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Dieting is hard!


My fruit diet not working well.

Had hard boiled egg for breakfast. Eat normal for lunch & fruit for dinner only.

But i still feel weak & cannot focus on my reading.

Feel i am really “weak” mentally too. LOL~

Keep looking at foodie website & drool~ hoho!

Dunno it’s pyschological effect or wad but i feel sick & want to vomit.

Days without food is hard. =/ Quick let me lose 3kg!


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Ai Xin Pasta

29th March is a special day for the both of us.

It was our first meet up to go watch the Aska Yang’s mini concert then.

Started off with just friends but who knows as times passed, thing changed!


Nop, we din plan to celebrate or anything.

But he did some cooking for me on the 28th.

Well, I shall just take it that Mr K is “celebrating” & cooked to show his gratitude to know me!



The ingredient to show off his culinary skill.

We bickered over the ingredients to buy.

What to do. We have different expectation when it comes to FOOD.

He wanted it to be simple & me, wanted quality & variety.


After the marketing, we went home to start his virgin cook!


We bickered about the cooking of pasta.

He insisted. I insisted. But in the end, since he is the cook of the day. I let him take the lead.

And me as his assistant, PREPARED the food and do all the cleaning and cutting.


He just throw thing in and cooked & I nagged and nagged.

Hahahahahhaah~ ^_^

But still, appreciate your effort becoz not all men would cook for their gf.


The end result- Seafood Pasta

Rating: 5.5/10 + 4/10 = 9.5/10 (4 is for the effort & love; 9.5 becoz there is always room for improvement.)


Not bad for a Virgin Cook! ^_^ A little soury but still okay with it. =)

Well, thank you for cooking Ai Xin Pasta for me!


P.S: You are the 1st man that ever cook for me! Hugz!

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Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza,


Tel: 9276 2110


Muffins! ($1.10 – $1.30 each)

Rating: 8/10


 I love the chocolate chips muffin. What I like about it is that it has abundance of chocolate chips, soft, moist and spongy yet not oily. Good one for tea time snack! =)

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Miss the red dotters


I still rem this soft toy. It was given to me when I first stepped in by my boss and gf.

Each of us had this soft toy. What I received, symbolize my “heck care yet happy go lucky” attitude in life.

Since then, it has been “wandering” in my office at my desk.


Felt emo when taking it down to be brought back home on the 25h March.

I am sure the red dotters were emo too.

But glad no crying affair. =)


The red dotters knew I was on a half day & have specially gathered everyone for the last meal with me.


Last meat @ red dot.


We had popiah feast.

We wrapped, laughed at each other funny looking popiah and eat.

I was very touched as I did not expect this meal coming.


As a gesture to show my appreciation, I had bought muffins and wrote cards for each of them.

Honestly, deep inside me, really can’t bear to leave.


Before I leave, I went to each of them to pose a picture.


Ken, Me, Cookie Monster and Phelim

Ken was sick yet he came back to see me off.



Shannon, Me, Cookie Monster and Su Ming.

Kudos to Shannon who ciao all over the place to prepare the popiah feast.

And of coz Su Ming, kudos to her for taking care of me over the past 3years.


Carrie, Cookie Monster and Me

My bukit panjang mate and kudos to her for taking care of me in  NYC.


Me, 35, Jiayan and 36.

Yes the dolls are called 35 and 36. hahaha~

A new member in red dot and a chatty one in msn.


Me, 35, Gladys and 36

Yeah! Luv her~

One of my best buddy in office! ^_^


Me & Syafiq

So cute! We are posing “sad”.

But deep inside us, WE ARE SAD.

WE always had fun together, doing all kind of funny thing which made the whole bunch laughed.


Look at the back.


Our campaign like 2 years back whereby a few of us decided to save more and eat less.

We shared to buy bread, ham, made hard boiled egg, cheese and so on to make sandwich.

I even brought my toaster which almost burnt down the office lo! hahaha~

Sighz..those were the days~


Me & Rowanne.

She damn cute. She super she bu de wo. hahahah~

She is very nice but can be irritating also. hahaha~

But of coz, still luv her! =)


I din manage to take photo with Elaine, Kee Lam and Royston.

But will still remember the times we shared.


I slowed down my pace of packing then.

I just hope I could spend a second more in the office.


When I am done, I quickly gave everyone hugs and left without turning back.

I was afraid that I will not be able to tahan and drop some tears.


Before I left, had sent out an email to everyone and drop the cards into the letterbox.

One by One, called or sms-ed me.

Seeing that, I dropped a tear at the bus stop.

Really gonna miss them.



“there is no colleague forever but there is friends forever”.

And certainly, hope to see that happening among us. ^_^


3 years it had been occupied by noisy me.

But now, it is left empty.


Definitely the best place to work.


Love ya red dotters for all the good memories.

See ya on 22nd May! =)

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Ah Lin

Ah Lin is a “little bit” fat, got pimples and dark eye rings, and worst nightmare is that she was suffering from hair loss.


Ah Lin loves to eat but there are always SWAY people around making fun of her.

They went, “Hahaha! Fatty Bom Bom! Hahaha! No hair! Haahaha! Flat Chested!Hahaaha”


She can only respond by, “Ha some more, I kick your balls!”

But deep inside her, she was depressed and hates all those awful names

And so, she was determined to get back her old look.

First step to fulfil her goal: Sayonara to all her favorite food~


Engaged herself in exercising.

Do up a diet plan & proper lifestyle plan.

Invested in facial masks and so on.

Visit the aesthetic doctor for her scar and hair loss.


All these are gonna to be done to get that good look again.

But Ah Lin has no ability to get a C-Cup yet.

So she can only hope the smaller waist can make her “asset” look abit bigger.

P.S: All good thing comes with COSTssss. And indeed, a huge cost.

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One of my favorite drink!

A good substitute for calcium intake, especially if you dislike diary product.


Maxwell FC, Stall no 4.


Horlick High Calcium Soya Bean ($1.30)

Rating: 8/10


It’s homemade by lao uncle! To me, homemade is always better those made commercially. When I get to know about this horlick+soya bean drink, I was abit amused by its weird combination. However, due to curiosity, I gave it a try and I love it! So thick, rich and sweet!(Ask for less syrup if you are not a sugary person) I feel a sudden surge of calcium pumping into my body every time I drink this! LOL~! Very filling drink and thus, might be a good substitute for food intake for people on strict diet. 

Lao uncle made Tou Hua (Beancurd) also. I have not try it but it looks good!

Go Go Go Support lao uncle!


P.S: Gonna miss this after i leave~

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I want my old looks back!

Saw this picture  while clearing up my office computer before I leave for good..


Pix 1.


Pix 2

This probably my chio-iest days lahz.

Ya like 2years back..
Now so chui~
i want my hair back.
Gone after that stupid idea to perm.
I want my shimmering eyes back.
Gone after the school days start.
I want my sharp face back.
Gone after I turned a foodie.
Return all these to me!

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