank you Mr K, you “HOE” Man wor~~ muackzz!

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Location: Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall

               3rd floor

               Choa Chu Kang


Met Syaima for dinner & gossip session.

Head to MOF@My Izakaya for authetic japanese dessert & more gossip session.. =)

Macha Imo – Green tea soft, red bean paste and 2 fried japanese sweet potatoes (Mine)

Price: $6.80

Rating: 7/10

Comment: I not really a sweet potato person. Well, since it stated japanese so i just give it a try. And indeed. NEVER regret trying!!! The sweet potato is very sweet and it goes very well together with the red bean paste & ice cream. Ice cream? I would prefer it to be green tea flavoured hokkaido ice cream. But Overall, the sweetness is just right. I like this. =)

Forget the name -Ice cream, japanese jelly, japanese dumpling (ball ball), fruit & red bean paste (Syaima)

Price: $7.20

Comment: Tried abit. The syrup from the smaller pot which is to be drizzled on the ice cream is damn sweet la! But i like the ballball. BOuncy feeling~~ The japanese jelly..hmm..taste like normal? Will not think of having it my next visit.


I would say I will visit again! hehehehehehehehe!

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It’s The End


Everything comes to an end..


I got my stuff back.

And Yes…MR K, You are so damn MAN lah!

He contacted that f**ker and get it back on my behalf..^_^

So glad to have him around =)

I was bothered if I am ready to face that f**ker and got abit emo at times..

But am glad that Mr K took the initative..

So Man… ❤ ❤ ❤


On the other hand..

Felt abit emo & got some flashbacks when I saw my stuff..

Especially my book “Mars & Venus Together Forever”..

Is the same book as  “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”..

I recalled how dumb I was..

I actually bought the book to read up when the f**ker broke up with me for the 1st time for no reason.

Thinking that by reading up, I will be able to understand men(or him) better & do smth that will help to improve our relationship then..


But who knows..

Now we become a total stranger..


But it turn out to be a good thing..


At least I am happy now. =)

Thanx to my friends, my family & of coz..Mr K.

All of u have been there for me..

Without all the scoldings, naggings & encouragement, Regina might still living in her miserable world..

Luv u all *muack*


And well..

Tomorrow will be a BETTER day~~~!!! ^_^

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2nd BBQ of TB17 Gals!

Wah sey..

Have been years since the last time we had our class bbq..

That time was at Cheryl’s place..


This year on 21st June, we decided to revive the tradition & get our bbq-ing session going!


Location: Cheryl’s place again. -_-

Attendance: Regina, Cheryl, Neeky, Rainus, Py & Grace

Absentee: Rudith, Adel, Boon Kee & Huimin (oversea)

Extra: The nice boyfies..


As usual we have manjong sets, lotsa of good food, titbits & drinks..

Cheryl’s mother was so nice to prepare all the food for us..

Got big prawns, sotong, fish, marinated chix wing, satay, otah, mee hoon, salad,live crabs and etc..

Me bbq-ing..

I killed two LIVE crabs by bbq-ing them alive..

Yeayea..Regina is so evil..

Bo bian if i dn kill who kill? Then all auntie’s effort goes down to the drain..

Seem like I need to do more voluntary work..-_-

The girls~~~


Neeky(in green), she damn good in bbq-ing..

Like her sambal prawn, sotongs & honey-glazed satay..



The slackiest are Rainus & Grace (The 2 that wear the nicest)..

Wear so nice for wat. Still put make-up. Never bbq. Roar~ @#$%&!

Me just can’t resist Cheryl’s charm..

I “touched” py’s one too..but some gut feeling tell me she will scream if she see the pix..so hmm..

Girls & boyfies~~


After the All-You-Can-Eat bbq session, we continued our activities in the house..

Gathered and played “Heart Attack”..

Old school sia..


We made a ra-ra over the game..

And we got the ultimate winner..

Mr K the long orange tongued man!!!! He got superslow reaction and always kana hit!

His prize is to eat the leftover cold otah~~

He received 8 otaks in total~~~~


The gang that played.

The rest ston-ing at the sofa -_-


Well it’s certainly a great, lotsa fun get-together bbq session..

So much of laughter, dancing along with Neeky’s mp3, posing for pix, filling up our stomach with food to the brim..^_^

Luv these gurls..

Really hope we will do this every year, even when we all grow old with kids..


Wow..imagine our kids playing together..

Who knows might become in-laws one day too?


Alright, stop it Regina.

U are thinking way too far le!!!!!!! -_-


P.S: Thank you Cheryl & Cheryl’s mummy! And..Luv ya girls..cya on 2nd Aug! ^_^

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Amoy Food Centre



Either go early or late.

Amoy FC super crowded, filled up by people working in CBD area.

And this stall always got long queue one ever since it was featured on the TV.

When I first tried it, there is only around 4 to 5 people in the queue..and now…10 to 13people lo! =/

Seafood Soup ($3.20)

Rating: 7.5/10

Comment: For the price of $3.20, I got 5 huge fresh fish slices, 2 fresh prawns, many chix bits & many lettuce. The soup is so sweet & yummy that I will finish every drop of it. Thinking of it will always make me drool~~~ Like it best with Mee sua ($0.30 more) as it further enhanced the sweetness…yum~~


Beside its seafood soup, it is famous for its sweet & sour soup + chix wing + bun/rice at a fairly low price of $2.10!

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