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KuraEatNonStop@Vanila Bar & Cafe

To begin..
This post is gonna be overwhelming with lots of inner feeling and thoughts.
Yes, alot of self reflection done just on that day.
Firstly, I took cab for every trip of the day.

1. Tuition (Bukit Batok) –> Esplanade
I was there for a play – Nanta Cooking~
It’s a korean group that uses kitchen utensils to create fab music/rhythm.

The crews from Nanta Cooking

I enjoyed the show. It’s great. There’s a lot of audience involvement in the show. And that’s triggered off my funny bones, especially the audience are really spontaneous and just joined in the fun..The language does not affect the fun factor at all. Really tickles me and made me Laugh Out Loud!

It made me forget all the sadness in the heart then. I am glad I have my good sisters with me then.

Me & Cheryl & Rudith. We are the Heros~! LOL~

After the show, we went separate way. Sigh~Honestly speaking, I hate that.

I was all alone. And yes, disappointed. Feeling so down in the heart.
Nothing shown on the face but the heart was deeply hurt.

Anyway, I travelled from Town —> Boon Tat Street..
To fulfil my long time wish: Visit some cafe and enjoy the food alone.

Vanila Bar & Cafe

3 Boon Tat Street #01-01
Singapore 049612
Tel: 6423 0366

It kinda weird when I said, “table for one.” Ya, I am too used to have someone with me.
I think the wait staff felt weird too. She got this atonished look on her face when she knew I was alone.

I looked through the menu and chose those recommended by the wait staff. She is friendly and always smiling. =)

As much as I wanted to be alone and left undisturbed, my handphone went dead. Yes, officially in my very very very own world.

While waiting for my food to be served, I started scribbling on the cards that I have prepared to give it to him. Yes, the goodbye cards. I never knew it ended before it got started. Isn’t that the saddest part? It just days for me to say “Yes” and I wasn’t that lucky enough. Things just change.

As I was deep in thought, my food was served….

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich ($9.90)

Not very much of a pork person, but this is great. The pork are tender and does not stick in between the teeth like many pork do. I am not sure what’s the ingredient for the pork but it tastes rather bbq-ish. I like it. Sweet and bbq-ish feel. The bun that came with the pork was soft and fluffy too. And nope, not greasy at all. It’s great. Quite a female choice for meal. =)

I ordered a cup of earl grey tea to wash away the greasiness in my stomach. Yes, the folks said that tea kill fats. Well, I doubt it is working much on me~

Ya, I continued to scribble on the cards as I wait for my digestion to take place. Just an excuse. I don’t want to go on with dessert and leave the place so quickly. I was waiting for the sky to turn darker. Yes, letting time pass..

I asked for my dessert to be served.

Vanila Dirt Cake ($8.50)

What a cute dessert! ^_^ Just melt my heart~Ya! Flower for me with some gummy worms~lol! Mind you, the “soil” is made of oreo cookies! Beneath the “soil” are creamy cheesy vanila cake. It’s good to see and nice to eat too. Wouldnt say it is the best dessert but certainly the most pretty one.

I finished up everything before proceeding on with my cards. Yes, I got 3 cards – Combo set.

I put on my earphone and listened on to this song…

I almost tear as I wrote my last card. It’s filled with remorse and self blame. Not to sound pathetic but alot of time, we will ask ourselves, “IF ONLY…” But when we got ourselves asking this question, we already could not turn back the time to change the story. Then, we can only let go.

Done with my cards and dinner. I left the cafe and took a stroll along the shophouses. I discovered alot more other cafes. Okie that’s it, gonna visit all of them! ^^ It’s great to talk a stroll at time alone. I could freely walked into any shop and look look see see and act like some artisitc gal~ Yup, alot of quirky artistic shop along the street. Yes, I am into all these. Just that, not many of my friends or other halfs love it, I seldom do it.

But since I was alone, I walked into them. =) Felt really contented. In the end, I bought a 2nd hand vintage boyfriend’s shirt without much hesitation. It’s from france and made in the 50’s. It’s brown base and imprinted with little red roses and I thought it was really cool.

Next, I walked into “WOODS IN THE BOOK”..
It is a shop of my friend, Mike. =) It was my first visit and I did not notice till I purchased a picturebook and asked the cashier. And he happened to be Mike’s brother. haha~

58 Club Street,

Singapore City, Singapore, 069433

The shop sells alot of picture books that are both suitable for children and adults. Quite a great experience for me. I got a book for him. It’s a taiwanese picture book filled with lot of encouraging philosophy. I read through and indeed, he needs it. Well, treat it as a goodbye gift.

After all the walking and spending, I finally headed home. Yes by cab.
Well, it’s quite an experience for me. Imagine a talkative girl like me, was in my very own world for more than 4hours. No disturbance at all. True enough I mentioned before that to dine in alone in a quiet cafe is a form of enjoyment, bring happiness and made ones feel much more refreshing & relax. But, on a flip side, it comprises alot of loneliness.

I am sure I gonna do this more often. Well, at least food will atmost hurt my body shape and stomach but not my heart. =)
After all the encounters, I feel living on to fulfil my dream is much more meaningful than anything else.

Yes, I moved on. =)


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ICookUEat@Session 4

Session 4.
1 word “HAPPENING”.

My dearest jiemei want tiramisu. Yes, shock of my life.
I have never never never ever made any cake before, beside those in the toilet! LOL~
But..I took up the challenge.

It’s an expensive challenge. Just the mascarpone cheese cost a bomb. Gosh.
To make the freshest and nicer tiramisu, I decided to make it the night before.
I started around 1am..after the success of my seafood pasta salad.

Everything looks fine after the cream’s turn to be mixed.
I opened the bottle and came out as a big lump. Not to usual cream.
I tried to mix it with my mini mixer. And guess what? Nothing happen. Still a lump.
I went back to my pc and took a close look at the youtube video.

=_= Cream is watery form. I looked at the bottle. Pure Cream.

I thought Pure cream = cream.lol~now i know it’s different. LOL~

Panicky. At 2am. Where to find cream? Almost wanted to give up.
I am so thankful that I got a driving license. Really.Otherwise, say sayonara to tiramisu & $.
Drove down to my nearest 24-hr mart to get it. Wah..still thankful abt my license. lol~

Reached home. And a cockroach jumped on me to welcome me!
Scared me la!!!!!!!!

Proceed on with my 2nd trial.
15min. 30min. 1hour..
Still in watery form with some lump forming =_=
Separate the lump from the liquid and continued to beat n finally..some creamy cream formed!

Threw back the liquid.
30mins. nothing happen. I was going crazy then.
And time checked – 4am =_=

Desperate. Went online & found Jerome, my sec sch puppylove! He’s a baker and boss of a cake shop now.
Luckily! He passed me some knowledge.hahaha..
Now i know whipping cream needs to be whipped when it is cool!
Continued my task. My beater was mini-sized. Took ages.

By the time everything was done, it was around 5plus in the morning.
I was pek-chek enough. I stopped following the receipe and do my way.
I add bit and bit of the bailey flavoured mix. Taste le. Alcohol level not shiok.
So..I just took the bottle of bailey and poured in to my cheese and cream~

I just love my “JUST DO IT” Attitude.
And the final product…

Chilled Tiramisu

Yes. Thick layer of creamy cheese mix. I am so loving it. The alcohol level is just right.
Shiok! Ya just right for alcoholic me! My jiemeis commented it’s not bad. Very creamy~

Next up.

Seafood Pasta Salad

My jiemeis are loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made a huge tub and they had quite a number of servings!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl commented it tasted similar to those served in Aston’s!!!!!!! ^_^

And finally, the main…

Potato Pie!

To save time, I got myself a ready-made pastry skin.  Imagine I already have problem rolling out the skin, what more to say about making it from scratch…=_=

But everything else it’s done by me ok! The minced chix sauce. The mashed potato blah~
And it turned out to be great! Everyone had 2 each! I was so happy then! Everyone go “hm. Nice!” & grab for 2nd pie. ^_^

*Clap Clap*

It’s fulfilling. I almost got scalded by the hot butter+milk when the pan overturned. Ya, it was spoilt and I have no idea about it. Yea, talking about the fact that those r my home cooking utensil. =/ Luckily for me, it only cause the whole kitchen floor to be oily and greasy.

Well, alot of dramas but glad all went well!!!!!! I have more confidence in my cooking now!



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