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My classmate-Alexis

Why nobody notice Alexis???

Whenever I asked my classmates of where is Alexis or the number of people in the class..
They would always give me a puzzled looks and told me there is only 17gurls in our class and not 18..

They called me weirdo and laughed at me..They thought I siao..
But I thought they all very rude to Alexis loh..They never bother to talk to her eventhough she was beside them,putting her arm around their shoulders…

Since nobody wants to acknowledge Alexis, so most of the time, only me would talk to her..

But most of the time, she would sit alone..

I was wondering why my class was horrified when they saw me talking to Alexis..

Class: “Regina..who you talking to???”
Me:”Alexis lah..u all so mean!!!always forget her..”I said as i put my arm around her..
Class:”Where got??Regina u siao arh..”

See..Nobody acknowledge Alexis..so mean right???

So did u see Alexis with me when u all see me???

HeHe..I was actually joking nia..there isn’t any Alexis at all..
Some of my class were frightened while some of them played along with me..
Fine..i noe i am lame..Nothing to do so play a prank loh..

Haha..But who noes???
Ghost festival coming le..


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Mating Season for Hamsters!!!

Sorry Snowie and Brownie..Got to expose your private sex life!!!

HaHa!!!I just witnessed animal sex…

Snowie kept licking Brownie’s “xiaomei”..haha!!!
And Brownie was in a doggy position with a “toot” raised high…
Snowie was trying to enter I guess..He kept licking his “xiaodi” and stood behind Brownie..

I saw it with my own eyes that Snowie was thrusting really fast againstBrownie..
Haha!!!I find it interesting so I took my camera to film it down..
ERm..But I think they noticed me and stopped..
Snowie kept staring at me like saying,”Stupid gurl, now I can’t shoot and have more kids!”

Haha..Now the both of them looked super sian..like waiting for me to get out of the room..
so that they can mate again..haha!!!

Oh yah..So what happened to the 10cute baby hamsters???
2 of them passed away..and the rest of the 8 are growing swiftly and energectic..
But one of them is a handicapped..he only can walked sideway on his right arm and never straight…Eat also have to lie sideway to eat..

But I will sell to the pet shop and only keep “black bear” and “handicapped” and “Red Eyes”..
Will upload photos soon on these 8 cuties soon..

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Worst day of my LIFE!!!


After about a month of resting and recovering my injured arm, I finally ready to strive hard for training again!!!

Since I have no more paper, I jio some of the sprinters to go for self training at kallang..
By the time we canoe, I oledi left not much time as I need to go for work later..
However, I was trying hard to use the limited time I got at its maximum..

I kept rowing and rowing…whereas jiaying and elva(our babies) trained on their short sprint..
As for junsheng and Edmund, they went out to gay beach..
Initially, Edmund wanted to go East Coast alone..
I noe he is our ivp 3rd but I thought it was still dangerous to canoe outside of kallang alone..
We nagged at him and luckily, he felt that he might not be able to come back on time..that’s y he changed his mind to go gay beach instead..

The worries for Edmund’s safety just subsized, and then junsheng said he wanted to canoe with Edmund to gay beach..He had not fully recovered from his knee operation and yet he wanted to take the risk..Of coz, being a naggy gurl, I objected to the idea..Jiaying and Elva were on my side too!!!

But, Guys are always Guys..Bu zhi si huo..Will never bother about the consequences..
Yeah..Junsheng went along with his own decision..

I felt better when I saw the both of them canoe back in one piece..
By then, it was almost time for me to beach up le..

I thought I still got lot of time left so I took my time..mo ze li mo na li..
Wah..it was difficult for a petty gurl like me to beach up and carry the boat n paddle by myself..
I put my paddle on the dustbin then picked up when i carried the boat on my shoulder..
I was using my hip bone to support the weight most of the time sia..

Poor Hip Bone~~~

I only managed to carry across the road as the boat was slipping off my shoulder..
i put down the boat and thought of ways to carry the boat again..
Wah…zhen de bu ke yi..i can’t take the boat n paddle at the same time!!!

I was expecting help from some kind soul..But these 3 dragon boaters who were nearby kept on chitchatting and din notice how pitiful i am..

Finally when I thought of an idea of carrying n walked like a crab..One of the dragon boaters came forward to help me..

Lucky sia…
Since he put the boat on the floor..i got to put it on the trolley to wash it myself..
While i was carrying the boat to the trolley, I was trying to siam the drink machine..

N guess what?
I managed to siam the drink machine but hit the snack machine instead..

Hoho!!!i managed to do all the washing myself..
After the boat, it was my time to get washed!!!

I looked at my watch..it shows,”3.55pm”
I was like,”Shit!Got to be late..”So i dashed to the public toilet..
And guess what???
Some naggy and unreasonable “da jie” was using the toilet..
So I went back to SDBF to bath..

And guess what now???
There was no water and no pail for me to bath..
*sigh*So in the end, I showered in the public..
imagine i got to wash my armpit and pubic region in the public..
Worst of all..someone saw me washing armpit!!!

After washing, I looked at my watch..”4.20pm”
woah..time was running out..Got to take cab le..

As I did not have much $$$ in my wallet, I went to kallang mrt, planning to draw $$$..
And guess what???
The stupid ATM machine was temporarily out of service…
“Fuck lah..”was the first word that came out of my mouth..

I approached several people to locate the next nearest ATM machine..
Feel so much to bash these ppl up..they gave incorrect direction…and the way they gave direction like as if I am the “Di tou se” there…

After drawing $$$…I went across the road to hail for cab..
BAKA!!!All the cabs were changing shifts then..
I only managed to hop into a cab at 4.45pm..
And reached my workplace at 5.10pm..I was late..*Sigh*

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KTV Outing!!!

KTV Outing!!!

TB17 rocks man!!!

Yeah, we rocked crazily in KBOX at cineleisure yesterday…
Almost all us were present for the crazy singing outing from 2pm to 7pm..

I was late and reached about 2.30pm..I was expecting the gerz would be singing crazily by then..
however, I was so swrong man..They were just about to sing nia…haiyoh..
I thought i was super late but i found out actually, I was one of the earliest..haha!!!

We chose many songs that we like..n started yelling at the top of our voices..
I thought the mikes in KBOX damn sucky lah..The cordless mikes are damn loud whereas the rest damn sux lah..

Since I get the lousy mike, my voice was frequently covered by others..I was quite sian about it…

Soon, the latecomers arrived..n we had all the fun together..
Among all the great singers…I thought Rainus has the nicest voice..
She sang damn well lah..Can sing all kind of songs like Sun Yan zi, Evonne Xu and Tanya Chua..
So lucky!!!I bet she probably qaulified for the “Jue Dui Superstar”!!!
I thought Pat got a nice n RnB voice too..These people are damn lucky lah..
But, I thought all of us have an unique way of singing and all r beautiful..

At around 5pm, many of them left for reasonz like work n so on…
And most of us by then, was tired le..

But, the atmosphere is spiced up when Rainus and Rudith chose those oldies pop song sang by spice girl, barbie girl, Feng Fei fei and Gao ling Feng…
Woah..All of those were present started dancing as if we r clubbing sia..
Rainus damn funny lah…She imitated Feng Hui Hui damn well, especially when she said, “Gan Xie Ni..”

We sang till like 8pm…before we went for dinner..
I am so sorry for Ana who waited for us for like more than an hour..n she left home without eating dinner with us…

Actually the class suppose to go clubbing but it turned out only left 2ppl going…Neeky and Poh Ying were like begging me and Joan to go..haha!!Of coz we din go but we pei them till it’s time to go clubbing..
Aren’t we kind souls…?

Eventhough only the two of them went..but i heard they have a great time..
haha!N some of us have slight sore throat from all the wild singing!!!

Hope to go ktv with the gurls again..n maybe go clubbing or pubbing..
Luv ya gurls!!!

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what’s the point of Gambate???

Why my spirit of gambate will turn out like this???

Why my plan will never go well successfully???

Why liddat? Why liddat? Why liddat?

Since young, whenever I wanted to work harder..
Something bound to happen..

Nan dao wo geng “Success and win” mei you yuan fen?

I have great passion in canoeing..
You should see how I grinned when I finally see kallang water after 2wks of recuperating my injury..Eventhough it was super low-tide yesterday..

The sight pushed me harder to wanting to work harder..
I planned to train hard after my arm fully recover..
I had even plan my training schedule for semester break..

But, my plan and dream went down to the drain when Weiqiang told me something..

He said there is a marathon around Ubin during August..
It was so sudden..I was freaking shocked..

I know my limit..
I know by that time..I will not be well prepared for the marathon..

It made me feel that “Gambate”itself does not equal to achievement..
Sometimes, it depends on luck..
MYself, have no such luck..

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10 little cute living things


Brownie gave birth to many little creatures on wednesday…
All of them were still stained with blood then..
Brownie, being a gentle mother, licked all her little creatures…
All of them were super cute!!!

With their eyes still closed n reddish hairless body, they moved their tiny hands and legs..

I tried counting the number of litters that brownie gave birth…

1,2,3,4……10!!! 10 little cute creatures!!!
Gosh!That’s alot!!!

I took a closer look at Brownie and noticed her backside and tail was stained with blood..
What did Snowie do???

He grabbed all the food to Brownie when I put in some beansprouts and dried food…
So Sweet rite???

Everyday, I am watching them grow up..
Till today, those 10 creatures are still alive…
Yesterday, I realized how great a mother can be..

Brownie was feeding those 10 creatures..
She used her hand to sayang all of them..Used her mouth to get them back to nest
when they tried to walk away..

She had taken care of them so well!!!
How i wish my mother will treat me like she is Brownie..

My mother never hugged or sayang me before…
My life is worse than an animal’s…

Anyway, I hope these 10 creatures will grow up well!!!
They are special, it rare for a hamster to give birth to more than 8..
All the way, Brownie!!!

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Jasonz = Working Adult!!!

Jasonz had been offered a job by his former customer, Woh Hup!

He will be doing some IT administrator stuff, I think..
Anyway, the pay is quite reasonable, higher than his previous working place!
However, it is a 5 1/2days job..
But never mind lah, it relatively near, near 6th Avenue!

Yahooo!That’s mean he can always go home with me!!!
If he get the job successfully, he can then proceed on to get a degree..

Aiyah..No need to be so happy yet..
He still need to go for an interview..
Hopefully he get the job..
The nicest people reading my blog, i am not concern on whichever religion u believe in..
But i know you,being a nice person will pray hard for this fat ugly old man to get a job real soon..

Please pray hard..Really


So that i can buy clothes, have big feast and erm..maybe pay my school fees?
Hoho!I am 1 step nearer to become a TaiTai!



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