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Kinda funny.

I actually participated with my mother to a cooking competition at Zhenghua CC.

The worst part is I had to go “Ki Siao” with her sickly on a sleepy Sunday morning. 

Yeah was feeling sick and had only 2hours of sleep.


Well, the real cook is HER. I was just a bread cutter.

Me and her friend were there just to form a team. LOL~


To be honest, I was quite pissed with her friend.


You will get what I mean after you see the bread arrangement below.


Cute lah~But hmmmm…


You must be thinking.

Why am I only the bread cutter. And wait, why we need bread in the 1st place…

Look below for clue.




After an hour plus of cooking, all the dished were ready…


Our Curry Chix! Well, we got 10points for presentation.


Sometime I feel my mama is so cute~

As much as I was irritated by her friend, I still find her helpful.

At least..I dun have to wash the dishes~


Initially, my mama was suggesting me and Mr K to team up with her.

But glad I din..if not, I will be the one who do the washing!!!!!



Let’s see some of the dishes made by other contestants…

I will just show my favorite in terms of presentation~


Unsure what is this though. Look tomato Look spicy too. Think is Chilli Chicken.


Chicken Briyani


Wah~Look damn appetizing hoh?

Too bad I din get to try any since I was not really well.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to have spicy food early in the morning lah!



We din win in the end.

But my mother still receive her consolation prize.

—A bag of bottles of sauces from the sponsor, Chng Kee’s—


And certainly, a GOOD EXPERIENCE & a good way to make my mother happy. =)


P.S: Thank you Mr K for coming down to look look see see~


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The Sick Bug is Here!

Feel Sick.

The Aching bug is attacking.

The Vomitting bug is attacking.



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My Brother Got A New Job!


He exited the frictional unemployment group and joined the workforce again!

(Wow~Econs come to good use~)


No more Pizza Hut, No more Subway.

He will officially start his work on Monday as a Driving Instructor at BBDC!


Certainly a good news! ^_^


P.S: Got hope to pass my TP liao~

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Nerdy April


Mcdonald becomes my favorite hangout place~

I went there so often till the counter staff chit chat with me~

So glad Mcdonald is opened 24 hours. 

If not, no studying will be done.


Apart my time spent in Mcdonald..

I go to school often too.

Almost everyday I will see Jiabi, my good friend since bridging course.

It’s ridiculous~I see him like more than I see Mr K lah!

Not that I want to see him that often but just that, we have the same modules -_-

Becoz of that, we were often got teased by our friends…-_-


Speaking of Jiabi, we bought the same calculators.

Becoz it is the cheapest, not coz we have the same liking..

But I must say he got unique taste~


His: Pink; Mine: Orange, my all time favorite!

So gay. He wanted to change with me.

But NO! I am not gonna exchange something out of my favorite colour!


Since I was in school that often..

I got to witness the UOL graduation reception that was held in the SIM atrium~


Wah~People Mountain People Sea~

Sigh~When will be my turn?

I want to wear the graduation suit and take photo too~


Now, struggling for my exams.

Even in my dream, I dreamt about the graphs from Macroecons -_-



I am transforming to be a nerdy kura princess.

Revive my freedom in a month.

I pray for it to come quickly yet same time, pray for it not to come that quickly.

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It’s sold at #01-34, Amoy FC.

The same stall which I recommend its seafood soup.

Decided to go for their steamed rice bowl for “new tasting”..


Salted Fish Chicken Rice ($3.00)

Rating: 7/10


I fancy this kind of traditional steamed bowl feast like herbal soup and so on. I must say this is my first time trying steamed rice bowl though but definitely a good experience! Wanted to try their Mei Cai Chicken but sadly,it was sold out. So tried their salted fish chicken rice instead. Not a fan of salted fish but I must say..this is delicious! I am a lover for salty food & had even asked for more sauce! I was expecting the chicken to be those normal boney chicken but it is not! They all look like minced chicken patties~ Easy to eat and nice and generous serving of salted fish, vege and chicken! Go Yummy with the chilli padi~ And it’s not greasy. You will like this if you are a lover for salty food! ^_^

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Yeah!Finally get to see my Mr K!

I was so happy lah!

It’s a hard-to-come opportunity to pa tor since both of us are busy with our exams.


Accompanied me to use the $50 Capitaland Voucher given as bdae pressie by Jiabi and Glenn.

I know it had been a long time since my bdae~ =p


We headed for a good meal first.

My favorite cafe in Bugis – V8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#03-29 Parco Bugis Junction

Singapore  188021

Tel: 6333 4434


Chicken Shawarma ($8.80)

Rating: 6/10


A healthy choice of meal serving a lot of vegetables. My favorite is the wedges and the coleslaw. I feel they are quite stingy with their serving. But for the main, I feel it is not too bad. The grilled chix goes well with the yogurt sauce. Abit soury but still yummy. I thought it’s not a bad alternative to my usual baked rice in V8. But..I still prefer the chix chop or baked rice in V8.


Aglio Olio Spaghetti With Grilled Tiger Prawn ($9.90)


I think it’s a baby tiger prawn. Felt overpriced for Mr K.


After our meal & some short movie in V8, we went shopping to spend my voucher!



In the end..


My 1st pair of Levi Jeans!

I must say the $$$ is well spent.

With the $50 voucher, and the Gen L promo from Levi ($48 discount), I only pay 20buck more to top up the remaining sum. How’s cool issit?


3 cheers for myself & of coz, to the man who accompanied me to see me spend $$$.

Must thank him even though I got this feeling he preferred to be a nerd & hit his books at home. =/


Oh well..


Say Hello to “NO Life” till 21st May.

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I was atonished to receive this email from my friend.

Apparently, there is such thing called “Japanese Penis Festival“..

Shall share some of the pix that I receive from the email..



To be less crude, it is also known as Hounen Matsuri. It is celebrated annually on the 15th of March. It is as celebration for fertility and renewal. This is an old custom whereby it is linked to bringing good harvest and having babies.


I am still “wow-ing”

So hard to believe it..


I like her new nose!!!

Look like a fun event to go to!!!!!

Beside this ceremony, I read from the net saying that there is a mini fair going by at the same time.


P.S:  Why Singapore don’t have such festival?

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