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Miss My Team My Family

Miss My Team My Family

Sigh, miss you guys!
Feel like crying when I see the clip again…

Especially when I know the Round Ubin is here again…
I miss the times we have together..
the fun, the endurance, the sweat, the spirit..

Luv you guys…

Hope to canoe with you all soon..
(Though I always fly u all kite…hahhahahha)

All the best to you guys in the upcoming Round Ubin…
Ngee Ann Ki-Ya!


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My Date

My Date

First Date (27th July)

Finally get to see Kelvin.

We met up to watch a movie – The Lake House.

Nahz..Dun think is really nice. Happy ending.I hate happy ending.
It worsened the rating with the glaring light from the screen that hurt my eyes alot!

How about Kelvin?

I dun tink i will 4get him as long as i lived…

He is the first guy that came out of the toilet before me…
People who went to the loo with me b4 will know I got this super fast peeing system and I always came out way b4 the guys…

He is the first guy that made such a deep impression..
An impression that I felt like punching & kicking him..

The scenario goes like this..(Machiam like taiwanese idol drama)

He walked me to my bus stop and tried to wait with me..
Then when i opened my big mouth and say, “eh..u taking mrt right?u go first lo..”

So what will the normal guys’ reaction be?
Let me tell u..Normal guys will say,”Nvm..i see u off to ur bus first…”

But him..
He just say,”ok..i go take mrt..bye” and he just walked away..
He did take a few look back…

I superduper stunned lo.
Yea, with my jaws dropping wide…
Inside me is %$#@&!…

The rest I shall not continue before he really kana killed by the fans!hahaha!

Second Date (28th July)

It is much better planned that the first one..

We went to Fish & Co for dinner and ordered Platter for 2 and shared a Mermaid Freeze..Left with no choice one lo..

He knows my stomach not well and thus, dun let me drink anything that gt pineapple inside..Even when the drink came, he restricted me from drinking too much & forced me to drink plain warm water!(So mean yet so sweet!)

Platter for Two!

Yea..He forced me to try mussel..tried and still dun like.yuck.

And he dun eat sotong..becoz of that, i ate most..
Now i feel so sotong…hehehe..(regina lame liao..)

Me Drinking Mermaid Freeze

Me & Kelvin..

After our dinner, we went to Esplanade to walk walk and play play..

Then we decided to rest our tired legs at the chocolate shop (Not Chocoz)..
I have always wanted to go and try the drinks but no chance..

I ordered this..

Dunno called what..start with “S” one..
Wah liew..the portion damn small la..
one tiny cup of milk+1 plate of dark choco..

And do exactly like me!!!!!!!!

Warning: Dun put too much chocolate..swwweeeeeet lo..nearly gt sore throat sia!

Dunno why..Kelvin suddenly become silent and cool cool one..


Still not smiling..Cool then…Baka-nei!

After the short rest, we took 171 home. No choice, we compromise w each other since this is the only bus that go to our house…And at the same time, he trying to pay back the “bu shuang ness” he created in me the day b4…hahahhaaha!


Kelvin is a pretty nice guy. He got a bad boy face that will melt many young gurls’ heart..Dun see him cool cool one..Actually he is cheeeky and cute one!hahahaa!

It was a preetty enjoyble date..it has been quite sm time that I got a date..haha!
Kelvin, i enjoyed myself. Thank you very much!

P.S: Kelvin, where u my jian mian li?

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Sick Office

Sick Office

My Kaki, Aryo is sick, down with stomach flu..
He very jialat lo..can stay on the toilet bowl la!

Both of us passed our MC to Suming..
Then Suming exclaimed, “Eh..REgina’s doctor called Soh Soon Beng..Aryo’s doctor called Lim Soon Beng!”



Aryo told me that the doctor told him go hospital too.

Sound familar.

Soh Soon Beng told me too.


Maybe me n Aryo should change doctors.
Coz we are still sick.hahaah!

Beside us, Joey sick. Eelyn sick. All something to do with stomach.
Is this a season of problematic stomach?

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Am i Dying?


Sigh..guess what?
I went to peepee today and check my urine..

It’s LIME GREEN..n i mean CLEAR LIME GREEN colour..
I stunned lo..

Then i produced a landslide in the toilet bowl..
Wahz..super smelly sia…

hahahhaha!Gross out?sorrie lo..

I called Dr. Soh and told him about it..
Coz i scared mahz..

Then he told me if still liddat..better go see specialist at A&E..

I stoned..

I started wailing..
“I dun want to go hospital!I like hospital food but i dun wan 2 stay there!!!!”

I started telling my colleague that i going to get cancer and ask them dun feel sad..

Dun think i am joking..

I am serious.
I am scared.
My ah gong died of stomach cancer…

Tutu Jonathon still curse me..
How mean..
My own fan want me to perish..sobsob!

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Open a Fanclub for me

Open a Fanclub For Me

WahWah..Din know my blog still got a little bit “reputation”..

Thnx to Jonathon sia..
Not because he ask for my email to be added in msn..
I would never have known who have been reading my blog!

Got ppl who never tag on my board add me lo..
Wah..Envious or not?

Mmm..I suggest you all open a FANCLUB for me…

But all got to buy an elmo..hahaha!
Kecil one or huge one..doesn’t matter..
Then hoh…

Definitely muz print t-shirt…


With this on the shirt(Maybe a click-on badge will do)..
And i want the shirt to be GREEN!!!!!

Wah…liddat muz practice my signature liao…

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Doctor Visit

Doctor Visit
Wahz…my stomach has been hurting like 2weeks?
buai tahan lo..

Yeah..on MC today..so weird..seldom got MC one…
No choice..my stomach hurt since last night..
Pain till i feel like punching someone!!!!!!!!!

So went to see doctor today..
And guess what the doctor said?

He said, “If this continue, u got to go see specialist.”

I was like, “Huh..dun tell me really get cancer arh..”

He replied,”So easy to get cancer meh?”

If you all got read my previous entry on my blocked ear..
Ya..is the same doctor..
The doctor so funny n crappy like me..hahahhahaha!!!!!

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I might be closing down this blog…

I will not bother about him anymore..
and mess up his life..
I promise I will leave him alone..

And this blog..got too much of our precious memories..

So I have not make the decision..

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