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Rud’s 23rd @ Pasta de Waraku

The Heeren


Tel: 6834 1123


Yes it’s our Rudith’s 23rd Birthday!!!

She & her ice cake – yes literally made of ice cream, just that it look like cake.

Cher, Rud, Rain, Adel & Me!

Like the “bubble” effect behind us~~


Great job to Cher for being the organiser! Dun worry about the not-so-fantastic response..

hahahahaa..it’s good to have birthday meet-up especially our birthdays fall on Jan, April, August, Sep..

It looks fairly well-divided and get to meet up like about every quarter..hahaa!


I always like such gathering, especially it means great food thrill..

And of coz, gossip catch-up as usual, especially when we dun really usually chit chat in msn beside w Cher..

Hahahaaaa..So, a good way to catch up good old times with the gurls & be updatedz..


As I mentioned good food..

Mean definitely got good food photo la!

Pizza Carbonara ( $12.80)

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Nice!!! The egg quite shiok~~ I give credit to the egg.hahaaha. Serious. But overall, the pizza is nice. The taste is fairly light and so, easily consume without feeling sick after some time due to the greasiness of the cheese.

Pizza Chicken Teriyaki ($12.80)

Rating: 6/10

Waraku Salad ($9.80)

Adel had this. She loves it. So healthy la. Eat salad only. No wonder so slim.

Fat people like me who cannot live on salad certainly cannot be air stewardess…

Seafood Tomato Cream Soup ($16.80)

Rainus had this. I tasted the soup. Not bad. Creamy tomato soup. Yum~~!

Scallop & Mushroom Soup ($14.80)

Cher & Rud, each had this. Tried the soup. Tasted like miso soup. Not bad. =)



Wafu Squid Ink ($16.80)

Rating: 6/10

Comment: Mine!!! Hmmm..Taste alright. It’s tasted better with cheese. ^_^ Prego’s serve better squid ink pasta. But overall, it’s not bad.

It got 6/10 for my food rating. But, it got 10/10 for FUN FACTOR!!!

HAhaahaaa! All of us tried & the squid ink dyed our tongues & lips black!!!!


22+ & 23 le..still so playful..

Oh well~~~


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red dot always has a culture to celebrate birthday of every employee..

This month is no exceptional..

Usually, we will just go for a good meal in good restaurant..

But this time round, we made drastic change..


We changed to buffet lunch style..

It’s more value for $ in a way…


Our 1st stop…

M Hotel, The buffet

Located at the 2nd floor.


Of course, I am thrilled…

I am the big fan of buffet, especially the dessert part..



These are what i had for lunch then..

Rating: 7/10


The salad bar, the western section, jap section & dessert are good! Loving it, especially the buffet is so prawny..I ate like at least 20prawns lo..yum~~~!The dessert is good..but the durian puree is alright.. The one in Ellenborough Market Cafe taste better…

But do not waste ur stomach space to eat the Asian/Chinese section..it’s not that fantastic.. In fact, not really up to standard. Well, that’s the only minus point.

After a good meal, there will still be a choice of beverage. I had Latte. Nice.


Since it was meant to be a birthday treat..

I won’t forget about the birthday girls..

Hope the both of them had a joyous birthdays..

And yes, we ate the cakes. Damn full. Almost burst. LOL!


Hope Rowanne + Gladys had a joyous birthday!!!


P.S: Where’s the next stop? Obviously I am more concern about the food than the birthdays..opps.

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Luff it off!

Kura Princess & her Mr K turned Playful..



Double Trouble!


If I got so much hair…..WOW..


Will I look like this in 20years’ time?


I got butt-shaped head & deep cleveage!


Du Yan Long Mr K


Eeek…smelly smelly~~~! (Not my shit.I got constipation.IT’s Mr K then!)



Hope u guys got a good laugh~~

Dun let work or school work stress u out!


If these are not enuff..

I got more..


Found these videos in my old laptop.

One was taken during my canoe expedition to St John’s Island..

Was a limelight video then..




And this one is taken during the Yellow Ribbon Walk back then!


Enough of luffing?

hahahahhaa! =)

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Shitty Affair

On MC today.


As usual, my tummy go rumbling with problem againz!

Went to see doctor.

Doctor let me feel my stomach and i felt a tube..

A HARD tube..


A hard tube full of SHITS.


Doctor prescribed me to have constipational problem & mentioned that if i don’t do anything i might have pile…


Gimme medicine to eat so I can SHIT.




Wah liew.


A stupid constipational problem which cause my whole body system haywired..

A stupid constipational problem that give MR K a chance to call me “SAI LANG”..

But gave me a good chance to have some good rest. =)


P.S: Xie Xie Mr K for your company to the clinic and throughout the whole day..*hugz*

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I cannot take it anymore


Mentally & Physically drained out.

Feel breathless all the time.

I need a short break.

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Happy Mooncake Festival




Have been long since I carried the lantern..

Moreover, these lanterns cost 3 for $1!!!!!

So Cheap So fun!!!

Finally, someone along to “reveal” the child in us, with me…


We are like 2 kids giggling about the lighted up lanterns..

Walk around his area & watched a public karaoke spot which most likely were set up by residents itself..

Besides the stage, there were lion dance & tables randomly placed for people to sit and drinkz..

Quite amazing & heart warming to have everyone in the neighbourhood to celebrate together..

This is probably a scene you will see in old town but never in Bukit Panjang lahz..



So nice~~~~ ^_^

Eventhough some of the singings were not that bearable & kept singing till late..


Had Enough of the singing, so we went to somewhere quieter to play candles!

So old school lah~~~!!!! =p


After much pain from dripping hot wax & defeat the irritating wind, we finally form…

“Love light up our life”

“Never good to be TOO MUCH..”

Hehehehehehee..Burning lantern!!!!!!


P.S: BBQ anyone?



IT’s a happy day~~~

Especially the usual think he is “mature” Mr K pei me play..

Or maybe deep inside him, he not that mature?

I wonder…=/



A fantastic mooncake festival with burning lantern & cool ice cream mooncake!!!!


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“Fulfilling” is the word to describe with the 2 outings with the girls over the previous weekend.

That’s the only few times I can really feast.

Not that I don’t feast with Mr K but just happened that with girls, I feast more..LOL~!



Given the reason that we don’t really meet up..

A little satisfying feast is still affordable, worthy & enjoyable..


Met up with my primary school jiemeis – Kunnie & Peisan..

Had a yummy meal @ Kenny Roger’s..

Yeah..i love their ribs!It’s so savoury!!!! And it goes well with my potato salad & cheese macaroni~~

❤ ❤ ❤


These 2 are my very very very good friends since P3 & P4 respectively..

So fast all of us in the working soceity le..

Many changes among us but at least, being talkative & nonsentical is still our common traits..


See how “mischevious” we can get..

See how “Spastic” KUNNIE can get~~~


Happy to see them~~

Lotsa laughters especially Kunnie’s incredible “flirting”skill to a group of guys + server..opps.

Did i just say “flirting”? she gonna kill me..

But that’s Kunnie, she can talk to anyone & display her unglam to anyone..



Well, it’s always nice to meet old friends again right?

Since Kunnie is back for good from Aust & get her butt to the working society & Peisan is working well..

It’s mean that girls’ night can be held more frequent!!!!


Great! ^_^




Met up with Xiuyun for a retail therapy~~

Hmm..window retail therapy for me -_-”


She’s my new friend! ^_^

Get to know her through Mr K.

Xiuyun+Me @ the neoprint shop~~

She very nice~

Like a doting sister!


Treat me to a little hongkie feast @ bugis!

Venue: Wang Jiao Cha Chan Ting, Ah Wang is the endorser!

Iced Yuan Yang @ $3.60

Oh dear.

I was dumbfounded for a moment when the server put this on my table.

Iced Yuan Yang?Duh!?!

Ice cubes on the outside+chilled yuan yang..-_-

Hongkong style dried noodle+honey spare ribs ($7.90)

Rating: 5.5/10

Comment: Hmm..the noodle was sweet. not to my liking but the spare ribs were not bad. =)

Xiuyun-Panfried rice cake+egg ($5.50)

Rating: 6.5/10

Comment: Simple yet nice.

Xiuyun already had her delicious panfried rice cake with egg..

We wanted to order a side dish and chose this after much consideration..

Who knows..

IT’s Rice cake+egg+xo sauce ($8 odd)!!!!

Rating: 6/10

LOL~~~Poor Xiuyun! She had so much of “RICE”!!!!!!!!!!

But, Wan Jiao is a pretty cosy place which serve “not bad” food..


After which, we went over to bugis street to jalan jalan~~

We each bought 3 pairs of earrings & she got herself a top..

Damn it, how i wish i got some extra cash..

If not, I can splurge like nobody’s business..

It’s our first time going shopping together..

Hope she dun find me quirky as I kept showing her weird clothes!!!!!

HEhehehehee..ya, bad habit of mine.


P.S: My hands are itching for a retail therapy. I need to buy clothes. Xiuyun, when next? *wink*

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