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Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin

=) It’s my first attempt in Muffin baking and it’s SUCCESSFUL!!!!!

It’s so simple! I got the recipe from http://www.catcancook.com/awesome-banana-muffin-recipe/

I added chocolate chips, 5 bananas and less generous in my sugar content.


I did not have any muffin shaping tray so I thought the cups will do wonders.
And guess what?
They look “wonderful” too. Those in the pictures are awesome but some really look like hum chim peng!
It looked tiny and squashed for my 1st batch so I decided to add more. I was hoping it will rise vertically but it did not.
It grew horizontally instead.


Well, it looks ugly but overall, still taste good. I ❤ it.
I shared these muffins with my beloved colleagues, family and dee & family.
The feedbacks I received are not bad. Well, remove the comment on its appearance.
“Moist & consistent” , “Tasty! Everything are just right in content” are generally the feedbacks.


Gosh, I am absolutely in love with baking now.
I gonna bake more and distribute to my beloved ex colleagues and friends.
Well, a way to show my appreciation on my birthday week ^_^


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I have not stopped blogging…
But…was too busy to blog then..
Work has been piling up since Nov for Year End closing..
Work nonstop till 10plus 11plus daily.
Weekend is for me to catch up my sleep & have some R&R sessions.

Hmm..doubt still got people check out my blog..
Nvm la..blogging is for my own collection & for food recommendations..=)

Well hope this is not too late yet.
2010 has been a great year for me..=)
My ICookUEat sessions have been successful so far. Since June, I have done 7 sessions.
And in 2010, I whipped up a few dishes for xmas..

It was my first time doing xmas party..=)
I have invited a whole load of friends over and am glad it was successful!!!!
Since it was a potluck, every each of us brought some share of food.
As for myself, I have prepared 3 dishes and another contributed by my mum..

These are the people that have made their way to my place for my xmas party! ^^

Pretty wide spread hoh~

But do take a closer look. All of the dishes so got “xmas feel”..except the rojak on the left..
Fusion? ehehhehe~

Ya contributed by our lovely Jiansen. The fried angelhair contributed by Syaima.
Yeah..first time get to have angelhair that have more “LIAO” than angelhair..
But it was fantastic!real spicy!!!!

Roast Chix Wing – Done by my mother!!!!

It was great!!!! ^_^ Like mother Like daughter mah!!!

Cocktail Prawn – My creation!

Turkey Ham Cheesy Rosti + Sunny Side up (Me again!)

I am proud to know that all my friends are loving it!!! I was so afraid that I couldnt do this well & ruin the whole xmas. But, seeing it slowly form up to what I want it to be, I felt so satisfied. My face was filled with grins when my friends praised and finished it all in minutes. ^_^

Contributed by Kaixiong, Tony & Daren

Logcake by Magdeline & Natalie

Marshmallow Tower by my dee, Gavin

There were other contributions too.
Nuggerts by Cheryl, Mixed fruit dessert by Laiquin, Ice cream by YiXian, Many Many boozie by all of them!!!!So much alcohol that they are leaving behind and coming back on cny to finish it!lol~

It was rather a quick meal. Yup, the alcoholics can’t wait to get drunk.

Indian Poker

Load of fun!

I do like the part that we keep drinking!!! Happy leh~
Even Gavin, my new beau was sort of stunned by our rowdiness..
But I must say my friends are a great bunch to mix with!!!!!!

He is one reason that made me too busy to blog!

Me & my lovely cute mama

She is a hot stuff among my friends. All my friends find her so cute. She never fail to make everyone stunned and laugh. Indeed, like mother like daughter~

Everyone seem to be in love with the tower~

Me & my 2 sisters and my mother!!!

The marshmallow just so adorable!!!!! It just buy us all over!Yeah! Regardless of age!

Me & another 2 of my sisters..hmmm..one claimed to be coz he got boobs. yeah firm one…

We also have our handsome Kaixiong and pretty girlfriend~ ^^

Mun, Daren & Natalie..Mag dun like to be in any photo..so ya lo~

And of coz, Daren & my goody friend, Tony!!!

My first xmas party is a big SUCCESS! Everyone enjoy their food, alcohol and games.
Most importantly, I am glad that all my friends are such a good host to one another.
They come from all different group but well..alcohol bring people together.
I absolutely have no doubt in that.


We headed for more fun @ Mount Faber Safra K-Box after that. We sang and danced with the songs. Load of fun together!! ^_^
Probably my best xmas!!!!!!! =)


As I am going into my quarter century old stage, I am thinking…
“Will we still be able to have this kind of party when we have kids and family?”
My answer is no i guess…unless the kids are with the grandparents. lol~


Well, this fact made me more appreciative  of the fun I am having now.
A good feeling that I will cherish.


Love u guys~
Well hope not too late yet..
Have a great 2011~

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