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Surprise Geraldine!


Ashlem & Geraldine~


Ashlem, the sweet boyfie of Geraldine “park-kar” with the canoiests to give our chiobu Geraldine a little 20th birthday surprise!!!!


According to Jiaying, the attendance for the canoeists have been really bad..

So, on that night, only 4 of us turned up.

I, the remarkable low in attendance one, made the effort to join in the surprise act..


Dennis bought the cake and we waited at Ashlem’s void deck till the bdae girl arrived~

“Surprise!” and gave her a hug..

Jiaying, Me, Geri, Dennis & Lex


Blew the cake, eat the cake & play the manjong~~~!

I din play just use eye power.


Hope Geraldine luv this little pleasant surprise. =)

1 more year to adulthood!!!hehehe!


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Aska Yang~~!


Winner of..




-Y.E.S. 93.3FM 醉心龙虎榜年度十大金曲奖

-Y.E.S. 93.3FM醉心龙虎榜停榜最久金曲奖


Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

(P.S: Congratz to my Wu Yue Tian for winning 2 awards too!!!!yipeee)


IT has been a long time since I last heard about his news..

The winning news of him from the Singapore Hit Award 2008 remind me of his music showcase.

And yes, that time I went to the showcase with Mr K. Our first outing and back then, we are still very casual friends!


But who knows..

Aska turned out to be our matchmaker..

LOL..Everything happen for a reason =)


Well, at least this is a good reason.

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Got the card in a very random way.

I am not a hardcore clubber, just a social one.

The girls got it by some way. dun ask me how.i just get it.


No special occasion.

Just a sudden random meetup to club & drink!

Well, that’s what sisters are right? 

No reasoning is needed. Just MEET & have FUN.

Yeah..that’s the way it is!!! 


MEt up with Cher @ 730, outside dbl o.

Yes, 730pm!super early for clubbing lo~~~

Got the early bird stamp @ 10buck.

She cheated me. She told me $6!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRR..


Waited for PY before we went in to chill at 8 odd. -_-”


Feeling bored..

Thus, the usual stuff..




Our dbl o stamps~~~

I AM RESERVED~~~!!! (sometime available..only for MR K) 

Nothing beat us in cam whore.

Took damn long time to get all our faces in those circle mirrors lo…

Oh dear!ii hate this pix to the CORE!!!!!

Why it has to remind me my drastic hair problem? =( 


Cam whore quite long le..

Sit down eat popcorn & chips till Rainus & Grace join us for more CAM WHORING!!!!

PY, Grace, Rainus, Cher & Myself..

All wearing the black & gold theme except me!

I am a colourful person; dun go for full BLACK! hahahhaa!

Went for JAGER BOMB which is good shit cool drink ok!

It’s a fun drink lo..see the way that the drinks were arranged..

Threw an ice to hit one of the shot and it will create the domino effect; all the shots will go down into the glass of redbull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go the KISSING fest again~~~



This time round, it turned out to be more happening!!!!

Got some weird guy sort of creating trouble at our table.

Kept talking non stop to us & fill us up with many nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

But he’s funny. Drunk guy do silly things. hahahaha!


Some how i quite regret to let cher have my camera.

Wah liew..they took endless shots!!!

My camera from full bar to no batt la!!!

And the total size of the pix we took is like 243MB la! That’s not little lo! Scary shit!!!!!

Yes. They took endless shots on their eyelashes!!!

I looked thru the pix when i got it back..& saw SO MANY!!!!


But then, i kinda like those pretty eyelashes~~~

I also want to put! =p


Teach me how to put leh.


P.S: Guess more dbl o session & drink-till-u-high sessionto come with that DBL O girl card. And guess what? 2 guests are allowed to go in with me!!!! hehehhehee!

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Gimme back my Sunday!


The “cannot teach” lecturer and was replaced by another lecturer.

Okay, he is so much better. At least I understood his language.

For the previous one, I not only don’t understand what he is teaching but also feel like throwing things at the so not academic & only blah-ing his way thru lecturer.


He left for good. And all of us are good about it.

But he left us something bad.

The lecturer replacing him could not commit all his Wednesdays to teach and hence..

We got to go back on Sunday for lessons.

Yes.10 lessons with 6 as early as 830am and 4 ending as late as 5pm.


Tell me.

How many normal human beings want to spend their Sundays in school, listening to lectures?


I don’t. u don’t too.

It just made my whole lifestyle haywired.

Just as anyone of us are feeling so frustrated about the “Sunday” lessons, my lecturer exclaimed, “i feel as sucky as any of u ok. I got life.”


Alright. Cool.

If we can shout out loud to the SIM admin, we, together with the lecturer would yelled, “Gimme back my Sunday!”


Yes. I want my Sunday. It has badly make my days, weeks & months really bad.

But what to do, do I got a choice?

No. Bear with it.


Well, at least I don’t have to bear that disgusting lousy lecturer’s nonsense who simply can’t teach.

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3 Temasek Boulevard

Suntec City Tower 1


Singapore 038983

Tel: 6238 7088

Website: http://www.res.com.sg/restaurants_view.php?v=8


Pricing: Depend on day & time

Rating: 8/10


Well, I had it on the Thursday evening and it cost approximately $45 per pax.



It was a mini celebration for me & Mr K, to celebrate our clearance of our 1st batch of goods!

It was a very delayed celebration but still, a good feast after much pestering from the princess!LOL!


We went a little late & was caught in the long queue.

Only managed to get in & dash for food at 8 odd in the evening.

Not much time left to feast lo.


Started off with the very nice paper steamboat!

(I shrunk the pix too much. So i 4get about putting it on my blog. -_-)

These are some of the food we feast on…btw, the dessert is for myself only.

(Had a total of 12 plates all together- teppanyaki, paper steamboat, yakitori, sashimi, dessert & etc)


My favourite is the Cha Soba & the sashimi. Wah sey. Damn good shit la!!!!

But what made my tear flowing is the SNOW CRAB!

I was staring at the others sucking the juice and eating the fresh crab meat.

I can practically feel my saliva drooling. oh yes. it was drooling unconditionally. 


“Orgasm” is the first thing I let out from my mouth + a little quirk of tear was at the corner of my eyes when I had my first bite of the REAL CRAB STICK. Feel super GAN DONG man.


With the presence of SNOW CRAB+ Cha soba, the other selections taste good & fresh too.

They are just good shit la! $45 is worth it if you can really eat. Yes, Eat as much of the SNOW CRABS.

And yes, the sashimi is damn fresh; tasted like jelly in the mouth.


Oh man..

I want to go back to feast again man.

Buffet outing any one?

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Fate is my greatest enemy.

And I am fighting my fate with me, myself and I. LOL.

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Vegetables made me sick

After the kuishinbo buffet treat from Mr K, I started my 3-days vegetarian diet plan!!!

My diet is basically just no meat product and held from friday to sunday.


To find food which only contains vegetables are damn hard!

Ask me to forgo long john silver and blah..pretty hard too lo..

And then, still got to hide from Mummy that i eating vegetarian for her health is superduper hard!

She kept asking me to eat this n that which contains meat~~


But still, I accommplished the 3-days plan!

No sweat!


I am so proud of myself!


But then, I feel sick now.

Bad weather condition + no meat (maybe?)..


But i do shit more now. LOL!



I shall give myself a meaty treat tml!!!!

Da Rou Bao wo lai le~~~~


P.S: Happy to see Mummy at home again!

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