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I am actually a vespa lover..
Not those hardcore one..
But among all the motorbike models, I prefer vespa to anything..
It looks very retro and cute!
And can personalized it in my own style yet still look cute!
Hehehehehheehee! =)

Last week, while shopping with Laiquin..
We came across a vespa gathering outside Cathay..

You will find all kind of designs in there..

Some of the design…

Gold Gold one..

Very robotic


Laiquin FAV!!!

Gimme that!

If i got a bike license…

How i wishzzz…

James should buy this la…hehehehe..
So cute lo..


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None Of Your Business!!!

None Of Your Business!!!

Nothing major..
I thought this will be my reply IF I were to be complained by some guy for walking around in top+undies in my own home..

Wait a min..
I don’t ok..
I just go naked..

I was joking.

I was only joking..

But think about it..
If i go naked..
Anyone wanna to see meh?

I doubt him/her will be able to tahan my “good body” and film it down la!

Back to the topic la..

I read the headline of Lian He Wan Bao this morning..
They were featuring on a married young couple wearing just top and undies in their own house..
roam here n there like nothing with opened curtain..

The whole scene was taken by a 30-year old engineer and put into the net..

Wah Sey..
Doesnt that make the 30-year old engineer a PEEPING TOM?
Not only a PEEPING TOM..but someone who violate privacy of people & loading sexual content video into the net..
Wun him get a court case for that?

I rem tammy’s case was deal this way..

Aiya..Dun understand why he so kaypo leh?
People like to wear top n undies and walk around in THEIR OWN HOUSE..
Is their business mah..

So what’s the matter even they din drew the curtain?
Not as if they do it on purpose and stand at the window to let u see..
It is just their habit and they were doing chores at home lo..

Nothing wrong wat!!!
Different people gt different habit mahz..

Why some people so kaypo and no integrity?
U sure he is an engineer?I thought engineer very busy one?
Still got time to stand and look out of the window like some old retired uncle with his top off ?

How would you feel if anyone of u are caught and filmed down by what u r doing in ur own home?

Would you say,”Bloody hell!None of your business la!”

Seriously, I would.
With my pointed middle finger.

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Major Mistake

Major Mistake

Made a major mistake at work..


I was so careless.
I actually type in one of the non-winner into the winners’ list.
And packages are sent according to my winners’ list.

Well, obviously the non-winner received the package.
She must be excited about it.

But seem like now she going to be disappointed.

Felt so badz.

Not only that, i tio nagged by my manager.
Was lucky to just get a nagging…

I made the mistake but she has to call the poor girl up…
I made the mistake I thought I ought to make the call n break the bad news to her..
But my manager insisted that she will do it..

What should I do?

I feel very sorry about it..
But I noe “sorry” will not help…

I cant pretend everything is alright too..

Why I so careless….

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A Call from China

A Suspicious Call from China (Out to cheat my $?)

On Monday..
I received a call from China (+8613592752240) while I having lunch..

(translated to English)

Ms xxx: Hi, you are Ms Zheng huilin mah?

Me: Ya..(irritated)

Ms xxx: I am blah blah blah from blah blah blah company..I am wondering if you are free to talk now?

Me: Nahz..I am having lunch..

Ms xxx: Oh sorry, I will vall back later?

Recalling Kennysia’s blog entry and aware that it might be some trap..


Me: Why don’t you roughly tell me what exactly it is about..

Ms xxx: If i have to tell you roughly, it will take a long time..

Me: Nvm..just give me a rough description..Then I will see if you really need to call back mahz..

Ms xxx: Nono..i will call you back again

Me: If you say so..your choice lo..

Hanged up.

She tried calling on tue i guess but my hp was not with me.

Then finally,
on thursday morning…

The same woman called.

Ms xxx: Hi, are you Ms Zheng Huilin?

Me: Ya…

Ms xxx: are you convenient to talk now?

Me: Hmmm..what it is regarding?

Ms xxx: It will take around 15 to 20mins..

No way I will listen to her nonsense for that long lo..

Me: hmmmm…May I know what it is?

Ms xxx: I calling from blah blah company and you won a prize so I want to tell you more about it.

Me: Nah..it’s okay. I have no idea how would I win a prize when I did not even join any competition or any contact with people from China/Hong Kong lo.

Ms xxx: That why I have to tell you more about your prize.

Me: Nah..If I really got the prize, then nvm la..i forgo it la..

And that lady hanged up my call without saying bye..

So rude..-_-“
At least I still entertain her awhile right..kns-_-

Thesedays, these people nothing better to do but out to cheat people money..
Come on la..No such thing as “FREE LUNCH”in this world lo…
Where got people so good to give you $$$ one…-_-
If got then might as well deliver all the way to my house..no need tell me..

Dunno what these people thinking lo..
At one moment, want to con my $…
At another moment, produce food or product that might cause harm to our health…
So not righteous lo!
Doing thing when they know it is wrong, and did that coz they want a higher profit…

Is $$$ that important?
Okay, it is important..
But to an extent to go against your own morale & integrity???

P.S: “Morale & integrity”
(quoted from my secondary school vice principal who said that to me when I was caught cheating for a quiz…)

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Auntie Regina’s Mailbox

Auntie Regina’s Mailbox

Love is such a complicated and powerful thing..
Love can make anyone confuse, depress, happy, stress and etc.
Love make life go haywired and experience all sort of emotion..
Even the most evil person or some big shot in the parliament will go through that..

They say, “Getting hurt is part & parcel of a relationship and life”..
And all these are caused by the small little words “LOVE” and the feel within the heart…

Some couples fight n fight n fight yet get together n announced each other husband and wife..
Some couples dun fight and got along very well but in the end say sayonara to each other..
Even those get together n get married, there is chances of getting a divorce..


Why want to hurt the other half, someone you have feel or have loved?
Unintentional hurt?

Arent relationship suppose to be happy?
It’s not easy to meet someone that you love and he/she love you too.
No doubt there are billions of people in this world but still, it is not easy.

Some people go into a relationship coz they think they like the gurl/guy..
But in the end cannot commit..
Then wat the point to be together?
In the end either one will get hurt…


Someone asked me..

“Issit better to love someone more or that someone luv u more?”

It depends.

I feel that there is no such thing as equalization in love..
And how we measure love?

All of us have different way of expressing love to each other..
Some people are through verbal; Some people are through physical..
Some do not know how to express, thinking that he/she will know it..


I feel that no matter what outcome or who luv who more..
The most important thing is he/she has tried..
Should appreciate it.

Many relationship do not work out coz we dunno how to appreciate.
We are human beings after all..
Always yearning for more no matter what is given to us..
We are greedy…

WE need to look in between the lines and empathize and feel it..
Feel the effort..
Empathize the feeling he/she dealing..
Communicate it..

It might not 100% guarantee that it will eventually make relationship to work out..
But it helps.

For other case affected by external factor like distance or betrayal or wateva..
We cant help it..

Maybe opening up and talk can help..

I hope all relationship can be a beautiful thing but not something that will cast shadow over ur life..

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Potluck @ Dennis Place (25th Aug 2007)

It had been long since the sprinters gathered and mingled..

Firstly, got to thank Dennis for providing his place!!!!!!!

That’s Dennis with me!!!

Secondly, all the delicious food brought by all of us!!!

Some of the food…

More Food!!!

GEraldine, Colin & Elva serving as hot delicious mushroom soup..

I brought otak…

Did with my mama…
hehehhehee!Home cooked otak…
Yeah..i am gradually proceeding to a good cook!!!

More pix…

Lex and his mini cooper..

My fav pix!!!look at js, serene n lex..wth they doing…hahahhaaha!

Had lot of fun together..
Watched “follow the law” with them..
Chit chat…n do re-bonding..=)

Even we had been apart for some time..
the bond still exist..luv the bond..luv the people!!!=)

Hope we will more of such gathering!!!!!!

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