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So sad!!!

So Sad!!!


Why cant i be given the chance to be artisitc!!!!

I want to watch the VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA from Austria!!!!
But..it was all sold out!!!WTF lo!!!!

Super pissed off!!!!!!!!!!
So regret man!!!Why din i buy it earlier!!!Fuck lah!!!

*Hungry = Moody*


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I am not a very strong religion believer but I despise people who make generalization on other religions.

I felt that these people dunno the word “RESPECT”…
Why want to make such insulting remarks when we dun make?

What will we think of you and ur religion when u make such remarks?
Have these people make use of their brain juice and think how ones will feel?
No they don’t…

Personally, I feel that there should be mutual understanding and be tactful to each other religions..
If this understanding exist, there won’t be strong tension between Islam and Christianity in Isarel..
If it exist, there won’t be so many religion tension all over the world…

I strongly believe that religion taught us to someone that is nice, respectful, understanding and peacful!!!
So people who make generalization and bad remarks, please WAKE UP ur idea!

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The Journey of ARTS

The Journey of ARTS( 21st May 2006)

“Wah…so magnificient!!!!!!!”hahaahaha!!!

At the Substation

It really caught my attention when Shannon told me about the CATS exhibition..I thought it will be interesting to see photo and drawing of cats..
The scale of the exhibition is quite small and personally, I think the exhibition is nice but I feel that it can be better..

Jasonz thought that it was not very special..he think is just picture and there was no hidden meaning in it…

In any of the case, I shall share some picture that i took at the exhibition..

The painting are so nice..!!!!

My fav Pic!!!So cute!!!!!!

This also kawaii!!!!

Look dirty but got character lo…

Actually i can be a photographer too!!!

See!!!Got cat inside!!!!!!
Me Artistic rite???hehehhe!!!

PErsonally, i do like arts..just that i have no time and no $$$..Anyway, the Arts festival is coming up..

I want to go for the vegetable orchestra..thought it is quite interesting to see ppl making music with vegetables!!!!
And at the same time, i want to visit the museum of shanghai toys!!!!

Cant wait to visit!!!

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Kor, Say Sayonara to Sorrows..

*Actually wrote this last week but Issac off his wireless*

I was quite surprised when i received kor’s msg..
He said he was loitering in Tanjong Pagar and suggesting to meet..

Hmm..since i was free (last min cancelled plan), I thought it will be a good idea to make myself busy to hang out with him..hahhaa!
Anyway, it made me a good meimei to keep him company since he was feeling down..

Yeah, we went to CHINA ONE located at Clarke Quay…
The overall atmosphere was cooling and misty..
The place was spacious and it carried a “majestic china” theme..
A nice place to chill…:D

Ordered Spicy Wedges..but ended up they give me Chilli crab sauce with Wedges..
Baka-nei..Additional of 7buck!!!!

Afer we had eaten, we went on to have 7 rounds of pool..

See the word “UNBEATABLE”? YEA..I was quite a beginner but i dunno why…I actually won kor 5 out of 7 rounds..I tink he damn power lo..but still, lose to beginner!

I think he was even more devastated after the games..

Till he..

Act Gay and talk to the ball..hhahaaahaha!!!


Who have no problem? Life will b meaningless if there is presence of problem..PRoblem can be good n bad..is how u deal with it..Every problem you solve will make u a stronger and a better personz…

Yea..So dun be so devastated when there is problem arise but beat the problem!!!

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Sprinters’ Outing – Essential Brew (19 May 2006)

It’s has been quite some time that I meet up with the sprinters..

I was actually reluctant to go as I was quite tiredz after 3-hours of entertaining a few super unique sense of humor ppl…

Tell u man..their jokes are totally so “funny” that I muz tickle myself to laugh!!!
Super funny man!!!!!&%@#$!

Okok..Back to outing..Anyway, I was persuaded by jiaying mei mei and porkchop..Porkchop call me mei nu so I shall fulfil his wish to see mei nu then!
See i so nice..a humble mei nu..hahaahaha!!!!!!!

I was happy to meet up with the sprinters but swas stunned by Porkchop’s behavior..
He kept saying “Damn it” & “Shit” countless times…After so long, he is so cute but lame…hahhahahahha!!!!

The sprinters super nice to me..ordered drink in advance for me..hahahaa!!!
(ACtually is extra one…so sad to hear that!)

It’s nice to have such little gathering..help me to keep myself update on latest gossip and stay bonded with the team..

Luv ya Sprinters..
U guys will always stay in my heart..*muack*

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What’s wrong with me?

It’s 6am in the morning..
I could not sleep at all..
Took a wink but had a bad dream…
Dreamt that every step i took will be scolded and laughed by people..
My brother was in my dream too…
Torturing me till my neck twisted..

And i woke up….

I really dunno what is wrong with me?
Ppl said i changed, use more of msn and so on..
But in what way i changed?

I would really appreciate if someone would tell me..
Jasonz said i changed eversince i got a job..
I noe i do changed alittle, less interactive with him n friends now..
of coz, i am working and hoping i will excel, thus be more competitive..
I am not the old slacking my life away Regina anymore..

But i realised i neglected some of my friends..
So i try my best not to..
In fact, I noe I am not a good fren category..
I dunno how to keep or make friendship..

I got few good friends only..why?
There is a barrier in me eversince someone backstabbed me..
I don’t dare to open up..
But I do treasure friendship juz that i dunno how to keep it..

What else i changed?
Tell me..if not, i will never know….

Use more of msn?
I admit that..
Of coz i would want to chat with friends online after a day work or do smth i dun do during office time..
I want to talk to Jasonz…
But he was always sleeping..
Even when i called him to get a little hugz..
He still sleep on…

I admit that i neglect Jasonz..
He said he got migraine, depression and so on…
I tried my best to show concern…
Truthfully, i really dunno what is the word “concern” & “love”..
Not much ppl tell or show me before since young..

To me, a person’s personality is altered by family background..
And it does make an impact in my life and personality..
I dunno how to be a human being..I dunno how to love and care..
I only learn how to be unreasonable and stubborn and over-sensitive…
I only noe how to protect and love myself..
And tolerate..

From Jasonz, I learnt how to take things easy..
Everytime when we got a problem, he wishes me to say..
But he never realise that whenever i voice it out…
he will question me back the same thing or juz say “because u…”
Gradually, I thought keeping quiet and let it be forgotten will be better..
It will take less than an hour for me to forget about it..

Some people might say I am not an understanding gf but I did tried..
But did Jasonz tried to understand how i feel?
Can’t I get jealous and be sensitive?
Why do u always want to think from your own views..

Sometime I juz dunno who am i…
I may be cheerful but deep inside, i really dunno am i a happy person..
Sometime when i am alone, i will feel the emptiness in my heart..
Is a space that cannot be filled up…

I tried my best to be a human being and make everyone happy..
But what’s really wrong with me???

I guess the terms “lousy friend” and a “lousy gf” suit me perfectly.

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Harry, Curse You-Thank You!!!

Saw the Massive changes in my blog???
As cute as me right…:D hahhaa!

“Lonely, I am so lonely……”ahahahhaa!I like the song!!!
Is Harry that helped to put into my blog one!!!hahhahaa!!!
So nice of him…
Thank you!Muack!

But then hoh…he made me MAD juz now!!!
Feel like strangling him and chop him up to pieces & feed dogs!

I was like spending more than an hour to adjust the layout..
n was so excited when i published..
So i told him can help me put song le..

He went in b4 I even uploaded finish..
So the old layout html still there..n he put the song link there and overwrite my saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of him, I got to redo the thing!!!!
But this time was faster..15mins nia…

*abish harry*

PS: Pls look at the link “picture”..

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