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Shopping Trip to Johor Bahru~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heading to Shop, Shop & Shop with Mr K and his mama~


The train look fine. I thought it will be smelly & filthy inside.
Well, that was my impression when my cousin came to Singapore in a train & it did looked super dirty.
But after trying it myself, it isn’t that bad and quite comfortable and cooling. But I must admit that I don’t dare to touch the table at the back of seat. It is yellowish in colour so kinda freak me out. But other than that, it is fine.


But I got small complaint. There is no announcement in any stop to inform the passengers on the particular stop. There aren’t any station sign too. =/ The lucky thing is I still recognise JB though I have not visited for like zillion years. Imagine if I were to take train to KL or Penang, I might not know that I reach and go on to some other places. =/ 


Oh well..We reached JB, City square still~!!!! ^_^
Started off to be alittle bit boring till me and his mother on a Gladiator Shoe Thrill~~~!!!!!
While we tried on the shoes for 30mins in every shop, Mr K sat there guarding our stuffs & wait for 30mins in every shop.
He was giving the “sian” face. He must have regretted to come to JB~!hehehhehe! =p


I din get to buy any shoe eventhough I adore those Gladiator Heels~! Wanted to buy from online spree.
But the shoes in City Square is cheap! Like less than 20 for a pair of heels~
Mr K’s mama bought a Gladiator Flat. So Modern! hahahahhaha~! 

But still, he got himself some good treat. We had dinner at Sizzling Stonegrill.
And his mama treat us~ So nice!!!!! ^_^ 

MP11,12,13 & 14, Level B1
City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook
8000 Johor Bahru, Johor


Mr K’s Grilled Surf & Turf (RM27) – NZ Beef+King Prawn


My Grilled Norwegian Salmon+King Prawn (Rm30)

I am not so interested in Mr K’s. His mama got herself Grilled Chicken Surf (Chix+King Prawns)

My cooked Grilled Salmon Surf~


Wheeeeeeez! Dirt Cheap Dirt Cheap! My salmon is HUGE!!!!It’s fresh & sweeeet! Yummy! I like it best when it is 60% cooked. Cooked on the outside, raw in the inside. I not so interested in Mr K’s one. He think it’s good. But it is alittle bland since there is minimal seasoning. Good thing I ordered seafood which has natural sweetness in them! *Xingfu* The main casts are good. The calefare – Mashed potato in black pepper sauce and french fries are good too~! The fries is a little bit too oily though. The good thing about hot stone is that you can ensure your fries is served hot by putting it on the hot stone to “make hot”. =p
I am super excited by this, especially in the price. I remembered I ate hot stone 2years back and it was quite expensive. The Seafood Deluxe was SGD39.90 and Sizzling Stone Grill’s Seafood combo (Salmon, prawns & Fat scallop) is Rm39.90! (SGD$16.60) The difference is like 2.4 times lah!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Cheap Thrill~
Will try the ostrich kebab during my next visit. =) I prefer to go for marinated meat if I am not going for seafood.


We headed for a good 1km walk to chomp our passport after the hearty meal. Not that we want to walk that much. Just that the New bus interchange is HUGE! Walked like siao charbo which caused my body temp to go up & was stopped to check my temp..    -_- 


It’s a good shopping trip! Really enjoyed going out with Mr K and his mama~!!! ^_^

P.S: Good Bonding Session with the boyfie’s mother. LOL.


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Honestly, I drooled more on the food shown in Korean drama series than on those stars.
Their spicy rice cake, Korean bbq, Stone rice~*drool*
I definitely know more of the korean food than the stars.
I only adore Won Bin


And I wonder if he is still in the showbiz..-_-
(P.S: Why Mr K don’t have 1/8 of him?) 


Craving for those Korean bbq+veggie, I suggested Korean cuisine for the uni friends’ outing~
Hey! It’s their virgin appearance in my blog~hehe!
Boon Zhi recommended Su Korean Cusine.

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-21
Tel: 6235 0420  

And I must say..IT’S A FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Especially I was sitting next to the Won Bin’s pix. Seem like he is still in the showbiz..


Coooooooool~Side Dishes!I always luv variety in my meal!!!!
We went for the Set for 4!($129.90 not inclusive of GST & Svc charge)I purposely took a pix of the menu~ 


Told u. I love varieties in my meal~ 
Once again, I droooolzzzz….. 


Sauteed Sliced Pork W Kimchi~

These fatty meat is too hard to resist~! Very well marinated & juicy~Probaby one of the best pork I have eaten in Korean cuisine.

So far.lol~


Grilled Mackarel

Not too bad. I still thought the one at Tampopo still the best~!


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! BBQ Chicken, Pig Collar & Beef Short Rib



Yeah~~~!That’s what I am here for!!!!!!!! ^_^

I dunno why but I tasted Peking duck. A chewier version. Must be the sauce.

But i love Peking Duck so I super adore this! But I must warn, it can be pretty unglam to eat this.


The best way is to…


And exclaimed, “OH-E-SHIIII!” in high pitch! lol! dunno what is delicious in Korean.


Hotplate Sotong

They forgot to serve us this okay! =/ Luckily, I looked at the menu to confirm our dishes.
But this is kinda bland. But, very chewy.


Heatbreaker Assorted Rice in Stone Pot (Beef)

Goodness~ I dislike those stone pot rice in foodcourt now! This is Good SHIT!

Lightly mixed with spiciness, generous portion of minced beef and the sweetness from the veggie..

It marked as our FAVORITE among the 3 of the girls. So good that we almost not willingly to left some for the latecomer.

I am sure the 3 of us will have no problem finishing if we ordered 1 more of this stone pot rice!

Worth growing fat for this!!!!!!!


Authentic Ginseng Chix Soup

A little too strong in its ginseng taste & too much of ascent in the soup.

However, this dish is a little blandz eventhough there is alot of ascent in it.


Overall Rating: 8/10 -Kudos to stone pot rice, sauteed pork + bbq meats.

After a hearty meal, I went bogus~


“Eat this! Good for your manhood!!!!!”

Jiabi was super late. like ah hour plus. He was still at his home napping when I called him!

He deserved to be bullied by us and tortured with Ginseng!




See. Real Bogus. Me (Hardcore bully)+Hanjin (Tame Bully)+Boon Zhi (Moderate Bully)~


Yes, it is an expensive outing but it’s a good meal to celebrate our 1st outing & the long ended exams!

And of coz, lot of fun in bullying Jiabi!!!!! Being the only guy is not always the most Xingfu thing.


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PAPA’s Day~

So being a good girl, I brought daddy to have some nonya buffet. He loves buffet & into peranakan food.

Having 1/4 peranakan blood in me, I am quite particular in this cuisine since I had tasted my granny’s cooking before.

My granny’s cooking is superb ok~! =( Miss her~ In addition, we tried Melaka peranakan dishes before which is damn gd!


Me & Daddy~ 


I heard about Chilli Padi Nonya Cafe buffet in lot of blog & even was featured in the tv. Mostly described them as NICE & the crowd in there are huge. However, after tasting the food..I feel lah. “NICE” can’t be usedon them but “Passable” will be acceptable. 


First, they have not much variety. No boobochacha, no otak and many more! However, I shouldn’t HIAM with the price I am paying. Yup. Just $13.80+ per person. If you are seafood person, my suggestion is go somewhere else.


470 North Bridge Road #01-02
North Bridge Commercial Complex
Singapore 188735
Tel: 6339 7745


Well, I did snatched pictures of the food.


Pig’s Organ Soup

I din try this. I not a fan of organs~ I don’t like the strong peppery smell.


1: Sambal Fish; 2: Curry Chix; 3: Babi Assam; 4: Chap Chye; 5: Rice with curry

This plate still not bad. I like the fish and the pork. However, the chef is a little generous in its salt portion in most of the food.

Kinda too salty for my tastebud.


My 2nd plate with the sambal fish, babi assam, curry puff, chwee kueh and the cracker cup call wad?
(Not sure how to spell.. Something “kueh pie tee”?)


The chwee kueh and the cracker cup is good. So good that I had 2 chwee kueh and 5 of the cracker cup.


Nonya Laksa
Too much coconut, not spicy & not fragrant at all. Disappointment.

No prawn!


Mee Siam
Too salty. Put alot of lime will not help too.

No Egg!


Gado Gado+cracker cup+some gultinous rice

Why no prawn. =/


Assorted Nonya Kueh

Not a fan of kueh. Tried abit but don’t really fancy it. I love 9-layered kueh but I was quite turned off after tasted a little of it.


Agar Agar
Rough & Chunky.  =/ 


Overall, it’s not a least fantastic at all.

Food Rating: 5.5/10

Variety Rating: 4.5/10
Got to add a few more tray of nonya dishes.


I doubt I will come back. Others find it nice but not me. I guess it’s my granny’s fault. Who ask her to cook delicious nonya dishes!

Well, it’s a cheap price to pay if you want to have a taste of nonya food. =)


The service is good & fast but I dislike the idea that they did not replenish up their egg + prawn since most of the crowd were leaving when we started our meal. Yes, true enough there’s not much people left but..still need to maintain the standard right? =/
After all, 1 customer is still a customer. What more to say 4 customers. =/ *irritated*

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I miss home.

I want to go back Penang.

I miss my teh peng+Penang hokkien mee. 

I want to go back and eat many many thing~

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I know I had posted this video 1 year ago.
Today, viewing it again, make me feel aching inside. 
1 year ago, I was aching for another guy. Now, …


But i cried more for this.
I once felt that xingfu de feng.

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Cheryl & Rainus!

I just went to Waraku website and they announced that they are changing Waraku De Gohan@Starhub Centre to Waraku Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant on 18th June~ -_-” 

Roar! y dun change earlier! Din get to eat my potato mentai~


Oh well~

Name change & I bet the menu will change too.

But still, can show what we ate!


UNA Don + 1 mini bowl of hot udon soup($16.80)

Rating: 7/10


Unagi is always my favorite. Waraku serves a generous portion of it with the taste cooked at the right texture and taste.
Pleasant. =)


Kaisen Sushi Seiro +…………



2 type of cold udon ($16.80)



Yes, all at $16.80! I did have alot of it but the steamed rice is not bad. And I love cold mee. =p But the dipping sauce is too salty.
Cheryl loves her rice though! =) Yes, just the rice is good already. Hot and fragrant. Believe me, I only had the rice and did not touch most of the seafood. 



Modern Yaki ($12.80)

Rating: –


I doubt I will order this again. I don’t really fancy this. Okonomiyaki+fried noodle+pork. I dun like the pork. It’s actually pork lard. There is no excitement in this dish. Just plain and boring, especially the noodle.


Sad to say, only 3 were present for this outing. -_- Rainus gave us her virgin outing arrangement & only, the 100% attendees are there to support. lol~


But still, thanks alot Rain!

The group might be small but have a lot of fun with our stunning hot topics!

Woooo-lalala~! Girls’ talk are fun!


After our dinner, we went off to Alleybar to have a drink & continue our hot topics!

So exciting!!!!!!! 


P.S to the rest of the gang: =p U guys miss out the great fun & laugh!


We the threesome had our individual poses~




Me, forever doing weird pose. I have to admit it. I look better this way.


Sexy Mama, Cheryl with a cherry kindly placed by me!


I just realised I am meeting Sexymama like fortnightly. Wah sey, you can be my part time gf liao.

I be the bf since I more man. lol~ But the next time will be ur birthday celebration!!!Wooohooo~!

I forget where we gonna be eating oledi. Buzz me on this.


Well, I shall end this entry with my best pix.





UUU! Stop staring at the boobs~ & dun envy me able to hold those boobs!

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Congratulations to the newly wed! ^_^

I was so thrilled when Andrew (My Salsa lesson Big bro) informed me about the big news few mths back.

Heard the stories here and there, and are happy for them to welcome the new beginning!


Not really close to the rest of the Salsa ex-classmates, I made Mr K tagged along.


It’s a Wedding! And of coz, I am thrilled~

It’s always my dream to get married & have a family but this wish is not gonna to be fulfilled in the near future.

Unless..i changed BF to an older one who have the settling down intention with me! LOL!


I went to congratulate Andrew when we reached the church that the wedding is held.

Can tell he was nervous. So went for our seats till the ceremony start..

Of coz, in my own excited ways..


Soon, it started..


Andrew really looked nervous~hahahaa


The bride, Rainie walked in with her father. 


After the father passed Rainie to Andrew, a lot of talking is done &..

Finally, they exchanged vows.


I had my camera prepared for that moment.

The kissing moment! But…the videographer the cameraman blocked everyone views~ -_-

And of coz, my view! Roar~


Light up the big candle together to signify they become “one” =)



And officially Mr and Mrs Kok, walking down the aisle together & receive all the blessings!


The happiness within them are shown on their faces.

I am not sure what is the feeling like but it certainly a memorable moment, with everyone throwing blessings to them.

Right now, I can just described my feeling as “touched and envied”. Felt so much to drop a tear for happiness.


I want to experience how a wedding is like too.

But, I am more looking forward to hearing the guy I love ask me this, “Will you be my wife?”.

That moment I guess is more magical than anything. 


Yes I thought all that at the wedding.

I just minus away the part where  “the guy will pull me to a church in another country with flower plucked from roadside & yell for the pastor. So that the pastor can so called carry out the exchange of vows procedures..” Sound drama hoh?hahahha


Me and the newly wed! ^_^

Once again, Congratulations!!!!!!


When’s my turn? As I mentioned not in the near future.

Or maybe will never get married since Mr K said the world will end in year 2012.


Who’s next then?

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