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My Needs are not MET


Food and Sleep – my greatest companions.
Now, seems so far away from me.


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I was poked in the ass..

by his finger!



The doctor did that during my last visit at SGH.
I was referred by polyclinic to see the specialist for my tummy problem.

What’s frustrate me is that I waited for like 3hours plus to see the doctor, got poked in the ass & he prescribed me a digestion powdery drink- fybogel.
He told me is medicine. -_-
What he prescribed is just a fibre drink to make ones shit which I can bought from any Guardian shop/NTUC and blah.
And the fact is I have been shitting make me more stunned!!! 

He just waste my time & money.
He still want me to go back and see him after drinking.
So lame.

Just want to earn poor people’s $$$?
I opted for blood test+ faeces test to ensure things are really alright.

If it is really just my IBS problem and nothing serious, of coz I m happy…
But don’t just anyhow prescribe me something, thinking that I will think is medicine and be happy about it.

Neber mind about that.
Thanx to the visit, I realised how heavy I am. =/
I am just a few kilograms away from Mr K’s weight.
He weighs like a feather la! 60-kg ONLY.

Maybe the doctor can help me do a fats transplant & I will be happier. 
Yea..better than those funny “medicine” and got poked.

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Hives Attack~!


Please do not notice the fleshy thigh of mine.
I know it tastes delicious like KFC chicken fatty thigh.
But, look at the patches of red rashes on it.


Those are HIVES which i got it after the baking!!!!!!!!!!
It is due to excessive increase in body temperature (heat allergy- Cholinergic)!
Those who knew me long enough know I always got this problem.
But usually only affected me for an hour or so..

But this time round, affect me for like 3 to 4days! 
Itchy like hell~
And got all these ugly looking hives my body lah! ROAR~!


They not only itch like hell but made me feel damn “hot” all over.
Forced to take cold shower which made me yell in horror but get to sleep with the air con on.


I had a few sleepless nights then. Imagine Vday also itchy.
Zambar, Pickling snake power all no use on the itchiness.
But glad that Mr K was around to hear my complaints all night.

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3rd party?

3rd party???

3rd PARTY??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Who got the fat cheek to invade on such a lo-mantic day~



I guess ANTs got fat  cheek then. LOL~ *lame*

They invaded us in a horrible, disgusting and irritating way!



They deserved to be BURNt BURNt BURNt since they invaded our “lo-mantic” bbq at ECP.


On the 14th, ECP seemed to be fully occupied.

Cannot even find a single empty parking slot & the traffic was heavy lah~

I wonder why and only “couples chionging down to “HEI-XIU” cross my mind.

Yeah, thanks to my as-usual corrupted mind.


anyway, we went ECP to BBQ!

Yes, purely BBQ~



See!!! BBQ~


See…got us + BBQ~



As I want the MAX lomantic ambience, I suggested to sit at a spot nearer to the beach.

We did check the area for any ant hill and only unpacked when we feel safe.


Who knows as we got comfortable on the mat and bbq..

Those irritating 3rd parties started to crawl in like commando~

They were out to snatch our food! =/



We attempted to share some of our food but no avail.

Their population is ultra superduper huge!

And They even bit my backside & attacked my turtle purse!

So horrible!


Leaving us without much choice..

We bbq and eat quickly.

By the time we were done , our mat was already dominated by ants – BIG & small.


We packed up quickly.

Hmmm…more of Mr K packing up.

He was the man of the day on the 14th – Bought & marinate the bbq stuff, Start the fire, bbq and clean up the mess. 

And me, just use eye power to get thing done & be my clumsy kura princess~ =p

(I did offered to help! roar~)


Din really had alot of lomantic moments since we were distracted by the ANTS & left early for home. -_-


And we took more pictures with the cookies I made for him~


R ❤ K. hahaha~


K ❤ R!

Actually I want to do more letters so can play SCARBBLE. LOL~

But no choice have to change plan since most of the cookies I made break off easily.


Oh well..


Eventhough we were invaded by the nasty ANTS but we still had a great Vday~ ^_^


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Hard on the outside-Soft in the inside Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies 


They are my result for my last baking session on 13Feb!

And Clumsy me successfully messed up Aisyah’s kitchen by spilling the egg white to the floor and sugar onto the table..

So, A BIG Thank you  to Aisyah to accept the “messing-up” privilege~


Not only that, I need to thank our little helper too.


He is our brilliant ingredient-taster to ensure everything is good.

Also did the same thing as me, out to mess up the kitchen. 

He reminded me of “Dennis the Menace” when he blew playfully at  the in-the-progress-icing sugar!

And obviously, the sugar was all over the place and on his hair+face too~


But the cutest part is he will apologise to you after that with the most innocent expression.


Beside those hiccups, everything went on well after the first few batches of baking.

They break off easily for the first few batch but they still taste as good.

I can’t stop munching them..


Aisyah and Me+Our brownie cookies~


To make the cookies look more appetizing & presentable as a vday gift, I have improvised by adding icing on it.


My LETTER Brownie Cookies~


Nice hoh? =p

Got the receipe from the internet.


After all these baking effort, it was already 11 odd in the night.

I am glad Aisyah helped me to pack my dinner if not, I will be starving~


Our favorite pack-away during our NPCC days~

It was fantastic then. So good that they shifted from a small stall to leasing a shop to do their business.

But quite disappointed when I had it. The standard dropped. Sobs~


Overall, I am happy with the baking.

Very fun!


P.S: Hope Mummy get an oven soon! I want to fulfil my cafe dream~ She suggests me to sell it! =) hehe~

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Got the following pictures from this korean website at http://www.witbox.co.kr.

Damn funny!


Wah Sey! Damn Zai~

How did the driver do it?




-_-” What are they thinking?

Mr K, U want this Baguette?hahahaa~

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Meet-Up with the busy bunch~

Ya la~

Happened at my house annually.

Doing steamboat is such a chore.

Not becoz we seldom meet up if not I will not go thru this tiring chore la~


But glad we finally meet up.


1st row: Mun, Me & Jeffie

2nd row: Bryan, Mr K, Tony, Chun An &  Jiansen


We are a busy bunch and thus, seldom meet up.

Initially, we are unsure the reason why the atmosphere was quite different.

Very unusual from last year..


Maybe cause we getting older? GOSH~

Nono..we re still young! Well, at least I am young!

Still can have fun la!


Luckily we have a common hobby!




Yeah~Even my mother get involved in the gambling den..

She is such a passive gambler la!


But it was my lucky day!


That’s for all my hard work! (STeamboat $ + my winning $)

YEah~I have been losing $ and now, in my homeground, I won back $21!!!!

Thanks to my 5-times blackjack & a double when I am the “banker”~



But i suffered buttock-ache and arm-ache from all the chore~



P.S: Hope we meet up more! I hope I can invite my girls next year for steamboat too~!

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