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Officially An Outpatient of NUH

I got my first appointment card from NUH!!!

So lame..wat so exciting sia..
Aiya..si bei sian la..

Now, I cannot wear my contact lens for 1 mth..
Cannot believe I going to look ugly for 1 whole bloody mth lo!
Wah..worst thing is my this auntie-looking spec super scratched lo..
Cannot see thing..nevermind..
But it is causing me to have headache, noseache..Damn irritated lo!!!!!

Oh ya hoh..
Haven explain my situation..
Aiya..it all started w a right red eye..
Went to see optician..he said my cornea swelling n my degrees suddenly shot up!

Nevermind..went to GP..
My 4eva ask me go hospital GP said, “I cannot see anything..think u go hospital la”

Go A&E and spent 80buck..
The doctor said my eyes kana inflammation..
Advise to come back to the Eye clinic for review..

And i did..
I went back on Monday..
And the doctor said,”Your situation is called “dry eye”..ur eye cells died due to lack of oxygen..and there is inflammation..”

“Wah sound so chim sia”I was thinking la..
Worst part he said i cannt wear lens for 1 mth..wah liew..mai ah nei guan mah!

But anyway, I made a new pair of glasses..
At least nw will b more trendy lking and nt ugly auntie..

But sian lo..have to go back NUH weekly..
So ma fan!!!!!contact lens ar..made my life ma fan but i still wan 2 wear leh..
Now..everyday muz put so many med into my eyes..sian..

I saw one incident at NUH foodcourt which i think human beings in the r/s shld noe lo..

I was eating la.Obvious.
Then this couple caught my attention la. The bf bought xiao wan mian for her.
Then she suddenly nt very happy and exclaimed, “u buy wrongly..i kp reminding u..
$#%&!#…” She went on and on and on and on and on..and i mean on and on..
Then slammed the noodle on the table…
So the bf went to buy another noodle for her and share the xiao wan mian w her..
Then she went on and on and on..
Then she complained abt her noodle and demanded a bowl soup..
not only that..she picked smth frm the soup and asked “wat is this?” n threw back..
Then she demanded for soup again to dip her noodle in..

Obviously..the bf went to get la..
All the while..he had no complaint lo..no noise no nothing..
Wah..if the gurl were me..i think i sure kana scolding one lo..

I was surprised the bf din say anything lo..

I felt like going to the gf and yelled,”eh come on la!ur bf so nice help u buy food liao lo..buy wrong then buy another one lo..no need nag till like wat rite!Show abit of respect to him la…”

She such a lucky woman lo..
Feel like slapping her and say “treasure it lo!This kind of guy is a RARE species lo!”

Nwadays guys are getting more ego lo..think they can control the gurls & boss her around lo!!!$%&!@#!!!
And worst thing is..tisdays guys dunno is dumb or act dumb..say wrong words that hurt gurls..will pretend to forget and nvr apologise one..Wah..acting skill damn gd lo..can get grammy award liao!No wonder all the star search competition all guys get champion!Born actor!

So advise YOU guys..

Keep ur ego level down abit la..
Treat ur gf better & glad she dun nag liddat lo..
At least we are gentle and angelic at times..not like the stupid woman..



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