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KuraPrincessEatNonStop@ABC Market

It’s a long forgotten post. I saved it in my draft & 4get about it.
Nebermind, just post. Mr K, don’t u dare comment anything! 
I forget the stall number but it can be easily spotted lah!
Just post it since pix look yummy~=p 


1. Claypot braised chicken wing rice

Rating: Unknown


Only tried one mouth. Quite nice but only has 1 chix wing with a claypot of rice. 
Quite saddening but the quantity. However, the chilli compensate all flaws. 


2. Penang char koay teow

Rating: 6/10


Very  “Penang” authetic feeling.


3. Wow Wow West Fish & Chip

Rating: 6/10


Huge serving & tasted not bad. But the most important is it is sold by ex-convict who turn over a new leaf.
I thought that deserve alot of courage. And so, I feel it is good to support them in thir good food business. 


4. Authetic Claypot rice

Rating: 6.5/10


Very authetic. It’s cook on the spot. I love it, especially the chaotah rice crust.  
But beware, you will have to wait for around 15mins to get your food. 


5. Fatty Cheong  Duck+Char siew rice

Rating: 7/10


Delicious, Juicy & Fatty Duck Skin. The char siew was abit hard but taste sweet. Great chilli, acting as a perfect companion to the char siew and duck meat.


LOL~I din know I commented this way last time.
Well, seem like a great improvement of myself from a year ago!


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I am practically sick of mooncake.
My current workplace is in the construction industry.
And to that, they work with alot, alot, alot of suppliers.
And because of that, we have alot, alot, alot of mooncake gifts.
So many that I should have do entries on mooncake tasting session.
Every entry,1 different brand of mooncake.
But my accounts side move faster that I do!!!! Once it comes, they cut n eat~ 


Under my estimation…
There are already at least 15 boxes being delivered & still counting…
Almost 2 to 3 boxes a day…
I tried so many till I say “NO” to them unless they are the unique kind..
Not those normal lotus flavour one..
Eventhough I am sick of mooncake, but I found my favorite &..
I bought one box of them from the Taka Mega Mooncake “Roadshow” for my maybe future in-laws..


The Fullerton Hotel Mooncake Packaging 


The Fullerton Snowskin Treasures ($52/-)

It comprises of Blueberry snowskin, Cranberry snowskin, Apple snowskin & Chocolate Bailey snowskin.


The only flavour I tried & in love with— Apple Snowskin

It is not only nice to look, nice to eat but nice to smell too! The refreshing apple fragrance was so strong that I can even smell it some distance away. It tasted really good & refreshing & not a least too sweet. Something new for this year if you are sick & tired of the old lotus mooncake. 


So what did Mr K get for his maybe future “in-law”?


Four Seasons Durian ($49/-)


WOOOOAH~~~!!!!Real thick layer of durian filling!!!!!!!!!

I tried abit & thought this is lovely! Sweet & fleshy! Four Seasons are so generous with their filling!
Even Mummy eat till she exclaimed happily, “Hao Hao Chi! (So Yummy!)” 
Glad to see she is happy. At least can impress Mummy & earn Mr K some bonus points.
Well, I can tell alot from Mr K’s face, he is super reluctant to get those overly priced mooncake.
But still, thank you for the effort! Think about it, you pay 3buck lesser than me! ^_^ 


So have you get your mooncake?
If no, try Fullerton or Four seasons. They are good. ^_^


Wishing everyone an early Happy Mooncake Festival~!

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Food Poisoning After…

7 years at least.
So long that I could not remember how issit like to vomit & diahorrea at the same time.


But on Sat dawn, I experienced it.
Everything seem so new to me. The pain in my tummy is so unbearable.
So unbearable that I thought I was dreaming.
Some nightmare since I just watched Phobia 2 for midnight movie.
I thought someone just teared my tummy apart…


But soon I knew it wasn’t. I was so scared I will die.
And asked Mr K to go to the washroom with me.
But it did not stop just once, I went 4 times at least to vomit & diahorrea.
All the food I had last night came out.
I thought I was fine on Sat daytime since I stopped vomitting & diahorrea.
Neither do I had any appetite to eat.
Same go for Sunday. 


It was until Sunday afternoon then it came back..
And thousand time more powerful!
So badly that I soiled my undies..*blush*
The pain is so painful till I can kill someone. I could not stand straight at all.


Straight away, I went to the doctor & got 2 injections in my ass.
Alot of med given. Prescribed with panadol coz I had high fever due to dehydration.
So given 2 Days’ MC…


Now then I know Food poisoning is so jialat.
But till now, i still unsure the real culprit of my food poisioning..ROAR!

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3D2N Penang Trip: Day 1- Food

Haha! So ironic~
We went for  a Nyonya Feast before we went for the Peranakan Mansion visit! 



No. 102-A-6, New World Park, 102 Jalan Burmah
10050 Georgetown, Penang
Tel” 04-228 7919 




The Inside of the cafe~


The ambience of the place is nice & cosy. Felt like dining in a nyonya house.
The food was not too bad too. Very much of home cooked dishes.
I miss Grandma!!!! 


Pardon me. I not sure most of the dishes name.
They ordered  before I reached the cafe.
And the pix are not the best. I got only 1 chance to snap b4 it was gobbled up by the hungry people~ 


Tofu w minced meat?


Too Kar Chor (Pig’s Trotter w vinegar)


Some bbq pork?


Hmmm..Some popiah with lot of ingredient. But i don’t really fancy this.


Jiu Hu Char (Turnip stirred fried with sotong strip)


Prawn. I know “WTF” hahahha~ Nice!


Gulai Tumis (Stingray)
My favorite! It’s quite spicy~Yummm! 


Nutmeg Juice. Hmm..Exotic drink.


A good start for food.




The famous Penang Road Chendol




Personally, I feel it is not bad. I like the big fat red beans in the chendol. Very fleshy!
It kinda of sweet but still acceptable. Well, this is definitely a “Must Try” dish in Penang!
But, beware of eating at the wrong stall. There is another chendol stall opposite but not unsure of its taste.


Beside Chendol, the other dessert you ought to try out is Penang Ais Kacang or known as ABC.
Very different from the Ice Kachang we have in Singapore.
Beside its big fat red bean, it tasted like Sarsi. I love it. 


Next: Dinner@ New Lane

If you are tourist, it is better off to go places like New Lane, Gurney Drive or Northern Cafe for food.
But since it is considered a “tourist attraction”, it will be a little bit more steep in price & taste wise, not so good.
But for variety purposes, I brought them to New Lane.
If you really want to taste the best, you got to travel around.



A scene at New Lane

 In Penang, alot of food is sold in this way. Look hygiene but it might be tastier as compared to the rest.
Food taste best if they are cooked over charcoal fire.


Fried Chicken Skin

This is usually sold in the fried chicken van. It is a common sight in roadside stalls & they taste good!
Can compete with ur normal KFC. hahahha~


Curry Mee (Got Pig Blood, Squid, Taupo, Prawn)

Similar to laksa but it is not the same. It is not as thick as the laksa in Singapore.


Penang Hokkien Mee

This is my all-time favorite. 
Its rating is gauged from the soup I left in the bowl.
Seem like alot of soup is left in this bowl. 


TonTon Mee

Same as our Singapore Wanton Mee. But I prefer Penang one.
The noodle is much more springy and it is a darker version since dark soya sauce is used.
Note: Malaysia Dark Soya Sauce is much more authentic and nicer in taste.


Chee Cheong Fan 

Simple dish but a dish to die for. The fragrant prawn paste make up for everything!


Assorted Piggy Porridge – got fried intestine too!


Penang Char Koay Teow

Another must Eat dish. But not in new lane pls.
It tasted bad and expensive.
As I say, “tourist attraction”. They charged differently, depending on your nationality I guess. 


Well..that’s all for the food intro on the 1st day! 2nd day soon!

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“I want to go Penang!” It’s the common comment i get whenever they know my hometown is Penang.
But, in Penang, there arent much to do.
So when my colleagues wanted to go to Penang, It quite a headache to me.


Coz I got to think of the itinerary but there aren’t much to do.


Penang, the main attraction is food & alot of temples.
But due to its spiciness & strong taste, not everyone are used to the food there. 
But what so nice about Penang to me, is the people there.
They are my kins. With them, I always feel very happy. Yes from the heart.
Well, since my colleagues wanted to go for a short Penang trip.
I planned out the itinerary with my niece.
The following might be a good gauge for ur holiday trip if you are visiting Penang anytime soon.
Basically, nth much to do!hahahaha~ 


1. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

29, Church Street, 10200 Penang
Opens: Monday – Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed on Sundays and all public holidays 

RM10.00 for adult (aged 12 and above)
Free for children below 12 

Haha..I din know this place till Wen Hui mentioned it to me. Well, some scenes from Little Nonya was shot at this mansion.
I feel this is the nicest attraction among all bahz.
At least I know a little better of my culture & have a feel of the peranakan home.


And of coz, I had fun there with my cousin & niece! ^_^


Let’s intro the hosts first! 

(Wenhui, Daniel & Me!)

Please ignore the shadow behind us. It’s Steven the ghost!


And these are the tourists!

(Ivy, Celine, Jean & Jovan, Steven, Me & Eric!)


I thought most of the pix taken there are pretty good. Felt so much like some casting photo for new drama serial!
Hmmmm…Let’s name the new drama as “Big Fat Nonya”..Lame i know -_-”


Beside the good pix effect, lot of fun factors for the super drama queen!


Me trying to shit.


Our 1st night – Bed Chamber. *blushz*


I can cook!


LOL! The “drama” is in the gene!


Old school deck chair i guess! Look so comfy~

I took quite a no of funny pix. 
But what amazed me most is the technology in the past.
Really quite advanced! Piggy me dun even know they exist in the past! 


Paper Manjong I think


Have a closer look…


Still cannot make out what is what tile.


Big Fat Nonya Best Actress & Our Star Kid acting to play paper manjong.


Old style Belt. Gosh! Don’t they look similar to our belts tisdays?
Din know my ancestors so “IN” sia~~~! 
Look closer, the first belt even has this compartment for coins!


Oven Toaster! Retro lah!


Seeing this reminded me of my grandma.
They had exactly the same table. Same colour also.
Sobs..miss them. =( 


2. Esplanade 

Well, not the Singapore Esplanade I am talking about.
Not really sure what issit. But more of a place to take seaview photo.


Esplanade. Nothing much over there I thought.


But I still had fun!!!!

3. Zhou Jetty

I have no idea why it bcome a “must see” place. Guess it must be due to the fact that there aren’t alot of such houses built on the water. And most importantly, everyone in that area got the surname “Chew”.
Really. One of my niece whose surname is CHEW used to stay there. And her late grandma and blah stayed there.

Being a Water lover, I would love to stay in those wooden house. =)


It might look broken down but I felt it will be cosy to live in there.
Especially everyone in this jetty got the same surname which make sense that everyone are related.
It’s something that I always wanted.
That’s it to be with my kins in Penang. But I can’t. I am here in Singapore. All alone.


And definitely the laid back feeling I always wanted to have too.
Singapore is just far too stressful & Competitive.


We only managed to visit these few places on the 1st night as it was pouring heavily in the evening.
Hence, we cant do much & headed back to hotel quite early.
We quite suay. We encountered a major blackout in Penang. Our room was not spared too.
No activity. No Light. No air con. And raining heavily. 
Till now, as u can see, there arent much to do or see in Penang right?
Quite true but stay tune for Day 2. =p
And of coz the food entry.

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From 3rd Sept till Now..

What have I been doing?


Suddenly MIA from my blog right? hahahahaz..
Aiya, I was busy settling thing in my own physical life.
Getting done with my study loan,  getting myself a permanent position in my current company & many other thing.
And was busy rushing through my taiwanese serial. That’s explain my MIA status. lol~


So how should I start?
Okay, score pretty good marks for my recent UOL examination.
Hmm, my hospital visit on my tummy was alright. But fell sick for a week after that. I tot I got H1N1 then!
But good thing, I am fine now. Just only.


As mentioned, my study loan got approved. Thanks to my friend who agreed to be my guarantor.
Since got a little bit of cash in hand, I thought I can live in luxury.
I intended to retake my TP. Ya, like after 2 years I flunked my 1st one. Just give it another shot & pass/fail nvm.
If fail, Mr K pls vow to be my driver for life. LOL~ It’s a good deal ok. 
As for work side, it’s not so good news after all.
I don’t really fancy my new workplace. A place filled with Aunties. And I mean kaypo aunties.
A place where everyone is divided. Senior is senior. Newbie is Newbie. Stupid tradition.
Plus, the management is not the best who want everyone to be initiative & “welfare” for everyone.
But, there is no such thing as “smooth” when it comes to human factor. 
Due to the managment “hope”, i feel that place is screw up. Everyone is such a faker & some out to bully the newbie.
And you know I am not a pushover. I voiced out the truth & attacked by mild backstabbing.
But being “welfare” & “naive”, you can expect nothing much will be done & I will be hated by the seniors.
It doesn’t matter. I am there to get the work experience. With that mindset, I survive so far.
I just know ones is not so lucky to always landed up in workplace like red dot.


Oh well, I don’t have much time to think about those.
I have school to deal with, TP to handle, duty to teach, service my loan..no time to bother about work politics.
So life for me in there, will be “walk 1 step, see 1 step” & dun have to make extra effort to be close with them.
Why? I won’t stay long too.


Since got a permanent job & study loan, I thought life will be good.
Can enjoy my life but I am so wrong.
1 day after I got my loan, my mother intentionally told me about her outstanding 2k medical bill, my dad’s outstanding hdb bill..


What is the meaning of this? 


P.S: You don’t give birth to me to suffer & service loan for you all. 

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Goldenmile FC



It’s a delicacy to me & many of my friends – the canoeists.
The most satisfying thing to do after a day of training at Kallang is food.
And at Goldenmile FC, there are lot of delicious food & this stall’s chicken rice is only one of them!


Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice For 2 ($7buck)

Rating: 8/10


When it comes to chicken rice, I feel the fragrance & texture of the rice, the tenderness of the chicken & the chilli is very important.
Rice. I have tried quite a number of chicken rice and some tasted too dry, too oily or have little fragrance in it. But for this stall, the texture & fragrance is just right for me. The rice is not sticky but grainy. You can basically feel the texture of every grain as you chew.
The chicken. I always order Chicken breast meat. In most people’s context, breast meat is tough & tasteless. However, this stall really surprise me.  Their chicken breast meat is tender & “loose”. And for the chilli, there’s not much left in the stall since it was closing for the day. Well, that’s explain its taste. =) And good thing is that it does not leave much trace of chicken rice in my mouth. Or else, my burp will really have that strong chicken rice smell. lol~
Speaking of it, really make me hungry. Gosh. Gimme a plate of chicken rice. Quick.

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