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The 3 siao Charbos met up again!
And with the other half tagging along~ 


This time round, we did something more healthier.
Once in a while, need to do something else beside double-o-ing. lol~


We had dinner at Nam Kee Chicken Rice first. I think it is okok. 
5 stars Chicken Rice and Lai Quin’s mama’s Chicken Rice still my favorite! 
We went for dessert at ICE3 Cafe after that….
Yes, all girls loveees dessert ~ =)

ICE3 Cafe
215M Upper Thomson Road
(Near Long House)
Singapore 547349
Tel: 6455 4756


Going Bananas ($10.90)
(Chocolate-Banana flavour ice cream + caramel banana + Chocolate fudge)

 Rating: 6.5/10


Taste like banana. Meant for banana lover or Monkey! But, to be warned, it’s sweeeeeeeet.


Waffle with Butterscotch Ice Cream+Maple Syrup ($7.90)

Rating: 7.5/10


Nice! The waffle is freshly made to a perfection and very tasty. Not too soft yet not too hard either. Just nice. It’s look very appetizing too. I din have the ice cream but just eating plain with the syrup is good already. For its price & taste, I think it is worth coming for it. =) Even picky Mr K who always say no to me, had a few mouths with his eyes brightened up despite of feeling full and being a Mr NoNo. That’s explain the taste.


Just 3 of us can make the whole world rox! Well, you guys should pity the guys.
Cher and Py is the ultimate cam whorer & me, cam more on food.
So the guys can’t enjoy their food coz got me who will stop them from destroying the beauty of the food.
Eat halfway kana disturb to take foto coz got Cher & Py! hahahaha!
Great combination to torture the guys!


Next Stop!

Hai Bin U Enterprise Prawn Fishing 

Bishan No. 603, Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 575735
Tel/Fax: +65-6554-1986


Big area to prawn but superduper packed!
Guess it is because it is weekend and at the same time, the owner is a good promoter.
It seems like Hai Bin U got a facebook a/c, forum and blog. So “IN” lah!


We had to go separate since it was so packed.
I was with Cher, and of coz our own guys are with us.
PY and Darren were with Qiuyi and friend on the other side. 


My side was damn miserable.
Everyone else at the pond caught many many prawns but us…
Sigh~~wait and wait and wait. -_-


We were super excited when..


Mr K got the 1st prawn! Woohoooo~!
We cheered and yelled but no one helped to take out that poor prawn.
We were scared it will bite since the prawn was super agitated! hahaahaaa~ 


Mr K caught the 2nd one after some time.


My turn but no luck. I sux in prawning~
It’s fated. I am born to eat the prawn not to prawn. lol~


Not long after..


Cher + WB hooked it too!

It’s weird I must say. Why everyone around us(especially the uncle beside us) keep hooking the prawns up?
But us? In the end only got 5 miserable prawns~ -_- $50 for 5 prawns. So Expensive! =(

Guess Prawning is not our cup of tea.
We should just club. Cheaper also.


So what’s next?
Ice skating? 


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If you think the local students are terrible, let me tell u.
Foreign kids are worse!!!! Especially those loaded one.
Like to throw their weights like I am crap.


Kick ASS man!

Why am I so agitated? 


Case 1:

Assigned to an African boy to help him in Accounting. He failed 5 times.
What he done to piss Kuraprincess?

1. Forget the tuition time and caused me to make a wasted trip

2.Made me wait outside the door for like 5mins.

3. Hurried me to end the class when only an hour had passed.  Hurried me to go to balance sheet when he noe nothing about the basic concepts.

4. He  smoked infront of me and blew into my face.


I quitted after 1 lesson.


Case 2:

Assigned to 2 students from Thailand to teach Accounting. Failed at secondary level.


What they done to piss Kuraprincess?

1. They kept pushing my rate down till I decided not to accommodate.

2. Bring in another student to bring down the rate. It’s tough to teach 2 in a group.

3. Ask for this and that.

4. Change timing and date as they wish at last minute like 2 hrs before the tuition. Can tell me last week they want 3 lessons this week. Then hours before, they cancelled all 3 lessons for 3days. Hello~ they really think I just tutor them and have no life? I pushed my appointment for them & now they happy just cancel everything. Why should I abide to their ways? I deserve basic respect. They can kiss my ass!


Called to talk to the guardian about the matter. She explained it happened alot of time. And..instead of me firing them, it sound more like they fired me! So pek chek!


ROAR~! Ultra pissed.

I shall only take local students in the future.

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My mother was entitled to a free 1-night standard room at First World Hotel in Genting.
So without any much hesitation, we made the booking and off we went to Genting~
Beside my parent, I had “forced” Mr K to come along.
Bo Bian, I need some company while the older ones head for luck trying at the casino.
Hehehehe~I good girl. Good girl dun gamble! =p


We set off early at 6am.

It only need approximately 4 hours to reach Genting. So to buy time before our actual check-in time, we went to Kajang.
In Penang, we have Hokkien Mee, Penang Laksa and Penang Char Koay Teow.
In KL, we have the Ampat Yong Tau Foo and the Black Hokkien Mee.
In Kuching, we have the Kolo Mee.

So what we have in Kajang?


Kajang have Satay~~~~


Chicken Satay 


Mutton Satay


The coffeeshop I went used to serve damn good satay. I can remember it clearly even it is like 10 years ago. The chicken was soft and they don’t stick to the satay stick. The Peanut gravy was spicy, smooth and fragrant. It required lot of hard work to cook that gravy. It was like the best satay I have eaten. So good that I remember my parent tapao 50 sticks back to Singapore. 


But..10years liao. Human change. Road change. Taste of satay also might change lah~

I was so disappointed. Back to the same coffeeshop but now served satay that is as hard as a stone. No doubt it is chunky, or should say too chunky. But the mutton satay was not bad. Sigh~I miss my non-stick Chicken satay. But the gravy is still good.
The standard went down nebermind. We still kana fine for illegal parking. The funny thing is all the cars were parking illegally but only my orange car received the ticket. 


Oh well, it’s hard to understand the system in Malaysia eventhough I got malaysian blood running in me.

Well, well..if anyone happen to know about the non-stick Chicken satay. Please I beg u. Inform me.

I want to eat that again!


After the not-so-happy meal, we headed straight to Genting to check in..
It seems like First World Hotel has an unique way of handling their overwhelming occupants..


Can tell the lobby receptions are super wide. Yes, 30 counters with rows of benches.


Apparently, the occupants are treated like they are in the hospital.
Yea..get your queue number and wait for your turn( sit on benches) to collect your medicine. -_-
When they show your queue number mean you can get your room key liao~


After we checked in, my parent “dashed” to the casino while me and Mr K get some rest before we went to explore.
I must say with a boring Mr No man, there aren’t much to explore..-_-”
Wanted to do boating to have some lomantic moments with Mr K but the outdoor theme park entry fees is expensive!
Especially expensive since I only want to do boating. Not really keen to other rides due to safety reasons.


So llst..went indoor. 
Mr No man say “NO” to all except movie and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum~
It’s irritating to have a Mr NONO. Go out should have fun mahz. Felt so much to slap him and kick him down from Genting & i go find playmate…%&*#$@! Oh well, things change when u r ONE.


Oh well..Ripley’s~~~~
The exhibits are okok only. Only some are fun~




See how small my butt is? I can’t even fill up the whole chair.
(Belonged to the  World’s Tallest Man – Johann Petursson)


“Bring me out to play pleaasssse~~~”
(Another Tall man whom I am unsure of the name)


Fun playing with the funny mirrors too!!!!!!!!!!


Human-like gorilla~


Wahahahahahahaa Wad?


Skinny Legged  Chimpanzee


Wooohoo~Great Ass i got!


Enough of laughing!!!!! Roar~!
Headed off for dinner. I chose Marrybrown~ 
Not the best choice. I was tempted to try their Tower burger~
But they dun served burgers in Genting, like only fried chix and side orders!
So disappointing!!!!!


Marrybrown’s Lucky Plate
It was served not warm =/ But taste wise still okay – in between KFC’s original and crispy.
I like the mashed potato. Dun like the salad. The bun was really cold. =/ 
HEY! Don’t they implement that 10mins system? 
Had their mambo fries (curly fries)..At least that was served hot. LUV it~~~!


Would I eat Marrybrown again?
Why not? I want the Tower Burger.

After our dinner, we  visited the casino – Starworld. Our first visit!
I always thought Casino is operated like what is shown on the  HongKie Movie.
But I was damn wrong lahz. The whole place was not as GRAND as it shown on the movie.
The staffs’ uniforms are ugly. Just normal shirts and pants. Not as what we seen on the movie. =/ 


It was a great eye-opener though. 
Especially i saw one guy lost RM1.2k in less than 5mins.
wow. so much $. Gimme lahz. More meaningful. LOL~


After that, Mr  NONO complained his legs were aching. (WEAK.)
So we went to Starbuck to slack before catching the “
Night at the Museum 2. (He wants to slack, not me. MCP.) 


WE, with the MO TIAN LUN behind us.


After the movie, nothing much.
Catch the LIVE telecast between Man Utd and Barcelona at the lobby cafe.
Next day go KL find my cousin and ate Penang food.
Then headed home.

Sound boring hoh?

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Wildrocket@Mount Emily

Ground Floor, 10A Upper Wilkie Road

Singapore 228119

Tel: 6339 9448 


Always wanted to go there.

See them all over the places in magazine, food blog and friends’ recommendations..


And Finally….


Mr K brought me there for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!Yipeeeeeee!

Can’t believe it we are ONE! ^_^


I was quite surprised about the small space that Wildrocket sat in.

No doubt it was cosy but might be a little bit noisy when there are lot of diners around.

But, I must say the service at Wildrocket is good.

The server actually offered me a shawl to keep myself warm. That’s very sweet. =)


Since I have always wanted to dine in here, of coz I know what to have!

We went for the dinner set@$40 each.

We get to choose our appetizer, pasta/risotto as our main and a dessert.

One thing I must comment is that Wildrocket seem to be into fusing our very localized food into angmo food.

And I feel they did a good job in this beautiful transformation.


Our Appetizer


Fried Squid and Crab Cake


Salmon Carppacio



I prefer the salmon carppacio. Fresh and tasty. Mr K commented this is the best salmon he ever tasted! As for the squid and crab cake, it was not too bad. I must say they are quite generous with their squid. I chewed on squid at every bite of it. Overall, the squid and crab cake is chunky- filled up with lot of stuff. It tasted a bit of peppery and it goes well with the green. Overall, I like both of it.


Our Main


Crabmeat Linguine with Spicy Tomato Sauce


Laska Pesto with  Quail Egg and Tiger Prawn



The good thing is…
I love the crabmeat linguine and Mr K love the laska pesto!LOL! So we won’t FIGHT!

Well, the crabmeat linguine is really YUMMY! It tasted a bit like creamy mild chilli crab. And guess what, I love crab to the core so this is so for me lah! As for the laksa pesto, I don’t really fancy it. To me, it tasted weird. It has a strong herby taste which I can’t describe but it just don’t turn my taste bud on. But..Mr K loves it! He thinks it is unique and good! The more he ate, the more he luv it. That’s what he said. He thinks mine is too common. Well, sometimes it’s good to have different taste buds I guess!

But I guess the liking of the food really depend on oneself. FYI, the Laksa Pesto was highly recommended in food blogs and magazines. It was the signature dish of Wildrocket too. As for the crabmeat linguine, it was the 2nd favourite!


Our Dessert


Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake


Chocolate Lava Gateau+Vanilla Ice Cream



I tried chocolate fondant several time. Thus, I am not really surprised by it. It tasted alright to me. But…..


OMG~! This is like one of the best cheesecake I have eaten so far! I am not sure why but I felt so touched and joyful eating this.I felt teary yet same time, can’t stop smiling and feeling excited about it. The biscuit is tasty. The cheese..omg~so damn damn damn good. It’s like they put the whole pile of creamy cheese on it. The whole combination of the creamy cheese, biscuit, ice cream and soury yummy strawberry is just heavenly~ Wow. PERFECT.


If I have to choose the best dish I had on that night..
I would say it’s the Strawberry Cheesecake. I don’t mind to grow fat for this. 
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 for the food+service. 9.5/10 for that cheesecake! 

Overall, it’s a good meal to mark our sweet 1 year anniversary.
Yes, still feeling unbelievable we actually made our way through to bear with each other for a year.
Still, Thank You Mr K for being such a lovely man to bring your lovely fat girl to a lovely meal~

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! Muacks!

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Happened to be Double O’s 20th Anniversary & the 3 of us managed to get in as guests!

It was a great event with free flow of food and drinks then~

Of coz I am delighted to be part of the event!


Enjoying with our beers~


I found my favourite drink.

It’s quite kiddish though.


Make a guess.


It’s Bailey Milkshake!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice~I luuuuv it~~~!!!!


I luv it so much till i am like sucking it like a donkey~


Cher must be sad. Kissing the air~

Can tell me and py only have our eyes on each other~



Fight Fight Fight~~~~!!!!!!! LOL~!!!!!


Can tell we had fun right?

Okay some more glam pix la..


Toilet pix @ Central.


Outside the toilet pix. LOL~


Ok enough of more glam pix of myself.



The most unglam one!!!!!!!!!!


My trademark – Ghostly look.

I did once & Wangboon’s friends like it & they kept asking me to show them. -_-

Felt like a comedian..roar!


I think Cher will kill me for this last pix.

But I dun care.




Sure I had fun!

Thank you my beloved jiemeis for celebrating freedom and reliving my youth!


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After months of being isolated to the happening world..

I finally get to see my sisters~

We went for a celebrating dinner over at Sun With Moon since they got a 30 % discount!


The Central

#01-170/71/72, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street


Tel: 6534 7784

We shared our orders~


Salmon Sashimi ($13.80)

Rating: 8/10


Fat & Juicy!!!!! But only got 6 slices. -_-“


Greentea Hotpot ($15.80)

Rating: 7.5/10


Nice & good for those AI Mei one..A great hotpot which tasted like minestrone soup more than green tea. But I must say the fatty meats are scary!!!! It is even fatter than our roasted pork! Had the least fat one and it tasted quite nice. The meat was tough though. Well, Cheryl said fats are good for the skin. Collagen i think.


We got to wait for 5mins for the next main~


Unagi & Asari Kamameshi ($18.80)

Rating: 6/10


It’s special but it tastes alright. Prefer it if it is more heated up and more unagi. It is served with alot of clams though. But I prefer unagi~hahahaha~


Tofu Cheesecake ($5.80)

Rating: 8.5/10


POWER!!!!! Very Very nice~!I was yearning for it since zillion years! The biscuit goes well with the soft and smooth cheesecake. It lives up to its name as “tofu”. Very good. Especially with the tiny berries. wooooo~~~


Macha Ice ($3.80)


Overall, I am satisfied with the food! Yummy~

Everything taste tasty after 2 mths of close up in the cave!

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Had Shokudo pasta to celebrate my freedom before heading to Ktving~!!!

But the food is quite a disappointment. Look nice but taste wise…


Unagi & Prawn Combo (Basil Sauce) – $16.80

Rating: 5.5/ 10


I must say it had deproved quite alot from the last time i had this.


Seafood Combo (Cream Sauce) – $16.80



Mr K had this. I tried too. Both of us find it too creamy & milky. The milky taste is overwhelming~Mr K joked that he felt as if he is drinking milk and will grow taller soon. LOL~ The greasiness and thickness is too much for my delicate throat. LOL~

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