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Hiccups in life

1st.  Woke up late for school.

2nd. Ez-link card spolit. Stuck in LRT station.

3rd. Board the bus late.


While in the bus, I glazed out of the window.



4th. Saw the person I hated most and would never want to see again.

He was walking his dog then.

My heart skipped a beat.maybe 2 beats.

Ache abit in pain and feel heavy as the past triggered in my mind..

It’s a hurt that I would never want to remember but am glad that now I am handling it much much better than before. 


Very coincidentally, I saw Kelvin yesterday too.


Seem like a weekend to meet my past fates.

Many thoughts in my mind after seeing them. They have made a certain degree of impact in my life.


That’s it..

Made me a stronger person and learn to love myself more.

And of coz, a better lover.

Oh well, life is good for me now. Finally.


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That’s quoted out from one the songs from the movie “Cape No.7”.

Wow..my favorite lyrics of the year lo!



Cape No.7.

Great movie. Great storyline of how people work hard to achieve their dream/goal.

Along with the great setting, there are many great songs that made my feet tapping on the ground non-stop. Made me wanted to go fight for my dream to form up a band and be my lead singer! LOL~

Is like seeing how each of them work hard and finally see them performing well really send shiver down my spine and made me feeling all the goosebumps yet heart warming.


One of my fav part in the show! I like the loudspeaker part!


Feel so “warm” and “envy” when Ah Ga sang the song to Tomoko.

So lo-mantic..

Too bad, the reality is always opposite of the wat we see in movie.

How many guys will really compose and dedicated specially to the gurl they loved?


Maybe few?

Well at least, has not happened to me yet~

(Mr K!!!! LOL~)


Besides the band creation partz, i feel very touched by the love story of the older Tomoko and the japanese man. My heart ached and empathized for the older Tomoko then, and had that sudden urge to drop some tears. But i held back if not Mr K will laugh at me.


Well, a great movie not to be missed.


P.S: Van Fan looks so cool~

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Mr K is so NOT cool~

K: Tml I going to collect a cheque from school.

Me: What cheque? Tuition grant ar?

K: No la. 

Me: Then why give you cheque?

K: Coz I good student.

Me: Ya rite. In what way you are good. 


It went on for quite some time till..


K: Coz I caught a thief in school so school give me $.

Me: Thief? What thief? Never hear from you before!

K: Tell you for wad? Small thing only..

Me: Cannot be lo. This kind of thing you sure yaya with me one.


(blah…fast forward)


Me: You really caught a thief? How?

K: I chased and kicked her and she fell.

Me: Really? She snatched whose wallet? Guy or girl?

K: Guy.

Me: The guy is pig or wad! Cannot even chase after a middle-aged auntie!


K laughed out loud.


Me: Then school gives you credit and give you monetary reward & not in a form of medal? Weird..

K: Ya. Why cannot?

Me: You sure or not? Don’t bluff me leh.

K: Really. (Tried to convince me million times)


Till finally…


Me: Wah~~ You so cool! Caught a thief! My boyfriend is so cool~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: Why cool?

Me: Coz I never catch a thief yet you did. I feel it’s so cool!!! You are so cool!

K: Of Coz I am!


I go “coooool….” for some time till..


Me: Eh you never bluff me rite? Quite unbelievable still.

K: Bluff you one. I never catch any thief. But dunno why got a cheque.



Me: Bitch. You are so NOT cool~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn it. How dare he bluff me! Made me feel such a naive bitch! ROAR~~~!!!!!

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“Talented” Actor

This honour goes very well for guys!!!


Yes, a nothing-to-proud-of honour. =/

Deserve to eat big lump of BULL SHITS!

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Pre-Chinese New Year Plan

Should I go back Penang during CNY?

I think Mummy wants. I just casually asked then she asked me go check air tix in excitement.

However, 80% not enough cash~

Especially 1person is at least 400SGD. (Wah kao!)


And unsure if the celebrating atmosphere exist as many of the elderly in my family passed on this year and the year before. Not suppose to celebrate I think.


Or should I stay in Spore and tag Mr K along to bai nian if he is going to?

Then can get angmo in Sing dollar? =p


Dilemma. LOL.

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See that’s watch?


IT’s a Kenneth Cole Reaction KC1307 watch.

Cool shit rite?




Actually not I selling.

Is Chin Chong selling it.

It’s a free gift from his safra membership subscription.


it’s totally unworn and brand NEW. it comes in the kenneth cole box, with instruction manual inside and has a 2 years warranty since 31 July 2008.


He is willing to let go if there’s a reasonable price. around $110 at least?

interested parties, please leave him a comment here with your contact so that he will be able to get back to you…

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Go Crazy With the Monkeys~

How sad~

Anthony is leaving today for Shanghai.

With his not-that-fantastic mandarin, he is going there for work..(HAHA!)

But I am sure he can survive well with his crappiness & with his self-proclaimed attractiveness~


Since he is leaving, I arranged a meet-up with him and Sunny~

True enough we had lot of fun but at the same time, lotsa preaching to pack our bag to fly to Shanghai and work..With his great charisma, he had certainly made the both of us interested and Sunny super gian..


Hmmm..maybe I might fly to Shanghai to work in the future if things are good?

Well, good exposure! ^_^


Oh well..

Since it is so called a farewell outing, we had lotsa fun karaoke-ing and eating!


The “old” monkeys~~~lol!


Why I look so cock and fat in this pix. My hair sux. =/ Trying to pose to make me look good.

Failed though. -_-


(From Ant’s hp)Camwhoring still the best.


Secret Garden, a ktv pub located at Serangoon Garden.

Not a bad place to go. Filled with older folks though.

Interesting place especially can see “high” uncle doing very well choreographed dance moves!


Thinking that Ant will miss the great food in Singapore, we chiong to chomp chomp to eat!


Found a top-rated Black carrot cake!


At $4, this carrot cake(with prawns) deserves a 8.5/10 rating! Power lo!

*drool*  Order this from the carrot cake stall near the toilet! 


This Hokkien Mee is good shit too!!!! 8/10! Very nice lo~~~ 

Also near the toilet..

(Seem like food near the toilet is nicer..extra liao?)


Ant buay tahan me..so want to challenge me..

Poser with the satays!hahaha..


But nothing beat…




P.S: Bon Voyage Ant! Happy working over there with Jackson!

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