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Mummy forced me to take $$$

Mummy forced me to take $$$

For the first time in life, my mother forced me to take $10..
She has always been selfish and stingy..
Only giving me $30-$50 a week for transport n food..

But today, she insisted of me taking the $ eventhough i said nono..
It’s kinda of weird..
She become so much soft spoken to me and never yell at me..

Maybe she is guilty and wake up after that night..
Maybe they using soft technique to make me take out the $$$..
Maybe they still expect me to apologise..

I will still lend out the $$$ if they asked me again..
Coz they are my parent..
But dun expect me to apologise coz i am not in the fault..
I just doing my part as a daughter and that’s all..


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War with Family

$900 the cash to WAR with family

Thanx to my brother..
I learnt how to spell F-U-C-K-E-R..

Just found out the truth..
And the very truth is that the $900 that my dad want me to pay for..
is the fucker’s car insurance..
I quarrelled with my parent as i am not willing to pay for the fucker..

What disppointed most is that my dad said hurtful stuffs..
He threatened me to lend him my $$$ in the name of “FATHER”..
I mean am i wrong to ask questions about MY $ and clarify whether they will return?
Not only my dad did not answer me..he even yelled at me..
Have u seen anyone yelled n threatened when he wanted to borrow $..?

I cried after he left the room..
My mother came in..n forced me to apologise..
But, i felt that i am not in the wrong at all..
All my mother know is pushing fault to me..
JAsonz tried explaining to her..but my mother is just too selfish..
They only got $$$ in the head and nothing else..

But..from my mother..I find out something..
My fucker brother played mind game with them..
And made them buy the car for him..
They bought the car for him for his safety..
My fucker brother insisted of not taking public transport to work & threatened to buy a bike..
My parent, knowing that he kana accidents all the time..agreed to buy car for him instead..

And what did i get???
Nothing but a sum of debt for me to pay..
Issit fair to me???
I tried pouring out my thoughts to them, hoping it will wake them up..
But..i think they will always stay in their dream..
I had already done my best by telling them how i feel since i was sec3..

They never appreciate..

I have decided.

Moving out is the best choice…

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My Bank become $0.00 again..

My Bank account become $0.00 again..

*Sigh* I save every cents I made from my part time job..
And rarely anyohw spend those hard-earned $..
But still..it become $0..

My dad borrowed $900 from me today..
What can I say???
I can’t say NO..My brother sure wun help..if he really want to help..
He would oledi offer his help when he heard about it..
My dad needed those $ to pay to the insurance..
And my $ is his sacrifice..

So sad right?
Now I am thinking on how am I going to proceed to bangkok with $0..
I dun even have $ to buy new clothes for job interview..
My presentation clothes spolit..*sigh*

This tells me something..
I would never be able to get a degree..if this continues..
Everytime my dad asked me for $..the sum is always up to more than $500
and he nvr returned..*sigh*

Just dun get it..
I pay for my own school fees, pay for my own laptop and other miscellanous cost..
And they only gimme a miserable $180 per month to spend..
I dun mind the amount they give me but they always borrow frm me..

How am I going to prepare the fees for a degree???
Get a job quick???No use i guess..my ma will demand more than $300 frm me monthly..

Will update more especially on those events i haven update..Study hard people!!!

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