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Can I change it?

Saturday morning..

9.30am – 11a.m: P3 tuition at Jurong

12noon – 1.30pm: Poa tuition at Race course road

2.30pm to 5.30pm: Class at Sim

6.30pm till late: Company Mr K to outing


This is my schedule of today.

Just today, I felt super tired already.


What more to say when..

Past few weeks i have been busy with stuffs, hoping to earn more cash.

Beside work & tuition, I still got to make sure my school work is managed well..

Sometime, I have to force my tired eye to open & finish up those tutorial qns till late..


I feel like crying.

I tried my best & sacrifice my nice eyes & health..

But it doesnt seem to change anything.


It’s stagnant.

I am tired. stressed.

How long can I hold on?


Working hard and not getting what I want, is really depressing.

Plus the guilt I have when I see my penniless loved one forking out $ for me.

Feel helpless.


I can’t do anything but work harder to earn more,

Hoping it can change my situation,

Give my parent a better life,

Have a money problem-free relationship and

Do whatever I want.





Can i change it?


I have been trying for the past 7 years and nothing change.

No matter how hard I try, thing still go back to square one.


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There are a few nasi lemak stalls in Tanjong Pagar Market.

They are quite competitive and is difficult to distinguish whose is better..

All pricing at $2.50 with lotsa “liao”…


Went to try the nasi lemak of this stall under Jiansen’s recommendation.

(Dunno if it is or not.)

Tanjong Pagar Mkt


Time: Uncertain

Nasi lemak ($2.50)

Rating: 7/10

Comment: Wah sey!!! Chix wing. Wu xiang. Fishcake. egg. Ikan billis. And it only cost $2.50. REAL GOOD SHIT MAN!!!! To me, the rice and chilli made the most important portion of nasi lemak. It is good. Got the feel of nasi lemak..hahaha..u noe the taste lo. The chilli is good.i finished all. The chix wing is damn good lah! Juicy and warm and taste really good! Ikan bilis is a YUM lo..Wuxiang n fishcake was not bad too. 


Well, it definitely worth queueing for it lo. However, u gonna buy early. At around 1pm, it only left 10 plates and I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 plates. Geeeezz =p

Dunno if it is the best but it is DAMN Shiok la!

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Me a Tuition Teacher?

I am tutoring diploma standard POA to an indian girl.



She dunno anything.

Not even Asset = Liability + Equity. The basic equation.


My god.

And I am suppose to make her master POA in 7 lessons.



She is having her exams like next week?


No tutorial question.

No past year examination paper.

No knowledge about POA.


Can Regina help her to pass with flying colour?


We shall see…-_-


Upcoming student: P3 Maths & Science.

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He’s So Cute~~~!!!

Who’s this cutie?



He’s my baby nephew, Ashton!!!!!! ^_^

He’s only 17months but he incredibly an intelligent & expressive boy..

He learnt our action fast & do the exact same thing as us..

So excited when he called me “ee ee..”(Auntie)


Hahaha..I hid his cap once and asked him,”Where?”

He found it. The grab the cap n hide in under his thigh, while sitting on the baby seater in car..

and said, “weeear?” with arm action and his tilted slightly to the right..

So cute~~~!


He’s first child of my cousin..^_^

They came over to pick up my mama back to Penang after my cousin’s some dualthon race..

So had a dinner with them @ Yan Palace at WARREN Golf & Country Club located at CCK.

Me & Baby Ashton

See how adorable he is..

Wiping his mouth on his own..cute!

Me & my cousin, Alan

Tracy(my cousin-in-law), 4th Auntie, Me & My mama

We had a great meal at Yan Palace.

Confused by the too many dishes menu, we just went for the 6-people set worth $168.

Cold dish Combination of 4 kinds.

Sliced chicken with fresh fruits

Vension with mango

Of coz there are others like..

-Double boiled chix with shark fins soup

-Braised while fish+tofu+roast meat

-Braised 4 kinds of vegetables

-Braised eefu noodle with minced pork & preserved vegetable



Those I have shown the pictures are the nicest. My favorite is the sliced chix with fresh fruit! Damn nice!

I want to learn to make this!!!


Overall, I would give 7/10 for the food quality. IT’s good. ^_^

Website: http://www.yanpalace.com.sg


Baby Ashton came to my house after dinner and…

Little Fireman!!!


Miss him oledi…

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114 Neil Road

Tel: 6438 0925

Type: Ala Carte Buffet (Approximately $40 per person)

After weeks of hard work for the adjudication & exhibition, we were paid off for a yummy dinner at an japanese buffet restaurant.

As our group was huge, we were given a private room which has karaoke set(oh great!)in it.

The whole place is quite japanese-like. And yes, this is my 1st time sitting on a mat like japanese!

I was wow-ing all the time..especially when i see the menu..

The red dotters…

I think we ordered like almost everything~~~

Got Suki Yaki, Tofu, Stuffed crab, Sashimi, Ebi Handroll, Tempura, Teriyaki Salmon, Soft Shelled crab, Chawamushi, Unagi, Beef patty, Gyoza, fish and blahz…

Well, these are my favorite & worth eating..

Sashimi~~~~~~~!!!!!Fat & juicy!


I had this all on my own!!! ^_^

Gyoza!!! Luv this man~~~

My favorite!!! Ebi Handroll!!

Damn good lo..had 2!!! hehehhee…

I was quite disappointed with the chawamushi though.

It was tasteless!!!I only ate a few mouth & was totally disgusted by it blandness..

Unfortunately, Himawari doesnt seem to have any dessert..

If there is any, it will be perfecto…

After our hearty meal, we went on to self entertain witht the karaoke set..

I sang quite a number of songs and received applause from the crowd..Shiok!

As for Ken and Phelim, I can tell that they really enjoy themselves with canto and hokkien songs..

They even danced with the song of Wu Bai~~~

-_-” rockstar dance? hmmm…come on, ooooh..ni shi wo de hua duo~

(Mr K u ought to learn this..so mambo~~~!)

Half the time, Syafiq was stoning..mostly “Stunned”..

Only got excited when I chose S.H.E to let him see HEBE..he just so in luv with HEBE..

Gladys, an indo chinese was also amazed and stunned too..

Especially when Ken sang hokkien song & the thing is I know too!!!!

I am so in their era~~~!!!

We had so much fun!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

As for the food okay la..

If it is to be compared with Kui-shin bo, I will still go for Kui-Shin bo..

But this was still not that bad. =)

I hope this kind of company outing can be done more often..

Heard that some companies do it on a monthly basis..

I mean why not?

Certainly a good way of get your employees bonded..

And of coz, not forgetting..


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Jolly 9th August

Everyone living in singapore will know that there bound to be firework display during the celebration..

So, Me & Mr K thought of going up on the flyer to get the best view of the NDP firework..

Went there with the ASA card (Free admission!), hoping to get 8pm slot.

However, the slots for 730pm & 8pm were all fully booked.

Left without much choice, we just get the tickets for 830pm slot.


After which, we headed to…..


Happy child~~~I have been crazing for it since 3years ago lah!!!

Finally, it has been satisfied!!!

3-pcs chicken strip+ biscuit+ cajun fries ($6.20)

Rating: 7.5/10

Comment: Yummy!!!!Fast food seldom goes wrong one. The chix strip is good! From my point of view, it much nicer than LJS. But, i was quite disappointed of its size. It Shrunk! And really shrunk alot lo. =( I like the cajun fries too. The spice in it make it very tasty. It just made me want to finish up everything eventhough I was slightly full after awhile. But, certainly is good food! yum~~

2-pc chicken+ biscuit+ cajun fries ($6.90)

Comment: I prefer KFC’s version one. The meat is slightly at the bland side. And the worst part is..YOU NEED TO PAY $0.50 IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR PREFERRED CHIX PART! Where got such thing one? I understand why they impose such rule but still…=/

Mashed Potato ($3.30)

Rating: 5/10

Comment: Okay lo. I can find better mash potato elsewhere.


I did a very xialan thing @ popeye.

This woman pissed me off. I understand if she is waiting for our seats but I just dun like it when she stood close and pointed at us and exclaimed,”we wait for this table lo..” =/


She stepped on turtle’s tail. =/

I did not hurried to finish my food. In fact, I normally a slow eater but I purposely eat even slower.

Hahahaha.MR K joined me.


Angry. Really no manner lo. =/

The thing that really make me turnoff is that she actually asked a table of 3 from a distance to swop seats with her. I think she is damn rude lo. The “human beings” at the table were like dining halfway and she just disturbed their meals.


Our actual plan was to only leave after she found all her seats for her family. But lucky for her. This weirdo who occupied a table next to us to eat and relax and listen to his earphone shifted to our table. We left right away. =/


Oh well..

Went to the open premise to catch the parade with the rest of audiences & see the firework display…


it was more filled up with blangla..-_-

I saw them carrying singapore flags too. wah..so patriotic.



Firework display

(Go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eQC6B2GSHg if cannot see that video)

 After the firework displays and sing-along-session of all my fav national day songs, we dashed up to catch our “flight”…

Nice view from the top~~~~~

Xialan couple.

Well, the “flight” is alright. The view up there is beautiful but…see for 20mins.

Another thing is we are local so we are basically seeing the same thing again. Hence, nothing special.

But since it is free, is a good experience, especially with him. =) Will bring Mummy soon too!

Finish it off with a shot of me & miniature Singapore Flyer.


In conclusion, a good 9th August!!!! ^_^

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What’s A Day!


He He He!!! The one that cheated my 130buck!!! =/

Very tempted to kick his balls~~~! =/

Or at least, ran infront of him and go “Bleah =p” and scold “U cheater bug!hope u got sand 4eva stuck in ur asshole!!!” and ran off.

*On fire*


See this sand-y-asshole guy already made my day damn bad liao..

Who knows..

One mishap after another..

I fell into a drain on my way home!!!

I was wearing skirt and I got 1/2 of my front shin deeply scratched and cut.

ROAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! =/


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