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I have not stopped blogging…
But…was too busy to blog then..
Work has been piling up since Nov for Year End closing..
Work nonstop till 10plus 11plus daily.
Weekend is for me to catch up my sleep & have some R&R sessions.

Hmm..doubt still got people check out my blog..
Nvm la..blogging is for my own collection & for food recommendations..=)

Well hope this is not too late yet.
2010 has been a great year for me..=)
My ICookUEat sessions have been successful so far. Since June, I have done 7 sessions.
And in 2010, I whipped up a few dishes for xmas..

It was my first time doing xmas party..=)
I have invited a whole load of friends over and am glad it was successful!!!!
Since it was a potluck, every each of us brought some share of food.
As for myself, I have prepared 3 dishes and another contributed by my mum..

These are the people that have made their way to my place for my xmas party! ^^

Pretty wide spread hoh~

But do take a closer look. All of the dishes so got “xmas feel”..except the rojak on the left..
Fusion? ehehhehe~

Ya contributed by our lovely Jiansen. The fried angelhair contributed by Syaima.
Yeah..first time get to have angelhair that have more “LIAO” than angelhair..
But it was fantastic!real spicy!!!!

Roast Chix Wing – Done by my mother!!!!

It was great!!!! ^_^ Like mother Like daughter mah!!!

Cocktail Prawn – My creation!

Turkey Ham Cheesy Rosti + Sunny Side up (Me again!)

I am proud to know that all my friends are loving it!!! I was so afraid that I couldnt do this well & ruin the whole xmas. But, seeing it slowly form up to what I want it to be, I felt so satisfied. My face was filled with grins when my friends praised and finished it all in minutes. ^_^

Contributed by Kaixiong, Tony & Daren

Logcake by Magdeline & Natalie

Marshmallow Tower by my dee, Gavin

There were other contributions too.
Nuggerts by Cheryl, Mixed fruit dessert by Laiquin, Ice cream by YiXian, Many Many boozie by all of them!!!!So much alcohol that they are leaving behind and coming back on cny to finish it!lol~

It was rather a quick meal. Yup, the alcoholics can’t wait to get drunk.

Indian Poker

Load of fun!

I do like the part that we keep drinking!!! Happy leh~
Even Gavin, my new beau was sort of stunned by our rowdiness..
But I must say my friends are a great bunch to mix with!!!!!!

He is one reason that made me too busy to blog!

Me & my lovely cute mama

She is a hot stuff among my friends. All my friends find her so cute. She never fail to make everyone stunned and laugh. Indeed, like mother like daughter~

Everyone seem to be in love with the tower~

Me & my 2 sisters and my mother!!!

The marshmallow just so adorable!!!!! It just buy us all over!Yeah! Regardless of age!

Me & another 2 of my sisters..hmmm..one claimed to be coz he got boobs. yeah firm one…

We also have our handsome Kaixiong and pretty girlfriend~ ^^

Mun, Daren & Natalie..Mag dun like to be in any photo..so ya lo~

And of coz, Daren & my goody friend, Tony!!!

My first xmas party is a big SUCCESS! Everyone enjoy their food, alcohol and games.
Most importantly, I am glad that all my friends are such a good host to one another.
They come from all different group but well..alcohol bring people together.
I absolutely have no doubt in that.


We headed for more fun @ Mount Faber Safra K-Box after that. We sang and danced with the songs. Load of fun together!! ^_^
Probably my best xmas!!!!!!! =)


As I am going into my quarter century old stage, I am thinking…
“Will we still be able to have this kind of party when we have kids and family?”
My answer is no i guess…unless the kids are with the grandparents. lol~


Well, this fact made me more appreciative  of the fun I am having now.
A good feeling that I will cherish.


Love u guys~
Well hope not too late yet..
Have a great 2011~


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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

It’s an astonishing experience for me in this christmas. 
I played with pans, oil and fire to whip out 2 dishes with Mr K.
And the most OMG thing is..
His family EAT too!

Yes! His father, mother and brothers. *SWEAT*
I was prepared to serve their dinner but there aren’t much confirmation from Mr K.
Thus, not really prepared for it & only know when I finished cooking.
The feeling is really…..*SWEAT* 

Well, immediately..
I did a little presentation on my dinner to have a a little little “western” feel~~~

Seafood Crepe


Slightly disappointed in myself. The seafood filling was yummy! But it was “spoilt” by the crepe. I am really bad with crepe skin making. I can’t do a beautiful round shape for nuts! Well, I left that job for Mr K and he accomplished it beautifully. But his sauteed broccoli is bad  not so perfect. (Haha!) It was overcooked and definitely SALTY. As for my mash potato, it wasn’t smooth enough. Sobs.

But the feedbacks from Mr K and family was not bad. I was so delighted when his youngest brother commented it is nice and asked me to cook more of the seafood filling.

But still..
I feel there is still alot alot alot alot alot of room for improvement.

The following photo revealed how not artistic i am~

I am just bad with shape.

The Chef At Work! ^_^

Feeling a little step backed by the crepe.
It was a 2nd blow to me when my dessert come out sad too!

Banana Flamb without Flame


Read the recipe and straight away minus away the alcoholic stuff in it. Minus-ing away the good stuff and so, serve me right for the quirky taste of the banana. Caramelized brown sugar, butter, orange juice and lemon juice contributed to the soury sweet taste in the sauce for the banana. I think it tastes fine as I am into eating slightly sour stuff. It tasted sweet in the beginning with a light touch of sourness at the end. Maybe with alcohol, this dessert will be perfect! But oh well…

Anyway, I dare not serve this to his family as it might not suit everyone’s taste buds. Nvm, I have 2 serving on the banana with ice cream. =) Mr K made his own since he is not into sour food.  

It can be quite tiring to cook. It took me around 3 hours to prepare and cook everything!
Dun laugh at me! I was an inexperienced cook! But there was an improvement! Last time took 4hrs! =p

Apart of cooking, the washing of the greasy pans, plates and cutlery just made me go ga-ga~ 
I left the difficult chores aka washing caramelized pan to Mr K  and I did the rest. hahahaha~

Had a hearty nap. Missed the Xmas countdown. And catch Avatar 3D at midnight. 

P.S: Simple yet Great Xmas. ^_^

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It all started here. 




The Semi Big Eyed Gothic Girl~


The Witches~


The “Horny” Devils~


And the Humans Beings….




We Conquered the Horrifying Creatures..


But with many many many many many many many many many many many other human beings.
Okay. not all human beings. Some are not.



Such an adorable vampire~

Good shot & Good radar system of Rud the witch to spot such a cutie!
The fun is to spot these interesting characters and getting scared off by the “ghosts”..
But the “Not fun” part is the long waiting queue to take the tram & the drizzle.
It was super packed and everyone is pushing & cutting queue.
What to do. That’s the way Singaporeans have been living.
But we being Singaporeans, don’t allow ourselves to be bullied & squeezed our way back!
Yea..in the Aunties style~hahahahaa! 
You can say we so aunties but you got to admit.
We do have “aunties” luck. The terror tram was closed due to the rain initially.
However, when it was about our turn, the terror tram was opened and we chiong to that queue.
And very quickly, we got to take the terror tram & scared the “ghosts”.
The good thing about going in with a whole group of gurls are “ghosts” will notice us and scared us.
But alot of time, I scared them back & lol. hahahhaa~
There were some ghosts everywhere to scare the public who was waiting in the queue.



His/Her eyes are HUGE!!!!!

So we have an eye glaring competition!





What kind of face is that? -_-” Hmmm..I think the wandering ghost think I killed her.
If not, why glared at me. Roar~!

There were screams everywhere when these 2 appeared. But the 7 of us weren’t scared & in fact,
they entertained us very well.


The ride was okay. Since we were sitting at the last section of the tram, we got ourselves alot of
entertainment. The decorations for the terror part was quite artificial and most of the ghosts 
seen during the ride were fairy tales characters like snow white. I remembered her clearly coz
I asked her to sit beside me in the tram and she did. hahahaha~

The other one is Beauty and the Beast de Beast. Really look beasty.
He roared at me. I ROARED back at him. so fun! Enjoy roaring.
Oh yes. The animals are fat & cute. hahahaha!
I really pitied the animals for that whole month. Practically, they heard screams every weekend.
If they can talk in our lanaguage, they will sure say we all siao one. Scream & scream so noisy.


But they are really so cute that I wished to steal one home to keep as pet.
After the tram ride, we went for the walk trail and continued our scary tales.
It wasn’t that scary as the trail was packed. There was alot of anticipation since
we kept hearing screams at the front. Thus, very auto, we will assume there’s got
to be some ghosty character at the front.


But this particular character gave me a fright.
He was in full mask costume and not moving any inch at all.
It looked fake till I asked loudly,”hey, is this real?”
As I walked next to it, it moved his head.
It made my heart jumped. hahhahaha~
Apart of that, the trail was alright.

I feel there were more interesting ghosty characters at the entrance.

Wow~nice fingers.


Poor tin man. He looked so sad, grumpy & in pain. Must be Rainus! She pressed his heart!


I don’t think she look scary.


The Aladdin man that I roared at and he got stunned by me. LOL~


Hmm..some in-prison ghost?


Besides these few, there were others “ghosts”.
The scary tales of the 7 gurls ended off early.
 Want to get scared like us in the scary tales adventure?


Next year pay $35 to go lo! But do not go on the actual Halloween day itself!
It’s a fun encounter! =) Especially with my girls~
They power. In the midst of planning for Nov outing & Dec outing.

Cya~~!!! muackS! 

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Double Celebration!

A cross cultural occasion happened on 3rd OCtober!
Not only it was still within the Hari Raya festival, it was also the Mooncake festival!
Since it was so coincidently we had decided to meet up on that day..
Might as well celebrate both!!!!!

We met up at Syaima’s place- The usual hari raya meet up place.
Her mother was nice. She was nice too. She invited all of us to her place. =)
Fatty me was usually excited about it.
Because..her mother is a great cook & she made fabulous hari raya snacks!!!!!!! 


Mee Soto Ayam


Home-made Carrot Cake

Look yummy right? =)

Well, our dear Syaima was a great cook too!She made great pasta!
What’s a day with great food… 
Afterwhich, we had a long complaining session about our life.
Now then I know how lucky am I to work in an office than in a hospital.
Human beings are scary when it comes to competition is all I can say. 


Abandoning the scary part, we headed out to play our lanterns & sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yixian, Syaima, Me, Clarice & Aisyah!




Can tell I not really like posing~~~~~~




Best Candid Shot

LOL~~~~~!!!Really look like those Ah Ma sitting at the kampung. =p


Hahahahahhahhaa! I had so much fun playing lantern & sparkles with them.
It was my 1st time celebrating mmoncake festival with friends~~~~
Thanx Clarice for buying all the stuffs! 


CAm-whoring in the lift!


Hahahahhaaa..Anyway, guess what I found in Syaima’s place?


Our English Project – The Cacat Times (Newsppr)

Amazing! She still kept it well. I long forgotten about it. But since it was an English project, u should know how much I contributed. I don’t rem myself writting any article. I think..hmm..most of my job is to be model and take photos…


See some…!!!!


Some advertisement in the Cacat Times…


Me in npcc uniform catching the suspect!

These pictures are actually for the article as shown below:


LOL~My classmate Siti got a “hot” on Shane last time…=p


Another article…


We sure having lot of fun doing this project.

Here comes my favorite picture of the project!


Used to have such ad in the newspaper in the past….
Priya looked PRofessional in this pic~~~


wow~What’s a collection of good memories!
I am still amazed about the project! 


And of course, I thought Double Celebration is like the best idea in the whole universe.
Thank you myself for the bright idea. Nice to have such childhood activities with good friends!
Plus..Thank you Syaima & mama for inviting us. Thank you Clarice for the lanterns & Sparkle.
Thank you Aisyah for your pink lighter and Thank you Yixian for the ride home..


And finally, thank you for all your presence!!!!!!! 

P.S: Good Friends do the silliest thing together. And that’s what we called it “FUN” 

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US (Edited by Rud)+ missing photographer MR K & PY who was kidnapped by Darren!
Every month, there’s bound to be an occasion which allow we girls to meet up.
Jan-adel, neeky & me bdae
Mar- hmmm..
Apr-PY+Grace’s bdae
Jul-Boon Kee+Cher’s bdae
Aug-Rain+Huimin’s bdae
Sep-Rud’s bdae
Oct-Halloween party


Which make up to 4 empty months but we will always fill it up with some special occasion like..
Hmmmm…a date with double o?Or celebrate my goodbyes to dark days after months of closing up in cave
for my uni exams? We will just meet la.hahahaha~

Well, this post suppose to be in Sep.

And since it was in Sep, it is an occasion to celebrate Rud’s bdae!!!!! ^_^


Rud with her durian moon”cake”. LOL~

Everytime we tried to be different in our celebration. And this time round, we havoc-ed in sentosa.
Some Jazz At The Beach caught their attention.
Nice Jazzy Music+Sea breeze+Sea wave+sand/grass+nice wine+food..sound good right?
But I was on food poisoning torture, I did not really enjoy the music.
And there wasn’t much wind & was pretty warm to the rest.
I was feeling cold. hahaha. Due to the lack of attention, I have no idea how is the music.
But thought it was a lomantic idea.

We weren’t alone. There were many other mats laying out on the grass to appreciate the jazzy music &
do evening picnic.


There aren’t much to do at evening picnic. But the idea is cosy to have a bunch of good friends sitting around
and doing nothing but enjoy.


Sometime when we got a little bored..


we can still play our favorite game – “A**HOLE”-a drinking game!


Of coz I din drink. Drink also plain water nia -_-” 
Wow. Can’t wait for Oct programme! Gonna play doubly hard to pay back my lack of enthusiasm 
on this occasion! 
P.S:  Good Friends are hard to come. But I am lucky. I met a bunch. And Mr K is lucky too. lol~

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“I want to go Penang!” It’s the common comment i get whenever they know my hometown is Penang.
But, in Penang, there arent much to do.
So when my colleagues wanted to go to Penang, It quite a headache to me.


Coz I got to think of the itinerary but there aren’t much to do.


Penang, the main attraction is food & alot of temples.
But due to its spiciness & strong taste, not everyone are used to the food there. 
But what so nice about Penang to me, is the people there.
They are my kins. With them, I always feel very happy. Yes from the heart.
Well, since my colleagues wanted to go for a short Penang trip.
I planned out the itinerary with my niece.
The following might be a good gauge for ur holiday trip if you are visiting Penang anytime soon.
Basically, nth much to do!hahahaha~ 


1. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

29, Church Street, 10200 Penang
Opens: Monday – Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed on Sundays and all public holidays 

RM10.00 for adult (aged 12 and above)
Free for children below 12 

Haha..I din know this place till Wen Hui mentioned it to me. Well, some scenes from Little Nonya was shot at this mansion.
I feel this is the nicest attraction among all bahz.
At least I know a little better of my culture & have a feel of the peranakan home.


And of coz, I had fun there with my cousin & niece! ^_^


Let’s intro the hosts first! 

(Wenhui, Daniel & Me!)

Please ignore the shadow behind us. It’s Steven the ghost!


And these are the tourists!

(Ivy, Celine, Jean & Jovan, Steven, Me & Eric!)


I thought most of the pix taken there are pretty good. Felt so much like some casting photo for new drama serial!
Hmmmm…Let’s name the new drama as “Big Fat Nonya”..Lame i know -_-”


Beside the good pix effect, lot of fun factors for the super drama queen!


Me trying to shit.


Our 1st night – Bed Chamber. *blushz*


I can cook!


LOL! The “drama” is in the gene!


Old school deck chair i guess! Look so comfy~

I took quite a no of funny pix. 
But what amazed me most is the technology in the past.
Really quite advanced! Piggy me dun even know they exist in the past! 


Paper Manjong I think


Have a closer look…


Still cannot make out what is what tile.


Big Fat Nonya Best Actress & Our Star Kid acting to play paper manjong.


Old style Belt. Gosh! Don’t they look similar to our belts tisdays?
Din know my ancestors so “IN” sia~~~! 
Look closer, the first belt even has this compartment for coins!


Oven Toaster! Retro lah!


Seeing this reminded me of my grandma.
They had exactly the same table. Same colour also.
Sobs..miss them. =( 


2. Esplanade 

Well, not the Singapore Esplanade I am talking about.
Not really sure what issit. But more of a place to take seaview photo.


Esplanade. Nothing much over there I thought.


But I still had fun!!!!

3. Zhou Jetty

I have no idea why it bcome a “must see” place. Guess it must be due to the fact that there aren’t alot of such houses built on the water. And most importantly, everyone in that area got the surname “Chew”.
Really. One of my niece whose surname is CHEW used to stay there. And her late grandma and blah stayed there.

Being a Water lover, I would love to stay in those wooden house. =)


It might look broken down but I felt it will be cosy to live in there.
Especially everyone in this jetty got the same surname which make sense that everyone are related.
It’s something that I always wanted.
That’s it to be with my kins in Penang. But I can’t. I am here in Singapore. All alone.


And definitely the laid back feeling I always wanted to have too.
Singapore is just far too stressful & Competitive.


We only managed to visit these few places on the 1st night as it was pouring heavily in the evening.
Hence, we cant do much & headed back to hotel quite early.
We quite suay. We encountered a major blackout in Penang. Our room was not spared too.
No activity. No Light. No air con. And raining heavily. 
Till now, as u can see, there arent much to do or see in Penang right?
Quite true but stay tune for Day 2. =p
And of coz the food entry.

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Every year, wind rain no change..

I will fork out my precious $$$ to buy their concert tix. 

I am most willing to pay to watch their concert because they will real good stage presence and their music
will bring the fans “high” till dunno where~


Alot of people ask me why I fancy them. 
I wasn’t their fan from the start, just know a few songs of theirs then.
Then, I fancy Daniel Chan mah so no time to appreciate other good music. =p


Well, I find many of the songs of Mayday五月天 involved with meaningful lyrics.
In this era, alot of the songs you heard on the radio mostly involve with “love”..
All the sad sad love songs…
But in Mayday’s songs, they want you to be happy & be encouraged.
And alot of time, when I was moody or sad, I felt better after listening to their songs.
Even when I am discouraged or feeling negative, their songs cheered me up & encouraged me to face the problem in another view. 


And partly is because I got to see them in person & find them nice after a few exchange of words & photo!
My favorite among them is…



So handsome~~~~~ 

I hope I can still the pix I took with him like 4years ago.


Wooooo~Even just sing his backview, I also SONG.
Okay okay. Enough of being an adoring fan & talk abit more on the concert.


A glimpse of the concert presence…


Last year, I was sitting at the very side & din get to enjoy the graphics display while they sang.
This year, I am glad I got a cheaper but better view seating.
Really enjoy the graphics…….


Not only that, becoz of the area I was seated..I can really sit along with them & go “high high”~
But I got to bear with the superduper sharp & irritating shrieking of these 2 girls.
So high pitched that I felt the pressure in my ear. It’s as though any time, my ear drum will burst. 
OR more exaggerated example will be..the glass will break if it is to place infront of them.
But well, the good thing is I can see the lyrics on the screen.
I am bad with memorising the lyrics.ahahaha..try to memorise but still cannot make it la! 


But the most happiest thing to me and to alot of Mayday Fans is that they sang till 12plus midnite!
Well at least, quench our disappointment from the recent  big rara over the sing-till-midnite session on 28th.
And bcoz of that, all of us HIGH till midnite!

A short clip of the concert taken by me.
Ya la..can hear my voice. =P
As u can see..everyone is standing. No one is seated. And this was the case from 830pm till 1230am!
Lot of exercising I can say~
Even Lazy Mr K so enthu and stood all the way.
The most stunning thing is he actually stood up before alot of people did & keep ask me “STand up!”
Well at least he enjoyed. But now suffering from aches.
Him only.
Thanx to my badminton session, keeping me fit & away from muscle ache. LOL~


Happy Crazy Fans~


P.S: Hope I will have a chance to attend their concert in Taiwan. I am sure the experience will be diff.

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