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KuraPrincess sunbathed, exposed herself to awful UV ray & risking herself of cancer…

Just for this……………………………


The International Friendly Match between Singapore & Liverpool Team. lfcm3

Ya. Mr K’s birthday gift –$88 x 2= sunbathing myself from 4pm. 

But, you should see his reaction when he knew about the tix. He was fuming mad when I pulled out the laptop plug while he was watching the very important soccer match. I did it coz I was so pissed with him. And to break the silence, I told him about the tix. And at once, he was smiling like a little boy just got a super sweet lollipop!   lfmc4

Royden, Pei Ying & Mr K

Fearful that he will be bored watching with the “completely no knowledge” kuraprincess, i jio-ed his 2 good frens who adore Liverpool. =) They are the fans & of coz, excited about it & have lot of things to talk about. And me, can only get myself busy taking photos to forget the heat.    I tried to capture the “atmosphere” as much as I can. At the same time, tried to get a hand on DSLR. Yea..Borrowed from Jiaying. =p Thanx! huggies.   Banners are everywhere. Not alot though. Everyone was excited. Even when it comes to boo0-ing the Man Utd Fans, all Liverpool Fans seem so united. They just go,”Man U sux..Man U sux…” lol~  Good thing bottles are not allowed in the spectator area. If not, I am afraid those Man U fans who were there to “support Singapore team” will go home with bruises. 


Till now, I still have no idea who is Alonso… 


Red Everywhere. Ah Gong So outstanding!

Instead of feeling bored & getting frustrated under the hot sun, the locals got themselves entertained by doing the “Kallang Waves”….


The waves got started..


It’s our turn…Ooooooooooh!!!!!!


I came across die-hard fan too.


Look closer. His head is shaved with the word “LIVERPOOL”.


Must have wore it so many times till its wording came off. Time to get ur daddy to get a new one.


Gosh. Candid Shot. Nose Digging Affair.


The players got themselves warmed up…


Good Catch!!!!! Good shot kuraprincess!haahahhaa~


“Walk on, Walk on, With hope in your hearts

And you’ll never walk alone, You’ll never walk alone (Repeat)”

The fans sang the liverpool songs before the match started.



At 7.50pm sharp….



Both teams getting ready to kick off!!!!wooooohoooo~!


As the game goes on…
it makes me feel that Singapore team is the “AWAY” team & Liverpool is the “Home” team.lol~
No one is supporting Singapore team. Okay. maybe the Man U Fans.


By 2nd half, everyone is yelling for ALONSO, TORRES and blah blah…



Torres played for 30mins!!!!

His appearance made the whole stadium go havoc! Before that, everyone seems so dead.
The ambience during the 1st half seem so quiet. Really change my mindset about soccer then.
At that pt of time, I thought to myself. BORING. No drum beating, no cheers, no singing & blah.


But when the 1st team players came out to play, all really go ra-ra~~~~


They went even more ra-ra when their favorite team scored a goal!!!!


 Even Mr K & friends from agony…




Excitement!Wah~so many movements sia!!!!!!hahhahahha~
Especially Mr K. Easily excited guy. Ma chiam strike 4D like that. -_-


More shot from the field. =)

At the end of the match, the whole stadium stood up to sing “You’ll never walk alone”
All sing with pride out loud. Yes super loud. I bet you will not get such response when it comes to national anthem .


The whole of Liverpool team walked to the Kop stand. All Screamed.
sound like me if ALan Luo Zhixiang or MAyDay walked to me. hahhahaha!


The liverpool won the game by a score 5-o. They were awarded the Merlion Cup Champion.
And Singapore team was awarded the Runner-up. -_- Sound abit lame to me since there are only 2 teams.
Well done to both teams. One thing I see. Singapore team was playing their best & keeping their defence up. =)


Well done boys! Hope next time will be “The Lions Eat up the Reds”! =)


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The Sprinting Gurls- Geraldine, Yixin, Jiaying, Me & Elva plus…


3 self-claimed “cute & handsome” sprinting guys- Jeremy, Lex & Alfred…
It’s suppose to be the very own sprinting girls’ outing but who knows, the 3 self claimers popped by~!
Jeremy called me up at 6 odd to ask if 3 cute & handsome guys can join us. 
I said NOOOO, partly the names he identified aren’t cute & handsome & I had actually made a reservation for the gurls only!
It was too last min to change since the reservation is made at 7. So in the end, the “cute & handsome” guys  ended up in “Mr Curry”. =p


As for the sprinting gurls, it has been long since we gathered after graduation. I actually “1-month advanced booking” with them, especially for Yixin. She super busy one. Always fly us aeroplane. So it’s a “strike 4D” affair for her special appearance. However, Serene missed out this time! Nvm..we will gather on 22nd August for Hei-Mei Jiaying’s 21st! ^_^
5th Visit. Wah sey, I doubt there is other restaurant where i visited more than that!
Waraku, to me, they serve yummy & affordable food.
Their food always come in huge & long portion.
That’s explained the photo. I can’t find that perfect angle to take a shot of them in the dimmed area.
And of coz, to take a shot before the hungry people go GRRRRRRR…..lol~


Potato Mentai Cheese ($8.80)
Potato with spicy cod roe with cheese on hotplate


Seafood Mentai Gratin ($8.80)

Rating: 7/10


Both dishes are similar since cheese are involved. Melted Cheese is always good! ^_^ I luv it! The Seafood Mentai Gratin is more creamy but for the Potato Mentai is slightly more oily but crispy. 


Waraku is famous for their udon/Kishimen Noodle.
The noodle they served are very different from those we purchased from our supermarket.
 They are not as thick & much more springy. What I heard is these noodle are specially air flown frm 
Japan itself. 


Ebi Cream Udon ($12.80)

Rating: 5/10


I actually wanted to go for the “duck duck” cold udon but it was out of stock! =( So bo bian the waitress recommended this and I regret to choose that. It was Overly heavily creamy. But the udon is good & the prawns are crunchily fresh. I actually added chilli flakes to make it taste a little less “heavy”. Guess their noodle is best served in soup base still. 


Yixin’s Tempura Yamakake Udon ($14.80)


Geraldine’s Chako Nabe(Miso Soup Base)- ($12.80)


Elva’s Nabeyaki Udon

I preder Elva’s one!The soup is sweet one!yummy~Din take Jiaying’s one since she took Cream base too. She too, think it was too heavy.


Super sian. Pictures look bad. =( I can only live with it till I get the DSLR & I am determined.

Well, glad you gurls enjoy ur meal & those who have not tried. Pls stop thinking Waraku = expensive!

In fact, they are so affordable! ^_^

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Well, usual hangout again!!!
Yeah..Double O. Seem like our bdaes are often spent in dbl o eversince we made the girls’ card.
Dbl o really know how to attract cheapo group like us. hahahhaa~


Had a fun night but was a busy night for me too.
Not an easy task to keep a look out for a tipsy high girl. Have to keep out all of the guys from touching her.
Tiring & painful affair. Got a cut from my brand new gladiator heel!
Yeah!My heels!Luv them~ ^_^
I guess age is catching up. We are less hyper than before.
But I think it does not apply to me.
I guess I will stay this way even I am 40.
Guess it’s my motto in life to live in the “EXTREME” to make my life well-spent.

“Don’t Be Afraid to Enjoy & Have Fun
“Don’t be shy to Show your Affection to people you loved.”
“Don’t be Afraid to Grow Fat. Just Eat & Exercise Later!”

Most importantly, “Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself”

Before you stop kicking…. 


But one thing never change, photo-taking.
With more people, we have more funny looking pix.


So Pretty!


Milk Milk Milk~We want MILK~

I will never get to pose such photo.
But who cares, A cup rox!


I Want to Kiss the Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL~I actually give a big blow into the straw on purpose!
My stinky birthday gift for Sexymama~  =p


Lawyer Teh looks good on this pix. Look at me. Keep your eyes away frm the SQ gurl~


My favorite pix!!!! Potential Darlie Toothpaste Ad~ 

It was MAmbo Night. Yes, the happiest thing for Mr K.
Great that he can do his mambo moves while we try to pick a skill or 2 from him.
It has been about a year since he last do his mambo moves.
And not only that, he got photos taken with me, sexymama & py.
All chiobus~ =p
Aren’t he glad to know me? >_<


And me, enjoy abit by dancing funnily.
My fav dance move is “Who let the dog out!woof!x4” LOL~!


As ages catch up with us..I hope 20years later we can still go club.
Nop, I don’t want go dragonfly. We go dbl o or zouk k.
Let’s be modern aunties~ 
But among all our bdaes, I think Sexymama is the most shiok one.
This clubbing session is an advanced one. She gonna head off to Hong Kong on her bdae!
So shiok!It’s like her dunno hw many trip lah!
P.S: Mr K, DSLR + a trip. No batam or genting trip pls. lol~ If you are reading this, you can help by doing co-sponsorship.

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Had Sexymama’s 23rd celebration over at Ma Maison.
She yearned for it for damn long time so I made a reservation to quench her craving.
I made it like 3 weeks’ in advance~


You must be thinking “What the…..” right?
Believe me if you want to make a reservation for a big group, do that 3 weeks in advance.
The space in Ma Maison, Central is relatively small. Not possible to occupy lot of diners,
not to mention big group of diners. 


Ma Maison
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-96 The Central@ Clarke Quay 
Tel: 6327 8122    

We took some time to order. Not alot of choices.
Really quite westernized. hehhehehe.


OMU RICE (Omelette butter rice+stewed beef) – $14.90
Rating: 6/10

It tasted abit weird at the start. It got a strong taste and hence, it will need some time for the tongue to adapt to it. The omelette was perfectly done but I don’t really taste the buttery sensation from the rice itself. I thought it goes better with some better. But the beef chunk was done in a perfect way. Tender yet chewy.

However, I feel the Omu Rice done is mushroom Cream sauce is better. Sad to say, the pix is ruined by the bad lighting.


Italian Burger I think. 
Sorry la. I lost the receipt. 

This was alright. I thought the beef patty was a little bit too soft. The meat will just “split apart” once
it is put into the mouth.

Pork Cutlet 

Boon Kee think the sauce is sour but the potato salad was yummy! I not sure how does it taste like.
But I  thought the sauce was okay.


Overall, I feel the food is average. But, it has very good ambience with nice background music.
Might be a good place for first date! =)


As I mentioned it is a gathering for Sexymama’s 23rd, there bound to have cake.


Banana & Green Tea Cupcakes from Marriot Hotel. 

It was good! =)


Bdae gurl with cupcakes+ her fren behind.


1,2,3….8! We have 8 out of 10. Not a bad turnout! =)

Stay tuned for Sexymama’s 23rd part 2!!!!!! ^_^

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Compare to red dot, the place I am working at now is much bigger in term of labour force.
Being used to the friendly environment in red dot, I was naive enough to think that “here” will be the same too.
I am not saying that the environment in “here” is not friendly. In fact, the people in my department and other departments except one, are friendly. I enjoyed working with them except one. The “one” just make my entire 830 to 530 felt tensed. It’s not that I am not friendly, but the “one” treated me like some arch enemy. I am puzzled till today, of what exactly I had offended her. She is an experienced senior and I am just a temp staff, thus I am so not going to grab her rice bowl. Besides, I have no task that requires me to work with her & I am relieved.


I dislike that “AURA” of being hated. I can ignore but I just felt the tension is there & it cannot be ignored.
I admitted I am loud and I can’t make everyone “adore” me. But at least I am friendly & I din a least step on her “tail”.
It seem like she just unhappy with me about EVERYTHING..
Yes EVERYTHING! Even on my food photography interest. She frowned at that idea. =/


The whole idea of being “hated” is depressing enough. The fact I got to bear with it is even more depressing.
Can you imagine of feeling tensed while working with numbers + no human being contact at all.
No, not even email or msn. Furthermore, I have no one to voice out to. Not even Mr K.
I am closer to some of my colleagues but I can’t mention who that “one” too.

As I stated, beside that “one”, everything is not bad. =)
I am glad to meet lovely people from my department & other departments to make my stay worthwhile & happy.
And at the same time, able to go for “Happy Hour” or “Sport” or “Dinner” after work.
I always believe there is always some thing more than just a colleague.
And that is being FRIENDS! =)

Speaking of that, I went out for ktv-ing session with some of the lovely people I met in “here”,


Celine, Jean+Son, Me & “Uncle” Steven…


Plus Eric on the LefT!

But of coz, I am the youngest!hahahhaha~ 
We are from different departments but really enjoy their company.
But I guess I stunned them more with my everlasting energy! Wooohoo!
That made them wonder if they behave like me when they were 23. hahhah!opps! 


Me + Celine~

Cheerful & Nice girl! But, she is leaving already. =(
No doubt I still have others & glad the place I am sitting at are surrounded by nice people..
(Good thing the “one” is tables away from me)
But still, it will be different. Sobs.
Well, I can’t change the fact that the “one” dislike me but I can strengthen my bonding with the rest.
Yes and have a harmonious office relationship!
That why I gonna head off for badminton session with them on Monday!
And at the same time, get to exercise.


Wah..really hit 2 birds with 1 stone! =)
Last but not least, if you are reading this & u belong to “here”.
I love you okay! ^_^

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No Hope For My Hair?

At a hair salon,


How will you feel if the hairdresser comb your hair n reveal the part where ur hair is the least?
And she just left it there. 


How will you feel when you tried getting suggestion for haircut and she replied there aren’t any that suit you.
You know it’s becoz you don’t have much hair.


So you can only leave it to her. As she cut, you find that your hair become uglier n uglier.
Initially she said this short but end up much shorter.


As you looked around, even ah ma have more hair than u.


Facing the fact of hairloss, the rejection from all the styles you want and end it off with normal expensive haircut.
She makes it sound it like there is no hope for my hair to look with more volume.


Believe me, I was so devastated as she cut. I almost tear. Feel so much to get out of the shop & say she sux.


But issit really true there is no hope for my hair anymore?

It was once my most beautiful asset but now, become a worthless junk.


Hair once do wonder to my life & look but now..


How many people can understand the feeling of hair loss?

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We had dinner@Blue Basil.
He is a prawn lover & asked for grilled prawnz as his dinner treat.
Eventhough I got the word “WTF” formed in my brain, I still google to find nice grilled prawnz.


And I found Blue Basil!!!!!!
I even read up other blog entries about Blue Basil like the one found in ironladychef.
I always do alot of research b4 heading to any dining area. hehehe. Want my food to be valued for $ mah~ 


56 Cairnhill Road
Singapore  229677
Tel:  6737 8770
Website: http://www.bluebasil.com.sg 

It is located outerside of town area.
A little inconvenient to find parking lot though since Blue Basil was located along the roadside.


There weren’t alot of diners when we went there.
I guess partly because it is a weekday and the dining place was a little out of place.
But I think they have good customer service. Very friendly wait staffs. But they overcharged me. =/

Blue Basil, is a rare variety of basil grown in Africa. Just by hearing the name, you can almost associated most
dishes to basil. Well, I like basil, especially the thai basil minced meat rice. =p

For that night, I spent a grand total of $99.40 for 2 persons. #@$%&!
These are how my $$$ is spent……………………………….. 

(The place was dimmed & pardon me for the bad pix. I editted quite some time &
this is the best I can get. =/)




The birthday boy luv it. He commented it is slightly spicy. I feel the soup is overwhelmed with mussel taste. I don’t fancy mussel. Or shld say i don’t dare to consume any shelled seafood beside prawn, crayfish, lobster, crab and scallop. hhehehee~ 



Rating: 6/10


I always thought shrimp cocktail is to be served chilled. I not sure if that it is a norm to serve chilled shrimp cocktail but I do certainly prefer it to be chilled. Instead, it was rather served more at room temperature. The cocktail sauce was slightly spicy; the prawns were crunchy & nice; and the fresh tasty veggie was served with it. I like the sauce but still, it will be better if it is chilled.




Birthday boy’s wish is granted. LOL. He thinks it is not bad & highlighted these are the best broccoli he ever tasted. I thought the serving is small. Probably I will not feel filling. Not the best mashed potato though. I love Al Dente Trafforia’s one.  



Rating: 7/10


My favorite part is that the chef had grilled to the point that the salmon skin was slightly crisp. Tasty. I like the blue basil pesto sauce. It goes well with the salmon, the baby potatoes and broccoli.  I like the broccoli too! Salty Salty one. Great! Hmm..I don’t mind to just have a broccoli pasta served with blue basil pesto sauce. I bet that combination can cause an orgasm already.




=/ I think this is real bad. When it was served, I sniffed burning smell from the brownie. I thought it was just my imagination and it was till I tasted it then I knew it was really burnt. It’s not imagination! =/ I wanted to complain but the birthday boy stopped me.


How can they serve burnt brownie to the diner? It was so burnt that the birthday boy thought he was eating brownie cookies. It was so hard. Apart frm being burnt, they did not serve it with ice cream yet they charged me at the price of Walnut Brownie+ice cream. =/ That’s a few dollars more.

I hope they have more integrity for this matter. Well, I used to work in Coffeebean & served warm brownie too. We will change it if it is burnt unless there is circumstances like the manager made us serve it. If that’s the case, I will feel super bad and will start thinking how the consumer will not be enjoying the slightly burnt brownie.

So same for here, I paid for the food so of coz, I deserve some form of respect in term of the food served. And of coz, respect yourself as the chef, the server or the host when it comes to food quality. I am sure their nose is working. =/




Soft with the right degree of sweetness. I not the usual sweet tooth person and prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. This is not too bad. Definitely much better than the brownie. Still, I prefer the banana chocolate cake served in Secret Recipe. If the one is Secret Recipe is 10/10. This is 6.5/10. 


Overall, I think BLUE BASIL is still worth going. But, maybe go at the time that there are more diners. I got this impression already that dining places don’t serve their last customer well in terms of food quality. But,I doubt I will go back since I had bad experience with it. And I got this principle, I don’t visit a place twice unless the food is too hard to resist.


This is only part of the gift. The liverpool match and co-sponsor of hp comes later. ROAR~

Well, I hope Mr K was happy then.

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