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Chiong to Rainus’s surprise party after Jiaying’s 21st.
Hmmm..should say the Post surprise party~


Bryan, Rainus’s bf was sweet. He specially planned a birthday surprise by gathering all her good frens at ECP chalet. 
PY, Cher & Neeky was spontaneous and helped him for the preparation.
See, TB 17 girls so nice~~~! ^_^


Rain & Bryan~ Sweeeeeeet. =)


Since I only get to join them after everything. I only joined them for the “fun” part.
Din get to see the surprised reaction from Rainus.
Oh well…
We took zillion of photos especially Neeky had brought along lot of fun gadgets~~~


Rainus become Yao Guai~hahahaha~


I can blowwww~lol~


Candid shot of us sweeping away all the fun foam~


Fun SnowFoam Attack.


All of us+some bubbles & balloons~


Apart from indoor activity, we got ourselves entertained with some outdoor one too!


Mr K, the fireman (if u read my previous post, u will know that nick) starting the fire.


Sparkles~~~!!!!! So childhood game!


After which, we played some lame card games before we head home & left the couple to complete their uncompleted itinerary
for the night….hhehehehehee…


It’s short but fun! =)


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Yeah me the chiongster~
Not the clubbing chiongster but birthday parties chiongster.
I chiong for 2 birthday parties on the recent Saturday. It will not be possible if the
chiongster’s slave -Mr K drove me around.. lol~



Jiaying’s 21st@ Changi.


Superduper ulu place. -_-
But for our dearest xiao hei mei, we have to be there to see her get that GOLDEN KEY.


BTW..all pix not taken w my cam. hahahhaa!


Beautiful cake w our beautiful Jiaying! 


But very soon..
She turned even more HEI than she is.


Sad to say. I wasn’t there to witness this scene. Aiya, should sabo her earlier rite?


The canoeing family w the Birthday girl~!


After her, who else gonna be 21? (shhh…Serene, sorry la!)


I like this shot. Can someone photoshot & add in Elva?hahahha~

Why issit always we cant have the 6 of us in the pix?
Who gonna organise the next outing but got to be a hush hush thing.
Don’t let the guys spoil our girls’ outing again~ 


My T2 partner -Yixin jie mei + Cher + Me! ^_^

Both of them are my strengths during my canoeing training.
One paddle with me in the rain in the sun & capsized together & finished the race tgt..
And the other one, Cher, the one that yelled at me to push me to row faster in the rain.
Without them & of coz the rest, I might not make it then lo. 
Hm….Cher still look the same. Age is not catching up with him la! Not fair!


These people are super funny. They knew Eugene, our ex captain was feeling outcasted for not getting
invited for any outing. And wanting him to be involved, they grew evil & tagged him as a plastic cup.


And took some photo with “him”… 


Dennis, Alfred, Jeremy & “Eugene”


A closer look of “Eugene” & Lex + Junsheng


Arent these people cute? 
They have an unique sense of humour.
I mean who will ever thought of putting eugene as a plastic cup? 




“Eugene” got a kiss from Fatkuraprincess!
What a lucky guy~ hahahaha =p 
omg..This shot is bad. Can see the flaws on my face!
Grrrrr…I need a photoshop software to remove those flaws!
Well..sound like that gonna be in my wishlist beside DSLR!


I din stay really long at Jiaying’s birthday.
I din eat much too though Mr K always think I ate too much. far too much for a girl.
1 plate of buffet dishes+ afew bbq stuff I where got enuff. 
As I thought I have no worries of getting hungry since I will be heading to Rain’s one.
Apparently, there arent any much food left =(
I want my chix wing.


But…we did have lotsa of fun.
Will update it in my part 2.

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A rare chance to meet up with the Triumver. (Missing Mun, Jeremy and Wendy who we always din ask)

Sorry Wendy! Will ask u the next time okay? =p


For as long I rem, in the recent 2years, we only met up during cny at my home.


Well, a good start! Jiansen did a good job to organise though I co-helped him. ehehehehe~
As usual, they were late except Me & Chun An.


We had alot of good chat & so happy to sit next to Tony! He’s in entertainment line now!!!!
Gosh~An Aspiring Ah Ge~~~hehehehehe =p But do lose some weight becoz screen makes
u look fatter! As for the rest and myself, nothing new in particular.
But great to see everyone living well. Well, that’s most important right? =)


Our dinner at Blu Jaz was not bad. I hate the lighting & my camera.
None of the shot turned out good. =/


As my title have stated GIFT.

So what’s the gift?








(Scroll down only if you are above 21)











(Are you sure you are above 21?)












(Okay. I believe u. Don’t blink.)














A Gift from Jiansen. He got it from his Bali Trip.

Wood carved Penis. -_-”


Why would I need to collect such “model”?

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It’s sad to know that the concert on 29th May will not have the privilege to have a 4-hours long concert like the one holding on the 28th.

It’s pretty disappointing to know that news but it is impossible to make any changes to that decision. Me & Mr K and alot others that bought tix for 29th actually pre-booked and queued like hours just to retrieve the tickets. Despite so much of effort to see my favorite band, I was disappointed to know the impossibility.

 The plan is to allow 50ppl on the 29th to have a chance to take photo with them. It’s a rare opportunity but how about the rest who are not selected to be the 50 lucky one?

Pretty unfair I thought. 

Well..something can be done differently on 29th to compensate the fans then. Something that will not be done on 28th.

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My Virgin presence to IronLadyChef’s food event.

And my 1st time gave it to Limon.


7 Purvis Street
Singapore 188586
T: 6333 9004
website: http://www.limon.com.sg 


Limon, a few doors away from Miss Clarity Cafe, project themselves to be a good place for friends’ outing & private parties.
A hi-fi set is placed privately on the 3rd floor to cater for 1 big group. Not bad to be able to dance & a lol session.
As for food wise, Limon catered a fusion of Thai & Spanish Cuisine.
Personally, I feel the food is average & it is more prone to Thai food than Spanish food.


We were given sampling portion on 13 different type of dishes.
It’s a great idea to have a sampling portion. In that way, I could try more varieties. =) 


Complimentary Black sesame Bread & Shot of Gazapacho Con Vino Blanco

Me & Mr K like the Black sesame bread! We asked for 2nd round of it! So did Amy & Ray- the couple we get to know at the event. It’s goes very well with butter and even better with the tomato thingy. I could not remember what it is called. But my 1st try is made by my Spanish teacher then & am glad to be able to taste it again. Delicious.
Even Mr K, who dun eat tomato, thinks it is good.
P.S: Kid don’t tell lies. 


As for the shot glass item, it is traditional spanish cold soup. I don’t really fancy it.
To me, soup is best served hot/warm. And till now, I am not sure what it is made of. 


Combos Tapas 
1. Champinones con ajo –
Sauteed garlic mushroom w lemon sauce
2. Chorizo con curry verde – Spanish Sausage in Thai Green curry sauce
3. Moo Curry – Pork & potato cubes pan-fried w red curry sauce, tomato sauce & red peppers 


Mr K like the mushroom while me, I like the sausage. It’s pretty salty but I like the after-taste of it.


Tom Kha Guy -Classic Thai sour & mildly spiced coconut soup w chix meat
Coconut soup?Ohh..I like this! I thought this is one of my favorite. In term of its sourness, it is quite mild.
Together with the sweetness from the coconut and soury taste, it is pretty tasty. However, there’s a lingering feeling in my throat after it and it is needed to be cleared by having some drink.


Mains -Bacalao
Pan fried blue cod fillet dressed in olive oil, black pepper, chopped red & green peppers & white wine tomato base.

Not the best cod fillet I have eaten.  Neither is the mashed potato is the best.


1. Gambas al ajillo de moda thai – King prawns cooked w olive oil, lemongrass, garlic, black pepper, nameko mushroom, broccoli & basil leaf garnish

2. Sam Tum – Mango & papaya strips in sour & spicy sauce

3. Garlic fried Spaghetti 


I like Sam Tum. =) I even finished Mr K’s one. The 3rd one I guess is similar to aglio olio bahz. But, i feel it is quite bland. 


Paella de tom yum con mariscos, setas y brecol
-Spanish paella prepared in Thai tom yum paste w mixed seafood, mushrooms & broccoli


Taste wise, it is not too bad.  The good thing is that the ingredient are fresh.

Dessert Combo


1. Flourless Almond Lemon Cake
2. Lemongrass Jello Shot
3. Crema Catalana con frescas –
 Egg based cream flavored w cinnamon, vanilla and lemon paired w fresh strawberries.


The dessert combo is good!!!! ^_^ The flourless almond lemon cake is nice & spongy. So almond So yummy!
I ate it with some of the Crema Catalana to make it more like a cream cake. hahaha. But just eating the Crema Catalana alone is yummy too! As for the lemongrass jello shot, I feel it is better if coarse sugar is not added.


Overall, I feel it is quite decent.
My impression is that the food served in Limon is more “graceful & light” in taste except that sausage. 
The sausage is a little bit more “dramatic”. 


With a price of $32nett & able to sample 13 different types of dishes, I feel it is quite worth it.
Well, glad to be able to attend the food event! It’s a good experience!

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LOL! Not my fault to be a wedding crasher! 
I shall emphasized that “I AM INVITED” but the invitation was lost in the mails.
So I did not receive it & therefore, known to my girls “the Wedding Crasher”…hahaha!


Congratulation to Bibs & her hubby! ^_^

Bibs successfully grabbed the first position among the TB17-ians to get hitched!!!!
She looks gorgeous on that day. I still can’t forget her silvery eyelids.hahaha!
Really happy & envy her. 1st is becoz she & her hubby have been together for a long time & finally settled down together.
2nd is Envy becoz I always want to be a bride!hahahha~
My concept of malay traditional wedding is usually drum beating affair, home cooked food & the newly wed in traditional malay costume. 
But as you can see, Bibs and her groom are is gown and suit!
And there aren’t any drum beating affair when we were there. Instead, there is a band singing to liven up the atmosphere.
And for food wise, it’s buffet style~


Totally adored muslim buffet style.
Wide variety of food, kueh kueh & got  door gift too!
The next red bomb affair will be Adel & am part of the prankster team!
Got to prepare my figure soon then. -_- But will not say goodbye to my food. 


Next Stop:  Serangoon Garden!
For what right?






Cheers to Bibs’s Wedding!!!hahahaha~
Grabbed some beers from 7-eleven & chiong to Neeky’s house & played beer drinking game!
But before that, we did do something healthy.
That’s to play with PaoPao!


Handsome young  whitish chap.  

We just can’t our eyes & hands off from this flurry white handsome chap!
Neeky even took out his clothes to do some fashion show for us!


A future policewoman would have an inspiring police dog. 
Send him for training at police dog unit! 


He is so ready to go for patrol~
Wah so handsome liao still wear uniform. Gonna make many bitches go crazy for him!


PaoPao, Cheryl, Neeky, PY & Me. We are so background.


Not allowing PaoPao to grab all the attentions, we have to take a photo without him!


Much better right? Ignore the fact that we are a little bit “HIGH”.


I want a dog too! Woof!

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張震嶽 Now & Then…


It’s hard to believe that a Xi-Ha rock singer actually sing this way in his younger days..


We shall see his present vidz 1st.


And Back Then….


Gosh right?

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