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Back then, Mr K wanted to eat something beefy and thus, this was added even though I nt a beef person.
We get to know it from a food show some time back. 

21 Gough Street, (Central)
Tel: +852 2815 0123
Opening time: 1230pm to 1130pm
Nearest MTR: Upper Central (Shang Huan)

清湯腩 (Beef Noodle)

It looks good! I tried the soup and it was superb good! I don’t mind just having the soup itself. The soup is a delicacy!
This particular shop is particularly famous among the locals. A queue will be seen outside the shop during peak hours. 
And the flow of customers to the shop is non-stop even at 3pm. Well, certainly explain its reputation. However, they have some policy to dine in. Every customer has to meet the requirement of spending HKD26 at least in the shop. I am not sure what they will do to you if you don’t but why I feel the rule is abit….=_=
A stop that should not be missed if you are a beefy person.

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Trying out the food is probably the most memorable for my Hong Kong Trip.
At least, I was happy when I was dining. 
Before my trip, I did a detailed research on food in Hong Kong (openricetable site).
And, I was so dying to try their wanton, especially this stall- 麥文記麵家.
According to the foodie people from the site, the wanton is wrapped with only PRAWN.
Prawn, my favorite seafood. 

No. 51 Parkes St., (Jordan)

Tel: +852 2736-5561

Opening time: Noon to 1230am

Nearest MTR: Jordan

And there are 2 PRAWNS in each wanton!!!!!!!!!!!

I lovvvvve it~~~!!!!!The prawns are fresh, crunchy and lightly salted. My trip partner(Mr K) and I were practically snatching for more!!!! I was craving for it even on the day of my departure from Hong Kong. Gosh, I am missing it right now.

蝦子撈麵 (Shrimp Noodle)

I know it doesn’t look a bit like shrimp at all. It’s name and appearance caught my attention so I gave it a try. However, hongkie people have a slightly different eating style from us. They like to serve plain noodle with the “main” and allow the consumer to use their creativity to flavour their meal. Thus, lot of sauces were placed at the same. I had no idea which to put and just try. 
It tasted unique. Goes well with chilli. =p

Another  focus of this meal is their oyster sauce. Sad to say, I did not get a shot of it. The oyster sauce is probably the best sauce I have tasted so far. Seem like it is home made and even in the menu, they specifically assigned pricing to the oyster sauce itself.
Goes well with veggie. yum~~~!

Well, this is probably a stall to visit if you are heading to Hong Kong.

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On my actual day itself, I was feeling relatively listless.
It seems like birthday is just another fine day.
I guess it’s the work of feeling intoxicated after a night of drinking.

I started off my birthday with my driving lesson.
Feeling intoxicated and driving is not funny but I still do good.  =)
Suppose to meet my other 2 primary school jiemeis for dinner.
But one of them met a minor accident and thus, left me & Kunnie. =)

We went for a feast at Cha Cha Cha Restaurant- Mexican. 

32 Lorong Mambong 
Holland Village 

Tel: +65 6462 1650

Potato skin with minced beef (I 4get the name)

Pardon me. Emo-ing kill memory cells.

Chimichanga (Chicken)

Overall, the food is reasonably good. I like the potato skin with the spicy minced beef. So do Kunnie. She loves it! =) The Chimichanga I had was delicious too.It feels slightly cheesy and it goes pretty well with all the sauces placed on top of it. I do love the tomato that they serve at the side. Kinda greasy on the outside but can be quite filling. I could not finish it at all. Kunnie ordered a beef burritos but due to angle..the picture did not turn out good. But her burritos was overwhelming with carbo. PAstry skin and rice and beef slice. Gosh. Really carbo-overwhelming.

Kunnie with the complimentary chips

Both of us enjoyed our dinner (just a little too full)and had a nice chat. =) We are friends of more than a decade. It’s amazing to know that our bond still growing strong.

Kunnie was sweet and had actually bought me a small cake to blow my 24th. =)
I was quite taken by surprise as I saw the cake. I was wondering Cha Cha Cha they serve cake?

After our enjoyable and super BAO dinner, we went separate ways.

I went to meet up with the sprinters @ Tea garden Mcdonald. =)
They waited for me for quite long. So sorry about that! =p
I feel very touched to know that they want to let my blow candle, together  with Dennis.

Birthday human beings~

So like cutting wedding cake~lol!

The sprinters~

The sprinters again~

It’s a pleasant meet up with them. So happy and really appreciate that they spend my 24th with me. =) 
I was touched in the heart. It made me feel the whole thing is so meaningful.  Friends are what I need.
To think of it, this is my 1st time celebrating my birthday without boyfriend since I was firstly attached. 
Can be quite emo-ing but seeing how your closer ones try to cheer u on did made my birthday a really meaningful one. 
Thank you folks! =)

Cheers to Singlehood. 

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24……@Double O & TGIF

My apologies for the delay in my entries.
Emotional crisis.
Lonely is the word when I know he is no more there to celebrate my birthday.  Honestly, I have never felt so emotional for my birthday before. I was always the most exciting person back then. But now..

I am glad I have great friends like my jiemeis, canoiests and good friends that care for me.
All the birthday wishes and birthday celebration, I really appreciate it. =)
Thank u very much. =)

On the 22nd itself, my bunch of hao jie meis celebrated mine and Neeky’s big day@TGIF.
It was a long wait at TGIF since reservation wasn’t allowed on a weekend. The food came in big portion but taste wise was so-so.
No big hu-ha over it.

What’s made and caught us by surprise is the birthday tradition in TGIF.


Look’s what we have here?
Super Overloaded fats ice cream. Gosh.
The whipped cream kept oozing out.
So filled up with whipped cream that every spoon is whipped cream.
FATSSSSS attack.
Beside the fats attack, TGIF staffs made us feel paiseh too.

We were made to stand on the chair and give a speech.
Yes, that bottle of chilli sauce is our mike. lol~
The staffs too, did a TGIF cheer which scared the hell out of me. =_=
But it was fun. =) Thanks TGIF staffs. 

And of coz, my bunch. Ai ni men~ ^_^

We proceeded to double o for my birthday treat after our dinner.
Not all but only only 5 of us went. =_=
Double O was  pretty sweet to give me birthday treat and even give me a cute tee as pressie.

I cant remember what is written on the tee. The tee is still with WB!roar~~~!

See. Only 5 of us.
Guess age are catching us up. No dancing but just laid back drinking session at dbl o.

And the girls sabo me. Ordered a graveyard.
My facial expression leaked everything out about the taste.

But I was still steady bom bi bi after the drink ok~ =p

Just that abit “high” and started all my posing…


Nut case 1.

Nut case 2.

The after effect of graveyard. lol~

I couldn’t remember much after that. Only had slight memories about guy grabbing me by the waist.
That was scary i bet. lol~ But a wonderful birthday celebration. 

=) Gimme 24 graveyard.

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24….@Everything With Fries

2nd round of celebration with the Triumver.
So thoughtful of them to ask the sad birthday girl out & go for a dinner over at Tony’s. 
A dinner is what I need then. For a breather from all the unhappiness.


458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671
Tel: 6345 5034 

A pretty cosy nice place to hang out with fries  friends, good food & drink.

From the name of the shop, you will know its specialities is….FRIES.
With a main, you got to choose the different flavour of the fries- Curry, sour cream, salt & vinegar & etc.
Beside the fries, the dishes that Everything With Fries serves are relatively creative.
Do expect shock when you dine in here. =)
Since I was depressed & seem to be in my own world, I was forced to eat alot alot alot. lol~


Egg Soup ($3.90)

Shocked to see a fried egg over the chicken broth. The chicken broth was light and pleasant to me. With the nice touch of the fried egg absorbing the essence of the soup, it sum up to be an EDGY dish.

Skinny wing ($5.00)

LOL~what’s a name! ^_^ Heavily marinated with spices kinda of dish. I only had 1 piece and I think it is not too bad.

Lamb Burger With Curry Fries & Baby Caesar ($9.90)

Before this, I have never touched lamb burger. Had my 1st try and I wish I could just finished all out of Jiansen’s plate!
The meat was tender and chewy. I thought it was beef burger till I see the receipt! Not a least it has any lamby smell.
It’s perfect!!!! As for the fries, it was not too bad.

Salmon in a Cup & Coleslaw ($11.90)

 Yummy~!A quirky dish again! The salmon is in the cup itself & they are generally generous in their portion.
There is a special way to eat this dish. We will have to dip the fries into the sauce for flavour. It’s a nice idea but due to the fries thickness, it’s harder to absorb the flavour of the salmon sauce. However, plainly eating the salmon in a cup is awesome! ^_^
It’s a dish that i fell in love with. And their coleslaw was fresh & good! Loving it!!!!!!
Triple Thumb UPS!!!!!!!!

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Salt & Vinegar fries & Caesar ($8.90)

It might look like a normal sandwich but do not be fooled by it! The most simpler dish is actually the tougher dish!
Serving warm, with melted cheese and mixed sauces, it was fabulous!!! And what I heard from Tony is that the bread itself is home made too. All I can say is..the bread is good. Spongy good. *drooool*
As for the fries, I prefer the salt and vinegar one. Nice. =)
As much I had mentioned, it is a cheer me up cum bdae dinner.
I got a cake!


I was so touched when my friends and the whole team of Everything With Fries’s staffs sang out loud for me.
The feeling is great. It’s just brightened me up and bring me back from unhappiness.
I was on smiles the whole night.

Nutella Tart+Ice Cream ($6.70)

 Yummy~Nutella Tart. Just name will make u drool hoh? Indeed, it tastes as good as its name. =)

I did not manage to get any shot of the milkshake. But you can try strawberry milkshake next time.

Rating: 8.5/10

Love can come & go but good friends don’t.
They will stay with you to cheer you on when you are done.
And I found them. I am a lucky girl because I don’t just found them but many others who cares for me.

Thank you (from left) Tony, Jiansen & Jeffie. =)

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