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KuraEatNonStop@Café Hacienda

Finally! Our monthly brunch outing is back for action!
Have been months since we 3 girls hopped into a cafe for brunch~
Back to our taitai’s lifestyle..
This time round, we had it in Café Hacienda.

Café Hacienda
13A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249674
T: 6476 2922


It’s a pretty nice & cosy place to dine in. Very much like a cosy homely dining experience in a foreigner’s  house. Magazines are everywhere. You can just snatched a book when things get bored. lol~
Indeed, very cosy. We spents like hours in there.


We went for our usual.

Egg Ben

Goodness~Perfecto. Very tasty. Well made at its own perfection and best part of it is that it is not greasy. Neither it has any overwhelming vinegary taste. Very light touch on the hollanise sauce and more emphasis is made on the thick ham, bacon,muffin and egg. The combination is already appetising but the handling on its taste beautify the overall experience.
No wonder Cheryl credit this as the “Best Egg Bens”. She is credible on that since she is a fan of Egg Bens and had patronized lotsa cafe for that.


Egg Royale

Instead of the normal meaty selection, Cheryl went for a little fishy feel. Salmon. Look good right?


In addition to our brunch set, we had caesar salad too. It wasn’t that bad. But certanly it is the egg bens that blow our mind away!


LOL~We still proceed on to dessert after all those. All my gym effort in the morning then went down to the drain! LOL~
Each of us made our own selection on the dessert.


And I choose..

Blackforest Cupcake (W Alcohol)

Hmm..they are better off with real food.
After our brunch, we the 3 taitais went off shopping for our mook (Mag +book? ) and catch a movie. Loving the saturday with them~!


Well, Cafe Hacienda is certainly a great place to hang out. Yes, I would love to go back again. Hmm..with someone special perhaps? ^_^


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It has been tough getting a theme for my cooking session.
Not only I have to think about the difficulty level of the dishes but also brood over the ingredients.
It get harder when the cuisine is not so commonly made in Singapore.

Well, I still take up the challenge to try out “MEXICAN”.
I do love mexican food and hopefully I can whip up something as good as theirs too!
For that, i cracked my brain, flipped the cookery book and decided on the few…
This time round, I invited my fellow uni mates to be my guinea pigs!!!!
Trust me, every session is as nervous as the previous one.
I was so afraid that I will screw things up..

And I always did. Yes on dessert again!
Certainly have no talent in dessert..
But for the rest, it’s alright but lot of room for improvement~


FAILED! The cheese just won’t melt~! Crap. =_= But the minced chix is not too bad. Thanks to the taco seasoning and salsa sauce! Yes, Yongxiang helped me to get it. Thanks man!

Beside that, I think it failed terribly. A simple dish but.. =( why the cheese cant melt? Should have done the cheesy nacho sauce instead of using cheddar cheese slices.. =(
Oh well…

Mexican Meatball w Chipotle Sauce
Chiopotle sauce is actually come about by the use of chipotle peppers and the sauce to mix with tomato and other ingredients. It is suppose to add on to the spiciness in the food. Well, I added more it was stated but it wasnt that spicy.  I like the meatball. It tasted abit like german sausages. Sounded wrong but it is indeed! Guess the oregan, a form of spice, give the minty tasting. Overall, my friends love it. And they commented the mexican red rice was not bad. They commented it is better than NANTO’s. See that? BETTER leh~~~ai sey~~What’s a ego boosting line!
But I think the rice is no good. I purposely added some raisin to enhance the taste.
Still, I am glad my friends love it!

Chocolate Mousse

Oh dear~This is bad. I am bad with dessert. Totally 0 talent.
But..edible. I tried my best.

Oh well, luckily for me the food din turn out really bad. But, I guess I need more practice. Wooo~Cant wait for the next session. adrenaline racing up as I thought about it.

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100 Beach Road #02-42/43/44
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

Tel: (65) 6291 1433

I have seen this restaurant some time back in….hmmm..years?
Always wanted to visit it but no chance. And I never thought this is one of the better turkish restaurant in Singapore. Just viewing their pix..i thought they look fab and thus, the curosity to try out.
And indeed..the taste is as good as it looks. =)

I got Aisyah and Laiquin to join me in the turkish food challenge.

And guess what?
WE ARE ALL HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkish food is very “pro-carbo”. Everything it comes with bread or rice. But, this does not stop us from eating them! It’s so good!!!!!

Yes, even it made us fat!

*drum rolling….*

Hummus & Turkish Sesame bun

This is the 2nd time i tried hummus. I did not exactly like it when I first tried it in another restaurant. It was a bit soury then. But Sofra’s one is good! I dipped it with the sesame bun again n again. Unstoppable. Very tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the bun is fluffy, soft, “bouncey” and warm. *droooool*..

We were actually overwhelmed by the vast choices.
So we just anyhow picked for the mains….lol~~~

Beyti Kebab

Hmmm…the beef+mutton is tasty but the bread is far too thick. Too bad for the thickness, otherwise it will be tasty. Especially the meat are spiced.

Chef Plate

These are just too GORGEOUS~~~If u eat other thing but their grilled meat, then dun u dare to say u tried turkish food! Grilled meat is a MUST in turkish cuisine. It’s SUPERB. i dont having it everything on my own even the fats will be overwhelming.  I just keep munching. They were grilled to perfection. Taste wise, is perfect too. Not too salty or bland. Absolutely perfectly done. Even the done-ness of the meat is fantastic too. Not too dry.

After the hearty meal, all 3 of us agreed that this will not be the last time we will be visiting Sofra. It’s just too good to be true~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And it’s affordable~~~GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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