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So sorry! I have been neglecting my blog.
hehehehe..cannot help it.
There is thing that caught all my attention away from my blog.


That is…
The preparation of my trip!
U can say it’s a little bit too early but I don’t think so…
I have been researching on the food and the place to visit.
But definitely more on the food part. And Mr K researched on the shopping part.
How’s weird.
He is more keen on shopping & me on food and sightseeing.
He demanded for more shopping & poor me, have to sacrifice on some sightseeing.
But as a deal, I will have to visit all the FOOD places i intended to go even there is a need to travel far!!!!
But he gained too.
As I am still excited about the trip, let me be done with the making of my little guidebook. =p
At the same time, less food entries i guess since I am saving up for the trip for SHOPPING!
5buck a day on food is my target. 


LOL. I know I have not written about my penang trip day 2. =p
Just give me some time okay? =p
Apart of being excited, i felt tired. Thanks to all the packed schedule I have in my life.
Driving lesson, 4 days of school & work + tuitions.
I see a kawaii panda(yes a panda but still cute) in the mirror liao. LOL~ 
Not only that, I need to “act” too. Especially in my current working place to some people.
I think I am eligible to join any TV casting after months of “acting”. 


So..Tony jio me if you got TV lobang ok. =p 

Damn. I need to train myself to be more bitchy & haughty & nasty to deal with irritating human being at work. 
I miss red dot – a friendly & fun loving place. =( 


Well..i can only say…



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Ever since Mr K got his new Samsung touchphone, I lost my status as a girlfriend.
Don’t ask me which model as I know nut about it.
I am a complete handicap when it comes to touchphone technology. 
It’s a new phone but he paid much more attention to it than to the real human being.
Yeah me the real standing up tall at 1.6m yet lose out to a small black box.


Basically, he spend more time playing with his black box. Find thing to install in it & get weirdest virus.
A virus that sent weird sms to me which he claimed he did not sent.
And in the end, he blamed me. He thinks I played with his phone and make it wacky. =/
And to add, he don’t usually or slow to reply my sms.
However, as I sms-ed him about the weird msg i got, he responded to me like immediately.

He was extremely gentle with his phone too.
He wiped it non-stop. And warned me sternly to put at the right place after playing.
Yell at me when I almost dropped it. And say “YES” to anything to save his black box.


Finally, he went around claiming his black box is the world best phone.. 


I want to be that black box so much.
From the start…
I don’t hear him praising me as the world best gf.
I don’t see him taking care of me in such gentle way & making sure I am at the best state.
I don’t see him yelling at someone when I was being bullied.
Most importantly, I don’t see him giving me that kind of attention.


Suck right? 
That’s why I want to be that silly interactive electronic black box.

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I know it has beeeeeen loooooooong since i blogged. =p
Sorry lo..was busy doing my research for my next upcoming trip!
Yipeeeee! Really excited~Just tink of the food…*droooool*


Quick Quick! Let’s go on with penang food first b4 continuing my search for the nxt trip food.


Let me test u all.
What food do you think of when u mentioned Penang? 

I am sure most of you will say “Penang Laksa“!


And yes, like everyone else..
The rest would want to try or eat the best Penang Laksa.
Well, it’s a different kind of laksa that you see in Singapore.
It has prawn paste, assam fish, mostly vege & really thick yet soft white noodle.
Daniel brought us to eat Farlim Penang Laksa.

Celine’s Favorite.


I am not too sure about the address. Hmm..guess more reachable with a local bringing u there.


A nice bowl of Penang Laksa.


Wow!I love it! I am not the usual hot lover for penang laksa. But i think this bowl of laksa is great!
It was salty, a little bit spicy & soury – sound funny but a perfect combination. Daniel stated that he usually came down just for this bowl of laksa. He loves it as it does not have a fishy taste & the taste is pleasant; not too overwhelming.


But..the Singaporeans don’t have the liking to it.
They think it tasted weird.
But I love it!!!!! 8.5/10 for me!!!!!!


Well, the rest prefer the other dish – Bak Kwa Roti


Bak kwa roti is a simple dish whereby the bak kwa is put in between the roti + special sauce.


I think i tasted better one. But the rest love it. The one I like has more sauce & really really really is sold along the roadside on the bike. =p Well, a simple dish but the sauce can just make u go for more without thinking of weight gain threat. =p


Next Stop.


Goodall Coffeeshop

(Opposite of Ping Hua Nu Zi School)

Finally, somewhere that is not for tourist but locals. And of coz, better food.


Penang Hokkien Mee, So much better the one I had previously.


Finally, an authentic Char Koay Teow which I don’t mind a 2nd place!


Tom Yam Fried Rice, quite nice.


Lok Bak, a similar dish to our Wu Xiang. But of coz, I feel it is nicer.


Well. Sumimasen for the bad pix. The camera me n my niece are holding are certainly not the best.
Therefore, such quality.


But good thing is..
At least you you you who are interested to visit Penang will have a better idea of what & where to eat.
Well..i will update the tourist attraction that we visited on the 2nd day….


Buzz me to stop searching on my next trip!hahahhahaha~

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Double Celebration!

A cross cultural occasion happened on 3rd OCtober!
Not only it was still within the Hari Raya festival, it was also the Mooncake festival!
Since it was so coincidently we had decided to meet up on that day..
Might as well celebrate both!!!!!

We met up at Syaima’s place- The usual hari raya meet up place.
Her mother was nice. She was nice too. She invited all of us to her place. =)
Fatty me was usually excited about it.
Because..her mother is a great cook & she made fabulous hari raya snacks!!!!!!! 


Mee Soto Ayam


Home-made Carrot Cake

Look yummy right? =)

Well, our dear Syaima was a great cook too!She made great pasta!
What’s a day with great food… 
Afterwhich, we had a long complaining session about our life.
Now then I know how lucky am I to work in an office than in a hospital.
Human beings are scary when it comes to competition is all I can say. 


Abandoning the scary part, we headed out to play our lanterns & sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yixian, Syaima, Me, Clarice & Aisyah!




Can tell I not really like posing~~~~~~




Best Candid Shot

LOL~~~~~!!!Really look like those Ah Ma sitting at the kampung. =p


Hahahahahhahhaa! I had so much fun playing lantern & sparkles with them.
It was my 1st time celebrating mmoncake festival with friends~~~~
Thanx Clarice for buying all the stuffs! 


CAm-whoring in the lift!


Hahahahhaaa..Anyway, guess what I found in Syaima’s place?


Our English Project – The Cacat Times (Newsppr)

Amazing! She still kept it well. I long forgotten about it. But since it was an English project, u should know how much I contributed. I don’t rem myself writting any article. I think..hmm..most of my job is to be model and take photos…


See some…!!!!


Some advertisement in the Cacat Times…


Me in npcc uniform catching the suspect!

These pictures are actually for the article as shown below:


LOL~My classmate Siti got a “hot” on Shane last time…=p


Another article…


We sure having lot of fun doing this project.

Here comes my favorite picture of the project!


Used to have such ad in the newspaper in the past….
Priya looked PRofessional in this pic~~~


wow~What’s a collection of good memories!
I am still amazed about the project! 


And of course, I thought Double Celebration is like the best idea in the whole universe.
Thank you myself for the bright idea. Nice to have such childhood activities with good friends!
Plus..Thank you Syaima & mama for inviting us. Thank you Clarice for the lanterns & Sparkle.
Thank you Aisyah for your pink lighter and Thank you Yixian for the ride home..


And finally, thank you for all your presence!!!!!!! 

P.S: Good Friends do the silliest thing together. And that’s what we called it “FUN” 

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US (Edited by Rud)+ missing photographer MR K & PY who was kidnapped by Darren!
Every month, there’s bound to be an occasion which allow we girls to meet up.
Jan-adel, neeky & me bdae
Mar- hmmm..
Apr-PY+Grace’s bdae
Jul-Boon Kee+Cher’s bdae
Aug-Rain+Huimin’s bdae
Sep-Rud’s bdae
Oct-Halloween party


Which make up to 4 empty months but we will always fill it up with some special occasion like..
Hmmmm…a date with double o?Or celebrate my goodbyes to dark days after months of closing up in cave
for my uni exams? We will just meet la.hahahaha~

Well, this post suppose to be in Sep.

And since it was in Sep, it is an occasion to celebrate Rud’s bdae!!!!! ^_^


Rud with her durian moon”cake”. LOL~

Everytime we tried to be different in our celebration. And this time round, we havoc-ed in sentosa.
Some Jazz At The Beach caught their attention.
Nice Jazzy Music+Sea breeze+Sea wave+sand/grass+nice wine+food..sound good right?
But I was on food poisoning torture, I did not really enjoy the music.
And there wasn’t much wind & was pretty warm to the rest.
I was feeling cold. hahaha. Due to the lack of attention, I have no idea how is the music.
But thought it was a lomantic idea.

We weren’t alone. There were many other mats laying out on the grass to appreciate the jazzy music &
do evening picnic.


There aren’t much to do at evening picnic. But the idea is cosy to have a bunch of good friends sitting around
and doing nothing but enjoy.


Sometime when we got a little bored..


we can still play our favorite game – “A**HOLE”-a drinking game!


Of coz I din drink. Drink also plain water nia -_-” 
Wow. Can’t wait for Oct programme! Gonna play doubly hard to pay back my lack of enthusiasm 
on this occasion! 
P.S:  Good Friends are hard to come. But I am lucky. I met a bunch. And Mr K is lucky too. lol~

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